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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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w's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow", where technology meets humanity. monday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. this is al jazeera. hello, this is the news hour live from london. they make major gains in iraq and syria. malaysia's prime minister orders his navy to search for desperate migrants. an estimated 4,000 are still adrift at sea. preventing protests police backing president clamp down
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on demonstrators on the streets of the capitol. and a state of emergency in california as almost half a litters of oil spill from a ruptured pipeline. >> and in sport, if i facebook page president now has just one person aiming to take his job. he will be his sole rival at next week's elects, as two others quit the race. hello, fighters from the zimbabwe state appears to have accelerated. this is in stark contrast to predictions that the group was in retreat isil fighters have entered a world heritage site in syria the ruins of the ancient city are one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. it sits by the town, it is significant because it is on the cross roads between the
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capitol, and the contested town. in recent weeks isil has been expanding it's territory these areas in red are now controlled by isil, in syria with it's power base centered around aleppo in the north the areas in light orange show where it has freedom of movement, which allow it logistical support, this is the situation in iraq, again you can see that the areas controlled are in the north the ones in red, but the group also enjoys freedom of movement in large parts of the country we will have more on that shortly but first, on the fears for the ruins. ovarian appears to have fled, knowing that isil has been coming closer day by day. fighters are relentless. past and present.
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palmyra is in the hands of these fighters just a few weeks ago isil was said to be on the run. now it is struck at the heart of the ancient past, and it's modern infrastructure including the national hospital and security head quarters. the fall has called alarm for the thousands of civilian whose are thought to be trapped inside. many have come here seeking sanctuary from other parts of syria. again, in a video released by isil local people are shown to support one fighter. it's unclear whether this emotion is genuine. isil has used fear and terror to control before. with no clear strategy to strike back, the momentum has taken many by surprise, there will be much soul searching about how to stop this group from taking more territory. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> meanwhile, at least 22
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people have been killed in fighting between libyan forces. >> in the eastern city. rival groups have been controlling --. >> hundreds of people and displaced thousands. elsewhere, isil is also making gains in iraq, where heavy fighting is underway around ramadi. from baghdad. >> there is a new front line in am bar province. and the east of ramadi there is a fierce fight. isil has taken some towns in the district. forces loyal to the government are trying to prevent the arm ad group from getting closer to a main base a few kilometers away. the islamic state of iraqs han't lost it's momentum,
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just days after seizing the provincial capitol. there are those who believe the armed group may not just want to grab territory, it wants to drain the resources of it's opponents. >> isil want to settle or to be a moved group. this is the idea of to be a moving combat or let's say a moving group, is that you are always threatening so many fronts especially when the defensive military forces are not equipped and not ready. >> shia militia commanders are moving some of their troops from the front line this is part of on going preparations for the continuer offensive. >> these men are known as the popular mobilization force. and they will lead the fight
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they were called in after the regular forces and the local police were not able to hold off the isil assault. there is a shortage of soldiers and authorities are now asking for volunteer to join, the prime minister also says that they will speed up the training of the local police and arm and recruit sunni tribesman. it is not the first time they make such a promise to integrate sunnies into the security forces. they are skeptical this plan will work, because there has been long time opposition. >> on the front lines militia men are seen fighting along the local police, the government has been trying to show that this fight is being waged by iraqis and is not a shia war against am bar sunni. there is a need to create a nonsectarian army in iraq.
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attempts in the past have failed and they need to you night more than ever baghdad. the director for military analysis, thank you for speaking to us. how has isil managing to gain more territory in iraq, and syria, in the face of sustained u.s. air strikes? coal, i think there are two reasons the air strikes haven't been that sustained. the u.s. is cautious about darkties and other reasons they couldn't throw a lot more bombs at isis than they have done so far but they have been trying not to do that and be more discriminate, but i think the main problem has been the weakness of the local partners of the united states.
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or the tenuous partnership. in iraq, you have a government who is military is still unable to for the most part, stand up to a direct assault from isil. a lot of positions politically, in the country and in syria, they have no good partners. and the rival militias are all extremist so there's no good partner for the u.s. there. >> so this is the dilemma for the u.s., and also for the government in baghdad as well. the only force perhaps strong enough in iraq, to confront isil right now is the -- the shia parliamentary forces.
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can they alone do this. >> we have some evidence on this, in the recent fighting and so far the answer has been known primarily with iranian reinforcements. have not been able to see. aside from that. >> the regular forces. the sustained bases. in which the militaries may be deployed will protecting baghdad and of course hezbollah and those towns and cities further south be their priority, and will that
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then come at the expend of ramadi. >> i think that's a correct reading just because of the capability limitations. that they will focus on trying to protect the shiite major shiite cities. even if they try to rely on it that will feed into this narrative of a shiite sunni confrontation, in which they are defending from the shiite threats in syria and in iraq so it could be counter productive particularly if the iranians participate. >> good to get your analysis, appreciate your time from washington d.c., director of the center of political military analysis. thank you for having me. >> malaysia's top minister has ordered the navy to search for thousands adrift at sea. as many as 4,000 are still thought to be trapped on
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bodes in the sea. more than 3,000 have been rescued or come ashore in the past month. in addition, malaysia says will announce 7,000 migrants in, but only temporarily. know that they can now receive help these migrant boats are thought to be way offshore especially since the push back policy by the difference governments of this region. if they saw a coast guard vessel they would be more likely to outrun it rather than knowing that that vessel is now there to offer them help and assistance so that will know chair in theory.
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in theory, though, they will start to come here. this is the destination for many of the people onboard and many of their families friends are already here in malaysia.
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authorities say they are struggling to take care of them. >> the reality here on the ground, is the navy did not rescue anyone who is still stranded in their boats until they get a direct order to change the policy to send away everyone who is el legally entering this territory. >> this means time is running out for those at sea. and looking at the condition of those that are just arrives one day ago it is clear that there's no time to lose.
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the story of one man who went on a killing spree taking the lives of 22 tourists. >> a new front in it's war against drug gangs. we will hear from the umpire that almost died the last time a major game was played there. britain's newly re-elected prime minister, has promised to crack down on the number of immigrants entering the country. a year earlier, it was
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209,000, despite the promise to cut immigration to less than 100,000 during his first term in office. cameron says that remains his ambitious, but restricting immigration could put him on a collision course, where freedom of movement is a under toking principle. simon mcgregor wood reports. >> british police on a raid, looking for illegal immigrants. it was a good opportunity for a prime minister trying again, to get tough on immigration. the latest numbers are an embarrassment. who keeps promising targets he can't keep. immigration was an issue. and he now claims a mandate. >> so while a strong country isn't one that pulls up the drawbridge, it is one that properly controls immigration. next week his new majority government will introduce a new immigration law. promising to make the u.k.
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less aability thattive to migrants. >> one dealing with those who shouldn't be here. by rooting out illegal migrants and boosting deportations. two, retomorrowing our rules so we reduce the demand for skilled migrant labor and crack down on the exploitation of low skilled workers. and three, addressing the spike in e.u. migration, by renegotiations in europe. >> david cameron in his speech paid homage to the long traditions and positive benefits but his argument, and it is one he thinks will connect with many, is that now the numbers are too high, and they are putting pressure on public services and forcing down local wages. now it is about letting any migrants who want to try the adventure of living and
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working in britain for a period of time, to know they will have a very very tough time. >> part of last year's imbrands were from the european union under the cherished principle of free movement, david cameron says he is determined to get concessions on immigration from his e.u. partners. and unless he does he won't get the numbers down, he argued for the continuing membership of europe, his promised referendum, will be much harder. al jazeera, london. >> a massive clean up on the united states west coast is entering a third day. in what could be the largest oil spill in more than half a century. after half a milliliters of crude oil ruptured from a pipeline on tuesday. teams of volunteers, but officials are urging the general public to steer clear despite their best intentions.
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>> this proeffect thive equipment needs to be warned by trained professionals to work with the oil many of us responding here, work, live, and play in southern california. and i unction the desire to help. but i must again stress, that even the volunteers must be trained, and wearing proper protective equipment. here at the beach is the center of the clean up effort which is only just begun. the workers going behind me, are trying to pick up covered in oil as possible, this is sort of the great irony of this place this is the most beautiful. this is the birthplace of the environmental movement, in the middle of the last century, and so the idea that oil spilled here has californians feeling particularly tragic about the circumstances. it is of course, led governor
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brown, the governor of california to declare a state of emergency, and create a unified command of federal state and local resources. there are specialized boom skimmer boats out in the water, there's the crews onshore trying to deal with this, the company plains pipeline, which created the pipeline that spilled says that over 2,000 barrels of oil were lost inland at least a quarter of that. as it spreads in all directions and of the deepening the tragedy is this is the migratory season for many marine mammals. pore misses, they are all moving to feeding areas right now. this is of course one of the most toxic things that man has ever created so now that they are in the water being injected touching these animals all of it deepening
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the tragedy. there is a definite leak between a oil spill five years ago and dolphin deaths along the north gulf of mexico. suffered from lung and adrienal lesions caused by swimming in oil contaminated seas. b.p. has rejected the link between the spill and the dolphin deaths. >> he made the comments in washington, d.c. he said the promise was to ensure the transition to democracy, remains a success. but many are still reeling from one of the deadliest attacks in its history, 22 people were gunned down in march as they toured the famous museum in the capitol. spoke to the family of one of the attackers. >> to think about memories. >> this is how he likes to
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remember his cousin. he used to spend his summers at this family farm. he describe as young man that studied french, and enjoyed going to weddings. on march 18th, he and another gunman attacks the capitol's museum. in three hours they killed 22 people. mostly foreign tourists. >> his cousin says they were close, and there were no signs of what he was planning. but he has his theories about why. there is a feeling of oppression, there are international groups and weapons, exploiting this feeling among arab youth. it is seen among them, to turn them into the hands that carry out the dirty work.
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the authorities say they have received military training in libya, it blames many of the recent attacks on a group linked to al quaida. the president is in the u.s. to talk about libya and to ask for help. military assistance may improve security, but it won't solve why they are joining armed groups around 3,000 young people are fighting in syria libya and iraq. they advise the government of what he calls religious security. he says people should be arrested and re-educated before they join these groups. what has led these people to practice terrorism they also have psychological problems they may be violent and they
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have wabi beliefs. >> the authority estimate up to 20,000 are ready to fight for armed groups abroad. they also need to deal with the root causes of why it's own citizens are willing to kill or risk being killed in the name of religion. a man arrested on suspicious aryed in italy on an illegal boat month ago. the 22-year-old is expected of providing weapons of the attack. he can be seen of making a victory sign after the vessel was rescued by the navy in february. the incident is fueled criticism of europe's mediterranean operations which anti-immigration politician say allows extremist to enter undetected.
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in yes then, forces say they have taken back sites in the northern area. progovernment troops are now advancing. meanwhile, peace talks to end the conflict due to start next thursday. government troops gain ground. if forced into government hands it will be no significant lost for houthis rebels since they took over power these are seized by men loyal to the president. the houthis backed by the former president, have intensified their campaign to
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capture the third largest city. >> we arerd oared by our legion, and morals to defend yemen. >> the saudi led coalition has ramped up it's air strikes against positions in the capitol these are some of the weapons air drops to government troops in the southern province. as the fighting picks up, international efforts are underway to bring tot yemen's warring factions to start political talks in geneva. saudi arabia which backs president hadi, says iran is not welcome at geneva. the growing political divide in yemen can undermine the chances for any deal in geneva international aid agencies warn the on going crisis will effect millions of people across the country. yemen's key factions say they
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welcome the geneva talks but remain divided over it's agenda, government loyalists want the talks do recognize hadi as the legitimate leader, the houthis insist the talks should acknowledge their growing political influence am geed. >> still to come for you on this hour of news. chili's president tries to convince her nation that she is the right person for the job. plus. the skies of let wayneian that, as nato increases the rhetoric over the threat to the baltic states. >> and in sport find out which formula 1 drivers did and didn't get to grips with the streets of monaco. >>
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welcome back. you are watching al jazeera news hour.
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just days after taking the capitol, fierce fighting continues to the east of that city. and the prime minister of malaysia has ordered the navy to start serging in the sea. as many as 4,000 people are still adrift. in chile at least one student has been seriously injured during an antigovernment protest. the demonstrations came as the president delivered her annual state of the nation speech to con, she is facing a wave of unpopularity, with her ratings falling to 27% last month latin american ed toll has more. >> riot police and protestors have been playing cat and mouse on the streets for hours now. even as the president wassedlying her state of the nation address.
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a mixture of students, trade union leaders and representatives of just act every organization that's dissatisfied with the way the government is handlings came out to protest. >> riot police far outnumbered the demonstrators. the year is gear is even more charged as the demonstrators were scribbleling some graffiti, the man living in the apartment above began firing on the crowd. killing two students right where i am standing. as police held back protestors she focused on what sheikas the governments accomplishment. >> chili isansforma is we have before us is the opportunity to build among
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everyone, a better country. >> but no one here was listening. >> this is a protest by the social movement, that do not feel represented by what she is saying. >> the president recognizes she has a serious credibility problem, she made a number of proposals hoping to win back confidence in her government, but all one of the signs read we don't believe in her any more, which means she will have to do a lot more to win back her lost popularity. 10,000 forces have been sent. adam rainy traveled to the state capitol. gala hoorah. guadalajara. >> a show of force, 10,000 federal soldiers have been sent to the western state.
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just the latest military build up, it follows a wave of spectacular attacks the downing of a military helicopter with launch rocked grenades and the killing of 15 police officers last month in an ambush. despite talk that this cartel is a new threat, missing personning advocate says it is been behind hundreds of disappearances people across the state. there is ask organized structure, it is gaining attention now because of the violence, but this goes way back, this is not new, this is just the tip of the ice burg. >> this is who the government is up gwen, a heavily armed military criminal group that is grown over the past five years or the government took on other cartels elsewhere. they make millions running drugs extorting businesses
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and kidnapping. they enforce their own justice, build their own weapons and increasingly use them against the government. the state security chief admitted he had no idea the cartel has hundreds of gunman or thousands still, he was sure victory. >> i am confident we will take them into custody. >> mexico's second largest city, it is long been known as a home of cartel leaders but for years they drew little attention many believe they had an understanding with authorities as long as things remained calm. in the wake of the recent violence, there are raids here nearly every day. >> this was an operation in a upscale neighborhood by the army, and federal police in what we are seeing here, is an increased coordination of efforts between various security forces. as they try to take back control of the state. >> there's even more
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attention we elections less than a month away. the whole state is being closely watches. >> corruption is behind this security failure. it is long been an open secret in mexico, that accomplice sit poll sixes are part of the problem. less clear if that will change any time soon. where two people have been shot dead in on going demonstrations. protestors have been battling with police for weeks over the president's plans to run for a third term in office. from the capitol reports. women try to protest in the capitol. the police seem determined to stop them and did. the women are against the president's bid for a third term. >> woe need peace and we want to be heard why are you
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beating us? we don't want people to die because of the selfishness of our leaders. >> the police eventually leave. defeated the women are two distraught to protest. the police have shown they mean business. there's one person was killed people here say they are tired of the violence and death, they are begging the international community to intervene. >> this person just been killed in front of us, president obama and the rest of the world needs to be seen. they need to stop this man. there is a heavy security presence, many people say they don't feel safe. protestors got scared and they ran away, they say it is becoming increasingly
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difficult for them to come on the streets. >> officials say nearly 200 people have been arrested since the protests began nearly a month ago many have been injured or killed. al jazeera. now telephone calls from the egyptian president office have been leaked, the records have been aired by a pro muslim journalism channel, and they relate to a period while he was head of the military, just before he became president. in the secret recordings the director is heard talking about the arrival of an air cat carrier, in a separate conversation, the on ward destination of the plane is discussed and he asks which group will be receiving it. let's speak now with the
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founder and chair, he is also the author of egypt the illusive arab spring, thank you for coming to speak to us, so we had more leaks from ceci's office, this relates to the period before he became president in 2014, so important to highlight that, they perhaps raise more questions than answers. why are these phone conversations being reported? >> there must be some problems -- some problems inside. extremely for ceci, particularly it was the minister of defense and he is involved with. >> as dealer gangs in the middle east. palestinians, involving libya, gaddafis and involving austrian. and it's very complicated
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story if it is true. it will put ceci in a vulnerable position. >> in what respect does it put him in a difficult position. >> because -- he loses credibility inside egypt and inside arab worlds. he loses respect. he is the minister of defense of egypt. >> do people inside egypt care about this? >> of course they do. i am sure they do. because it's -- the leaks are very disturbing. because the leaks prove that really he is not putting his mind in governing egypt. in stabilizing the country there's no democracy, no constitution, no parliament. and involving the armies dealer to undermine libya, during it's uprising and supporting gaddafi without
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knowledge of his prime minister even so this is very complex, and now important to point out there's been a series of leaked recordings haven't there, that reveal that also reveal something about the extent of support from the gulf regimes to the government in egypt to now this latest about a ship, a carrier, that essentially goes from u.a.e. to egypt. and is then loaded with weapons what do we know about the destination. >> the destination supports libya's -- but the whether weapons were not delivered and as well, the united nations passed an embargo resolution against libya he
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did break the embargo even strong as a prime minister, so he is breaking all the rule. >> righter. so and h reflects badly you say, what are the possibility implications of these the ones we have had and should they continue? when it comes to egypt relationship with gulf countries with the u.a. e., and what does it tell us. >> that some was to undermine the revolution of the abe rabb spring, which succeeded in some respects. 2340 goaf now, thousands of people in ridses as you can see, the president sentenced to death so many others
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about 1500 people sentenced to death, it is probably second highest country in the world. it was good to talk to you. >> flying near the air space it comes as nato considers a request for thousands of trooping to protect them. the move would break a pack made that they would never put permanent bases in former countries. it is a drill but the intention is real enough, the pilots have 15 minutes from the alarm sounding to take to the skies. 150 times last year.
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>> currently nation is norway, backed up in lithuania by the italians. this they say is all about reassuring the tiny baltic states that they won't let the russians do to them what they did. we show them that we are nearby, and on alert we are air born within 15 minutes and basically a show of force, so show them we are here. >> lithuaniaen looks at ease, but they are bringing back the army. the military game has been war gaming around a ground invasion as well as an air war. or in the country side to protect the capitol.
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has formally requested a standing army of 3,000. let me ask you to get together with us, the reputation will continue on the ground, the same as we can of course the russians say this is hysterical scaremongering. we of course ad for but were refused an interview, one of the diplomates said to me, some people say to me we have our hand in everything. in propaganda terms that's no match for the policy to journalists. >> nato admits there has
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never been a single incident of a russian war plane breeching the air space of any of the baltic states. just in case, they say they ever have to do it for real. >> privately some nato officials admit it looks strange to spend so much effort on preventing an air or ground war they actually think extremely unlikely. set against an unpredictable leader they prefer not to take any chances. still to come for you 3 million-year-old stones are discovered, what they can tell us about our ancestors. >> this player is all set for a fond farewell, details are on the way.
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>> it is forcing anthropologists they started making tools 700,000 years later. a pail len toolings for anthropology, and part of the team that discovered the
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tool. they were already pretty sophisticated, so the question has always been, where does this culture come from of making these tools this must have been something before, but we were never able to really find anything that would be a good candidate. but now it's been found and it is very exciting because it is a major leap back in it give as lot better of give as lot better of an idea of how early human ancestors starting to produce stone tools in a very basic way, of course, and in that sense it is a major leap forward. because stone tools are not just interesting because they are stone tools but if there's a window into the brain of our ancestors. if you want to understand what they were thinking preplanning than it is very useful. >> amnesty international says
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qatar has not done enough to improve conditions for migrant workers. the government has promised to do more for the work force that are helping the country prepare for the world cup. but amnesty says there has been no significant advances. there's a range of abuses that workers are facing, mostly it has to do with their relationship to their employer so in many cases are people who are not being paid for months at a time, they don't even have enough money to buy food and water and they have to rely on charity. people are also living in very poor a. occasions. and also people who are being forced to work, eventually, because the employer is threatening them with with holding their passports and refusing them to kind of let them leave the country, and what we have seen is that the
5:50 pm
changes that have happened is the electronic payment system has been announced. so we still have so see what happened. bier the end of the summer we should see how that has happened. the number of inspectors has increased to 294 however these are small changes and they don't address the core of the issue. which is that employers have a very big power over workers. >> well, qatar has issue add statement rejecting the conclusion of amnesty's report saying it has increased the number of labor inspectors to enforce regulations and is building new accommodation. time now before your sport with andy. >> thank you so much. there's now just one man seeking to remove fifa president from power. prince alley ben hall of jordan.
5:51 pm
in the last few hours and portuguese playing legend have both pulled out of the presidential race in an effort to focus opposition support behind prince alley. election takes place in zurich a week on friday. >> i have the support of many european countries. and many more from all over the world. so we decided to put our cards on the take. question believe as all key players in the world that one single candidate would have a bigger chance to win the election. prince hussein convincingly demonstrated that at this moment in time, he is the
5:52 pm
candidate with the biggest chance to challenge. this is what he had to say on his process. the process is anything but election, it is site for the delivery of absolutely power to one man something i refuse to go along with. earlier we spoke to world soccer magazine, and he agrees with figo that he is likely to win the votes regardless of who does or doesn't take him on. >> i think he is a stronger position, because he can call on some support not all of azia, but certainly a few votes from azia. as well as the european votes could possibly have expected to call upon. but he still has the vast majority for the entirety of africa. and also most of asia. so he has -- an majority, and i think he will get the clear two-thirds vote. that he needs to avoided a
5:53 pm
second round of votes and i think he will win a fifth term quite comfortably. >> the return of international -- almost lost his live in the 2009 gun attack on the sri lanka team that shook the world game, for six years no major team visited pakistan, but that is set to change on friday, and he will be umpiring in the game against zimbabwe. >> this was the attack that forced cricket out of pakistan and changed the lives of all those who were there. the gunman shot at the sri lanka team's buss as it was headed to the stadium killing eight people and wounding several players and officials. among the wounded was pakistani umpire. >> i got two bullets in my tummy, second in my right lung, which is now not working at all.
5:54 pm
and i spent 27 to 29 days in intensive care. three days in coma so it was a horrible day for me and for pakistan. >> since then, pakistans national team have plays all their home matches abroad. the security situation in their own country deemed too risky by other teams. but now, six years on, top level international cricket is returning to pakistan, with zam baby's tour starting on friday. the main event is the zimbabwe has broken the spirit as it were. and that will i hope pave the way. for other countries to follow later on. and i think within the next year or so we will add more to it. we will take place at the same stadium.
5:55 pm
>> come back who will --. >> after six years not. >> but the overall security situation in the country remains unstable, and the international cricket council has refused to send the officials to pakistan. zimbabwe went ahead despite attacks in the last few weeks, and with thousands of security personnel on the ground, and in the sky the team is confident their safety is being prioritized. i know pakistan, will secure us, so we will be safe. but the main thing tickets for friday's 2020 match have
5:56 pm
as the correct fans prepare to their their seats for a historic game which it has hope willed mark a change for correct in the country. al jazeera. >> one of the infooest footballers of his generation is confirmed he will be leaving barcelona at the end of the season. he has sign add two year deal. the 35-year-old has been with the spanish club for 17 seasons. in that time he has helped win a spanish club three times and three championship league titles. i want to keep playing football, when i think about my future, i think qatar is the best place to prepare or as a sports director position. i still don't know what i would like to do, but i do know i want to come back to basser a, that is my goal. >> lewis hamilton has again been setting the standards in practice, as the sport gears up for the most glamorous pit stop.
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again after in practice in monaco, and able to win this race for the first time since 2008. the title leader not faultless as conditions kit worsen throughout the day as the rain came down, smashed into the barriers. not everyone enjoying conditions on this 12th stage almost hitting a young speck tack tor, and a teddy bear. the rain making the decent with increasingly difficult he held on to win the stage while contador now has the 17 second lead. plenty more sport later on, but that is it for now the latest on everything we are covering on our website the address for that is, a full bulletin of news coming up for you in a few moments
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time, stay with us.
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>> on the defensive iraqi forces battle isil fighters as they make major gains in iraq and syria. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. malaysia's prime minister orders his navy to search for desperate migrants. an estimated 4,000 are still atranscript. preventing protests police backing the president clamp down on demonstrators on the streets of the capitol.