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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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to unfold in london, stay tuned. searching for solutions the top diplomate holds crucial talks with russia's president. also coming up on the program, the u.s. warns iran against any stunts that can jeopardize the proposed crease fair and calls for a shipment of aid to be redirected. a huge after shot kicks dozens and brings more panic to earthquake ravaged nepal and the migrants crisis deepens with two and countries declaring they will turn boat loads of people
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away. beginning the program in russia, where the u.s. secretary of state is due to speak shortly now this is the first and time that kerry has visited russia since the crisis in ukraine began more than a year ago, it is the highest level diplomatic talks that have taken place earlier he met russian president, in the resort city. now, the two and leaders were expected to discuss the shaky cease fire in ukraine. that came into force in february and. we have seen some statements from the foreign ministry. some of the statements that they made, was russia was ready for druggive cooperation with u.s., but it would do so on an equal partnership basis.
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and yet other statements even though john kerry has met president putin he was also in talks with his counter part the foreign minister for hours prior to that. so some of these lines coming out we aren't quite sure which meeting but they say that the russian foreign ministry says that the attempts to pressure russia with sanctions will lead to a dead end. so those two and sames coming out of those meetings in sochi, one and that russia is ready for constructive cooperation, but it has to happen on an equal partnership basis the other one and that attempts to pressure russia with sanctions will lead to a dead end. you can see those pictures there of the conference room there, we are expecting certainly john kerry the u.s. secretary of state to come out and address the gathered the media there. he is likely to be speaking
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with sergei lavrov with whom he was in meetings earlier today. they had a lot of items on the agenda. syria and yemen let's cross now to sochi and our correspondent. of course, so we have had some indication, haven't we, from the russian ministry, of the direction in which those talks went. >> yes, i have spoken to the delegation from the u.s. embassy, that's come down here, i spoke to them about half an hour ago to see how things are getting along still talking they said, we have had 2 1/2 hours of conversations between vladimir putin and john kerry, before that we had four hours of conversations. so a lot for these people to talk about some fairly hefty issues. three main ones though, we know they have been discussing in some detail.
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we know they have been talking about iran, because that's the one area, really at the moment, of geopolitics. where they are actually cooperating with each other they are both in the p. 5 plus 1 group. they both have a role in bringing a nuclear deal on to the table. the united states wants to get a lock down by the end of june, but it is also not very happy with russia's decision to fast track sales of a missile defense system to teheran. then we have syria that's a big big problem both of them are very very far apart russia has been backing mt. asaad for some time, and washington has come here, john kerry has come here, hoping there may be some kind of flexibility, that the grounds are shifted enough, that maybe russia's backing of asaad might be softening a little bit.
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and maybe they can persuade them to come to the negotiating table. washington says that russia and it's rebels in the east of ukraine have methodically broken the cease fire, and russia says that the cease fire has been broken continue ousley by the ukrainian army, a lot of problems and differences between these two sides. >> as we are waiting for that to start we have had some other statements this one saying russia will not bend to pressure to ditch it's national interests. it is interesting not that we expected anything else, but we are hearing a very strong stance. well, it is interesting if you listen to those comments and also listen to the comments that have been coming out of russia over the last couple of days to do with this visit. they are interpreting john kerry's trip here as a sign of american flexibility. that america is coming here
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maybe with a slightly stance towards russia, that it may be softening and coming around to sees things more from a russian perspective. the americans are saying we will talk to vladimir putin hoping that the russians are now becoming a bit more flexibility. the russians are now seeing things from an american perspective, you can see these two countries are coming together, trying to find some sort of common ground on big big issues. big geopolitic call problems and essentially coming t at it with very very viewpoints. the challenge, of course, is to try to get beyond that, and concentrate on what united them. >> yeah, and probably quite an intricate talk there certainly i guess judge being i the fact that we are waiting for this this news conference, for the moment, thank you. and you can see the live shot here of where that media conference will take place in
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sochi, we are expecting the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister as soon as it starts we will take you straight to it. in other news, the u.s. has warns iran against staging what it has described as stunts which can threaten the cease fire in yemen. the five day truce is set to take places in three hours. which is controlled by the houthis rebels. the pentagon soys all aid supplies need to be redirected to a u.n. distribution hub. well, earlier iran gave it's backing to the truce with a foreign minister calling for talks to resume between progovernment forces and the houthis. >> any cease fire and any
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halt on the military operations that is supporting by iran help the victims which are innocent children and women. this must turn into a permanent cease fire should be immediately resumed. >> and the united nations to observe the cease fire, so that aid agencies can deliver vital supplies. houthis controlled media says that dozens of people were killed in the attack on monday night. get more now who joins us live now from the saudi capitol. the people of owe moan would need the state to come in, how likely does it seem that the cease fire will start in a few hour time.
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>> the saudis and the coalition have been retained in the last few days that they would like to see the cease fire implemented and that they are committed to a five day humanitarian cease fire however they also reiterated that the concern is if they take advantage of that to try to redeploy their troops or try to attack places like adan, then they will use flags to stop the houthis. on the ground, you have intense fighting. between the houthis backed by forces loyal to both president and forced loyal to president hadi in adan, in h different areas. they are very much concerned that it is extremely difficult, to bring the factions to agree on a cease fire, in the coming hours. and the biggest concern that
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even if the cease fire comes into effect, it may not hold. >> i guess if it is to difficult to get the sides to agree. what do we make of iran, trying to resolve the conflict as a whole? i guess positive words but pretty optimistic. >> basically the iranians are saying they would like to see that cease fire being implemented. they have huge leverage over the houthis. in a settlement, but on the other hand you have the saudis concerns about what to describe as iranian influence, and particularly the backing of the houthis. and the financial assistance, this is from a saudi perspective.
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and this could further escalate. and this is exactly why the saudis have been saying over the last few days that any ship trying to deliver aid to yemen will be definitely to ensure that they are not going to take advantage of this humanitarian cease fire. thank you. >> less than three weeks after the devastating earthquake. more than 1,100 injured. well this footage shows the after shock sending dirt and rocks rolling down a mountaineer the village.
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in nepal. it must have been a terrifying experience? >> it was to say the least. i was on the fifth floor of a building when the tremor took place, i tokoro young under a doorframe, i couldn't tell you how long it lasts for but there was people yelling and crying in the hallway. didn't know what to do. when i came down, the streets were flooded with people. people calling saying they were okay, getting calls from other people. asking how they were. and there's a real big fear. i went to some of the cities that had popped up there. they are go back home, back to their businesses but after today they are saying that they are not sure that nepal is a safe place at all.
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the indians the chinese have had a large presence. and they have been able to go in and out of the district. the napoli officials themselves are already in place. so why they did have the other earthquake and the after effects of that to deal with, because they were in place and on the ground, they were a lot more organized and coordinated this time. and still a lot more to come here we are keeping an eye on events where we are expecting
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them to speak shortly, after a crucial meeting with vladimir putin we will bring that to you as soon as it starts. another day of chaos in the capitol as protests against the president enter their third week.
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♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight time now for a reminder of the top stories. the u.s. secretary of state had met the russian president for the first time since the crisis in ukraine began. it is understood that
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mr. kerry has been told that the attempts to pressure would only lead to a dead end. which would jeopardize a cease fire in yemen. it has called to redirect the ship said to be carrying aid to a redistribution center. 7.3 magnitude aftershock has hit less than three weeks. at least 45 have been killed in the latest tremors. the governments to find and rescue hundreds of migrants believe to be stranded at sea and it was the best. they have redirected a boat full of migrants toward the malaysian coast, and it says it will not accept any more boats around 2,000 people have reached mali sha in the
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last few days in a moment we will hear from our correspondent, but first this report from malaysia. the job to monitor and protect the waters around malaysia. as well as struggling humans now their job has become incredibly important. after the arrival of more than 1,000 migrants. this week sir you in your experience, you have been with the agency for ten years, you are seeing more and more people coming to malaysia via sea are you concerned about this?
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so we are getting reports that if they see any more boats coming into their waters they will give them food and file, and send them in malaysia's direction, what is your response to this. >> we have to consider if they come to our waters we cannot allow them to enter but we will still give them food and send them on their way. >> so the maritime agency here is on alert. for more arrivals they have asked for reinforcements of three more vessels and they will be afternooning up their patrol in the waters around malaysia.
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they have pushed back one boat yesterday on monday. that is out of the indo nearby sean waters and gave them directions what happened is that the military saw the boat and they said there was a lot of people on that boat, around 1,000 they described it and said there were even screams coming from the vote. it was a very bad situation. and what they did is they gave some people some food and water and fuel, and then pushed them back. earlier on sunday, two boats were accepted on indo nearby sean land, because these people already managed to make it ashore. and this new policy, the military is describing is different than in the past, baud since 2009, they have been accepting boths in the different parts in indonesian and many have arrived and they were all accepted and handed over the unhr. or the organization for
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migration, so this is a different policy right now. a blogger has been hacked to death by a masked gang wielding machete. it is the third killing of a critical religious extremism in the last three months. 33-year-old contributed to several websites including one moderated by a u.s. writer who was himself murdered in february. he was attacked near his home, in the northeast of the country. heavy gunfires that been heard in the capitol. after accusing her of firing on them. after a long tussle she was eventually set free. demonstrations against the bid by the president run for a third term are now in their third week. the u.n. says at least 20 people have been killed since the protests began. al jazeera. >> so far there's been reportings of more police
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shootings at protestors. one unconfirmed report, and another person is being killed they say that more than 20 people have been killed since the protest starting but it seems there's a limb to how much violence the security forces can unleash, because whenever the soldiers are around, they manage to urge the police to use restraints. and the soldiers they are sieg is being very mutual. what happens in the coming days the protestors are able to keep their numbers up, and to keep the pressure up. if the army does keep them safe, they can increase pressure, but if they are met with force, of course there's no way that they can stay there in the face of tear gas and gunfire. they want them to work more closely together, otherwise he warned the leader will never be caught.
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more on this from the nigerian capitol. >> well the president of chad came to nigeria to congratulate the president for conducting a free, fair, and peaceful election at the end of march. and it was during this meeting that discussions were held about how the fight against boko haram is going on. now, president made comments saying it was regrettable that there hasn't been great coordination and synergy between soldiers and nigerian soldiers in the fight against the movement. if they had been, there could be better ruts. be uh the picture given by the bosses is quite different. they say this has been good coordination between the two countries not just chad, but other countries who have been helping them fight. like nijere, and it is evidence in the fact that they have been severely diminished. there have been very few attacks over the last few months.
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in the forroast that it is believed that is the last remaining strong hold in the country, and there is a certain, there is a feeling that boko haram is soon to be over. so it isn't very clear the basis on which they are talking. he didn't give specific examples about military operations where there was a lack of coordination and a lack of united front. which he described in these comments. a u. k. based firm has confirmed that leaked recorders are genuine. in the recordings ceci and his generals are heard being dismissive of the gulf supporters including saudi arabia victoria reports. led a military coupe in july 2013, which removed the
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elected government. he was elected president 11 months later and since then, he has relied heavily on donations from gulf countries to keep egypt's finances afloat. in february, a t.v. champion broadcast conversations between him and his generals. ceci is heard making sarcastic remarks. have more money than they need, and that egypt should have a share. he is also heard making plans for money to be transferred directly into the accounts of the military, not the government. >> tell them we need 10 to get deposited into the account, what did i say. >> ten in the army's account. >> when i win the election, we will invest this money in
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the state, and another ten from kuwait. we need to save the small portion of this money in the central bank, so we can get the accounts settled until 2014. why are you laughing? >> they will faint. >> their money is like rice. >> throughout the presidency they have given egypt billions of dollars of aid saudi arabia was the first to announce an aid package oil products and cash. that was followed by a $3 billion aid package and 4 billion from kuwait. analysts say the recordings have a negative impact on relations between egypt and gulf nations. >> from what i can see, there is some embarrassment, he is not really an insider.
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>> the fact that the audio recordings were leaked at all, may be more revealing than the conversations they contain. suggesting there are deep divisions within the highest level of the government. al jazeera. the prime minister says he has offered as much as he can. and help his country avoided running out of money. as reports the government only had enough to pay public workers until the end of the month. >> 20 months after the previous government saxed them. they made good on the promise to fire back thousands of state employees. it is one of many issues that still divide the creditors. those issued prevented a
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break through at monday's group, but greeks are still hopeful. >> i agree with the government, nobody wants more salariat cuts. the question is can they put their position across? the worst outcome will be a further output if we don't have any money in your pocket, everything will grind to a halt. >> i think the government will have to retreat, if it doesn't there will be no money, it is that simple. i don't believe the europeans are negotiating in good faith, but that serves us right, we spent their money. it is not our money we are of course aing for. >> greece wants financial aid to continue to flow. but without austerity policies it says it is destroying it's economy. time is growing short but the government says it is coming closer to a deal, but it can only continue do pay salaries pences and debt installments until the end of the month. >> we fought and decided together, that what was of the essence was to establish
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in public the dates that have been achieved to maintain a good climate. and before the restraints become binding. >> it was only able to pay a 700 fill million dollarss installment on tuesday by using an account maned to be held in reserve. >> the latest project figures suggest that the government is rapidly losing the hard won of the last two years. it's primary surplus for the first three months of this year was $1.3 billion half of what it was a year ago. >> cities are hoped to raise $3 billion. by forcing municipalities to lend it but it has only raised a quarter of that sum so far, they have also made households uneasy. since the january election. all this suggesting that
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people's faith and authority are slipping away from the government. much more background, and everything else we have been covering. the al jazeera dozens killed and thousands injuries. the second powerful earthquake in less than a month. john kerry goes to russia for the first talks since the crisis in ukraine. and st. louis politic open their own investigation after newborns were stolen from dozens of black women.