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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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industry, filed a lawsuit block these very moderate department of transportation oil rules. >> tyson sloak um slocum, joining us, that's our show for today, thank you for joining us. >> excessive speed. >> the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. >> new revelations and new questions about last night's amtrak train derailments and clues are being searched for of the crash. harrowing scene. >> you can see things hitting you. >> a routine commute turned ochaos leaving seven dead and hundreds injured.
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what we're learning about the victims. under siege gunman in afghanistan, trapping dozens for hours. killing one american. burundi, military seizes power while the president was out of the country. >> good evening i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. we begin with a stunning development in the investigation into last night's deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. federal transportation officials say the train was traveling at more than twice the speed limit when it jumped off the tracks. at least seven people were killed and about 200 were injured. jonathan betz joins us now from philadelphia. jonathan this speed revelation must have an impact on the investigation. >> reporter: absolutely antonio, it was a huge revelation we learned and crews
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remain trying to remove the damaged cars from the track. as investigators try to learn why the train was going so fast. a mangled mass of metal tells of a horrible collapse. >> people say i was delirious. i was carried off. somewhere i lost my shoes and a lady gave me her shoes. >> passengers were suddenly thrown from their seats. >> tumbling not sure what's up what's down, you can feel things hitting you figuring how to get up. >> amtrak 188 was traveling tuesday night from washington d.c. to new york city but at about 9:30 p.m. minutes after pulling outs of philadelphia's 30th street nation in the port richmond neighborhood something went horribly wrong. >> basically the train tilted and rolled. >> and the locomotive came off
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the tracks. >> when i came off the top of the hill in front of me total devastation. >> reporter: rescuers rushed to save lives and free victims from the shredded rail cars. >> they couldn't be revived of their injuries. >> flags in philadelphia lowered to half-staff. >> we are here to offer our condolences and our prayers to the families who lost loved ones here. >> reporter: as shock gives way to grief. at least eight people remain in critical condition tonight. keep in mind this is one of the busiest rail corridors in the country, serves a third of all amtrak passengers, it remains closed tonight unclear when it may reopen. but antonio investigators say they expect to be here for several more days. >> thank you jonathan. while the information about train 188's speed raises some question about the crash, in ntsb
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investigators are working to get a clear picture of what happened when the train left the track. lisa stark. >> more than double the lownl allowable 50 mile-an-hour speed the event recorder also showed the engineer applied the full emergency brake minutes before heading into that curve. >> when the engineer induced brake application was applied the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. three seconds later, when the data to the recorders terminated, the train speed was 102 miles per hour. >> reporter: that was the moment it derailed. amtrak's own data calculated by al jazeera america indicates the train was traveling 106.22 miles
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an hour as it approached the curve. the big question: is why. >> good engineers know their railroad. they know it quite well. and they always slow down for these curves. so it was a shock. >> the engineer on amtrak train 188 has declined to give a statement to philadelphia police investigators. the ntsb will want to talk to the engineer and the conductor and is pulling the crew's training record. it will also examine the crew's movement in the past 24 hours. did they get enough sleep? were they on any medication. also now part of every investigation, the ntsb is gathering cell phone records to see whether crew members might have been distracted. railroad personnel are prohibited from using cell phones or electronic devices while the train is underway.
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reminiscent of railroad accident in the bronx when a metro engineer dozing off at the helm headed into a 32 mile-an-hour curve at 82 miles an hour, that train derailed killing four people. there is a 76thed technology designed to prevent accidents like these positive train control ptc not in use on amtrak 188. is. >> we are key on positive train control. had this been in effect this accident would not have occurred >> the ntsb will also be looking at survive anlt factors are there things that can be done to reduce the death toll, the injury toll in accidents like these. antonio. >> lisa stark in washington, thank you. coming up a little later we'll take a closer look at the positive train control system lisa mentioned including how it
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works and why it isn't used more widely. we're learning much more widely about the seven people killed on the amtrak train. paul beban is here. >> for you and me and many people here at al jazeera the amtrak train up to washington is a routine commute filled with business people students often entire families and at least seven families tonight are mourning a terrible loss. within minutes of pulling out of philadelphia tuesday night amtrak 188 went from a routine nighttime ride to a harrowing scene of chaos and confusion. >> the train was moving pretty fast on the curve and i just remember i got hit and i just remember that i flew all over the place. >> blackout, scream out luggage falling over, people falling over.
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>> stunning passengers emerged bloody and battered, 200 were injured, search killed. doctors in philadelphia said given the force of the crash it could have been far worse. >> i think we're fortunate there weren't more deaths. >> one of the victims 20-year-old justin zemzer was a sophomore on the way home to visit his family in rockaway new york. >> he was a community minded person. >> valedictorian of his high school class wanted to be a navy seal. a spokesman told al jazeera america, the exut wishes the best and the family is stunned. >> reporter: wells fargo
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confirms abid golani is among the dead. company says 49-year-old was known for his dedication and passion, qualities the companies said earned him the coveted geek of the month honor in may 2012. gains was in washington for meetings on tuesday and was on his way home to princeton new jersey when the train jumped the track. rachel jacobs was the ceo of an educational consulting firm who commuted from philadelphia to her home in new york. she was headed home to her husband and two-year-old son. still unaccounted for on wednesday night baltimore businessman bob gildersleeve. his 13-year-old son mark held up his father's photo asking for help finding him. >> we're very scared, we have no idea what hospital he's at, trying oget as much information as we can.
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>> we continue to learn more information, derek griffith, dean of affairs at medgar evers in new york. at this time all the remaining injured are expected to recover. >> thank you paul. cutting amtrak's budget by about 15% it happened after a debate over a $55 billion transportation and housing bill. pointing to last night's crashing as a reason to increase funding, republicans used them of trying to increase gain. four foreigners killed and six people wounded dozens of other americans and foreigners were taken hostage.
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afghan security forces eventually killed all three gunmen and rescued those trapped inside. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but afghans say taliban have attacked guest house he before. six gunmen stormed a bus and asked shia passengers to bow their heads before shooting them. the taliban and i.s.i.l. have claimed responsibility for the attack. meanwhile in iraq, government officials have reported i.s.i.l.'s most important leaders is dead, killed in northern iraq last week u.s. officials however say they have yet to verify that claim. jamie mcintire is at the pentagon with the latest. >> coalition continues to pound i.s.i.l. targets from the air. this picture showing an i.s.i.l. position being destroyed in a
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ferocious fire ball. by the pentagon's own account destroyed more than 1700 buildings in a list of more than 6,000 targets hit since the air campaign began nine months ago. while the pentagon cannot confirm the wounding of abu bakar al baghdadi in mrch, or his lieutenant, it does claim to have killed many of its leaders something lloyd austin told congress has derate dedegraded i.s.i.l.'s power. not as important as the fighting of baiji. >> no doubt they will seek to exploit it as a propaganda
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victory. that's i.s.i.l.'s main objective to give the illusion of strength. they need to win in iraq because if you look around the rest of the country they currently do not have the momentum that they once had. >> pentagon sources say iraqis are essentially cornered, with i.s.i.l. fighters in control of more than 80% of the territory inside the perimeter fence. i.s.i.l. also controls the area outside the fence to the north east and south with iraqi forces holding parts to the west. meanwhile several hundred fresh iraqi government fighters are trying obreak through i.s.i.l. lines on a main road from the southeast to reinforce the embattled iraqi troops. but even as the pentagon admits baiji is geographically important its value as a prize has been diminished because it has been reduced the fighting to rubble as one pent pentagon described
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a pile of junk. one thing the pitch battle does show however is that a along waited iraqi importance ofive to retake mosul is going to be awaited a lot longer. >> jamie mcintire at the pentagon. the vatican says it will soon officially recognize palestine as a state. a treaty formalled by pope francis, a major push for palestinian statehood. palestinian authority mahmoud abbas is set to visit the vatican on saturday. the military in burundi has taken control but the president says he's still in power. the closing arguments are over, and its now up to the jury to
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decide if dzhokhartsarnaev livers or dies.
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>> the same jury that found dzhokhartsarnaev guilty in the first phase of the boston marathon bombing trial penalty phase ended today jurors are now deciding whether he deserves the death penalty or life in prison. a military coup is now underway in burundi. a senior military officer says he is taking over, release placing pierre nkurunziza. his opponents say that would violate term limits in both the constitution and a 2005 peace deal that ended burundi's civil war. al jazeera's malcolm webb reports from the capital bujumbura.
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>> the protest against pierre nkurunziza's possible third term in pow has been growing. on wednesday afternoon while nkurunziza was out of the country, the senior army officer announced he was taking over. >> president pierre nkurunziza has been relieved of his duty, the government has been dissolved. ministers will have minimum duties in their positions. >> burundi's army is seen as neutral and it's been popular among the protesters. they've not joined in the violence. minutes from the announcement from the army, hundreds of jubilant protesters came.
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>> whether he wants to or not he has to go. advancing demonstrators soldiers overpowered them. on this corner people said this tried to stop the advancing soldiers but they killed him. a short while later the army and crowds of protestors protestors arrived in place de la pendance. >> the independent radio station was closed on the second day of protest, now crowds are celebrating and cheering. the military officer says he's now in control of burundi made his announcement he was taking over, the police here told locked the door with a padlock and ran away. then soldiers came and smashed it open and the radio came on
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instantly. where they broadcasted there's a celebration going on. >> protestors and activists are happy the army stepped in. they felt they couldn't do it by themselves. anything else to hand out for trophies even police helmets. they say they will restore democracy. nkurunziza says he wants to come back but people say they don't know where or when this will lead to peaceful demonstrations. malcolm web, al jazeera bujumbira. >> u.s. helicopter missing in nepal, delivering humanitarian aid to a rural part of the country east of kathmandu. marine osprey have also begun
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the search for downed helicopter. >> looking for survives, at least 91 deaths are now being blamed on thursday's 7.3 aftershock. it instruction justs two weeks after a 7.8 earthquake killed over 8,000 people. fire in philippines, fire started when a welding torch came into contact with flammable chemicals. heavy smoke blocked the entrance. firefighters took about 15 minutes to get to the scene. more than 200 people worked in the fight foot wear fact that's located you outside manila. >> officials say a positive train control could have helped prevent the accident.
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their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. >> he has yet to officially join the 2016 presidential race but likely candidate jeb bush is under fire about comments he made about the iraq war. as david schuster reports some fear bush's approach could 19
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serious problems for his campaign. >> reporter: engaged in damage control, jeb bush now says he misunderstood a question about the iraq campaign of his brother. >> given what you knew then would you have done it rather than what we know now. >> reporter: when asked tuesday by radio show sean hannity, would you have supported the war mr. bush punted. >> in 20-20 hindsight you would have made that decision? >> i don't know what that decision would have been but the point is mistakes were made. >> reporter: the war resulted in 4488 u.s. dead and more than 32,000 u.s. wounded. the war cost the u.s. government more than $2 trillion. and according to the most recent poll 71% of americans and a majority of republicans believe the iraq war was not worth it.
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a few months ago jeb bush gave a major foreign policy speech and tried to create distance from his brother's policies. >> i'm my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinks and thinking and my own experiences. >> he told a group of private donors that his brother is advising him on middle east policy and there was this week's interview on fox news. >> knowing what we know now would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary clinton. and most others that had the intelligence they got. >> said it was a mistake for his brother's administration after toppling saddam to not focus on security. but he didn't focus on i don't remember bush's decision
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links to at least five deaths. turning back to the derailment of train 188 in philadelphia. amtrak and other railroads have struggled to implement safety systems. our science and technology editor jacob ward reports.
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>> in twrai a 2008, a train derailment killedrailmentoutside los angeles killed 28 people. think of positive control as sort of an air traffic control system that can take control of trains. positive control would add gps satellites sensors on the tracks and a centralized system that can slow or stop a train when it senses trouble ahead. it would have stopped the train from exceeding the speed limb. >> we have advocated positive train control. it is one of our wanted list. >> it makes the human driver to make an adjustment if there's a double parked car or a dog dog in the street. but once these trains go below ground, it can monitor the drivers make sure they're not
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distracted or incapacitated and if they are the system can automatically slow or stop these trains. however the system is difficult and expensive to implement. railroads have said they are not going to make this year's deadline and in march the congress voted to extend this to 2020. a marnl control and signals and radio communications. for ought intents and purposes, the one that crashed in california was the same as what crashed in philadelphia. jacob ward, al jazeera, san francisco. >> at $130,000 per mile of track it could cost at least $9.5 billion to install them on every u.s. railroad. i'm antonio mora. thanks for joining us for latest news at any time, head over to
11:30 pm ray suarez is up next. with "inside story". have a great night. >> [ ♪ music ♪ ] it's often portrayed as a transaction, how much of your absolute right to privacy should you surrender to be protected in return? edward snowden leaked the news that the national security agency was vacuuming up vast information from phone calls. now a federal court decided such bulk collection of private phone data is against the law. now what your