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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ the battle for ramadi. al jazeera sources it will us a key command center has fallen to isil fighters. ♪ officials say there has been hundreds of casualties in the battle for ramadi. the latest on this developing story. you are watching al jazeera from london. also coming in the next 30 minutes, a defia in t burundi president makes his first public appearance since the failed coup attempt. thousands demand the prime minister step down over corruption allegations. the two 19th century nuns who
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have become the first palestinians in modern time to become roman catholic saints. >> reports are coming in that a key city in iraq has fallen to isil according to al jazeera sources. they say troops have left the city's counterterrorism center and regrouped west of the city. state t.v. is reporting that the iraqi premier has ordered troops not to abandoned their positions in ramadi. this amateur footage shows what appears to be government forces fleeing. the men filming say this is the futile military the failed government. watch their tank leave. earlier, isil fighters attacked a government buing with suicide car bombers killing 22 security officials.
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u.s.-led coalition, meanwhile, is hitting isil positions with airstrikes in ramadi as well as elsewhere in iraq. anbar's provincial council, sunni, is allowing shiia muon lim officials to join the fight. ramadi is in the center of iraq the capitol of anbar province which has been mostly under isil control since last year. it is 100 kilometers from the capital, baghdad. zeina zeina k had. odr has more. >> reporter: isil is one step closer to taking ramadi. they are besieging government forces inside the anbar command center headquarters. isil on the offensive. the government on the defensive. the council asking shiias to join the fight. this will not be welcome by many sunnis who we have to remember they are allied to the government and the council is
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not preparerepresentative of all sinni tribes in anbar. some cooperate with the government. many influential ones do not. so, it's a decision that will not help reconciliation in iraq. at the end of the day, there has been a long history of animosity between the shia led capitol and anbar. we have to remember that before isil's takeover of much of "the sun"ni hartland last june, the islamic state of iraq in the leaf ant was strong in anbar and there were proceedtestsvant was strong in anbar and there were protests. making demands for the government not to marginalize them. there was a lot of hatred and, at the end of the day, if these two sides do not reconcil, the decision to send in shia malitias will only exacerbate and inflame sectarian tensions. we have heard some warn that
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they will consider this an iranian occupation. it is a very delicate time in iraq, but isil making gains not noble ramadi but across the anbar province and the regular forces, iraqi armies just two weak and the government is refusing or is reluctant to provide weapons to sunni drives to wage this fight alone. now with the decision to send in shia malitias will inflame tensions in the country. >> zeina chase khodr. kimberly halkett has been monitor the impact on the battle for ramadi. >> reporter: an intense 24 hours for the u.s.-led coalition. multiple airstrikes at a variety of locations in syria as well as iraq using bomber attack as well as fighter aircraft hitting isil's tactical as well as staging areas. in syria, eight different strieningz around the areas of kolbani hitting tactical units as well as the staging areas
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machine guns and vehicles being taken out. the real intense activity occurring in iraq. there, 18 strikes at six different locations. fallujah mosul, ramadi hitting tactical units and staging areas of isil all approved by the iraqi ministry of defense. this is part of, though, the wider effort the u.s.-led effort of a coalition of neighborhoods 12, in fact, that have been working together since august of 2014 when the u.s. first launched airstrikes. president obama always maintaining this would be a long-term project. >> it has been as calling for the elimination of isil to eliminate the threat not just in iraq and syria but, also the wider region now even the international community. but it has been a defendant very costly effort. some $2,000,000,000 has been spent on this project so far. some 8 million a day but one that the u.s.-led coalition has been successful pushing back the isil front lines, it says
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by some 25%. >> kimberly halkett reporting there. we will have more analysis on this situation in ramadi and the overview of the fight against isil a little later in the program. now, let's go to syria where activists have accused the government of dropping more barrel bombs containing chlorine gas. two villages in idlib province were targeted. several people were admitted to hospital with breathing problems. the u.n. has banned the use of chlorine gas as a weapon of war. ♪ yemen's political and tribal figures have been meeting in the saudi capitol to try to end the fighting. houthi rebels, though aren't taking part and say that any agreement in that i absence will be irrelevant. a report now from riyadh.
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>> reporter: this is the biggest gathering of yemen's political factions. each has its own vision for the future of yemen. but all are united against the houthis who remain in control of much of the country. >> it really has brought all parties together. i think there is a very strong message today to our people in yemen that we are all united against the militia of houthis. >> president hadi warns of widespread violence unless the international community intervenes. >> the they shell civilian buildings and sees oil to use it as a tool to humiliate our people. history will remember the heroic actions our people against the malitias and their allies. we feel sorry to see our people under the siege of these malitias. >> senior members defendant congress, the party of former
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president sallah were also in riyadh. >> it's a milestone in thehit of yemen. >> they switched sides, which is a blow to the former president who has been abandoned by his previous supporter, saudi arabia. the united nations envoy to yemen called for a cease-fire extension. >> i am hopeful n all my personal contacts indicate we have a chance and i am calling for all parties to extend this. >> the delegates have agreed on a political roadmap, recognizing hadi as yemen's legitimate president. they have also given the houthis one more chance to try to return to talks. >> the houthis reject the authority. they say any agreement in their absence is irrelevant as they are the ones who have more control on the ground. aj riyadh. >> burundi's president has made his first public appearance in
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the capitol after a coup attempt failed: weeks of protest over his plans to run for a third term in office has had protests. opponents say it violates the peace deal. this update from bujunbura. >> reporter: reaction has been mixed. some say we have seen him on television. he is in the capitol. but some say they are confused and surprised by what he had to say saying there is a potential attack tore threat from the group. so people are also wondering: why did he talk about that and not talk about the more personal issues like the ongoing protests going on and the fact that some people don't want him to run for a third term or even the attempted coup. people are wondering: what is his next move forward? the protesters are planning or say they are planning to march on monday because as far as they are concerned, they do not want
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him to run for a third term if elections are held. >> six people convicted of carrying out an attack on the security services in egypt have been executed. police say the members of the jury belong to a group with links to isil. the charges related to an attack in which two army officers were killed north of cairo. amnesty international says the men did not get a fair trial. meanwhile, the u.s. says its deep deeply concerned about the delta death sentence imposed on mohammed more see. a ruling was made on friday. rights groups have expressed reservations about the legitimacy as rob mathison now reports. >> egypt's first elected president is found guilty of breaking out of jail and sentenced to death. >> mohamed morsi. >> the muslim brotherhood now banned by egypt calls the court's decision politically motivated. it says executing morsi would be murder. the international community
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should stop it. the response around the world is mixed, but some countries say action should be taken. >> translator: european unions haven't you banned the death penalty. since you have banned the death penalty, don't you have sanctions against this to carry out the death penalty? why do you stand still? request why do you ring silent? imposed sanctions on them. you impose sanctions on others for your benefit. why don't you impose sanctions upon egypt. >> morsi is imprisoned with other muslim brotherhood leaders a few days after egyptians began a movement that eventually overthrows hosni mubarak in 2011. in 2012, morsi builds the country's first elected president. almost immediately, he begins a series of controversial decisions expanding his own presidential powers. in january 2013, hundreds of thousands demonstrating in the square against morsi.
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fighting marks the months of protests. demands grow for morsi to step down. in july, just a year after his inauguration, morsi is over thrown by the chief of the military fattah al sisi who is now the president. on saturday morsi appears in court wearing the blue uniform given to convicts. the court sentences 122 people. many are given the death penalty, including the former lead of the muslim brotherhood and a popular scholar. saturday's mass death sentence has been referred to egypt's grand mufti due to rule on it by june the 2nd. the court's verdict on saturday has been handed down a week after former ruler hos any mubarak is sentenced but freed because he has already served time. in just over a few days egyptians have seen one president whom they voted in and then helped deposed sentenced to death. another who was imposed upon
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them is now a freeman. rob mathson, al jazeera. >> still ahead, we are going to have more on the breaking news that the last hold out of the iraqi army in ramadi appears to have been taken over by isil. also coming up: protesters in peru call their president a at any rate errorsor over a controversial mining project. hard earned only on al jazeera america
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>> part of our month long look at working in america.
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>> reminder the top stories here on al jazeera. iraqi city of ramadi appears to
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have fallen to isil. al jazeera has received reports that the command centers have been taken over and that there is no government presence there. yemen's political and tribal figures have been meeting in the saudi capitol to try to end the fighting. houthi rebels aren't taking part and they say that any agreement in their absence will be irrelevant. a cease-fire between the two sides will expire later on sunday. burundi's president has made his first public appearance in the capitol after a coup attempt failed. he has faced weeks of protests over his plan to run for a third term. l the city we are join by an iraq analyst at the london school of economics. thank you for joining us. here we are getting lots of different reports about what is happening in ramadi. what are you hearing from your sources on the ground?
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>> the center of ramadi center by car bombs the main government building of the city in the center of ramadi. but then there are a new piece of news that says isil has pulled out because of heavy airstrikes by iraqi air force and american air force or coalition air force. now, it was said today that isis has managed to bomb or destroy or boobby trap all of the government buildings in the middle of the city and it's seems that they have mined all of these buildings and by remote control, they have destroyed them all.
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and there are also some news about capturing or defeating some garrisons that were still fighting against isis. >> militarily, it's a big defeat. strategically, how important is it? it's 100 kilometers from baghdad. how much of a setback is this? >> it is similar to the setback in tikrit and in mossul and readriyadha. other strategic cities like fallujah and the main road to baghdad is being defended by the iraqi forces. it's a major defeat for the iraqi announcements that we have been defeating isis and they are -- and isis is on the
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retreat. next stell will be mosul. all of these prove to have inaccurate. >> could it have been avoided, do you think? >> well, to tell you the truth, since the crisis has started and the country proved to be without a proper army proper armed forces, which was, of course, due to the constellation of the army after united states after thevation. i think iraq was left without any forces to defend this territory. it was expected that with any threat from outside or inside the government could not cope with that. >> we will be talking about it in more detail but thank you for your analysis. three people have wen killed andune others wounded in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan.
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the blasts appear to attack a convoy of eu police training mission cars close to the airport in the capitol. two afghan women are reported to have been killed. the taliban says that it was behind the attack. manitable fighters have taken over many to leave but if jennifer glasse reports, local officials say they need more support from the national government. the latest rival at the camp in kundu city. the tents began going up a few weeks ago when thetable started fighting in the surrounding area. this week it reached hyder's village. i took my children and ran.
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she said the taliban forced her but the villagers were caught in the middle. >> the taliban occupied the whole village. the government forces were attacking them. what could we do in we would have died if we stayed so we left. >> across the camp people tell similar stories. the summer heat keeps growing. there are no bathrooms or running water here, and many people are angry. we have least everything and no one helps us we have been here six days without a piece of bread. why doesn't anyone care about us. >> people left their homes with what they could. some had time to lock up. others didn't. would he urged before afghan forces engaged the taliban. >> we told them these people should leave the area, yes, the government. but it was only for one or two days and not to stay longer time.
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we are right now encouraging them to go back? at least one village,table fighters tore down walls so they could move between homes without going outside jennifer glasse al jazeera afghanistan. >> more than 10,000 people have been protesting en massedonia's capitol demanding the resignation of prime primary nikola grevske after wiretap conversations were released. the government is accused of running surveillance on up to 20,000 macedonias and that it reveals corruption over all levels of the state. at that demonstration: >> reporter: they came out to
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the people here were angry at what they have seen as rampant corruption at the highest levels of this government based upon those very sensitive phone recordings that have been leaked that have caused such a scandal here also there is a lot of anger at the incidents which happened in the past week the shootout between alleged militants in a city not far from here in an al bainian neighborhood which people here consider to be in some kind of provocation of trying to raise the specter of trouble between the different ethnic community did en massedonia between macedonians and albanians but what was very encouraging for a lot of people we spoke to today here was that many albanians were present amongst this
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protest movement, which was considered to be something of a first for macedonia. tomorrow, we are expecting government supporters to come out on to the streets to come to the city center in support of the prime minister and there is the potential for difficulties if the opposition movement remain in this position, we've got a hardcore of opposition supporters who say they are going to stay here they are going to sleep out and they won't move until the prime minister steps down. >>a the future of a controversial mining projecting in peru looks secure. farmers believe it will contaminate their crops. with more than half of the exports come from mining there is pressure to keep the mine open. march ana sanchez reports. >> the women marched in the streets of the small town of
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cocachacra. they say the president is a traitor. four years ago, he told them here he would never support the copper mine project. >> translator: he promised he would respect our decision, and now, he's stabbed us in the back. he betrayed us. >> on friday president said he will let the project go ahead because the country could be exposed to lawsuits, but he also said the company must explain their vision to these farmers. >> i demand that the company of the tia maria mining project implement concrete social peace development. these are the fundamental foundations for the implementation of any project. >> the mining company said there will be a 60-day pause to identify solutions and that it will comply with the highest environmental standards but
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farmers here don't believe in it. >> we don't want them anymore. they have to go because they have a history of not protecting the environment. the company has been fined before. >> more than seven weeks of protests have left three people dead and many wounded. >> this is having an effect on other parts of the country decree 3. these five regions, people are dmondstrating in support of these protesters but, also for their own demands. >> mining unions will have called for an indefinite strike starting tuesday. mayors and former leaders are now discussing what to do next. we are determined to go now until the end. if we stop demonstrating, we would have to start all over again, and people have died. so we hope the government and the company understand that we will not accept the project here. >> critics say he has shown a lack of vision to resolve social
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conflict. there are nearly 150 around the country now. four years ago, the $4.5 billion gold mine project was suspended because farmers said the mine would ruin their water. the farmers in the valley believe that will happen here too. mariana sanchez, al jazeera, cocacharca peru >> two 19 account century nuns have become the first palestinians in modern times to become roman catholic saints. they are saying the pope is seen as facing christians in the middle east who have faced persecution. a report from west jerusalem. ♪ a song of praise in honor of the palestinian nun who built this church and founded the congregation of the sisters of the most holy rosary of
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jerusalem convent during the ottoman era. she and a none who founded con vents across india have become the first palestinian saints in modern times. it follows an announcement by the vatican it would soon sign its first treaty with the state of palestine lending legal weight to recognition it extended more than two years ago. alazani alves traveled from brazil to take part in prayers in honor of them. she says the lives of both nuns and their legacies are inspiring. >> they are incredible like the faithful what they did. >> a sentiment shared by many here. >> the decision by pope francis to bestow saint hughedhood to the two nuns is seen as an attempt by the vatican to give hope to the middle east christians after years of war and as part of attempts to re-focus attention on their
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plights. >> sister hotenz runs the von vent and shows me where her remains are kept. nakla who is palestinian attended the canonization ceremony and tells me all palestinians should find comfort in the sainthood of them. >> the palestinian people are frustrated on all fronts: socially, national liftcally. no matter where you turn people need someone to lift them up. >> pope francis is widely seen as sympathetic to the palestinian cause. on his first visit to the west bank as pontiff, he offered prayers at the separation wall and in his easter address this year, he called for the peace process between the two sides to be resumed. palestinian president makmud abbas attended the ceremony along with around 1500 palestinians belonging to the catholic church.
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many of whom no doubt prayed for a better future. al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on our website. see our top story there, reports that isil is overrun the last holdout in ramadi. [ ♪♪ ] hello, i'm giz richard gizbert, and you are at "listening post". here are some stories. britain elects a new government. job done


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