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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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re technology meets humanity. monday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome from doha, this is the news hour on al jazeera. more violent protests in burundi as a senior official said the president has been dismissed. >> peace talks on yemen as a five day ceasefire appears to hold. >> more than 40 killed in an attack in da acho, pakistan. >> we ask what the possible attacks of one of the largest ice shelves in antarctica means.
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>> burundi a senior army official said that the president has been removed. it is a statement immediately dismissed as a joke by the president's media advisor. protestors have been on the streets for more than two weeks challenging his bid to run for a third term. we are going to try to talk to malcolm webb in the burundi capitol. what more can you tell us? >> right now we are with hundreds protesting. a couple of army vehicles and armored vehicles are traveling around with soldiers.
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the army is seen here as being neutral and bringing back what they say is the rule of competition. >> it looks and sounds a loot like a coupe malcolm and yet the penalty's media advisor said it is oh joke. >> that doesn't match what we see on the ground here. the soldiers came into the city center. they exchanged fire with that those loyal -- protestors haven't been able to get into the city centers since the protest started last month. there are hundreds, possibly thousands in the streets, the president went to meet with other presidents from the region
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to talk about this crisis, but the military leaders have taken that opportunity to take control. >> glad we could talk to you malcolm. a live report from the ground in burundi where it very much looks like a coupe is underway. we will talk to a conflict and risk expert. it very much looks like a coup. it is the democratic result that they wanted, though? >> i think people on the street are quite, you know, joyful about this particular outcome. i think if you go in the countryside to people who are supportive of the president they may not be as excited about the possibility of a coup. i think observers are quite cautious about being enthusiastic about such a move. we need to remember that a coup is not a constitutional way to replace a pot moreover, once
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you have a military coup, how long will it take then to have transfer to civilian government? >> do you think this sort of thing was inevitable in the end the fact that there was so much opposition to the president and he stepped out of the country as well. it is the perfect opportunity for the army to step in. >> absolutely, absolutely, in fact i assess nairobi had a back on but are your di and we discussed the possibility of a coup. a coup while the president is away is not a novelty in sub saharan africa. it has happened before. >> can you tell me more about the military in burundi?
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clearly they've taken a stand here. >> the army has long been lauded as one of the greatest successes of the agreement. the army is reputed for being disciplined, for being a republican army composed of remnants of the old military along with other armed groups who fought during the war. the fact that the army was able to remain neutral throughout this highly politicized crisis was remarkable. they also helped protect the civilians during the crisis, however, i think it needs to be kept in mind that that it is still the army, and one thing that we need to be cautious about is having a military being able to rule a country in a time of crisis. >> what are the president now? he is in a meeting of nations suspect he won't be coming back anytime sob, but what support does he have in the
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region? >> >> i think the african union is calling on them to reconsider their position on the third mandate. the african union is an organization that that does not support a military coup. some of the members of the african community voiced their concern about the president of burundi. we do have an established consensus among african leaders that if we accept the coup in one country we may be accepting it in our own however some argue that the current coup was supported by the rwanda government. i think this may be a possibility, but i think most importantly, we need to remember that the division created the
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fertile ground along with the sub bornness of the president to have a coup in burundi. >> thank you very much for your time. >> new oh other news, a five day truce in yemen seems to be holding for now despite shelling in some areas. the ceasefire was proposed to allow in humanitarian aid but a permanent end to the crisis seems a long way off. the u.n. security council has called on secretary ban ki-moon. >> blaring horns instead of gunfire, people walking and shopping instead of fighters in the streets. in the old city of sanna, it was a return to ordinary life on the first day of the ceasefire but not everyone was optimistic. >> the yemeni people will never agree to a truce. they will use force to confront them, because they can only be
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stopped with force. >> the truce is an attempt to helpese the suffering of yemenese after weeks of conflict. it's hoped the halt in fighting will allow aid agencies to deliver food and medicine. iran has sent a naval ship to escort its cargo vessel carrying supplies and journalists, but saudi-led forces won't be allowed to inspect the ships. witnesses in several cities say the houthis are continuing to shell neighborhoods. >> the houthis are divided. there is a group that would like to accept the ceasefire and move along, but then there is at group probably under the influence of the iranian government that is not necessarily happy with the terms of the ceasefire. >> the u.n. special envoy to yemen landed in the country on tuesday night. he says the ceasefire must be unconditional and safe passage given so aid can reach yemenese. >> we came convinced that there is no solution exempt a
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political one. yemen has no choice but to have all the different sides sit at the table to find a solution. >> as the ceasefire begins in yemen, human rights watches demanding houthis stop recruiting child soldiers. the group accuses the houthis of intensifying their efforts to get children to join their fight. al jazeera. >> a group linked to the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on a bus in karachi. gunman on motorcycles killed at least 43 people. the the victims belonging to the community, a branch of shia islam, we have this report. >> this bus was packed with commuters during the morning rush hour when gunman stopped it and opened fire. dozens were killed. mostly shias who are a minority sub sect of shia islam. investigators believe it was a planned attack. nine-millimeter happened guns and other weapons were used. they fired at them inside the
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bus and not from outside the bus. >> a splinter group of the pakistani taliban known for targeting the shia community said it carried out the attack. the armed group has previously said it's behind several major attacks, including a suicide bombing on the india pakistan border last year and targeting an agency compound in 2013. it pledge would allegiance to isil last year. leaflets were left linking it to isil. they were on motor bikes some wearing police uniforms. >> the driver had fled the scene. >> the bus is run by the community to ferry people to and from work. it's not the first time shia muslims have come under attack in pakistan, but this is a rare attack on the community. >> >> this is a deplorable attempt
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to divide people. >> despite this assault police say the number of attacks have gone down in pakistan's largest city but with several armed groups still operating in the area, it's likely to take longer to end the violence. >> let's take you back to the situation in yemen the fact that there is a five day ceasefire in place which does appear to be holding and also the iranian cargo ship heading for yemen. we are following the story from riyadh. seats fire, would you say it is broadly in place for events still going on? >> june despite sporadic clashes that took place earlier places like aden, the saudi news agency quoting an army officer that
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says that shells landed in the border cities and that the saudi army is observing self restraint for the truce to hold and to stay for as long as it takes. it's a delicate situation but for the time being, we can say that the ceasefire holds across the country. >> the iran situation it said it is supporting the ceasefire but there is the case of this cargo ship, which it won't loup the saudis to inspect. tell us more about that. >> this is something that could further escalate the mounting tension in the region, the saudi-led coalition said that it has two -- it's backed by the united nations resolution and it has a mandate by the legitimate government, the government of adou rabbo mansour hadi giving the saudi-led coalition the authority to ensure the safety and security of the country and
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that therefore any ship or any cargo bringing in aid to yemen should be inspected by the coalition, and then the shipment should go to the united nations distribution center, which will look after all the aid into yemen. >> live in riyadh for us with an update, thank you. >> still ahead europe lays out latest proposals to deal with the migrants flooding its shores. >> crowded classrooms and underresourced teachers, why chad is falling behind in educating children. >> a court in spain will decide whether a suspension of football nationwide can go ahead. we'll have the sports news.
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>> a train accident in the united states city of philadelphia has killed at least six people and injured more than 140 others. the passenger train derailed on its journey from washington d.c. to new york city, an accident that shut down train services in the busy northeast region. we are live in philadelphia, it's quarter past nine in the morning there. what has daylight revealed? >> that's right a very good morning to you from philadelphia, where like you said, it is a little after 9:00 a.m. here local time, and what sunlight has revealed here in philadelphia is a very horrific scene on the railroad tracks, about a block behind me. it's very hard to see because police cordoned off the entire area so ntsb crash investigators can go through the debris and try to figure out what exactly happened that caused this train to derail. the latest information is that six people have died, hundreds
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were sent to the hospital, over 50 injured there are still at least a half dozen people that are in critical condition but this is a rail line that is critical here in the northeast region of the united states. every day between washington, d.c. and new york, there are hundreds of amtrak trains that go back and forth every dave, and every year, transport 11 million people on average, so this is a critical train line, the most highly used in the united states and right now the line between philadelphia and new york city is completely closed down, but right now the investigators are still on the scene, trying to figure out what caused this crash, one of the worst crashes in train -- one of the worst train crashes here in the united states in decades. >> is there a wider question about the state of rail infrastructure in the united states? obviously we're waiting to find out what happened in this
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accident the wider picture about the quality of the network in the u.s. >> there is. it's easy to raise alarms when we see accidents like this and it is a terrible accident. it is important to remember that there are hundreds of trains that just go up this track behind me where this crash was every single day without incident so the u.s. does have especially here in the northeast region a fairly extensive train system, not as much as hong kong or some other cities, but fairly extensive, but you are right there have been questions and will continue to be questions here in the u.s. about funding and safety and infrastructure especially in the rail lines. we see every couple years amtrak, the train company go to congress asking for more money. we see it in local cities across the country, as well. we saw two accidents in local trains in los angeles california area, just so far this year, so nothing as serious as this, but definitely, there
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are people here within the industry and what have you that are calling for better infrastructure and safety on the rail lines leading to asking for congress to increase safety on the rails in the united states. >> thank you green real. >> the united nations estimates 60,000 people have crossed the mediterranean from north africa this year and nearly 2,000 have died on the way. the european union adopted new proposals to address the issue. here is the policy chief describing some at a meeting in brussels. >> increasing our engagements on conflict prevention, crisis management starting from the areas of conflict from where the majority of people are fleeing in these times. mideast, syria and libya. increasing our work with the
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african union with african and arab countries in particular, countries of origin, on poverty eradication and obviously i mentioned libya this is i guess going to be also an element for questions, but as you might have noticed, we have increased even more our level of engagement with all different league and parties in this state to make sure that we can work with each of them to fight the trafficking and the smuggling of human beings on the libyan territories. >> live to brussels now. that is an announcement, jonah from the e.u. is it a view held across the european union all the different countries? some just want to send the people back and are rejecting these thoughts and ideas. >> there is no easy one size fits all answer. this is a four pillared approach a very broad pretty
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ambitious strategy to cope with the problem of migration in this crisis in the mediterranean beginning from the beginning to the end. you heard the outline of the steps they intend to put in place to deal with the problems at their root causes in the countries of origin, poverty eradication problems, issues, conflicts resolution issues and so on, then right away through to proposed military operation involving e.u. countries in countries of transit notably libya. she collar filed that the plan which has still to be approved by foreign and defense ministers with him not involve boots on the ground as suggested up to now it has been a naval
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operation. the von refers controversy is what happens to the migrants once they are rescued and reach dry land. the problem is up to now the southern countries have born the brunt of all of this and desperately need help. the plan is for a mandatory quota system for all of the e.u. and that isn't going down thoroughly well among all the countries in the e.u. >> want to take you back to burundi now with our lead story in what very much looks like an army coup going on. we managed to establish video link with him. talk us through what's happening there. >> we can just right now hear gunfire across the other side of the square. the protestors are running this way, hundreds of thousands have
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been celebrating here in the square for the last future minutes. we don't know if this is people clearing the crowd or if this is somebody shooting in anger. we are getting down on the ground. we are going to leave the camera up there running. we've heard quite a lot of gunfire in the last couple of hours when the soldiers came in the city. they are engaging with police. the police generally so far have been loyal to the president but when the soldiers came in, some are clearly on the side of the new military leader, others not so they fought a bit with the soldiers. now with gunfire in the square, we don't know if it is crowd control or some people are actually fighting. >> ok, malcolm. >> i think we can get up again. >> are you and your crew safe there, are you feeling ok there? >> yes i think things are ok.
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we did hear a bit of gunfire just a short while ago. this might be the soldiers who are trying to seek control of the crowd here. there's a very ecstatic atmosphere in the square. there's thousands of protestors who were very happy about the fact that the army has taken control. >> i'm going to leave you there stay on the link and make sure you are all right. we'll come back to you later in the news hour. >> the relief effort in nepal is slowed after a major after shock tuesday. 76 people confirmed killed in that one. almost three weeks after that earthquake killed more than 8,000 people, we have more now from the cat katmandu valley. >> once a picturesque town, now a pile of rubble. when the earthquake struck on april 25, many buildings here came down, killing 10 people.
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buildings which didn't come down were propped by wooden beams and bamboo, but yesterday's earthquake brought many of those crumbling down. we met this gentlemen over here. >> there was a crack in my house and yesterday's quake brought it down. in there, houses started to fall. experts were examining houses and they all ran away, as well. >> we're going to see where you said the people are staying. they were all ready to resume their normal lives the fear had gone, but yesterdays quake instilled the fear back again. everybody has been staying outside. nobody wants to go back to their houses, even to reclaim their stuff and everybody is saying that this is where they're going to stay for a little while again. >> recovery efforts in nepal need the weather to help,
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cooperate. richard, is that the case? >> when the earthquake struck, we were in a relatively dry period but the monsoon will come in the next weeks and months. obviously, we've got the mountains and temperatures drop, but temperatures are quite warm. you can see all the rain and eventually as the monsoon feeds in it will hit nepal. for the moment, it's just a case of isolated showers. you can get very big showers coming across this time of year into parts of bangladesh and the states of india those we can watch for. for the moment, it is not bad. you can see how the rain increases between may and june. it more than doubles. june and july, a few weeks out the other issue there are aftershocks and if you get rain,
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it loosens the earth. in the meantime, the bulk of the rain across the region is further out, sri lanka has seen heavy rain and across the southern states of india. some areas will see heavy rain over the next couple of days. for the north it's largely dry and hopefully good for the people in nepal. >> thank you for that. still ahead north korea's defense minister is executed, apparently for showing disrespect to the leader, kim jong-un. >> rescue and recovery after a deadly factory fire in the philippines. >> in sport we hear from double olympic champion at the start of the international athletic fever.
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comcast business. built for business. >> you're on the news hour here and these are the top stories hundreds of people are celebrating in burundi after a senior army officer said the president had been removed. he is in tanzania for peace talks. protests have been happening for weeks on the streets opposing his bid to return for a third term. >> the ceasefire in yemen proposed by saudi arabia is holding, allowing humanitarian aid. >> gunman linked to the taliban have attacked buses teaing
9:28 am
shias. >> this apparent coup underway in burundi bring our viewers up to speed with what's going on. >> we are here in independence square in the center of the city where protestors are celebrating the announcement of a takeover by the military, who says that the president has been dismissed. the protests started the end of last month. the protests have been out on the street, but they haven't been joining in the police in the violence. the pro testifiesors say they are safer when the army is around, the army seen as neutral and the protestors see them on
9:29 am
their side. civil society members organized the protest to try and take control. they say they are going to bring back the rule of the constitution and bring back the peace deal signed in 2005 that ended bur run dip's 12 year civil war. >> did you establish where that gunfire came from before when we were on air last? >> it has happened a couple of times in the last 30 or 40 minutes in the square. we they it is likely to be crowd control, because there are hundred to thousands of people in a very ecstatic mood and the police have run away or mostly disappeared. the police are seen on the side of the president. there was some exchange of fire between the army and police.
9:30 am
the protestors have pretty much taken over the city center now. >> it strikes me that this is not necessarily the democratic result people were looking for. they wanted to halt presidential terms, but it's a result that they'll take anyway. >> it's difficult to hear exactly your question. a lot of the people organizing these protests thought that they didn't have the strength to complete this with numbers. the opposition say the activists say that everyone in the country side has already been intimidated by the ruling party militia, saying that most people involved in political opposition have fled or in hiding, so that they couldn't possibly -- they've already been under
9:31 am
threat. it is only the population in the capitol that was able to take to the streets and challenge the government, but faces tear gas and gunfire. it has been increasingly difficult for them to take it by force. who knows what's going to happen in the coming week and months and if people will get the democratic multi-party elections that they are hoping for and they say they have been protesting for but it is seen as positive that the military has taken control by force. >> what about the president himself? he's not around at the moment. >> no, that's right. he's in neighboring tanzania, meeting with other leaders of countries, meeting to discuss this crisis. people were waiting to see what those four presidents would say to him and if they would school him to not run for the controversial third term, which is what started all this. right now his spokesperson said
9:32 am
that the military vice president taken over, that he's still in control, but events don't look like that at the moment. it appears the army has key control over the national and state t.v. and radio and protestors have control of the streets. the police have generally been perceived on the side of the president and the ruling party aren't now anywhere to be seen. >> great stuff from malcolm webb, right in the middle of it all where a coup appears to be taking place in burundi. thank you. >> i want to take you back to the situation in yemen a ceasefire which does seem to be holding, but also a situation involving an iranian cargo ship. we're going to talk to a professor of middle east studies at the university of tehran. thank you for your time, sir. iran said it supports the ceasefire, but isn't willing to let the saudi coalition look at what's on boards its ships. what do we take from that? >> well, that's the legal issue.
9:33 am
that's not on saudi to search the cargo ship. iran has accepted the impartial parties, the united nations under the supervision of the united nations to search the ship the cargo ship and in addition there are seven american and european activists to my information onboard the ship, so that's a legal issue a country that is involved in a war cannot search the humanitarian aid offer to the country that has been -- the war has been waged on. >> do you appreciate, though, the concern that exists that it may not just be humanitarian aid, that there may be military aid for the houthis in yemen. >> like i said, iran has accepted an international impartial international search of the cargo ship that it is
9:34 am
sending, it doesn't consist on any, you know, it doesn't have anything with regard to the military, the accusation that has been made on iran. it's actually a humanitarian aid and that's why iran has stressed its acceptance of any international, impartial international search of the ship. >> so then do you -- is it your belief that then iran is not a major player in the yemen battle? this is the way people view it, the houthis are allied with them or they are allied with them, however you want to look at it. >> iran is not a primary actor in the yemeni scene. the point is why iran is accused of this involvement in yemen this accusation is not the first, it started in bahrain.
9:35 am
iran was accused with involvement in yemen to justify the aggression against the bahrainians and now the same thing is being repeated in yemen by saudi rain. iran has not been involved in mill tore -- sorry? >> why do the links keep being established by most other places in the region? >> well, iran cannot stop people from allies itself with it, so it's sending humanitarian aid to yemen. i don't think military aid if we accept even the accusation, i don't think the houthis and yemenese army that has been defending yemen against the saudi aggression is in need of military supplies, so you can't say that iran is a primary actor, but it is, of course, trying by a peace initiative to
9:36 am
be yemen knee crisis and trying to solve this war and to help the yemeni people by humanitarian aid. it's not a primary actor but it's of course, a secondary actor. >> thank you for your time. >> 31 people have been killed in the philippines north of manila. the government there said the blaze started with welding embers contacted flammable chemicals. we go live to manila now to our correspondent in manila, is the fire out? what do they know about people still trapped? >> well, this is a fire that took more than seven hours for firefighters to put out. it happened mid-afternoon and was put out around 7:00 p.m. manila time.
9:37 am
the fire protection says 31 people have been confirmed dead, 28 of those bodies are still stuck on the second floor of this factory a rubber factory. local government said they're still going for the number of fatalities. it is a very difficult task at the moment, the recovery, the very grim task of recovering bodies, because operations had to be halted because local government said the believe itself is on the brink of collapse, so they've had to as and made sure those people who are coming in, the volunteers rescuing the bodies will be safe, as well. the owners of this factory cannot determine how many workers are inside or actually worked for them. remember that this area of venezuela city is what is considered the plastic production capitol of manila, rubbers, chemical factories are all based out of there. the situation for those workers for their families is very difficult at the moment. this is like many other areas in
9:38 am
manila relatively poor area where majority of the workers get an average of $150 a month. they are not fully employed by many factories there a lot of them work seasonal. it is ditch for the philippines because fire incidences like this one increase during the early dry season. >> there is talk about welding sparkion and chemicals and the like clearly some issues will have to be raised about health and safety. >> yes exactly. you know, this is not the first time this has happened. at least 50 fire incidents happened in manila alone. that's just what you call the residential areas. if you look at venezuela city, many are questions whether fire safety procedures were followed. the owner of the factory is
9:39 am
unable to answer questions at the moment, local government says they're not looking at investigation yet because the focus right now is really recovering those bodies, at least 60 people are believed to be there local government says definitely no survivors. >> with the latest from manila, thank you. >> south korea's intelligence services say north korea's defense minister had been executed, believed to be the latest in a series of senior officials executed this year. we have more now from seoul. >> was this the moment he sealed his fate? he dozed off during this military meeting at the end of april and that he was executed days later. seoul said he was killed for treason. he is said to show dissatisfaction with kim jong-un's leadership and failed to carry out his instructions.
9:40 am
>> our government sees such executions as a way to create a fearful atmosphere to promote consolidation of kim jong-es one and only regime. >> the suddenness of the fall, just last month he was envoy to a security meeting in moscow is also leading some to question the stability of the leadership in pyongyang. south korea's intelligence agency said 15 other officials have been executed since the start of this year. >> there has to be better systemic ways to ensure the order of the system, rather than this kind of quick removal so this quick removal the way it was carried out seems to indicate only the weakness of the system, not the strength at all. >> kim jong-un's uncles publicly humiliated before his execution this time, there's been no official announcement. >> they said his death was particularly violent shot by heavy caliber anti aircraft machine guns in front of a crowd
9:41 am
of hundreds. this is not the first time kim jong-un has been accused of killing people in this way. >> a similar killing in october anti aircraft guns aimed at targets 30 meters away. north korea has worried the south showing off its abilities to launch a missile from a submarine. seoul said it is monitoring the effect of the leader and what is called his reign of terror. >> 50 have been killed in bombing raised by syrian military jets. we have this report from beirut. >> hezbollah is pushing on three fronts in the mountain range of qalamoun. the argue wants a swept victory
9:42 am
mobilizing thousands. wednesday's fighting is said to be one of the most intense in weeks. hezbollah is in control of mountain tops and in areas all near syria with the border of lebanon. that would cut off rebels from a coalition including al-nusra front fighters allied with al-qaeda. it is an important route for weapons and fighters for hezbollah and the syrian government but the rebels are hitting back fighting isil in the area while battling hezbollah fighters. rebels say they have repelled a number of attacks and retook areas they have lost to hezbollah in recent days, making using of the rugged terrain to launch attacks. hezbollah held funerals for at least 18 of its fighters, including commanders who had
9:43 am
been killed in recent fighting. opposition sources suggest the number of hezbollah casualties is much higher. it could be costly. >> the fight in qalamoun and the rest of syria i also said to protect president bashar al assad's regime. if bashar al assad falls it will mean the loss of power in the region. >> the government is struggling to end the siege of its forces in northern sir yes. the town fell to the rebels over two weeks ago. fighters managed to take part at a hospital where over 200 soldiers and 200 senior officers are staying in 45 bunkers. the rest of idlib of considered crucial for the regime, the gateway to the syrian coast a stronghold or president bashar al assad. activists say there was a
9:44 am
massacre. government jets dropped barrel bombs near a bus station on tuesday. dozens of people were killed. >> aleppo will not bow. there are no fighters here. syrians were killed. >> the united nations said more than 220,000 people have been killed in syria since the war started four years ago and many more will likely die as the battles continue. al jazeera beirut. >> asian countries topped a list which ranks education around the world. reports in the oacd based on mathematics and science test scores and measures on a global scale. here's how it stacks up, singapore, hong kong, south korea, japan and taiwan are the top five with top quality teachers and thorough teaching some of the reason the countries scored as well. oman, south africa and ghana is
9:45 am
last place. 76 countries were examined all up, however large parts of africa were left out of the report because of a lack of at that time data. >> the international monetary fund is going to cut more than a billion dollars from chad's debt burden. schools are often underfunded and few students go on to higher education. >> in this village classroom students are eager to learn and take pride in every achievement. chad is one of the poor evident countries in the world and with chirp often sent to work, getting here is a victory but the odds are still against them. seats are made of stones, stationery is scarce and desks are out of the question. >> >> we have 88 registered students. parents do not understand what we are doing. some don't even buy chalk. >> students in rural areas are
9:46 am
worst off with just one in 10, all finished primary school. those in the capitol are slider better off but face different that challenges. there are more than 100 children in this class which is not out of the ordinary. for under resourced teachers, it's an impossible ratio. >> it's a problem for the whole state, because education sector alone is not enough to build classrooms. >> more money critics hope, will raise expectations for those who pass through these doors. al jazeera. >> the u.s. president barack obama is opening up section of u.s.-held areas of the arctic to oil companies. shell has been granted conditional approval to start work there within three months. as we report, environmental groups are outraged. >> shell has tried drilling for oil in the arctic before, but in 2012 forced to abandon
9:47 am
operations after an oil rig ran aground. in addition, one of shell's contractors pleaded guilty to eight felony counts over environmental and other violations related to a drilling ship. shell declined our request for an interview but the company says this time will be different. it will take a thoughtful approach and be subject to rig russian safety standards. shell will only drill from july to october at a depth of less than 50 meters. that hasn't reassured those opposed to arctic drilling. >> there's no field tested proven technology to deal with a major spill especially in the environment of the frozen arctic ocean. the last time shell was there the storms alone were more than they could handle. the bottom line here is that it is a dirty dangerous business and there's no technology that can match the conditions of the arctic ocean. >> shell proposes to drill in the remote sea. there are no roads or ports
9:48 am
within hundreds of kilometers. the nearest coast guard station with equipment for responding to a spill is over 1600 kilometers away. it's a key migration route for marine animals. it was concluded there would be no significant environmental impact from the drilling. federal data said the u.s. arctic seas contain 22 billion bar relyings of recoverable oil and 26 trillion meters of natural gas. >> even if they never spill a drop everything goes perfectly which it never does, we can't burn that oil. scientists made it very clear and there was just a recent article confirming this that all of the arctic i guess unburnable in a world where we avoid climate chaos. >> shell needs several more permits before drilling can begin. al jazeera.
9:49 am
>> to the other polar extreme one of an arc cab's largest ice shelves is in danger of collapsing. new research shows it is melting above and below the surface in one of the fastest warming regions on earth. if it happens, it would mean a rise in global sea levels. >> for years there's been intense scientific debate about what's causing the thinning of the ice shelves. this i also one of them right here. it is the last and covers a huge area. it is the size of a small country and contains vast quantities of fresh water ice. science itself have been unable to determine whether it is warmer air temperatures or warmer ocean currentliles making it more vulnerable to collapse. turns out it's both. international team of reservers studied satellite data and found the ice is being lost above and below the as far as and now predict the shelf could collapse
9:50 am
within a century maybe sooner and with little warning. >> we found that the ice shelf was losing ice due to ocean melting from below. we found it is losing air from its snow and this is probably due to atmospheric warming. we know now that the ice shelf is subject to a two pronged attack from barack obama and below. >> two others collapsed in 1994 and 2002 leading to the glaciers behind speeding up, carving more riles into the ocean and raising sea levels. it would be the same story on a larger scale if this was to disintegrate. >> larson sea is bigger and if it were to be lost within the next few decades would actually add to the projections of sea level rise and rate of sea level rise by 2100. we expect that sea level rise around the world will be something in excess of
9:51 am
50 centimeters higher by 2100. that will cause problems for coastal cities and low lying cities. >> what this discovery means is scientists will be able to make more accurate predictions about just what effect the breakup of the larson see and glaciers around the world will have on global sea levels. >> joe is here to talk sport. you got to meet mia faroe. >> spanish court is expected to meet on thursday an the threatened stoppage over a t.v. rights law that would see a greater share of revenue among all clubs. previously teams negotiated their own t.v. deals but the spanish government wants the rights sold at one package. >> the strike could be declared legal tomorrow and they may say there is no problem with a strike. but there are clubs that want to
9:52 am
play. if this is the case, the right to work must be respected. to call off the suspension has a clear objective allow the clubs abs that want to play to play and having told that, some do. >> lee at this stage no decision, but what does that mean for football in spain? >> it's still leaving football in spain and all of the clubs and fans and players in an absolute mess, an extremely chaotic situation throughout the week with the big games coming up. the utterly bizarre situation if they can't be played and the suspension were to go ahead, you would find barcelona handled the league title without playing real madrid not having the chance to catch them. fans don't want the season called of a. they just want it to happen the most.
9:53 am
the league chief is a lawyer by trade and knows exactly what he needs to do to push the right buttons with the judge and that's whether that can come off or whether the players will dig their heels in and not play, saying look, this suspension goes ahead. it comes down to the legal side of it now and that decision is being eagerly eye waited. people want to know if this football season is going to survive. >> is this uncertainty affecting players? >> not the players. the champions league isn't affect in berlin next month. of course the players are just focused on winning that game. they know how significant it would be. we could be in a more bizarre position, real madrid and barcelona players wouldn't be in
9:54 am
action and suddenly having to get up for the champions league final at the end of it. it would make the rivalry which is already intense more fierce. if that decision is made that the strike doesn't go ahead it will make that a moot point. >> talking to us live from madrid. >> barcelona through to their eighth cup final after an aggregate win against munich. going into the match trial 3-0 revived hopes with an early lead. they scored twice to edge barcelona closer to the final with hit back goals which helped them salvage a 3-2 victory. it wasn't enough. >> the result is marvelous, we are very happy. we also can't wait for the end of the season, because we need a victory in the league and champions league to show we are
9:55 am
winners. >> we went 1-0 ahead and actually, there was even more possible. my opinion is we made too many things not good enough in detail. we created many scoring opportunities, but we did not use our chance. there was no situation like the 2-0 in barcelona where we had to say respect, very well done, one cannot defend that. after all, we should greatly the action. >> malaysian newspapers said files were hid during an internal review three years ago. later band for life by fifa for corruption, he has denied any allegation of wrongdoing. the a.f.c. suspended him after seeing a video that was part of the investigation. >> on that friday, the capitol of doha will host the opening
9:56 am
event of the diamond league. the current olympic world and european champion in 5,000 and 10,000-meter distances will be one of the star attractions as he runs in the 3,000 meters. he will join 12 other olympic champions and 10 current world champions who have entered the event. >> normally, doha league is one of the strongest fields. i want to test myself. it's going to be my first race there. it's exciting, but it's all about the world championship in august, but at the same time i want to test myself. >> the houston rockets avoided elimination from the nba playoffs with a win over the clippers, but trail 3-2 in the western conference semifinal series. lebron james scored 38 points to lead the cleveland cavaliers to a narrow victory over the chicago bulls. the 106-101 win puts cleveland up in the series. they could reach the conference finals for the first time since
9:57 am
2009 with a winning game six on thursday. >> in the nhl, tampa bay lightning are through to the eastern conference final after winning the best of seven semifinal series. having lost two games straight, the lightning knuckled down to beat montreal 4-1 in game six and advance for the first time since 2011. theme face the winners of the other east semi series between the new york rangers and washington capitals which goes into game seven on wednesday. >> that's all the sport for now. >> thank you. we are back in the next news hour a couple of hours from now we'll see her again. we've got another full bulletin of news, though, we'll cover burundi with the coo there. the army is on the street, the people are celebrating and the president is out of the country at the moment. the latest in just a few minutes right here on al jazeera.
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celebrations in burundi as a senior army official says the president has been dismissed. ♪ hello again from doha everyone this is the world news from al jazeera. united nations calls for peace talks on yemen as the five-day ceasefire appears to hold. more than 40 people killed by gunmen in a bust attack. and the