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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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the defense minister has been exeexeuded for disrespecting the leader. world news, and also ahead fear and panic in nepal as the aftershock kills dozens of people. they're talking again, the u.s. says that, sanctions on russia, could be lifted, if the ukraine peace deal is honored. a new survey shows that
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chris they annaty is on the decline in the united states. intelligence services say that, he has been executed and the chief of north korea armed forces was killed by the firing squad, it's the latest of those that have been executed. now, more from the south korea capital. they say that it happened on april 30th and it was done publicly and brutal hi,. anti aircraft used to kill, him, in front of hundreds of people. his offense was treason, and that treason cona tooting disobeying instructions, and not carrying them out and showing dissatisfaction, with his leadership, and, the fact that he was pictured, falling asleep,
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next to him towards the end of april. this was a very senior figure, second in command and just last month, he was sent as a envoy to moscow as they prepare for the first foreign trip, a visit which was due to have happened at the beginning of this month and did not. that was because he had to attend to internal affairs. now, this is far from the first public execution if it is so far we only have the south korean services say so to go on, in the past, north korea has contermed it, such as that as his uncle and, before him the former military chief, so far no conform making and, south korea is conhaven'ted that this senior man has been killed. in yemen, there were reports of fighting, despite the cease
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fire and now to allow humanitarian aid and it, began and shelling. at least ten people were killed, in the shelling violence. al jazera, following developments from the saudi capital. no one knows for sure, whether the cease-fire will hold. they warned that any attempt boy them, the president, to regroup or send reinforcements in, to the southern city of aid done, with prompt, swift row tal iation, and, the truest window to send supplies to those who are in the conglect. millions of people who are either forced to leave their houses or displaced or forced to
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leave the country. but, the international aid agencies are facing, this particular moment, is there is concern about the potential for sporadic clashes between the two different faction between the country. they are hoping to be able to move to aden, or another area, northern province, and the capital, to help people. you're talking about a million people, they have no access to drink water medicine fuel, basic things, and are looking looking forward to seek immediate supplies reaching yemen. iran has announced it will send warships to yemen to protect its vessel. decision has further raised tension between iran and, saudi arabia it they will not be allowed in yemen waters without
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valid documents and without being searched. and u.s. has said, that it is monitoring it and urged iran to show restraint. the latest deadly earthquake, 65 people died in the 7.3 magnitude quake which hit less than 3 weeks, after the quake that left more than 8,000 people dead. and. now, in eastern nepal and, the report, from the capital. reliving a tonight mayor just when people had begun to blow that they could return, crush injuries, head injuries, and fractures and, some of the medical staff are in shock. this quake may not have been as big but, they are overwhelmed again and, no one wants to be inside a building, and then aftershocks within minutes. and the casualty list was a man who was running a orphanage.
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i tried to jump out of the building and i got hurt. and then, my children was all crying, and scared,. this is one of the landslide caused by the aftershock. it is in an area that has been cleared after previous us landslides. no one was hurt. parliament was in session when the quake struck, after a few seconds of disleave, they started running from the chamber and, there's panic with people trying to get through on cellphones, to tell them their alive. shaking, and everyone started running, and everyone left. this place is dangerous we have to leave. people have become scared, na their minds and they don't know how they'll live and work and going into a building they didn't know what will happen. search teams found themselves trying to save lives
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again. many more in the rural areas to the east of katmandu. as if one wayne enough, this was as family home, a american search team is now did heploying, and this was a 19 story apartment block now totally destroyed. there is a high level of fear, in some cases sheer terror that exists now, and many people are leaving the capital and they'll find little comfort. andrew simmons. a passenger train heading from washington, dc to new york city has derailed in philadelphia killing five people and i injuring more than 50 passengers and live pictures, that you are watching, and, reported that firefighters climbed into the crashed train to rescue those aboard and amtrak says there were about 238 passengers and five crew on
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board, and, six carriages went off the tracks. the federal railroad administration says it has sent a team of investigators to the crash site. fire. police, department of homeland security septa amtrak, and other, and the state police, i talked to governor, and his chief of staff, they are very concerned about this incident, given they're full cooperation and support. all agencies actively engaged and involve i've ben down on the scene with my staff, it is a absolute disaster. never seen anything like this in my life. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said that sanctions on rush sharks could be lifted have had moscow honors the cease-fire in ucontain. kerry has held talks about
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with the russian president sense the crisis began. now, reports. john kerry's first engagement was at the resort city's war memorial, the president, should bees russia's victory base celebrations, so, this was the u.s. government's opportunity to honor russia's role in doe photoing the nazis and then, eight hours of diplomakey fan and first a meeting with the foreign minister and then to the russian president, to talk with putin. iran syria yemen lib bo a, and ukraine a long list of talking points and it's a sign of how forced they are and they're just talking was the trip's mean goal. this was an important visit at an important time and we didn't come here with an expectation that we were going to de founa specific path forward with respect to one
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crisis or another or have a major breakthrough, we came here to have a very full and open do i log with russia's leaders. it seems ukraine's e lou si peace was the discussion. u.s. made it defendant that. if and when it is fully im mr.mented. it is clear, the u.s., and e.u. sanctions can begin to be rolled back. putin left without speaking to the press his foreign minister was tasked with the position. one of the key issues was the crisis, in ukraine she there are certain contradictions, in the crisis, and she our assessment. and thus when share the view it is only possible to resolve the issue through a full im
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implementation of the agreement. the joint progress that's been made on a nuclelar deal with iran is an indication of what can be achieve when u.s., and russian interests alynn and that's one bright star, in a dark sky and decipher talking washington and moscow have so much more that divides them. so make what you want, to the gifts exchanged here, a album of anti media quotations and a briefcase, and some potatoes, and tomatoes, and a tee-shirt for john kerry. still ahead, france promises to payback what it calls a moral debt to a former colony. greece is giving back jobs,
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fired by previous us government, but that is upsetting some.
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>> al jazeera america, weekday mornings. catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. welcome back, let's take a look at at the top stories,. intelligence services, say that north korean man has been executed. he was killed, for showing disrespect to the leader. reports of fighting in yemen
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when a cease fire came into effect and it was to bring in aid. a train has derailed north of the city of philadelphia,. killing 5, and injuries more than 0 passengers. there were about 245 people on board. several people have been killed, in congo the attack happened, close to a u.n. peace keeping base. now, more on the story. taking with them, as they leave their homes because they no longer believe it is safe to stay, they have seen more than 300 people hacked to debt, in rage by fighters. people here are blaming rebels, from the allied democratic forces from uganda.
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people from this region, have suffered greatly and killing people with machetes and actions will strike again. people are afraid. we asked the government, to deal with them, so that people can go back home. this latest attack happened as people were returning from tending their crops. and, congo troops, were also left with casualties. during this, we have lost, two soldiers, which were killed, in there and 13 injured by bullet. congo is home to the world's biggest u.n. peace keeping force, 2 5,000 personnel,. millions died, in a war in eastern congo and, dozens of
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armed groups still operate there. while they had different political ames, they all compete for control of the vast mineral resourcees like gold and diamonds and u.n. says it is making progress, and forces said, they had arrested the leader. we know that ads is weakened, and we know that, what we have, which is is the arrest of the leaders, is now happening and, i think it is time to join our force and the border, it stop these nasty events, of a very criminal group. but, the progress will be little comfort for the people here and despite the constant presence of troops, they remain vulnerable. to more attacks. he's african leaders are
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preparing to meet, over the esska lating crisis. on tuesday police fired at protestors, in the capital sense last month protests against the president bid to run for a third term, have killed 2 people. the syrian government is being accused of dropping barrel bombs, on the largest city, and at least 15 people were killed, on one of them, hit a bus station. the city, two separate explosions blamed on isis fighters. malaysia says it will turn away boats carrying migrants unless they're in danger of sinking. this after indonesia turned them
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away towards the malaishan coast and indonesia will not allow them to enter its waters. and, they have arrived in malaysia in the past three days. military and police officials in thailand are meeting to discuss the influx of refugees, and now more. human trafficking is at the at the top of the agenda between the police chiefs. people are leaving in unprecedented numbers. they are handing their lives over to human traffickers who take them on boats and trying to use thailand, as a point before hitting malaysia. thailand's crackdown means they are denied and that's leading to a crisis. the u.n. is saying that as
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many as 8,000 people could be on boats out there with little food and water and human traffickers, beat and abuse them when they are discovered. and, land. and, now authorities are saying, if any boats come into their areas they will be turned back. the u.n. is saying, it is spiraling into a crisis, the thailand prime minister will hold an international meeting towards the end of the month, in order to look at the problem in a more comprehensive way to look at the causes and the consequences. but for the people, it may be too late. it's being reported that the u.s. military is considering sending aircraft to the south sea, he is said to be looking at open freedom of navigation.
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positioning ships within close range of bases being built by china. they claim 90% of the territory, and that is being disputed . the philippines, and other nations and 5 trillion dollars worth of trade passes through there. greece has repaid 840 million to the fun. and, it is now up them to break the deadlock. and, then help it country avoid out of running out of cash. they only have enough to pay public workers until the end of the month. it was victory for hundreds of dleeng ladies when monday they got their jobs back, 20 months after they sack ed them, and, he made good, to hire back
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thousand he and, it's one of many issues that still divide greece, and they prevented the breakthrough but greeks are still hopeful. i agree with the government, nobody wants more salary cuts. can they put their position across? the worst outcome would be a further pay-cut. when dent have any money everything will grind to a halt. i think the government will have to row treat, if it doesn't, there will be no money it's that simple. i don't believe the europeans are negotiating in good faith and that serves us right, it's not our money. greece wants financial aid to continue to go and without policies, it is destroying their economy. time is growing short, it it is coming closer to a deal you but it can only pay salaries and debt i stall meants until the
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end of the month. we decided together, what was of the essence was to establish in public, the great strides that have been achieved to maintain a good climate in order to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, and before it becomes binding. the tax revenues are falling. only able to pay 750 million to the in f. on tuesday pie using a did the men to be in reserve. the latest figures suggest that the government is losing the service of the last two years, its primary surplus, for the first three months, was 1.3 billion. and half of what it was a year ago. they hope to raise 3 billion by forcing municipalities to lend their did he post sit and it's only raised a quarter of this some, pause many refuse to comploy and, talks have made
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households uneasy, they have pulled 40 billion there their balker accounts. all this suggests that people's faith and authority are slipping away from the government. activists say russia's military is drefl involved in ukraine. it is by the latest person who was shot dead, 220 russian sources have been killed, in eastern ukraine and they provided the surface to air,. french resident has pledged to payback what he called a moral debt to haiti on tuesday. now, he was met by protestors, angry, about a debt tjat france forced them to pay during the
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slave rebell yes. and now, from the capital. this is only the second time a sitting french president has visited haiti and latest stop on a tour. but despite the warm welcome from the president the relationship between their two nation says uneasy. many is a painful reminder of a bad task, and revolt, and it demanded, compensation, from london slave owners and it has crippled haiti- if haiti is in misery, that's pause of france. that's why we want to be compensated. if he wants to visit haiti he has to come with restitution. when fought them for our indopep dense and they forced
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us to recognize it. but, like generations of french leaders before them, the president spoke of a moral debt and, not financial compensation, and he talked about invest men in the future. france today wants to help in the development of haiti, we believe in haiti because you have opportunity. mr. president, you already mentioned you have such a young generation, because you have an impatient generation, demanding and wanting to work for the future. but the civil rights lawyer, says france's obligation is clear, france does owe something to haiti given the circumstances that they see themselves in. they should have clean water and infrastructure and these are things that the french can help right away. haiti was still paying
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so-called independence debt, to france in 1947. the visit has opened up old wounds and reparations are then likely, and wondering whether they can build with france. the most active volcano has erupted. and, it began erupting on thursday these pictures show the strongest eruption yet. officials say, it isn't extreme enough to force people to evacuate. the u.s. has for centuries been describe had as a christian nation but fewer are christians. one reason behind the drop is america's changing demographics. let us pray. it's a tradition, in the
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u.s. senate. before the start of business a chaplain therefores a prayer, christianity is woven into the culture, and the constitution and before a president is sworn into office, they take an oath. so help me god. but the number of americans who say they share this faith may be on the decline. the research center says, the christian share of the population fell, from 78.4% to 70.6% today. adulted under the age of 33 are a big part of the decline roughly a third claiming to be unaffiliated. but the center says, its research shows, it is widespread. this is happening among yank people and those of retirement age, and it's happening in every region of the country and college graduates and those
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with less education and among people from all racial backgrounds. scandals playing the catholic church hasn't helped or it hasn't kept up with modern times. roughly 5 and 3 million drops in protestant, and catholic. but the evangelical are on the rise. 2 million people. pastors, like expwrosh what she are experiencing that growth. his church's rising numbers to a more tech savvy podcast services and apps. and they are questioning the relevance of christianity in modern age. i think the group is a group that it's suspicious of institutions in general and, so
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they have these questions and we see it as a prime opportunity for us to engage. challenge those who have become disillusioned, with the faith, that has been en2009ed in american culture. more on our on "america tonight" - a "america tonight"s sheila macvicar with a look at the shocking conditions facing some of the most loyal defenders of america. and making work pay. the high price facing low income workers. >> we are sa