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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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suggesting that people's faith and authority are slipping away from the government. much more background, and everything else we have been covering. the al jazeera dozens killed and thousands injuries. the second powerful earthquake in less than a month. john kerry goes to russia for the first talks since the crisis in ukraine. and st. louis politic open their own investigation after newborns were stolen from dozens of black women.
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this is al jazeera america in nepal right now many people are sleeping on the streets. the survey says this quake measured 7.3, it happened near nepal's boarder between the capitol katmandu and mount everest. so far dozens of people have been reported dead and thousands are injured. and there are reports that a u.s. marine helicopter has now gone missing witnesses say they felt this latest quake for at least 25 or 30 seconds sending people streaming into the streets from their homes and businesses. about half an hour later there was at least one after shock, we have a team of recorders right now let's begin. she was on the streets of katmandu right after the quake struck. >> as you can see people
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here are trying to clear the mes around here. there are suspensions that a taxi and a motor bike may have been buried under this rubble and it's impossible to tell right now. in the road here. some of the taxis. >> yeah. >> and the truck will be moved. one hour maximum. >> officials over here are still afraid of what might happen with the rest of the buildings. there are other building which is look very dangerous
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with massive cracks and those could go down if there are other after shocks. >> all right let's bring in fez now, he is in katmandu live, you have been spending time with some of the injuries there. describe if you would, that scene and what if anything some of the injuries are saying to you. >> well, tony, it was at the hospital which is several miles from here, and it is a parking lot full of patients. if i had to pick one word to describe how they are feeling it is fear. people here are scared. i was on the fifth floor of a building when it began to shake. people are screaming in the hallways one woman was crying it was just too close to the
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actual big earthquake that happened in april. and people are worried. people are really thinking that they could return to a normal life. having an after shock like this has put that in doubt and put a lot of fear into people. >> i am curious as to mr. the hospitals are maybe a little better prepared a little better equipped to hand what will is happening now? also curious to where search and rescue efforts stand. >> they are better prepared. this international aid has been here for just under three weeks. the authorities themselves
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have been able to coordinate their own supplies. making sure the relief gets in and out, doing the air droops and the inians and chinese are here too with their iranian craft. the researches needs for this kind of emergency were already in place. >> all right. one more quick one phone lines are they down, are they operating are they able to at least tell loved ones reach out and say thy okay, hurt, or anything. >> emergency authorities say here in nepal and anywhere it is always better to text message rather than call. when we went out into the street, there were people on the phone trying to call up and tell them they are already, get phone calls telling them they are okay, and a lot of people said they couldn't get through and it was like that for 20 minutes and even right now the network is not the best,
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right now they say it is always best to text message in these emergencies. >> good to see you. secretary of state is in sochi russia. it is kerry's first visit there, since the start of the crisis in ukraine. those iran and syria were also on the agenda. we will hear from rory shortly on the meeting between the president and secretary kerry and also the meeting between secretary kerry and the russian foreign minister. there was a scene the podiums are set, and we are waiting for the two gentlemen to come on out and address the press on the conversations held so far today. a new front for u.s. oil exploration, the obama administration has given
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conditional approval for shell to begin drilling in the arctic ocean. many think it is a dangerous idea. >> the approval from the federal bureau to allow shell oil to drill in alaska met with a cheer from the american petroleum institute. the safe and responsible development of oil and natural gas in the arctic is critical to our economy, and national security. failure to develop these resources would put america's global energy leadership after risk at a time when russia and other arctic nations are forging ahead. the u.s. survey says the ground underneath that sea holds 90 billion barrels of oil. which would explain why shell has spent $6 billion exploring the area in the past eight years. but this area also serves as a habe stall for a large and diverse group of species like walruses. a et therenned species of duck known as the spectacled aid door. as well as polar bears and many others. critics say what happened to wild life in the gulf of mexico oil rig explosion can
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also happen here. >> we learned that drilling can result in calf catastrophic accident. it exploded and sank triggers one of the largest spills in history. >> the clean up of the spill would be far more difficult it is too remote to get clean up equipment to quickly and conditions there are harsh with waves often pressing to 50 feet or more. the company ran a rig aground, even though no oil was spilled. >> there is no proven way to clean up spilled oil in icy conditions. none of the techniques have been tested successfully. shell turns down a request for an on camera interview.
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john henry smith, al jazeera. >> as you mentioned secretary of state is in sochi where he met earlier today. it is the first visit there since the start of the crisis. iran syria also on the agenda for conversation as well. to talk about the issues that maybe the two are talking about there, i am curious to know how the meeting is being framed by both sided. do question have an idea of the topics do we know what they will be talking about. >> let's have a look at how
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these discussions are being viewed on either side. inform you listen to the musings, over the last couple of days. talking about this visit from john kerry they say okay, if john kerry is coming all the way over maybe that means the u.s. is softening the stance a little bit. and that he is bringing a slightly more tolerant or per missive kind of altitude they are coming over here saying we will -- that they have immediate rated their stance and they are softening a little bit on what they think is going on, and what they think is going on in ukraine. both washington, d.c. and moscow are coming to these thinking maybe the other side is more flexibility.
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so that's not a very good bases for negotiations. the united states has said that it is coming here, mainly to keep the channels of communication open. it is not expecting any big break throughs to come out of these talks. it is just seeing this as an opportunity to talk to the boss of russia the guys that make all the foreign policy decisions. >> all right i guess the other thought, is this feels like this feels like a meeting that maybe is either long overdue certainly necessary, if there is to be any kind of thawing in the relations between these they certainly need to work with one another. >> absolutely. this is the first time really that john kerry has come over and spoken to the russian president in two years it is the first time he has come
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here -- well, not come here at all but come here to speak to vladimir putin since the crisis began. so ukraine is obviously very very high on the agenda, and we certainly know from what sergei that yes, there was a lot of discussion about ukraine. what he said is they agree there is no alternative in ukraine to a political settlement. and that basically both sides should abide by the minsk protocols. and that russia wants comprehensive constitutional reform in ukraine. he also talks about the kind of frame work for russian american relations. and said that yes russia and the u.s. should be able to work with each other but only if the united states talks to russia as an equal partner and doesn't try to
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dictate or coerce it. and that's how russia feels about many of these issues and it's particular stance. it doesn't feel like the united states listens to it and takes it's opinion at anything like the kind of value which russia feels it should do. >> rory, appreciate it. a five day cease fire is set to begin, but leading up to it saudi led air strikes pounded the capitol. the coalition has been under powerful earthquaking houthis rebels since march live for us in the saudi capitol. and it has been a pretty violent, i think everyone would agree, a pretty violent 24 hours does it look like either side is really ready to settle in and abide by the cease fire. >> tony, this is the biggest concern now in yes then.
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the fighting had spread across yemen. sometimes feuding factions are all that is separated by blocks. in two hours and 15 minutes from now, the saudis say that they will halt the air strikes and then we have to see whether the generals will talk to subordinates is it going to hold? many people are very much concerned. >> iranian know you arele following that for us. yemen is also at the top of the agenda for meeting thises woo ebbing in washington.
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either before the change in travel plans or after related to the agenda at camp david. i know there has been some speculation, this this is an attempt to send a message to the united states if so that was not received because all the feedback we have received has been positive. >> telecom giant verizon is buying a.o.l. for $4.4 billion. more consolidation a.o.l. is no longer focused on internet, but owns a number of websites. verizon says the partnership
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will help with content and mobile vied yeah, the vote is expected in the senate in about an hour's time. it could change the way trade deals are made patty is it even possible to get a trade deal of this size done without that kind of fast track. >> well, anything is possible, but it is very very unlikely. the trade deals are no longer just about tearing down barriers. from regulation, and services, so these are big monster trade deals and if congress can go in and cherry pick out the parts that it doesn't like, imagine with the trance pacific partnership. nothing would ever get done. >> so the president has been pushing for this for some time, and it's been difficult to get it, what is the argument for congress approving this. >> well, he is really pinning it all on the t.p.p. and
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framing within the context of the trance pacific partnership, again 40% obama's argument, is that this is good for american businesses and it will be good for american workers because the trade agreement will have slur strict labor and environmental provisions. and it should be said that trade agreements do create more wealth, the problem is you know, tony, is that the wealth does not accrue. >> to the top. >> to people evenly. owners of capitol tend to win. >> i saw something that said that billionaires are yay yeah, let's get it done. >> what are the main arguments. >> massive opposition, of course the big argument, the most obvious are it will cost american jobs that's one huge concern. that's one argument against they are also arguing it will suppress american wages at a time when we already have wage stagnation. they are also concerned about
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sovereignty, and this has to do with the little known provision that is in thousands of trade and investment agreements called state dispute that allowed multinational cooperations to sue governments that they adopt policies or regulations that can potentially harm investments. and this is also seeking more into the public consciousness. it's a big deal, that's a big portion of this deal. patty, good to see you as always, st. louis police join the investigation into dozens of babies likely stolen at birth. they were all african-american. >> up next, we hear from the attorney for mothers looking for answers in this decades long mystery and later a picasso break as record, the painting putting a new price on beauty, look at that number.
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also we are monitoring the expected news conference where secretary of state john kerry is wrapping off meeting with the president. we are taking a look now at the live picture we will hear from secretary kerry and his russian counter part shortly. and we will of course bring that you live.
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>> 18 years of age at the time they gave birth. they were all of extraordinarily humble means and all of then presented to the hospital alone. and not one of them was in the passing of their child by a doctor. which was the protocol as per the policy of the hospital. and the standard of care in the medical industry at the time. >> all right, it is clear there could not have been the action taken just within the zell lot jackson price, and her daughter, dianne. without a very coordinated undertaking between physician, people in positions of authority, not just at the hospital and in the administration, but with the city of st. louis who ran the foster care system. with the bureau of vital and tastics. with the state of missouri,
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who later became those who -- the power that operated the foster care system in the state of missouri and without those coordinated efforts and also league undertaking in courts. either you have lawyers that are unscrupulous, which to some in the public that may not be difficult to believe but also you have issues with judges whoa has to jute nice these files before granting adoptions. >> officials say they have now received 144 calls to a hotline for people that suspected children were stolen but so far only five people have followed through with formal requests for their records. who says you can't put a price on beauty. a record selling for nearly 180 million-dollar.
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>> a reopening day in baltimore. for the city's baseball team, the orioles plays last night with fans in attendance. for the first time, since the funeral of freddie gray. they play before an empty stadium, and three home games were played in florida but last night it was back to baltimore. they won the ball game 5-2. an art auction set a record, here in new york city last night, a picasso painting sold for just under $180 million.
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>> the biddings fast and furious. and another one. >> for the record books. >> most of these young collectors who have been billionaires. are not collectors in the traditional sense. working studying looking at art. there is not like teasing an art dealer, it's okay, he had heard it all before, he remembers a different time.
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>> young billionaires, from silicon valley russia, china, and the middle east seeking a good return on their investments. >> when you have people that are worth $1 billion or more, whether they play 1 million or 5 million or 10 million, this is not a major part of their investment. sold for ten of millions of dollars some of it has been spring auctions too. key paintings are expected to sell for record amounts too like this mark estimated at 40 to $60 million. isn't it a blue square on a yellow background. >> who must be thinking who is this. >> he says just because top buyers are seeking a good investment doesn't mean they
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don't appreciate the art. >> i think that you can do both. i think that a lot of arts today has tremendous asset potential. >> but buyer beware, especially if you are seeking to pep up your portfolio. >> we saw what happened in 2007-2008. if there's a melodeon these will go down considerably. >> no sign of that yet though. >> selling it here. accuracy is $160 million. >> john tarot. >> al jazeera. new york. >> my goodness, president obama has left than two years left in office, but plans for his library are set. the president foundation officially announced today that the library will be based in chicago that is all of our time, thank you for joining us, the news continues next, live from
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london. >> this is al jazeera. this is the news hour live, coming up in the next 60 minutes. don't pressure us with sanctions. as the top diplomate holds crucial talks with vat my putin. >> saudi led forces hours before a proposed cease fire is due to start. a huge after shock killed dozens and brings more panic to earthquakes ravage nepal. also