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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. have. >> as i.s.i.l. consolidates its gains, tens of thousands flee. executive director calls on international community to act. hello, you're watching al jazeera. a gang shoot out leaves up to 40 people dead. no end in the issue in be
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burundi's capital buj bra. bujumbura. hello, i.s.i.l. fighters are reported to be consolidating their hold in the area and ramadi capture of ramadi the biggest province, the question of where to go and how to stop them. more than 40,000 people have left ramadi since it has been captured earlier this week. took over the ancient syrian city of palmyra. it controls more than half the
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area of syria and the iraqi heart land. zeina khodr how does the capture of ramadi affect things now? >> reporter: well, at the end of the day i.s.i.l. did not just stop, after capture ramadi, they took over anbar's provincial capital on monday, but to you there is fierce fighting on haldi a few kilometers from the habanea military base. it seems as though i.s.i.l. wants to stay control of this base because it's going to be used as a staging ground by the iraqi army as well as shia paramilitary forces when they do launch the counteroffensive. later i.s.i.l. opened a new
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front northwest of ramadi in the town of haditha the only significant town in the western hands in anbar. the counteroffensive by the government has still not begun. the spokesperson for popular mobilization forces said it is going to begin in the coming days. they are preparing and according to him this will not be an easy tight. tens of thousands are expected to be involved. i.s.i.l. fighters are in the city. they're fortifying their positions. and we have to remember that there are since in ramadi. we have seen this in the past, this is their tactic. they slow explosive devices
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slowing the progress of their enemy. we have been hearing a lot of calls for the need to change the strategy or review this strategy because i.s.i.l. like you engs innedmentioned earlier it has taken cities in iraq and in syria. ramadi and palmyra. they say that the policy has been wrong. we have to remember, last june when i.s.i.l. took control of much of the sunni heart land, sunni politicians who were in exile in northern iraq in the kurdish territories, their
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position was clear we will not attack i.s.i.l. on behalf of iran. they say the only way they will join fight is if being responsible of the security and governing their own territories. for them this is way forward but there is opposition in baghdad. because i.s.i.l. has been taking ground. even in syria the coalition doesn't have much choice. the coalition says it wants to train forces but if the coalition does have forces in syria it will be seen as helping the government.
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>> all right, zeina khodr, thank you. united nations has condemned the attack on a mosque in saudi arabia. in the eastern town of kartif. three hour gun battle between mexican police and suspected gang members have left over 30 dead. john holman has more from mexico city. >> reporter: that sound is gun fire. and these people were killed in what authorities say was a shootout between police and suspected gang members in michoacan state southwest mexico. by the time the police arrived about 40 people were dead.
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it's unsure exactly what happened but federal police say people were attacked by gunmen. >> translator: the shootout was prolonged for approximately three hours in about three different parts of the property. >> reporter: this area was controlled by the powerful new generation cartel. the government sent in a he 10,000 strong force to try and take back control. state authorities say those killed in the shootout could be from the cartel. as the authorities moved into the new generation cartel's territory. incidents like this will take place. but they try to switch the country's image as which
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violence and day-to-day activities are en engrained. >> that has definitely changed the nature of the threat and it should ultimately -- there will ultimately be a change in the gft's response. >> reporter: why the death toll was so high, john holman, al jazeera mexico city. >> four people have been killed during weeks of protests. soldiers are being deployed across the tambo valley region. a mine they feel will pollute their water and crops. hillary clinton has welcomed
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the publication of males regarding the incident in benghazi. the e-mails appear to support her version of events. >> i'm glad that the e-mails are starting to, out. this is something that i've asked to be done as you know for a long time. and those releases are beginning. i want people to see all of them and it is the fact that we have released all of them that have any government relationship whatsoever, the state department had the vast majority of those anyway because they went to what are called .gov accounts. >> the senate has one chance to
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agree before the controversial spying program continues. patty culhane reports. >> the spy agency says they can do that because the u.s. passed the patriot act after the 9/11 attack. the provision they say that allows them to keep basic information on every phone in the u.s., who you called, when, how long you talked. proponents of the program say it's needed. >> very seriously vetted and given some significant oversight by both the house and senate intelligence committees and they found nothing wrong with them. they found they were legal they found they were effective which is actually much more important. >> reporter: a federal somewhere has just found the
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program illegal. >> they townd that found that program had not contributed significantly to any program. >> stench data they'll need a warrant but it will come from a secret court. they will also have to be more specific in the scope of the search. civil little bit groups say it has not gone enough. >> undermining encryption, basically undermining security for all of us, those are not addressed at all in the u.s.a. tree dom act. >> reporter: soon find out how much the congress is willing to
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do to change it. patty culhane al jazeera washington. >> at least two people have been killed and 30 wounded in gren addedgrenadeattacks in burundi. it all started with president pierre nkurunziza's decision to run for a third term in office. haru mutasa is in the square where some children gob to escape violence. >> reporter: this center is far away from the protest against burundi's president pierre nkurunziza. >> during the protests we hide in retains along the road. sometimes police find us and
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beat us. >> reporter: many times they come here exhausted from being shot at. >> they still have to go back on the street during the night and facing harassment from security forces. so this is the situation of the treatment that has to stop and the protection of the rights of children. in the situation of crisis, and a situation of noncrisis and everybody is responsible. >> it's not just children living on the treats who are vulnerable person parents have been told, keep your children at home, don't allow them to be unaccompanied, that's when many children get caught up. some protesters feel they won't be attacked if children are with
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them. government officials say up to 130 children have spent a few nights in police cells since the current process began last month. places like this offer temporary reprieve about 100 children come every day. in here they can be just children even if it's only for a few hours. haru mutasa, al jazeera bujumbura. >> much ahead here on al jazeera, down and out we follow this spanish person's search for a job. and corruption scandal is battling the president.
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>> a real look at the american dream. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned".
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>> hello again good to have you with us on al jazeera. a recap of our top stories. i.s.i.l. forces are reported to bebe consolidating their forces around ramadi. the capital of iraq's biggest province has been a big set back for the government. a three hour gun battle in southwest mexico has left 33 43 dead, the highest death toll in gang related office since president enrique penna neet pena
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nieto's election. >> united nations says poarn 1,000 civilians have been killed in the last eight weeks in yemen. the violence has caused thousands to flee to djibouti. >> reporter: under the burning sun in an all but deserted area of djibouti they have gathered. crossing the sea in search for safety. vikara has two children. she's been camped out here for weeks in conditions that are
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unbearable. >> the children are finding it intolerable staying here. some are die bettic, some have heart prbs, we have no problems. we have no water. interholes have been dug up to serve as toilets. tiny cubicles in which horrible smells emanate making you want to throw up. u.n. officials say it is not enough. >> translator: the u.n. communities have not fulfilled their responsibility. >> conditions at this refugee cam amp are dire. the united nations says it's doing its best but with an
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influx of problems things could get even worse. an international donor's conference is expected to come in coming week sphwhrp we hope that the international community would move forward and provide support. all of the refugees teleus how they were bombarded with scajt mortar fire,constant mortar at a pyre. but they are no means out of harm's way. des could befall them and there are many that are already sick. unaware of their plight, that the world will hear their calls
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for help. al jazeera nornt djibouti. >> more fighting between the government and pro-- drairts. pro-demonstrators. in ethiopia voting has ended. first election since the death of long serveing leader mela mazawi in 2012. government cutbacks, high unemployment. some signs of growth but as nah diem babanadim baba reports.
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>> from the state agents to neighborhood bars. he says he's luckier than most because his wife has a permanent job while he gets $400 of unemployment a month. >> reporter: for worst caises the mine, long term unemployed people with no state aid at all. it is better to earn $200 or $300, rather than nonat all. >> prime minister mariano ahoy
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says that 600,000 new jobs were created this year and he can point byrespond by figures. the are intcial monday trip fund predicts that unemployment will remain high. manuel sphierved survived thanks ofriends and family. >> i offered myself for all kind of job security guard whatever working in the supermarket, simply placing the
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products whatever, they don't call me because of my age. >> only 1 in 10 new applications were filled. >> salaries are very low 30, 40% blow the crisis in the same port. so it is not very good situation in the labor market. the problem is based on an army of employers, there is a lot of offer for very few jobs. >> as luck would have it, david gave a call from an employment agencies since al jazeera called. it is giving him hope, something millions of others don't have. nadim barber, al jazeera.
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>> ireland is the only country that has brought the gay marriage issue to vote. widening corruption scandals scandals. adam rainey reports from guatemala city. >> elisabeth santos says her husband paid the highest price for corruption in the country. the social security agency swished to a different reaction drug. jorge died two months after starting the new treatment. >> he didn't feel well when they gave him the new treatment. it wasn't good.
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he had stomach pain, nauseous and had diarrhea. >> reporter: the case is one of two corruption scandle battering president otto perez. tens of thousands of gawt malns are calling for perez to resign. lucy had to wait 24 hours to be seen after getting sick trt drugs. >> this is the saddest thing. they are dying and didn't do anything for us. she says doctors didn't didn't even read her chart. >> more than 500 people suffering from the same things and no one every responded.
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>> like 500 people have backs with medicines in them chem still the government has spent a quarter million dollars of this medicine that will have to be basically thrown away. 15 pictures nor brines, accord to lawmakers. >> this is the result of its scornconstant. adam rainey, al jazeera gawt guatemala city.
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>> great strides are being made in bionic movement. >> why found out having small conversation helps the activity move along so if i get quiet the i activity won't work wet at home. >> sorto is the first person to have a neurotransare mission neuro-transmitter
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emplanted. >> as soon as i put my 72nd on it took me about ten minutes to get control of it. i could stabbed up and walk both ways. >> lee lost his arms. scientists thinks it's the new beginning. jan sc hfertionuereman is a quadary pleejic. with probes in her brain they say you are learning new things too. >> i can't keep from smiling. i'm moving things that i haven't for ten years. >> eric had a probe implanted in
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his brain. as it turns out there is a lot of thing that can be done. >> get the latest on all the stories from plenty of news it's all there for you. i'm ali velshi, on target, killed by police in america. who is keeping track. broken promises in baltimore, how a 100 million neighbourhood fix turned into a failure. more than 900,000 law enforcement rick their lives to protect those