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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> fighting back against isil. >> hello, and welcome to al jazeera. i'm >> new population law that the u.s. says could fan the flames of intolerance.
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ireland votes yet yes the conservative country approves same-sex marriage. and we take we take a ride in the most beautiful car ever built. >> iraqi forces and the coalition a statement from the combined joint task force say they hit armored vehicles in isil positions. isil's capture of ramadi was a major set back from the
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. >> isil seems to have a strategy. losing the base would be a major military set back for the government. which doesn't have many areas to stage attacks from in the province. isil would also be able to link ramadi to fallujah, which has been under its control in 2014. all that with a make the armed
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>> there is fear that it will be used to discriminate against minorities, in particular the rohingya muslims. >> reporter: with five children to look after the day can be long and busy, but she wouldn't change a thing. >> in the muslim faith children are seen as a blessing. if the government says i can't have as many children as i want, i cannot accept that. >> there may not an choice. a new law forcing some mothers to wait three years before
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having their next child has been signed off by myanmar's president. the target ethnic minorities whose populations are growing because they're having children. the law was drafted by a group of buddhist monks who insist that minority muslim groups could one day take power. >> controlling the population growth of the bengallys is to protect our country's security. we have the right to protect our country. it doesn't mean that we're not observing human rights. >> nationalists say the government use the term bengally to dismiss muslim re rohingya. many have been forced to leave their homes and they have been living in camps ever since.
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>> it can also happen to other minorities in the country. not only to their rohingya, but also--it can be implemented to other minorities as well. >> regional authorities will be responsible for implementing the law in having babies. with no official punishment for those who break the rules women are worried. al jazeera. >> iranian ships loaded with aid supplies have docked in djibouti djibouti. inside
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. >> size of their victory appears to be even bigger than they anticipated.
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>> i never have felt happier than this day because we did it. i'm so part of this country. >> i can't brief it. i'm so proud to be irish. you don't get times where you're proud to be irish. but this is one of them. >> even before the official declaration it quickly became clear who had one. all of the political parties back to yes vote back to big business and celebrities. >> i'm proud to be irish today. it's been an emotional journey for those who have been campaigning on this. many personal stories have been
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campaigning has ended ahead of regional and parliamentary elections. one of the key issues will be the economy. >> this is a country under construction. workers are busy day and night waiving roads. they're also constructing a new light-rail system. this is the first light-rail project in sub-sahara africa. >> the infrastructure of the government's ability to build
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infrastructure. >> 65,000 kilometers of road have been constructed in the past ten years. >> everywhere you look, there is building. development and economic growth say will give government landslide victory in their elections. >> it was it has brought success. >> but that success has not helped everyone. many live in abject poverty. we met up man on the outsits.
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on a good day she makes one u.s. dollar. >> this is not work. i can't call it work. i have to work all day. there is nothing else to do. >> it's that kind of desperation that she gets brings the exodus. >> if you look at the last five years we've created 8 million jobs. 8million as you
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>> because of the commotion. when they finally got to the patients they managed to bring them to hospitals here. but there is a sense of fear in some parts of the city. gunmen blame the opposition for the attack. the government blame are blamed for the attack. people generally say that they think that this crisis is far from over. and as long as a political stalemate continues they fear there could be nor attacks. >> a three-hour gun battle between mexican police and suspected gang members left 42 people dead. those among them are suspected members of the drug cartel. [ gunfire ] >> that sound is gunfire. people were killed in a shootout between police and suspected gung members in southwest mexico. by the time the ambulance has
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arrived around 40 people were dead. just one of them was a police officer. >> it's not clear exactly what happened. but federal officials say that police were attacked by gunmen and return fire in a battle that ended in a ranch. >> the shoot out lasted three hours in three different parts of the property. >> this all in a region controlled by a powerful new generation cartel. they recently shot down an army helicopter and killed 15 police in an ambush. they were
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>> a week later they are at the center. even though the parents prefer to keep their children at the schools in kathmandu the children would have to go back to the district. >> i don't know why we're being sent back. we prayed that we could stay and go to school here. >> these children who already survived a disaster and are now being shuffled back and forth and organizations up holding what they think is best while no one has asked them what they
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prefer. >> citizens in south korea are gearing up for their biggest festival of year, the buddhist birthday. this year its focused on attracting new members. >> and
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. >> now they're reaching out to others. and for some it's reaching out from buddhist teachings.
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>> buddhists teach emptying ones of worldly goods and offering passion to others. but popular buddhism is heading in the opposite direction. >> a former banker now running his family's successful food business that is the appeal. to find the right part in business through prayer. >> businessmen running mid- to small-cops i pray that nice people will come to work for me and help the company to grow. >> they try to become more business-like and more focused
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rement. >> as for their enduring popularity. it could have something to do with the whole feeling of confidence in that post-war period. in these days where france is less certain people are anxious about the future, this car gives them kind of a feel-good factor. >> of course, if you want to get more on all the stories we're following on al jazeera head over to our website at


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