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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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an unprecedented recall more than 30 million cars and trucks with potentially deadly air bags. the defect that is prompting the largest single recall in u.s. history. industrial espionage, six chinese nationals indicted for stealing trade secrets from u.s. tech countries, fear the case could increase tensions between washington and beijing. the battle for ramadi.
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iraqi soldiers gearing up in an effort to retake the city captured by i.s.i.l. iraqi and sunni fighters could work together to make it happen facing the media. after a month of sidestepping reporters, hillary clinton answers questions on everything from money to emails. good evening, i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. we begin with the biggest product recalls. 30 million cars and trucks could contain takata air backs. bags. florida resident was blinded in one eye, when his air bag exploded sending a shard of medal.
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sending it into his face. >> it sounded like a shotgun. my rite side went black. pitch-black. >> reporter: stories like these, and public pressure convinced auto makers to recall the airbag. manufacturer takata resisted. >> up until now takata refused to acknowledge the air bags from defective. today i announced takata agreed that air bag inflators are defective. >> this is a good day for consumers. >> this is one of those instances where there's no silver bullet cure. we can be assured that the
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government will have safe air bag inflators installed as part of a recall programme. >> reporter: the root cause of defect is still uncertain. many believe it's the propellant amoan youm nitrate, explosive, and can degrade over time. new airbags are going in without anyone understanding what is wrong with the old ones. >> our plan is to make sure that clearly there'll be a test to ensure the final remedy inflator will be safe. now we know the ones that are going in are safer. the concern is are they safe over the long term. that has yet to be determined. >> there's also the open question - does this latest recall cover all of the possibly detective air bags or are there more to come. that is on the mind of florida senator bill nelson whose constituents have been harmed. he issued a video statement.
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>> focus shouldn't have to drive around wondering if airbags explode in their face or if the car is going to be on another recall list. >> the urgency is clear the latest death was na january. a 35-year-old houston man who should have walked away from a minor accident. carlos solas died when metal from the airbag inflator pierced his throat. >> the department of transportation is working out which models are affected by this expanded recall. the advice to consumers is keep driving the cars. once they get a recall notice check back with the dealer to make sure that air bag is replaced as soon as possible. new accusations tonight of economic espionage by china. the justice department accused six chinese nationals of stealing secrets, as mike
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viqueira reports, it's the third time in recent years the u.s. accused china of stealing trade secrets. >> the u.s. is accusing six chinese citizens and three former student that studied at the university of southern california, of conspiring to steal telephone technology it is technology filtering souped unwanted sound from incoming and outgoing calls on cellphones. the accusation that the six set up an elaborate scheme including a shell company in the cayman islands in and a partnership with a juste, with close ties to the people's republic of china. one of the companies is avargo a leading company that manufactures produces and cells that technology according to a 30 page indictment released from the department of justice a chinese citizen sent an email on
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december 2006 to an alleged co-conspire iter reading in part: the indictment alleges that they formed a co-venture producing and selling the technology to chinese businesses and military. an alleged co-conspirator, a professor was arrested at los angeles international airport when he tried to enter the united states on saturday. while the department of justice led the investigation and released the indictment it was welcome news across the u.s. government. >> the case demonstrates that the united states is committed to protecting u.s. companies trade secrets and their propriety business information from theft. this is an important issue for the united states. i'm not going to comment or our role in the investigation.
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>> it comes aimmediate a crackdown on espionage, arresting five military employees allegedly hacking into u.s. companies to steal trade creates. in march last year it was revealed they committed espionage against dupont company and sold the information to a chinese pirm. firm police in waco texas believe they know what caused the fight between bikers and rival gangs. rival gangs arrived and it escalated after someone's foot was run over by a motorcycle. >> is this over? most likely not. we'd like is to be. we ask for a truce between whatever gangs are involved. and encourage them to try to be peaceful and let the bloodshed stop
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police say their investigation is hampered by witnesses who are lying about what happened. >> the clean-up is under way after an oil spill along a peach in southern california. a pipeline has been shot down after bursting but not before 21 gallons of oil leaked into the pacific. the result was 154 foot oil streak a city council vote made l.a. a large city making a new move. it's seen as a win for the workers. >> it is a step forward. they are not quite there yet. arguably this is the most significant victory so far in a nationwide campaign by labour groups to lift workers out of the poverty trap. >> tabulate the vote. >> 49. >> that passes. >> los angeles - the nation's
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second-largest city voted on tuesday to raise the minimum wage. >> at the moment it's $9 an hour. by 2020 it will be 15. >> wouldn't you be motivated more if you were paid higher than what you are now. it goes for any position or job. it's definitely a great incentive. >> the l.a. stevie brown voted 14-1 in favour of the spike, which will be increased incrementally over five years. >> other cities. san francisco, oakland, albuquerque and chicago approved increases. portland, main louisville kansas city, new york and d.c. have similar proposals on the table. the exact is expected to be the greatest in l.a. where some estimate 40% of workers earn the minimum. >> this debate should never have been about the chamber of commerce verses the working people of los angeles. >> the folks that create the
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jobs at the services levels are the ones that will have to eliminate jobs. it's simple maths. los angeles mayor praised the vote in a statement saying help is on the way for 1 million angelinos living in poverty: business owners in the city of angels say the vote is far from heavenly for the bottom line. proponents expect the wage hike to have a domino effect in several cities near l.a. like sanaa monnico, pasadena. they warn of los angeles becoming a wage island where businesses are pushed away where for places they can pay their employees less. >> a major step forward. tuesday's fight directs the attorney to draft legislation going before the same council for a vote. they voted for it once we
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assume they'll vota gain. the federal wage $7.25. the president obama administration has been pushing for an increase. >> turning to iraq and the fight against i.s.i.l. the group killed hundreds of people in ramadi accused of being government sympathizers. thousands fled the city since i.s.i.l. seized it. shia fighters prepare to retake ramadi as john seigenthaler reports, they could have an unlikely ally. >> reporter: about 18 miles from a base in ramadi the shia fighters are preparing for battle. their mission to retake the city of ramadi seized by i.s.i.l. fighters. iraqi soldiers charged with defending the city were forced to retreat and called for rescue from i.s.i.l.'s onslaught. >> there's treason.
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it fell to the fighters. >> reporter: in this press briefing the u.s. downplayed the strategic of ramadi. >> the city is not symbolic it's not declared part of the calafat on one hand or central to iraq. we want it back. it's not about bricks and mortar, it's about defeat the i.s.i.l. >> reporter: getting it back will not be quick and even. >> i think the overall battle plan will be slower. >> reporter: the fight for ramadi claimed the lives of 500 civilians and soldiers, and thousands of families have been displaced. >> we have been in the desert for four days now. and call on the government to find a solution because our children are sick. we cannot live in the desert forever without food and drink. >> reporter: the iraqi government is appealing for
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help getting it from the shia militia. >> translation: we are announcing that the popular mobilization forces are getting ready to take ban anbar. people asked about our help. politicians were reluctant. >> reporter: that has the sunni population in anbar province worried about an army with the backing of iran. >> translation: the participation of all iraqis to fight militants is appreciated. at the same time they the shi'ite should avoid bad or revengeful acts that may arrows sectarianism. >> reporter: many fear infighting the help of shia fighters will bring sectarian matters. iraqi insists that they are working for iraq. >> prime minister haider al-abadi is trying to create a fight against i.s.i.l. consisting of shia sunni and kurdish forces in sectarian
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make-up, but under the control of the government in iraq. and it is those forces and only those forces that we will provide support to. >> "the washington post" tehran bureau chief is scheduled to go on trial. jason, accused of espionage has been in prison for 0 months. the journalist and his wife has been summonsed to appear in court. the state department say the allegations are false and called for his release. >> hillary clinton talks about the controversy surrounding her state department emails. >> i have said repeatedly i want the emails out. >> reporter: . >> what the presidential candidate said when she spoke to supporters in nearly a month. the owner of new england patriots is speaking out about deflate-gate scandal.
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one of joe biden's sons has been hospitalized. he was admitted to walter reed army medical center for treatment for an undisclosed illness. he is a lawyer and had a history of health problems including a stroke in 2010. last year he underwent surgery at a cancer center after being diagnosed with a brain leagues. hillary clinton campaigned in iowa and spoke to the press after speaking with small business owners. that wouldn't be unusual, but she had not spoken to reporters for nearly a month. they weighed in on a number of issues that dogged her campaign. david shuster has more in "america votes" reports. >> reporter: after 28 days without taking a question from reporters, on tuesday in iowa hillary clinton took five. >> was there a conflict of interest in your giving paid speeches into the run up of your
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announcement of runs ag president. >> no over the last year and a half from speaking fees bill and hillary clinton received over $25 million. >> reporter: you are in the tip-top ech e lon of earners, how do you expect the every day american to relate to you? >> bill and i are blessed. we are grate of theful opportunities we've had. we have never forgotten where we came from. >> reporter: clinton said it did not change her policies the next department is emails. >> i want the emails out. no one has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. >> reporter: last fall she gave the department 5,000 emails related to got business. monday night the state department said it would not finish reviewing the emails and be in a position to release them until january 2016. on tuesday, the federal judge in
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the case ordered the emails be released sooner on a rolling basis. hillary clinton seemed pleased. >> i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> reporter: will you demand it? >> they are not mine they belong to the state department. they have to go through their process. as much as they can expedite the process, that's what i'm asking move quickly to get them out. with that hillary clinton decided the 2.5 minute news conference was over. >> do you regret deletingeingeing 32,000 other emails? earlier, a small business owner asked clinton about a controversial trade deal? >> jobs are staying in the country. >> the proposed trans-pacific partnership or t.p.p. bitterly divided president obama and progressive democrats, including
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massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. clinter punted. >> i want to judge the final agreement. i have been for, i have been against. i tried to make the evaluation depending on what i thought they would produce, and that's what i'm weighing to see a luxury clinton can afford. unlike former senate colleagues she will not have to vote on it for more we are joined from atlanta by jason johnson, a professor of political signs. good to see you. 2.5 minutes after not taking questions were reporters for almost a month, at some point shell have no choice but to face tough questions, is putting that off a good strategy? >> at this rate in 12 months she may have a whole half hour interview. this probably worked out well for hillary. there's what she should do for
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the good of american democracy or her campaign. in her captain, it doesn't matter, in all the polls she's beating the republicans. for america discourse, it's not good for the person that wants to be commander no chief to avoid the press. in 2010, there was argument that bush administration was shredded for this sort of matter. now there's talk of another act. is there going to be a problem? >> if you look at how the public looks at the clintons. no one trusts them or expects them to be forthcoming. the issue is whether or not hillary clinton can get things done. her art is you may not like me but when it comes to getting into the white house, i'll get it done. i don't think the emails will make things worse.
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>> some reports say, the state dense says it will take 12 people working full-time for six months to make their way through the email. doesn't it fit into the narrative that the clintons don't see the rules as plying to them, and will it hurt? >> it's a through the do with who she runs against. if hillary clinton runs against jed bush if you talk about rule breaking i don't think they come off better. if they is up against scott walker she'll pivot the it from rules to who is better for the united states. the clintons seem to escape narrative because people know them, it's hard to surprise you as to anything they are capable of. >> she does poorly on trustworthiness, she's ahead and beating republicans. do you think it will get to the point where there's enough stuff, where she no longer seems
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unstoppable and will face a challenge within her own party? >> i don't think it will happen within her own party unless a miracle happens, unless elizabeth warren is so emboldened i don't see anyone else showing up. martin o'mallee is nervous because of baltimore. bernie sanders can't raise that money. hillary clinton has a direct path. >> you don't think there'll be snowball, you have email, bloomen that wills issue on the state department libya, questions about the propriety of former corrections to the clinton foundation. you have the benghazi inquiry, it's a lot of stuff out there that we'll hear news about in months to come. >> most has been around for 20 years. i've been saying this if bill clinton was slick willy.
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hillary clinton is the teflon mum. things hit them and fall off their backs. i don't know why these things haven't harmed hillary clinton, but the public - not that they aren't aware of the scandal, it doesn't seem to have a bearing on whether they think she's qualified for the job. >> fascinating to watch. good to have you with us. the new england patriots are closing the door on deflate-gate. the team owner said he will not appeal the million dollar fine or loss of draft picks. the investigation came into the patriots use of under-inflated football. tom brady's appeal of his inspection is going forward ahead - the latest buzz on bees. a white house plan to prevent the vital insects from showing off and a light show high above the earth captured by an astronaut with a front row seat to the display.
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concern is brewing over declining numbers much honey bees. they play an essential roll in agriculture and have been dying off in huge numbers. president obama unveiled a national strategy to save them. >> if you look down in there, there's bits of in effect tar and pollen in there. >> they are all there. something else killed them. >> reporter: jeff anderson is a
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third generation beekeeper, trying to recover from the death of 17% of his stock, part of a worldwide trend of disastrous losses in the number of bees. like hundreds of beekeepers jeff rents his bees to farm tors pollinate crops. >> in the '70s it was a piece of cake a walk in the park. >> reporter: he is facing trouble his predecessors couldn't imagine. >> this is full of honey. this should be a sign of a well fed good healthy population. the bees died off. the bees are entombing this with a protective labour quarantining this, that is a sign of bad health it's a weird signal that has people concerned. >> researchers blamed the rise of a new category of chemmials, neonicotinoids pesticides used to treat the seeds that farmers
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buy, and taken up by the plant from the soil. susan studied the effect of pesticides for 20 years, saying there's become no federal research into their effects on bees. >> we haven't seen indication that is the u.s.d.a. or e.p.a. is interested in pursuing it. it's almost as if they wish it would go away. >> reporter: the problem is so severe, the white house formed a task force and the e.p.a. won't approve new uses. in an email, a large manufacturer of neomix argued that a lack of naturally occurring pests, and rigors of being taken from crop to crop could be a factor. restrictions on its use may result in the application of greater amounts of elder brode
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spectrum pesticides that are more harmful to bees. with no idea on how to keep the bees alive. jeff anderson says the family business may die with him. >> i would like to be optimistic that my kids would do this. it's a necessary business but realistically it's a tenuous way to make a living. nine suspects have been arrested in connection with a daring jewellery heist. the burglary happened in the center of london's diamond distribute. the thieves drilling into an underground vault, stealing millions of dollars worth of jewels. police say they fabbed the suspects and -- nabbed the suspects and jewel a stunning time lapsiedio of the aurora borealis. compiled by an astronaut.
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it occurs with solar winds carrying highly energetic particles from the sun interacting. i'm antonio mora, thank you for being with us. ray suarez is up next with "inside story". have rah great night. -- have a great night. [ ♪♪ ] using marijuana for fun in colorado and washington state is already legal. and there's a longer list of states where meddiesinal marijuana is -- medicinal marijuana is available. but the federal government lists cannabis as a schedule one drug. that big disconnect between federal and state law left sellers trying to make