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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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fox news take to the streets en massedonia. demanding the prime minister step down over corruption allegations. the two 19th century nuns who have become r078an catholicoman catholic
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saints. hello there. thank you for joining us. the battle for the iraqi city of ramirez is intensify -- ramadi with some reports that the city has fallen to isil fighters. 22 security officials. this amateur video shows what appears to be their forces driving into the city. the u.s.-led coalition is hitting isil positions in ramadi and in iraq. the council, sunni, is allowing shia malitias to join the fight. it is in the northeast of iraq and the capitol of anbar province which has been mostly under isil control. it is 100 kilometers from baghdad. more now from the capitol. >> reporter: isil is one of step
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closer to taking the whole city of ramadi. they are besieging government forces inside the anbar command center headquarters. isil on the offensive, the government on the defensive. now, the anbar provincial council actsking shia led coalition to join the fight. this is not going to be welcome by many sunnis who it is allied to the government and the council is not representative of all sunni tribes in anbar. some of these tribes do cooperate with the government. many influential ones do not. it's a decision that will not help reconciliation in iraq.
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at the end the process. there was a lot of hatred and at the end of the day, if these two sides do not reconcile, the decision to send in shia malitias will exacerbate and inflame sectarian tensions. we have heard some sunni tribal elders in anbar warn that it is a delicate time in iraq but isil making gains not only in ramadi but across the anbar province and the regularforces, two weeks and the government is refusing or is reluctant to provide weapons to sunni tribes to wage this fight alone. now, with the decision to send in shia malitias will definitely inflame tensions in the country. >> the latest now let's talk to kimberly halkett live in
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washington, d.c. a reminder we are getting these report reports that the city of ramadi has fallen. a u.s.-led coalition hitting isil targets. do we have any developments or reaction from the u.s. on this? >> the late thaeft we have from the department of the defense is a statement saying the strikes that the u.s. led coalition was involved in occurred over a period of about 24 hours and has just wrapped up. we know that it was a very intense 24 hours, however. multiple airstrikes with bomber attacks as well as fighter aircraft hitting, tack cal as well as staging areas. syria, eight strikes around kobani tactical units hitting machine guns and vehicles but the real intense activity, you are right, occurring in iraq and in the areas of fallujah mosul and ramadi, hitting six different locations, again hitting some of the
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positions and staging areas all authorized, however, by the ministry of defense in iraq. >> kimberly halkett with the latest there from washington, d.c. kimberly thank you. syrian activists have accused the government of dropping more barrel bombs containing deloreen gas. two villages in idlib were targeted. several people including babies were admitted to hospital with breathing problems. the u.n. has banned the use of chlorine gas as a weapon of war. >> let's go to yemen where the political and tribal figures have been meeting in the saudi capitol. houthis aren't taking part. they say any agreement in their absence will be irrelevance. more now from ryad.
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>> reporter: this is the biggest gathering of yemen's political faxes. each has its own vision for the future of yemen, but all are united against the houthis who remain in control of much of the country. >> there is a strong message today to our people in yemen that we are all united against the militia of houthis. >> president hadi warns of widespread violence unless the international community intervenes. >> they shell civilian buildings with heavy artillery. they seized oil to hugh military 80 our people. history will remember the heroic actions of our people against the malitias and allies. we feel sorry to see our people under the siege of these malitias. >> senior members of the general
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congress, the party of former president were also in riyadh. >> they have switched sides which is a blow to the former president who has been abandoned by his previous supporter, saudi arabia. the united nations envoy to yemeni called for a cease-fire extension. >> it indicates we have a chance but i am really calling for all parties to extend this at least for no more fighting. >> the delegates have agreed on a political roadmap recognizing hadi as yemen's legitimate president. they have given the houthis one more chance to try to go to the talks. they reject hadi's authority. they say any agreement in their absence is irrelevant as they are the ones who have more control on the ground. al jazeera, riyadh. >> burundi's president has made
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his first public appearance in the capitol after a coup attempt failed. he has faced weeks of protests over his plans to run for a third term. proponents say this violates the teermz of a peace deal that ended civil war in 2005. live in burundi for a man who managed to survive an attempted coup the president barely mentioned it at all in his speech. what reaction has there been to it? >> reporter: the action has been mixed some people have said at least they got to see him. at least we know et cetera alive and he is in the capitol. some say they are surprised. he did not mention the protest going on by the opposition. he did not mention the fact some people don't want him to run for a third term. he didn't mention the attempted coup. so people are wondering what really is his agenda. it seems clear the president wanted to stamp his mark to say
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that he is indeed in the capitol and et cetera alive. >> what's interesting is obviously the protests started because he said he wanted to run for a third term, which some people don't think should be allowed. where are we in that? is he still planning to run for a third term? has the anger against that dissipated? >> reporter: i can tell you this: at the has been a defendant few hours downtown at a rally for the ruling party. they were geared up for elections, campaigning. as far as those supporters are concerned, the election will take place in june. opposition members don't want the elections to take place and they don't want him to. they say they want the election postponed because they don't think it will be basically credible. they are planning a march on monday and they say they will go out to the streets. they say they are concerned about the president's statements bi al shaboraabout -- about al shabab. they say it gives the president to use more force to deal what what he calls terror threats. they are concerned when they go
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on the streets, there may be a har harsher clampdown. is it a threat to the country? therefore, i have to make sure my country is secure and i will use any means to do that. so protesters are worried. >> hara mutasa for the latest in burund burund. six people convicted of carrying out an attack have been executed. police say the men belong to a group with links to isil. the charges related to an attack in which two army officers were killed north of cairo. amnesty international says the men did not get a fair trial. meanwhile, the says it's deeply concerned about the death sentence passed on mohamed morsi p the ruling was made on saturday. groups have expressed reservations about legitimacy. rob mathison reports. >> egypt's first elected
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president, mohamed morsi is found guilty of breaking out of jail and sentenced to death. >> mohamed morsi. >> the muslim brotherhood now banned by egypt calls the court's decision politically motivated. it says executing morsi would be murder and the international community should stop it. the response around the world is mixed, but some countries say actions should be taken. >> european union, western current trees, haven't you banned the death penalty. since you have banned the depositdeath penalty don't you have sanctions to carry out the death penalty? why do you stand still? why do you ring silent? impose sanctions on them. impose sanctions on others. why don't you impose sanctions on egypt. >> morsi is imprisoned with other muslim brotherhood leaders a few days after e jimingsz began a movement that eventually overthrow did hosni mubarak in 2011 n 2012, he becomes the
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country's first elected president. almost immediately, he begins a series of controversial decisions, expanding his own presidential powers. in january 2013, hundreds of thousands demonstrate in kye ro's tahrir square against morsi. fighting erupts and starts months of protests. demands grow for him to step down. in july, just a year after his inauguration, morsi is over thrown by the chief of the military who is now the president. on saturday morsi appears in court wearing the blue uniform given to convicts. the court sentences 122 people, many are given the
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death penalty. >> in the just over a few days egyptians have seen one president whom they voted in and then held deposed sentenced to death. another who was imposed upon them is now a freeman. rob mathson, al jazeera. still ahead here on al jazeera, a rare show of defiance in china. thousands of people in the south demand a better rail link. details coming up. plus: ♪ >> striking the right note cuba and the united states begin reestablishing relations through music.
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>> a reminder of thethe top stories on al jazeera. we are getting reports that the iraqi city of ramadi has fallen to its ill. this amateur video appears to show government forces fleeing their posts. the -led could i al list is hitting with airstrikes in ramadi and in iraq. >> political and tribal figures have been meeting in the saudi capitol. houthis aren't taking part. a cease-fire between the two sides will expire later on sunday. burundi's president has made his first pup appearance in the capitol after a coup attempt failed. he has faced weeks of protests over his plans to run for a
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third term. now, at least three people have been killed and 18 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. the blast and to target a convoy of eu police training mission cars close to the airport in the capitol, cable. two after again women are reported to have been killed. the taliban said it was behind the attack. more than 10:00,000 protesters are demanding the resignation of the prime minister grezsky, after the opinion opposition released tapes of wire tapz claiming the government has had a surveillance. the government says the tapes reveal corruption across all levels of the state. with more from let's speak to robert foriester-walker. it has had a history of a
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potential disunity, but how united are all of the ethnic groups there behind these protests? >> reporter: hi. yes. you probably can see behind me now that the crowds have largely left with a hardcore of opposition supporters. some who have vowed to stay on. various estimates did they certainly many thousands of people came out to show their support for what has turned in to an opposition movement agains this government. al bannians make up 25% also represented here today with me is the leader of the social democratic movement who has been releasing these audio recordings that have implicated the government in all of these scandals. mr. zorenzo thank you very much
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indeed for talking to al jazeera. >> a pleasure. >> reporter: my question to you is you will consider this a success today. you have had a lot of people out. but at the same time the government plans to bring out equal numbers of its own supporters tomorrow. you've got to be really think being how to compromise rather than force a potentially dangerous situation on this country. >> what we have today, it's unique. it will not happen. it was not happen in the past and i hope it will happen very much in the future. our multi-ethnic cal society with different ethnic cal groups worked together today asking for the government to give resignations and bring back the freedom and democracy for our country. >> that's one of the important things not only for our country. i think we send this message today for all of the balkan
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because all of the balkans, tomorrow, the government and the government party will organize protests. we don't know against which these po tests will be organized because this kind of protest was organized last time in crimena, in serbia when malosovich through the negotiation, it's possible to find conclusion for the country. our prime minister tried with important persons of his team to save his team but it's not possible because there is a lot of evil all these nine years ino behalf of our citizens. only resignation from the prime minister will give a chance for good future development of our country. >> reporter: if he resigns, what next? is it elections you want? you want to hold free and fair elections?
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what's your next step if you can get him to resign? >> not directly because we must make some kind of interim government with all political stake holders to be participants together but without risk to prepare our country for regular elections. we don't have regular elections more than four or five years anymore. and i hope that the control mechanism will bring back like anti-corruption commission judiciary system parliamentary controls, a state election commission and everything because we must prepare our country for fair democracy elections. >> thank you very much indeed. thank you for your time with us. well there you have it. many thousands of people came out today in support of him, as you are overhearing the applause and tomorrow is another day when the government will bring its
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people on to the streets, its supporters. there is always the potential for some trouble from his supporters remain here as some of them have pledged to do tonight outside the government building where the prime minister's office is here in skopje macedonia. back to you. >> robin foriester-walker thank you. thousands of people are demanding better rail links. anger boiled over after local media reported that the government had decided to reroute the railway. our correspondent sent thus update from beijing. >> reporter: state media has confirmed there was a serious protest in the town of lynswua on saturday afternoon. on sunday images were circulating on social media, which al jazeera cannot verify but which appeared to bear testimony to the scale of the
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unrest. according to some reports, up to 100 people were injured. many of them remain in hospital. the protests began after these demonstrators marched for some three kilometers. clashes then broke out in the center of the town. a police tactical unit was apparently deployed. why did this protest began? well, apparently the towns people were angry after local media reported that the government had decided to reroute a planned rail route through their town to pass through another town which just happens to be the birthplace of china's former paramount leader. the people say they need a rail link because they have never had one. they also don't have an airport and motorway also very poor. so this was a demonstration over poor intra structure. now, protests in china are not uncommon, but not on this scale. the government allows protests because they act as a sort of safety valve to allow people to
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let off steam. but the danger as we just and to have seen happen is that occasionally, those protests can spiral out of control. malasia's foreign minister has met to discuss the migrant crisis. more talks between malaysia thailand and indonesia are planned for next week. 2000 have already landed but thousands more refugees areblied to be stranded at sea. they say they can't accept any more arrivals and are turning boats back. most of the migrants are ethnic rohingya escaping persian cushion >> two 19th century nuns have become the first palestinians in roman times to be roman catholic saints. their sainthood is seen as supporting christians in the middle east who have faced persecution. a lot report from west jerusalem.
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♪ >> reporter: a song of praise in honor of sister marine al al fran cease galas. she founded this congregation of the sisters of the most holy jerusalem during the ottoman area. she along with sister maria gorabi in 1846 and founded con vents have become the first palestinian saints in modern times. the canonization ceremony follows an announcement by the vatican it would soon sign the first treaty with the state of palestine, lending legal weight to recognition it extended more than two years ago. alves traveled from brazil to take part in prayers in the honor. she says the lives of both nuns and their legacies are inspiring. >> they are incredible like the faithful, what things -- what they did. >> a sentiment shared by many. >> the decision by pope francis
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to bestow sainthood is seen as an attempt by the vatican to give hope to the middle east christians after years of war and as part of attempts to re-focus attention on their plights. >> sister ho t ez now runs the convent and shows me where her remains are kept. noklin attended theceremony and tells me all palestinians regardless of their faith, should find comfort in the sainthood of them. >> the palestinian people are frustrated on all fronts no matter where you turn people are frustrated. they need people to lift them up. >> pope fran sits is widely seen as sympathetic to the palestinian cause. on his first visit to the occupied west bank as pontesive, he offered prayers. he called for the peace process
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between the two sides to be resumed. palestinian president makmud abbas attended along with 1500 palestinians belonging to the catholic church. many no doubt prayed for a better future. al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> music is playing a part in bringing the united states and cuba closer together. since the relations was announced, many old ties are being renewed. in the havana a group of musicians is making a long overdue return. ♪ >> in havana music is everywhere. this weekend, music is the universal language that many hope can reunite the hearts and minds of cubans in people from the u.s. even for a brief moment. ♪ it's the first time an
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orchestra from the states has traveled to the communist island in years. more than 100 american musicians from the minnesota orchestra are performing as part of the international cuba disco festival. this is the group's first visit to cuba since 1930. my stroke says the ensemble is performing one of the same pieces played here on that last tour 85 years ago. >> they have played during one of the visits. that was the reason why the local organizationers wanted to have this. you come back to play the same symphony that you did like 85 years ago. >> reporter: the trip takes on more meaning since the recent evolution of u.s.-cuban relations. president obama took steps to renew ties. while glolats from both current
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trees do their work tours like this help build the relationship on a person to person level. >> i want you to get more core to the sound. u.s. musicians like prince chest est tony ross are coaching and playing with cuban music students. >> they seem to have a huge appetite for, you know, our kind of classical music, which is our cause, to bring that to life. >> we talk about the relationships between nations and countries and in this particular case, this is beyond symbolic. it's very, very important. >> this is incredibly exciting. i mean to be the first major orchestra in hopefully this new era. to make friends through music is the same thing. >> it is this greatnets artists hope will bridge the divide
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between cuba and the united states through the sound of music. >> you can find out much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering here on al jazeera on the website. the address, >> this is "techknow." a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> this is a show about science, by scientists. let's check out our team of hard core nerds. marita davison is a biologist specializing in evolution. tonight, fracking. >> i looked out my front door


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