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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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live from london on al jazeera. >> hello, i'm julie mcdon't. this is the news hour live from london. in burundi the army takes control. yemens enjoy a break in the fighting.
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>> cannes, we'll be live from the red carpet where stars have been told not to take selfies. >> and we have all the sport with madrid, the center of the football dram on and off the pitch. >> hello there, a warm welcome to the news hour. the army has taken control in burundi's capital announcing it has deposed the president after weeks of protest. it was decided that the president violated the constitution in seeking a third
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term. the coup leader ordered the closure of airport and land borders and the news was greeted by celebrations on the streets of the capital. malcolm web was there. >> dozens came to the city center amid cheering protesters. the military has announced that they have taken control of the country. the army is very popular among the protesters here. they're seen as being neutral and a benevolent force in their
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goal to stop its president from running for a third term. they say a force in their goal to end the of the constitution that ended the 2005 civil war. >> the president has been
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relieved of his duties. the government has been dissolved. permanent secretaries will have minimal duties in their ministries. >> scuffles have continued in the capital since april. skirmishes between the protesters and police, more than a dozen people have been killed and hundreds have been injured. people have been angry that the president with a be running for a third term in office. they insist that it was inconstitution alpconstitutionconstitutional . in a recent court ruling, it was agreed that it was legal.
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the former intelligence cleave made the announcement of his removal from office. many are wary. >> i think if you go to the countryside, people who are supportive of the president, may not be excited about the possibility of a coup. i think observers are quite conscious about the move. we need to remember that a coup is not a constitutional way to replace the president. more over with us once you have the military coupe you have to ask yourself how long will it take you to transfer to civilian government. >> it's been popular with protesters but some say that the coup could many protests on
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the streets but it may not body well bode well in a country that is still recovering from civil war. >> with me is phil, thank you for joining me. this has been boying. >> i think theres a walls a sense that if the president tried to run for a third term there would be huge opposition to that. there would be protests on the streets and we might see reaction from the military. it's shocking but not entirely surprising. >> do we know where the loyalties lie at the moment? how much is dependent upon the answer to that question? we simply don't know how the army is going to react in the next few days. it's been a divided military.
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and the factions and candidates they might support. there is jubilation on the streets but the uncertainty of how the political opposition will act in the next few days. >> we've got an president if seems to be up in the air to come back. that must speak to a sense of confidence for him about where those loyalties lie. >> yes, it's difficult to tell at the moment how serious he is about this. he has been away to these peace talks in tanzania. he's talking in a strident sense that he's coming back and he's going to contest this in june. maybe he thinks it's too dangerous on the ground. it all depends again on how he reads the mood in the military. if he feels that his loyalists
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will support him he may come back or he may decide that it's too dangerous. >> what's the difference here? what is it that people don't like about the way he's running things. >> the real difference is the credentials of economic development. in rwanda it's true that the president may not be popular in in certain parts of the population but he has risen the living standards. nkurunziza has not spread the wealth among the countryside and it cuts across the ethnic divide. it's the plain reason that we've seen protests on the streets. >> we don't have a sense of what
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has happened outside of the capital. what is the political to him? >> it's very divided. this is the story of burundi and politics. the loyalty does not divide along easy lines. it's regional division. what we're likely to see is a period of uncertainty over the next few weeks. yes, it's true, we've seen protesters out on the streets but i think there is a suspicion that he has a certain amount of support in the countryside. people are watching the events, very unsure of what the next couple of weeks hold. >> thank you for joining us with your thoughts. thank you. gunmen have stormed a building in afghanistan's capital. police and special forces are at at scene as they push into. guesthouses and hotels. what can you tell us so far?
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>> well, i'm standing here in what is normally a major thoroughfare and it's eerily quiet here. dozens of forces here including this criminal response unit where they believe four gunmen have gone in. i live not far from here. we heard gunfire. it's very quiet right now. there are forces on the scene. it's unclear what the strategy is. officials have told us that foreigners have gotten out of the guesthouse. it's unclear how they got out. we heard two gun blasts. it seems like it's very much a seize mentality no fighting going on, but a very tense
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situation here. >> so i'm guessing at the moment we don't know if people are staying in these guesthouses if they're being held. i know that you say that some of them have managed to get out? >> it is home to both afghans and foreigners. it's a time when people are re reaxing. many people are off. if is are a guesthouse. and definitely afghan forces have taken them very seriously. the center of kabul here is all
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cordoned off. all i can see is i can look down what is usually a busy streak and the flashing blue lights ever police vehicles which has blocked off this whole area. and the only thing here around here are police trying to solve the situation. the cease-fire was proposed to allow humanitarian aid to comment on the crisis propertying the u.s. security calm to arrange peace talks. >> the blaring horns instead of gunfire. people are walking and shopping instead of fighters in the streets. life appears to appear normal on
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the first day of the cease-fire. but not everyone is optimistic the yemeni people have confirmed them because they can only be stopped with force. >> the truce will end the suffering of yemenis after weeks of conflict. it's hoped that it would allow aid agencies to deliver food and medicine. it has sent a naval ship carrying supplies. but the iranian military said that it will not allow the saudi-led borders to inspect the ship. >> coalition forces where the saudis accuse russian of irans
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iran of arming the houthis. >> the houthis are divided. there is a group of houthi fighters who would like to accept the cease-fire and move along. but then there is another group that is following the iranian government that. >> they say that the cease-fire must be un unconditional. >> we can't convince that there is no solution except a political one. yemen has no choice but to have all the different sides sit the table to find a solution. >> as the cease-fire continues the group accuses houthis of intensifying their earths to get children to join their fight.
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the international community hospitals that it hotels long enough for aid to reach the millions of people who need it, and for all sides to stop political talks to put an end to the fighting. al jazeera riyadh. >> and yemen is likely to be on the endas leaders from gulf nations gathers in the united states for a summit on regional security. u.s. president barack obama has welcomed saudi arabia leaders ahead of that meeting. obama met the saudi crown prince and in the oval office and said that they're building on a strong relationship during a challenging time. >> on a personal level my work and the government's works on these levels on counterterrorism issues it's been critical to absolutely maintain stability in the region, but protecting the
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american people. i want to thank them for their extraordinary support and hard work and coordination on the counter terrorist methods. >> we'll have more on that story from washington a little later. but still to come on the news hour. >> we just rolled and rolled. >> the train derailed on one of the busiest rail corridors in the united states. plus-- >> lack in concentration that. >> and in sports rafael nadal to score his latest french open. >> security officials in egypt say that they tried to defuse a
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bomb. the explosion ated in northern sinai near rafah that borders the gaza strip. four bedouin tribesmen were killed in an nearby area. 35 people have been killed near the iraqi city of fallujah. a suicide-bomber detonated the device. the place was ambushed by isil fighters and they received mill tanks and equipment. well the iraqi military said that the deputy leader of isil had been killed. he's reported to have been killed in a coalition airstrikes west of mosul in the north. he was reportedly holding a meeting inside a mosque with other isil leaders at the time of the strike. we have more now from baghdad. >> this is definitely a blow to the islamic state of iraq and the levant. what we understand that he was only recently appointed second
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in command in the group. and the reason why he was appointed, according to a report and officials who have managed to speak to the defectors is that the head of isil so what we understand after the second of command, the stand in leaders how many people are calling him what we understand also is that he was a physics teacher. he is from mosul and he has a long history with al-qaeda. he fought in afghanistan and authorities have told us that he was a member of al-qaeda in iraq, a high-ranking member. so this will be a blow, and we also according to the iraqi defense ministry, he was killed in a stronghold of isil in the mosul governor and not far from territory isil-controlled neighboring syria. whether or not this is confirmed we still do not know. but we also know that there are
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other successors in line. there were a new nominees in that the isil council was going to vote on. but he was believed to be a charismatic leader in the organization. >> now rebels in hezbollah fighters are battling three fronts for control of the mountains in syria. meanwhile, in aleppo 50 people have been killed in bombing raids by syrian military jets. >> hezbollah is pushing on three fronts. the armed group wants to secure a swift victory. it has mobilized thousands of fighters in heavy weapons. wednesday's fighting is set to be one of the most intense over the last two weeks. hezbollah announced it is in control of of the mountain
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areas, all of which are inside syria near the border with lebanon. if that's true it means that the group would surround and cut off opposition rebels the route is an important route for fighters for hezbollah and the syrian government, but the rebels are hitting back rebels say that they have repelled a number of attacks and retook areas they had lost to hezbollah in recent days. hezbollah has held funerals for 18 of their leaders opposition sources suggest that the number of hezbollah casualties is much higher. the fight is going to be hard for both sides and could be costly. hezbollah are clear that the
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fight in the rest of sir are to protect president bashar al-assad's regime. the armed group fierce that if he falls that will mean the end of hezbollah's power in lebanon and the region. the last 24 hours have been bloody inside syria. the government is struggling to end its siege in forces. fighters manage to take part of the overtaking of bunkers. further north activists say that their world has been massacred. government jets drop battle bombs on tuesday. dozens of people were killed.
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>> civilians were killed. >> the united nations said that more than 220,000 people have been killed in syria since the war started and many more will likely die as the battles continue. >> the e.u. is pushing ahead with the plan to introduce wrench quarters in response to the migrant crisis in the mediterranean. but the proposal is already proving hugely devicesive. we have reports now from brussels. >> the e.u. has been criticized for failing to deal adequately with migrants crossing and drowning in mediterranean waters. it's response a multi pronged strategy. >> there is also a plan to impose a mandatory quota system on e.u. countries taking an
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asylum seekers in. what will make the situation worse is doing nothing. maintaining the present system. >> we are facing an unprecedented situation. and exceptional dramatic situation that requires an unprecedented and exceptional action. >> but despite bold talk of solidarity among europe pianos there is division in the ranks. the over all strategy will be presented in bruce he wills he brussels in the end of june. but not are completely happy with it. the hungarian prime minister has described the plan as mad and writing in the times newspaper
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economic migrants should be sent back. >> the criminals who are trading off people's aspirations and who are profiting from trying to move them across africa and into europe. >> we want to breakaway from our colleagues in london to breaking news. we have updates on the amtrak train derailment. >> there will be some new information. there will be resuscitation of much of the same information that you've had before. again, we continue with the search operation but there is also a full investigation going on. you saw earlier the national transportation board whose
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representatives are here. their personnel is on the ground. any n i give youin the information i'm giving you, you can see senator bob casey and senator pat tomby. derek sawyer is here on behalf of the fire department, and the director of emergency management for the city. and deputy mayor for public safety the managing director, and director of communications. we have now announced and we will confirm there are seven
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individuals who are deceased as a result of the tragedy were last night's train derailment again we have been assisted in an incredible level by amtrak. we want to express appreciation to the board chairman as well as the board member romov. we have begun the process the m.e.'s office has begun notifying the next of kin. we do not have names of individuals, and i'm not in position to release that information in abe event. i don't have it any way. we just took another site visit with our two senators. we've given them a full briefing by all agencies at the table.
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also we wanted to express our appreciation for both of them being here. we wanted to make sure that they saw the scene as well we're still trying to get families information about their loved ones. we'll give you an opportunity for questions and answers for anything that we can answer. >> good afternoon. as we've been saying all day we are in the process of reconciling several different collections of data points, working with our hospital system, working our ems transports, trying to account for those who we would consider walking wounded those who were able to walk off the scene last night. those who visited our friends
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and relatives center at 3400 frankfurt avenue, and coordinate coordinating coordinating with the m.e.'s office as well. we've tried to account for the majority of the individuals but we have folks we would like to hear from. if you know someone who has left the scene and is doing as well, have them call in to amtraks 1-800 number that's 1-800- 1-800-523-9191. again, that's 1-800- 1-800-523-9191. >> that's open as of 2:00 p.m. today. >> before i bring this up, let me recognize the leader of the american red cross here in
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philadelphia. again, one of our partners in any of these efforts i want to thank her and the american red cross, and of course, the salvation army, which has also been on the ground and very helpful, and the great great folks at wawa have made great contributions to the first responders giving water and necessary supplies, in the work they're doing and helping along in the work. first is senator bob casey and then senator pat tomey and then i'll be back. >> thank you very much. we're here to offer our condolence and our prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones here, as well as to remember and to offer prayers and support to those who are still recovering, those who were injured. i want to commend the work of the mayor and the city officials, state officials
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federal officials who were here, too numerous to name, but we're grateful for the work that they're doing under the most horrific of circumstances. and finally senator tomey and i after getting a briefing and a tour, of course, we want to offer our help in any way that we can to be of assistance today, tomorrow, short-term, and long-term. senator w t were injured, and to all of their families. i want to take a moment to express my appreciation to the first responders, the men and women of this city's police and fire forces who responded with some professionalism. the mayor deserves a great deal of appreciate what they're doing and we wanted to he iswant to express our condolences. and as senator casey pointed
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out, a big part of being here is to make sure that the mayor and the city of philadelphia knows if there is anything that the federal government can do to help, we want to make sure that it does that. >> senators casey and tomey thank you very much. the response at the federal left has been tremendous. and let me report to you that shortly after the earlier press conference today i had the honor and opportunity to speak directly with president barack obama, who called wanting to get on the ground information. in fact, the president is very concerned with what is happening here expressed condolences and pledged the full support of the federal government and all the agencies under the executive branch of the government. the president feels very saddened by what has happened, but he was tremendously supportive and encouraging of our efforts here on the ground.
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for that i want to say thank you to president barack obama, and for all of his leadership and support in these difficult and tragic times. with that, let me open to some questions. for anything that we can answer. please understand if i can't answer questions, it's not because i don't want to tell you things. it's because i literally don't have the information and we're not going to speculate on anything. >> we have just left the scene. there are significant number of personnel from the fire department, the police providing security amtrak personnel down on to on the tracks and now off the tracks because most of the train is actually off the tracks. we will not cease our efforts until we are absolutely sure that we've gone through every vehicle. the search area has actually
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been expanded. there was expanded search area last night also with k canine dogs because it was dark. this search expanded with officers and other personnel to look even further. in case of someone was possibly thrown from the train. so the search process is vigorous and active. what i'm going to ask you to do, if you could just raise your hand and give me an idea of where you're from i'll trying to get as many as i can. [ inaudible question ] >> i candid confirm anything like that, i do not believe that the ntsb would be in position to confirm anything like that. they're going through the investigatory process, as i mentioned earlier today. the event recorders, that's the
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official term for what we often call the black box they're in whimming wihlmington delaware. let us not have a need to get out information overwhelm our good common sense to have accurate information out to the marketplace. >> what about reports that it hit foreign objects? >> i don't have complete certainty of that. two trains, i'm aware of a report about one train that has nothing to do with this incident at all. different place different train. nothing to do with this tragedy here, and that may have been stones or rocks or something
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look like that. nothing to do with this particular incident. >> in a previous press conference you believe after talking with engineers-- >> first of all i feed to correct something that i said earlier. you often think of the conductor as the person driving the train. that's incorrect on my part. it's the engineer. there is an engineer who drives the train and then the conductor deals with ticketing customers, etc. i was incorrect when i described--when i gave information about the conductor when i actually was talking about the engineer. the engineer made whatever statement he may have made.
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i don't know what statement he made and i'm not in position to talk about that. that's the normal protocol, process and procedure. but a statement was given. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't have any detailed information on the deceased. i'm going to ask for your indulgence. we all do what we do for a living. i get that. these are human lives and these are families like everyone out here. i do not want to get into descriptions about individuals when we know that families are still trying to figure out where their family member is, were they on the train? did they not get on the train? were they injured? were they walking wounded and never reported to us? i don't have that level of detail on the seven now that we've confirmed that are deceased.
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yes, sir. >> i'm not sure what video you're talking about. i did see on one station i don't want to disrespect anyone. it's a three letter station and two of the letters are the same, i saw on television some flashes of light possibly from a residence video from a camera from the back of their home. i could not figure out what was going on, and i'm not aware of any other video being available or observed. yes, ma'am? [ inaudible question ] >> that is not a part of ntsb
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protocol under these circumstances. they're investigating the accident of a train. they're looking at tracks. they're downloading information from their event recorders. they're looking at where the curve was, trying to determine a point at which the train actually went off the tracks. it's not a matter of ntsb not talking with this individual. this gentleman is going to hurt himself. >> how many people have been unaccounted for. >> we're not going to go into accounted for or unaccounted for. you know the details of what i've given you and what i have conformed. we have seven individual who is have passed away.
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we treated or transported upwards of 200 plus individuals and we have an estimate that is not tight or confirmed of 240,243 total individuals we believe were on the train. we're still comparing trainman fests and hospital records and matching up individually pieces of information that we can glean. again, people buy tickets and don't get on the train. some amtrak personnel trying to get from one place to another may not even have had a ticket or identified as being on this particular train. we're trying to go through that. but i'm not going to get into the calculations of how many folks, how many did you transport and what happened to the people in between. >> mayor mayor can you talk
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about the train's control system? we heard there were gaps in this corridor. >> i have no information about that, and i'm not in any position to articulate on that. >> a lot of people may be looking-- >> let me delve in that. let me ask for your understanding and indulgence. we suffered a tragedy seven people have died from a train derailment. that is a very unusual event. i don't think anybody sitting here had a any familiry of a derailment of this find in 50 years. i ask that we not get into political discussions or what if
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or what can you do or anything else. what we have to do today what we have to stay focused on, every person out here and the shifts and waves of people coming is making sure that we're searching every car every inch, every thousands of scare feet to find or locate to do the data comparison to make sure that we're servicing people. i'm asking that today we respect the folks who lost family members and those who we're still searching for. >> you want to talk about what is the acceptable speed and somebody else wants to talk about how it was going 100 mph
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and then the simple math to figure it out. that's not going to happen. this is really the last question. >> you were in stereo but i heard neither one of you. >> i doubt that the chairman of the board of amtrak would have that kind of information. if we can get that kind of information or in a position to release t we'll be glad to get back with you. thank you, we'll be in touch. >> we've been living to the mayor of philadelphia mike nutter giving the media an information about the amtrak derailment crash. there was not a lot of new information. he confirmed something that you had been reporting, but what did you want to add? what did you hear there?
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>> well, i think there was a significant amount of information that dribbled out of the course of the mayor mike nutter a and other people who were present. in no particular order we learned that president obama called the mayor of philadelphia after this morning's news conference and expressed his real concern about this, and offered federal government help at every level to try to work out what went wrong last night and what can be done in the future. according to mayor nutter, the ntsb investigation is ongoing. it's been expanded. the search zone around those crashed rail cars has been expanded beyond what it was initially last night. it was expanded last night as well. the reason is they want to see if any bodies have been thrown far from the rail cars after last night's crash. beyond that we learned from the director of health that the process of notifying next of kin is going on. there have been no names given
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to mayor nutter, and just being visited by the mayor and two guests representing the federal government. the two senators, senators bob casey and pat tomey. and pat tomey was emotional in his choice of words in describing the scene. >> the scene is a horrific and heartbreaking scene. my prayers go out to the people who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy. for those who were injured to all of their families. i also want to take a moment to express my appreciation to the first fonders the men and women of this city's police and fire, force who is have responded with such professionalism. >> now, the director of health and medical services in the city made the point that they're very angle husband to try to catch up with the people that he referred to as the walking wounded from
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last night's crash. there were around 200--i forget what mayor nutter said, 223 people on the strain. they know this because this journey, which started off just after 7:00 yesterday evening and due to end at 2:34 in new york at penn station, it was a fully-booked train. it was fully reserved, so they pretty much know who was on and who was not on the train. that said, there are people who buy tickets and not get on. and there are amtrak workers who take the train to get home for the evening and they don't need to buy tickets. there are many who may have walked away unscathed there are seven dead, now and they want friends and relatives to call this number to register concern about their loved one. it's a 1-800 number. 1-800-523-9101. 1-800-523-9101.
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let me say that one more time. i slightly fluffed that last attempt. 1-800-523-9101. >> there were a number of speakers the mayor mike nutter, the real work is in delaware where the event recorders are being analyzed, information is being downloaded. that's where if we're going to learn what really happened here, we're going to learn what happened when we get more information and those event recorders are analyzed, right? >> they have already does cover what had they call an event recorder. in the event of a plane crash we
2:47 pm
call it a black box flight recorder but it's the same thing. it's an an indestruckible recording device. it will show what the concert of the rail cars were at the times that the train derailed. they're looking at that now and analyzing the data right now. we also learned this morning that there was what would amount to a dashboard camera in the engine cab of the train. so they can see what happened looking straightforward. now, the point about this is that it has been analyzed now in keeping with other rail crashes of recent history. i think it's perfectly possible that we might have an indication from the ntsb investigators about what way they're thinking about this evening. no guarantees, but it's happened before. mayor nutter talking about a couple of days before all the facts are out. i'm told, by the way that they're concentrating mostly
2:48 pm
apart from looking at the rails and carriages, they're looking at the speed of the vehicle last night. >> when you get down to it, john, that's the issue. that's essentially--and there are more questions than this, but three questions: speed braking, and possibility for human error here. let me ask you one other question here. what's the likelihood that the scene will be analyzed the site will be cleared what's the timeline for getting traffic moving again on that corridor? >> well, i think it's going to take a very long time. let's remember one or two things. this is the single busiest rail route in the united states. it's arguebly one of the busiest commuter routes in the world. not only does amtrak share this tract with its own trains going the other way and coming up behind them, ahead of them, but it shares the track for the
2:49 pm
philadelphia service. mayor nutter said last night in his first press conference very late last night. he said, look, i don't see full service being restored on this stretch of line for at least a week. i think he said until the end of the week, and i'm predicting that it may be longer than that. you look at those pictures, the engine a and how it decoupled from the concert of rail cars and then you look at smashed ones the business car and the you see all those who were sitting up right they'll have to continue the investigation and then they'll have to clear the site, and then they'll have to rebuild. think of all the all that is needed overhead. >> let's go back to the pictures of the screen of the crash. seven people confirmed dead. the investigation we also learned has been expanded.
2:50 pm
the two senators from the state of pennsylvania on the scene now give a site tour just a short time ago and pretty moving remarkets from senator tomey in particular, as well as senator casey. the information from the recording boxes being downloaded downloaded. we'll bring you more live. i'm tony harris. new york city.
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>> welcome back. now here are all the day's sports. >> judy, thank you very much. there is only one place to start. that's the spanish capital of madrid where real madrid is their domestic scene and every other spanish club. they'll decide whether the players union can go ahead with the strike 48 hours later with two weeks of the league season left to play. proposed laws changing the distribution of tv money. the league is opposing the strike. a strike could be declareday can play. and i'm told there are clubs who want to play. >> lee wellings is following events in madrid. >> the law court in madrid has decided that thursday the judge
2:52 pm
will decide whether will announce whether suspension will be stopped. there is one more round of la liga matches. and then they've got to find a way to stop this strike from happening quickly. otherwise, we have the situation of barcelona being awarded the spanish league title in a very un unsatisfactory manner. they want to find a way to stop the strike. we'll see whether the judge agrees or if the spanish football will get their way. >> more trouble off the pitch. in barcelona in a separate madrid court case a judge has ordered the club to stand trial
2:53 pm
on tax charges. bars lenabarcelona is accused of avoiding taxes. real are attempting to over come a 2-1 deficit against the crowned champions. and it's goalless there. the entire united states relay team has been stripped of their silver medals from the the 2012 olympics, a result of a doping case. they were informed by letter of their decision.
2:54 pm
the first athletic meeting of the new season takes place in the qatari capital of doha. the distance runner, the champion at 5,000 and 10,000 meters, farah will start his build up to the world championships in beijing this august. >> normally doha is one of the strongest fields. i want to test myself. it's quite exciting, but it's all about the championship in august. >> spanish's tennis favorite son rafael nadal in his preparation for defense of his french open title. the master this is week gives him a last chance to win a title
2:55 pm
title. he's back on track in rome. >> murray winning his last two tournaments. this scotsman had considered resting ahead of the open but know he's expected to be a strong challenger. he decided to play in rome and won his opening match moving through to the last 16. >> receiving a heroes welcome. despite his defeat to floyd mayweather. surgery in the united states on
2:56 pm
a shoulder injury where he's facing potential legal action for failing to declare the injury before the fight. pacquiao said that he would recover from the surgery before announcing whether he'll fight again. another first-time winner in stage five in grand tour. the riders had to tackle the mountains for the first time in this year's race. it was always going to come from a five-man breakaway. >> i've been waiting for a lock time now in the first victory. finally i reached the finish line, and yes, it's amazing to
2:57 pm
me. >> that's the sport. >> thank you. >> you can find much more on our website. we'll be back later with more news. bye bye.
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>> after weeks of protest in burundi thousand celebrate as a general says he has deposed the president. it's good to have you along. you're watching al jazeera live from london. gunmen storm against in the afghan capital.
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iraq says isil's deputy leader has been killed by a coalition airstrikes.