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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". a month after attacking this university in ken yeah, al show bob gunmen return to the area and reportedly kill 25 policemen. ♪ ♪ hello, i am richelle carey you are watching al jazerra live from doha. also at program the taliban strikes in southern afghanistan killing five people in kabul and another 13 policemen and seven soldiers in tell man we'll have the latest on the mass graves found in malaysia, our reporter is on the scene deep in the junkingjungle 123-4678 and does
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greenpeace india have a future? it's taking on the government in the high court. first, though, breaking news out of ken yeah. the somali armed group al-shabab says it's killed 25 police officers in the east of the country. now, these fighters ambushed them in a village north of the town garissa. some of the policemen died when their vehicle hit a land mine planted by the fighters in last month this group attacked a university in the same area killing 148 people. we'll have much more on this ahead in the program. taliban gunmen are attacking a police headquarters in southern afghanistan. 13 policemen and seven soldiers have already been killed in the siege in the helmand province, the district police chief has appealed for immediate help from the afghan government.
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jennifer glasse has more from kabul. >> reporter: afghan officials tell us that fighting going on in three areas of helmand province in southern afghanistan afghanistan. the standoff has been particularly difficult going on for many hours the taliban taking at least three army checkpoints and surrounding the district headquarters. at least 20 army and police have been killed so far in that attack. local officials have called for reinforcements and the interior ministry say they have sent them but it's hard to get updates from there because the phone system apparently seems to be down in that area. examine that's just the late nest the series of attacks there is a siege going on in kandahar where two gunmen or top of a roof. they are surrounded by afghan forces. they have killed one woman so far. in another province, we saw four suicide gunmen attack the local courts, they have been killed. along with two policemen killed in that attack. and in northern afghanistan the
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fight continues there are sporadic clashes between afghan forces and the taliban who are in many of the villages surrounding the city. we have seen in some of those areas local people getting -- taking up arms and fighting against the taliban because the afghan forces just aren't in place, the afghan forces in this spring fighting season which is just about a month old right now, under tremendous pressure from the taliban in at least 11 proof inses across afghanistan in the last 24 hours particularly large number of attacks across the country. jennifer glasse reporting there. malaysian police believe at least two jungle camp where his they found graves of trafficking victims were abandoned in just the last two weeks. on monday they removed body parts from the site. 139 shallow graves were discovered in an area that borders thailand. malaysia has called for international help to solve this migrant crisis.
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iraq has launched a military operation to try to retake western anbar poff for instance isil. all blame game continues. a to have iranian military official has come out against the u.s. saying the americans showing for will to fight isil. early earth u.s. defense secretary made the save accusation but leveled at iraq forces n response to that a spokesman from the iranians suggested ash carter had wrong information. in an effort to patch things up u.s. president joe biden called iraq's leader prime minister to pledge u.s. support and commend iraqi troops. let's check in now with imran kahn in just a moment. an american journalist with the washington post is due to go on trial in iran on tuesday.
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the charges against jason include spying to spreading propaganda u.s. officials have called for his release but iran says the law must run its course of the patty culhane reports. >> reporter: for 10 months american journalist jason has been held in an iranian prison. charged with spying. collaborating with hostile governments and disseminating propaganda. he will face those charges tuesday. behind closed doors. now everybody his family can attend the trial. his brother ali believes that is telling. >> now they are going to have a trial and they want to keep it as closed as possible so there is less information to people to say why have you held this person? he's totally innocent. >> reporter: he was raised in the u.s. but made a documentary about returning to the country his father left. >> getting to iran was the hardest part. not the actual journey so much, but the hoops that i had to jump through to get permission to visit. >> reporter: he stayed and received dual citizenship and took a job working for the washington post.
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the editor here at the washington post said he tried to get a visa to go in to iran but didn't hear anything back. the newspaper strategy has been to try to link two things the imprisonment of their journalist and the negotiations with iran over its nuclear program. basically making the case unless our journalist is freed you can't trust iran to follow through on any sort of deal. so far though, the obamaed administration says they are treating these as separate issues. though they have called for his release. >> jason has been in prison in teheran for nothing more than writing about the hopes and the fears of iranian people. carrying their stories to the readers of the washington post in an effort to bridge our common humanity. >> reporter: the iranian foreign minister says he has helped him be able to see his family, but insists that's all he can do. >> this is a judicial matter which the judiciary is involved. they believe that the charges against him are very serious. but he will go through the judicial process with full access to his lawyers and he will go through a trial.
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>> reporter: jason's bosses at the paper say their hope is that a judge will throw out the case tuesday, but they are more apprehensive now that they know the evidence will stay secret in a court hearing held behind closed doors. patty culhane, al jazerra washington. as a reporter just a moment ago the iraqi military have launched an offense i have to try to retake part of western anbar province from iceism imran kahn is reporting on this from baghdad from us, what else do you know iran. >> reporter: the troops have been at the air base for 10 days to retake part of anbar proffer inning, this ispoff iwant, this is a joint effort bee shia forces iraqi forces and other forces including the police, it's quite likely to be a very big operation mounted in stages along some of the main roads in anbar province, it's very much a desert so taking control of the roads is crucial if you are going to try to take
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the city. now, the first city is likely to receive a anna salt ramadi. it fell to isil was was all huge crisis displacing 55,000 who fled the fighting and landed in baghdad and other places like that. so the iraqi and the government here have been under a tremendous amount of criticism over the last week or so. saying the people have been saying especially abroad that the iraqis didn't have the will to fight and simply disappeared. so the iraqis have a big big issue to prove here that they can retake this province. this won't happen overnight. it's likely to be a very protracted battle but it's now underway. >> are the our imran kahn report having baghdad on the attempt of the iraqi military toy retake western anbar profit, a imran thank you. the deputy foreign minister
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of iran says inspectors will not be allowed access to sites two days after he said they would be. he has been explaining his apparent u-turn as part of iran controversial nuclear program. >> translator: some solutions were found but not all accepted by teheran those solutions included i want views with people associated with iran's nuclear program by the international atomic energy agency and access to some nuclear sites a list was submitted by the p5 plus one and said if they could interview specific people and access specific sites then we would be able to close the possible military dimensions issue. but this was not agreed to in teheran. to yemen now where popular resistence forces have been making major advances in the southern city. they have taken control of a key military base located in the center of the city. they have also reportedly taken control of all houthi rebel positions. it is the first major setback for the houthis since this
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conflict began. meanwhile, there has been renewed shelling in the southern yemeni city of taiz. houthi rebels and forces loyal to the former president have targeted several districts. the charity objection fan says two-thirds of yemen's population two-thirds, cannot get clean drinking water and are at risk of life threatening diseases. an extra 3 million yemenis have been affected since the war started. that is 16 million in total. >> people are resort to go any means they have available. some people we know have been digging wells in their courtyards and trying to find whatever water they can in their own property. others have been accepting help from aid agencies where they can get it in. which isn't everywhere and some people resort to buying water from water trucks. the problem with that, though, is with reduced fuel supplies, and reduced available water the price has gone up and up and most people can't afford to do that. water born disease has been
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presents in yemen for quite sometime but i don't think we've gotten to the point until now where we are really at risk of a really horrific outbreak that could affect the population on a really large scale. we have been in the country now for more than 30 years and worked with local communities to pump and treat and make available water supplies. but we have never seen anything like this. much more to come on al jazerra. a tour made owe hits a mexican border town killing at least 13 people. the south sudanese government says its forces have retaken the capital of the oil-rich upper nile state. >> the moment you're on stage, it's timeless >> american schools falling flat... >> there are no music class in public schools... >> and his plan to bring music back... >> music makes people happier... >> every tuesday night.
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♪ ♪ welcome back. your top stories now on al jazerra. the somali armed group al-shabab claims it's killed 25 kenyan police officers in the east of the country. the fighters ambushed them in a village north of the town garissa. some of the policemen died when their vehicle hit a land mine, we'll speak now for mohamed a dough on the attack in kenya he joins us from ethiopian. mo i understand the information continues to change by the minute. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, rah rah richelle we can confirm the attacks between. [ inaudible ] refugees camps somali refugees and the border
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in somalia. [ inaudible ] target, a vehicle target an eid by suspected al-shabab gunmen, after that, two police until cars responded to the call. [ inaudible ] were also attacked and some were killed and some fled to the nearby refugees camp. in this area. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] asking them not only for. [ inaudible ]
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>> all right mohamed adow reporting live on this developing situation of al-shabab fighters claiming they have killed some kenyan police officers we'll continues to follow that for you. the prime minister from inning i india has celebrated his first year in office by writing a letter to the nation, he listed achievements such as curbing inflation and economic reform but some that helped him to the land slight victory say they have been disappointed with what they have seep so far. >> reporter: a year ago a new indian government came to power promising to clean up the country's poll at this ticks as politics as well as it's a neighborhoods but not much as changed here. despite her on the at this pitch at the ballot box she says life was just as hard as it was 12 months ago. >> translator: i don't know why i voted. what's the use? we are so poor. we have nothing. no one helps us.
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we are sick and we have no one to turn to. >> reporter: well before his first day in office, prime minister mode said tackling india's sanitation crisis would be his government's top priority. looking around this neighborhood it's easy to see why voters here are just as disenchanted with this government as they were with the last. but it's not just people in need of the basics who continue to struggle despite the b.j.p's promise of change. he was excited when last year the government announced plans to turn india in to a global manufacturing hub. that should have increased orders for him who runs a garment export business, but he says business has been anything but brisk. >> translator: there is a huge fight for everyone small margins. the system hasn't really been upgraded. we do get to hear that big changes will be made.
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but as of now we don't see any progress. >> reporter: that is a common complaint against the party that won its biggest electoral mandate in may last year. and observers warn in india euphoria dissipates quickly. >> first year and the second year people start getting unease unrest, unease starts happening. and after two years i think if the government is unable to deliver something then people start educating and then it's very difficult for the government to turn the tide. >> reporter: and dissatisfaction is growing in communities like this one. while the government says it will take more than a year to make the big changes india desperately needs people living here say even the small ones are hard to see. al jazerra new delhi. the indian government is cracking down nongovernmental organizations who receive on foreign funding.
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greenpeace india is going to court to challenge the indian government's decision to block its bank accounts. greece greenpeace says it's a victim of government intimidation and pair know arm the government says greenpeace broke the rulings along with many others, india's interior ministry has canceled registrations of almost 9,000 foreign funded ngos for failing to file annual returns the u.s. based ford foundation was put to a security watch list just last month. a board member of the greenpeace india society joins us live from new delhi and we appreciate your time. so what are the rules that the indian government is alleging that you have broken? >> you know, everything is rather vague. you know, the ministry of home affairs seem to be nitpicking that particular ngos haven't submitted their accounts on time. but in the case of greenpeace i think they are on very, very shake a ground. the courts have ruled against the ministry of home affairs and i think a big problem with the
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ministry of home affairs is that they have got paranoid. i mean, they have got so paranoid it's kind of reminiscent of the '70s. >> let me ask you though -- those are pretty harsh accusations, why do you say that? >> let me explain why. >> okay. >> you have targeted a few ngos and you have blocked even their indian funding. the fact is, 60% of the money that greenpeace receives in india is from ordinary citizens of india. not corporate entities, not government he want i at thises at entity at thises and. got as per the law of the land has no right to block these funds but they have gone said and done testimony the courts will eventually in my opinion rule against the government. this is an example of intimidation and hair as. why? approximate that's because greenpeace and its supporters have been agitated against the establishment of a nuclear power plant in southern india.
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greenpeace india has been in the forefront of telling the government that, look, if you have to mine coal mine it in an he can logically friendly manner. don't destroy virgin forests did br*. >> you are saying it's polight comply motivated. [speaking at the same time] >> against government policies? are you saying at that that -- absolutely. in the 1970s the then prime minister of india saw that foreign hand of everything that went wrong in india. i regret to say this that there are some individuals in the present government who seem to be looking at ngos, including greenpeace as the reason why india's economy is not growing. which is really a lot of nonsense but i believe that these kind of actions do not -- i mean, freedom of expression is
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a constitutional right of every -- it's a fundamental right of every indian citizens, i may disagree with the government's views but you can't put me behind or or harass me because you disagree with me. >> have there been any negotiations with the government before it progressed this far? >> no, there were no negotiations of any kind. ministry of home affairs act independiente completely unilateral manner. it stopped them from going out the country and had to backtrack when the court said that's now the way you should be doing it. it froze a particular bank account and the courts had to intervene to tell the government that's not what you should be doing. the only recourse to redress the green'sesgrievances is by going to court. grieve peace india has been pairized why? because you stopped all funding its people is are not being paid. despite that employees are
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working without pay. but it's clearly very, very vin tick tim type of attitude. as far as the ford foundation is concerned the government is unhappy because ford foundation has supported a particular ng on. which has worked in favor of the muslim victims of the riots and -- >> just to be clear those are accusations, we have also reached out to it the indian government obviously as well for a story like this, and i am going to have to wrap it up now but thank you very much with greenpeace, thank you. >> thank you. burmese government has condemned diplomatic pressure over its government's controversial reelection bid saying it will not bow to international criticism. meanwhile protests spread for the first time out side of the capital. one person was killed when police opened fire on a group of protesters. let's get the latest now, who is
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in the capital. what has been happening today? >> reporter: well, it's kim. people were just disbursed by police they fired tear gas and what we think is live ammunition, they are trying to reassemble the we had to slide out of cover to to report on this. they are down the road and the police come up and try to push the people back and march in the city certainty live rounds are fired. people are milling around and waiting and assessing the situation. protesters just burned down a shop there. that's why more police were sent in to this particular area, they are waiting for the police to pull back which they do eventually then they come back you want street and start protesting. not just this neighborhood, other neighborhoods as well. what's interesting is one person was killed outside the capital which is quite significant it could suggest the protests are spreading but we have seen more neighbors are becoming more
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volatile. i can say today on tuesday the protests do seem to be spread to go other neighborhoods that were previously quiet here in the capital. >> all right all this as pressure is mount he mounting for the president to leave office. governments in sudan has captured the capital from rebels. unrest forced thousands to seek safety. it has changed hands several times since the fighting began 17 months ago more now from catherine soi. >> reporter: south sudan's navel i campaign to retake areas from the rebels in upper nile state was vital. whoever controls the state capital controls the only functioning oil fields. rebel leader and the opposition and the local militia who [cheering] had previously been allied and armed by the government overran it last thursday. the government says the rebels had outside help.
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>> khartoum is behind the rebellions and we will not accept this. we fought for 21 years to liberate this country and khartoum knows our ability. the ffla is capable of protecting itself. >> reporter: after days of fighting government troops also regained control over another county farther north and very close to the oil fields, this is what is left. until railroad have you very recently it was a thriving community. many fled to where the oil fields are for now they will stay here, there is nothing to go back too. the conflict has did he have stated many lives here, the economy is struggling, oil production is very low, there is a critical shortage of foreign currency and commodity prices have more than doubled in the last few months. these traders get their produce from neighboring countries many others have given up and closed shop.
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a ugandan she says once her stock is finishes, that's it, she goes back home. >> translator: sometimes you get dollars from the black market, but they are fake. we can't get dollars from the bank. we make losses no matter how much we raise prices. >> reporter: and so they pass on the cost to consumers life is getting tougher for everyone. and some economists are worried if what might happen if things don change. >> economic collapse for the country would mean the collapse ofstate. that's not good in the economy of the country collapses there will be no. [ inaudible ] what we know the economy of the country means production and consumption in that economy. so as production stops, there is no more income for the country. then we expect the worse to happen. >> reporter: both the government and the opposition say they are committed to peace but actions on the ground are making it difficult for many here to believe them. contact are you soi, al jazerra in south sudan. a protesterrer has been
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killed during a minor strike in southern peru, riot police confronted demonstrators opposed to the sacking of 85 workers at the iron orr mine which is own booed a chinese company. the government has declared a state of emergency following a series of violent protests over a new giant copper mine. in the you had flash floods have caused a state of disaster to be declared in tent 24 counties in tex texas. the governor has declared to to a tsunami wiping some homes off the map. 10s of thousands of homes have been left without power. powerful weather too across the border in northern mexico where a tornado has ripped through a city. at least 13 team remember killed. hundreds injured and homes and cars destroyed. adam raney reports.
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>> reporter: the damage left in a tornado's wake. the storm struck just after 6:00 in the morning. it was labeled a category four storm with winds in excess of 300-kilometers per hour. experts here at mexico's national immediate logical service tell us that tornadoes are extremely rare in mexico, officials went onto tell us there isn't a system of alarms in place and people weren't prepared for what hit them. in addition to the dead more than 180 were injured in the storm. at least 350 homes were damaged. the governor has visited the scene. assessing the damage. it's being called a national disaster. and as the search of the debris goes okay the authorities say the death toll could rise. adam raney, al jazerra, mexico city. an erupting volcano is the grab coast islands is threatening a unique species of liver,.
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