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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ iraq launches a military operation to retake anbar province from i.s.i.l. ♪ hello, you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also on the program, a month after attacking this university in kenya al-shabab gunmen return to the area and killed 25 policemen. taliban strikes in southern afghanistan killing five people and another 13 policemen and soldiers in helman and the
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latest on the mass graves found in malaysia our reporter is at the scene, deep in the jungle. ♪ iraq has launched a military operation to try to retake anbar province from i.s.i.l. what we know is shia para military forces are involved in this operation that some fear could raise sectarian tensions i.s.i.l. fighters took over ramadi just over a week ago and emron has more from baghdad. >> reporter: we are hearing troops have been for ten days to retake parts of the anbar province this is a joint effort between shia forces iraqi forces and other iraqi forces and the police. it's quite likely to be a big operation mounted in stages
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along some of the roads in anbar province and anbar province is a desert and taking over key roads is crucial and they are are talking about ramadi and ramadi fell to i.s.i.l. and sparked a huge internal crisis. somali armed group al-shabab said it killed 25 kenya police officers and they were ambushed north of the town here and there are conflicting reports though on the exact number of those killed. last month of course this group attacked the university in the same area killing 148 people. mohamed has covered us extensively and gave us this update a few moments ago. >> a vehicle was targeted in an
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ied attack with al-shabab gunmen gunmen. and there are said to be two police that were responding to the status quo from the pact and they were also attacked. and some of them have been killed and others fled to a nearby camp. taliban gunman are attacking a police headquarters in southern afghanistan, 13 policemen and seven soldiers have already been killed in this siege and that is in helman province and the police chief appealed for immediate help from the afghan government and jennifer glasse has more from kabul. fighting going on in three areas in southern afghanistan and in nalzod the standoff has been difficult for many hours
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and the taliban taking at least three army checkpoints and surrounding the district headquarters and at least 20 army police have been killed so far in the attack and local officials called for reenforcements and say they sent them but it's hard for updates from them because the phone system seems to be down in that area, that is the latest in the attacks and in kandahar two gunmen are on a roof and surrounded by afghan forces and killed one woman so far in the province. we saw four suicide gunmen attack the local courts, they have been killed along with two policemen killed in the attack and northern afghanistan and the fight there continues with sporadic clashes there between afghan forces and taliban who are in many of the villages in the city and we have seen in some of the areas local people taking up arms and fighting
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against the taliban because the afghan forces just are not in place. the forces in the spring fighting season which is just about a-month-old now under tremendous pressure from the taliban in at least 11 provinces in afghanistan in the last 24 hours, particularly a large number of attacks across the country. >> deputy foreign minister of iran say inspectors will not be allowed to the sites after two days after they said they would and we say the u-turn is part of a future deal of iran's controversial program. >> translator: some solutions were found but not all accepted by tehran and included interviews with people associated with iran's nuclear program by the international atomic agency and access to some nuclear sites. a list was submitted by p 5 plus 1 and said if they could interview people and access some sites we would be able to close
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the military dimension issue but this was not agreed to in tehran. popular forces in yemen say they have been making major advances in the southern city of dalia and taken control of a military base in the city center and also reported to have taken control of all houthi rebel positions. there has been more artillery shelling in the seven city as forces loyal to the former president saleh targeted districts and calling on international community to protect citizens. the charity oxfan says two thirds of the population cannot get clean drinking water and at risk of diseases and three million people have been affected since the war started and that is 16 million in total. >> people are resorting to any means they have available. some people we know have been digging wells in their courtyards and trying to find whatever water they can in their own property. others have been accepting help
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from agencies where they can get it in, which is not everywhere and some people resort to buying water from water trucks. the problem with that though is with reduced fuel supplies and reduced available water the price has gone up and up and up and most people cannot afford to do it and water born diseases have been present for quite sometime and we have not gotten to the point where we are really at risk of a horrific outbreak that could effect the population on a really large scale. we have been in the country for more than 30 years and worked with local communities to pump and treat and make available water supplies but we have never seen anything like this. >> malaysia police believe at least two jungle camps where they found graves were abandoned in the last two weeks and on monday they removed body parts from the northern malaysia state close to the border with
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thailand 139 shallow graves discovered in an area that borders thailand and malaysia police have begun the task of exhuming bodies from shallow graves in the jungle and florence made it to a camp here. >> reporter: this is an area where police say about 37 suspected graves have been found and there is a forensic team doing an exercise and there is clothing and human remains that we saw and this is about 15-100 meters from a nearby camp. authorities say that camp they believe have been abandon for at least several years and we can see it's a pretty big camp even though much of the structure we cannot make it out but was a two-story structure with barbed wire fences and nails on tries to keep the human cargo in and
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we know it was for people and we saw some pits people that lived in the camps with plates and crockery in the pits and saw there was a trail made by people. and there were sarong cloth along the way. government leaders in burundi will not bow to international criticism of the president's controversial bid for a third term. protester against the president has been killed after police opened fire in the province and spreading to more areas of the capitol and a reporter henry is there. >> reporter: tuesday started out dramatically. this area is and has people on the streets protesting the police then came in with guns and tear gas to protect themselves people picked up rocks and started throwing them on the streets. the people opened fire and used tear gas and got the upper hand and people have started coming back and put cars there along
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the roads to protect themselves. this is how they stop the police coming in on foot or using vehicles to come to the areas of their neighborhoods. it is still quite sense and people adamant they will keep protesting and don't want the president to run for a third term. he is under mounting pressure not to run for a third term and he will stay until he will not hang on to power and telling people who do not want him to stay and he is not going anywhere. in the united states flash floods caused a state of disaster in 24 counties in texas, four died 12 are still missing. the state governor compared this to a tsunami and wiping some homes off the map and tens of thousands of homes have been left without power. across the border in mexico 13 people were killed after a powerful tornado ripped through a border city dozens of homes and cars have been destroyed,
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this all happening in ciudad acuna ciudad acuna. ur ripting -- erupting in galapagos and they are owned by ecuador and has flora and fauna and the population of pink iguana. china's president vowing to fully investigate the cause of a fire which swept through a home for the elderly. at least 38 people were killed at this privately-run home in the province and state media say the building with 200 betz was a temporary structure and poor building and safety standards were often a factor in similar disasters and adrian brown has more from beijing. >> reporter: details about the fire are still few but the local government reports that on tuesday morning 38 people died in a fire in people's home in the city and that 44 were
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rescued but this people's home had 168 residents so by the middle of tuesday morning it was fair to assume that many of those residents had not made it. the fire broke out at 5 to 8:00 on monday evening sometime after the residents would have had their evening meal it's a part of china where people tend to go to bed early and it's possible some of them were asleep when the fire broke out and they had no means of escape. from the pictures i have seen on state television where firemen have been trying to wade through debris to find people alive it's clear it was an feroucious fire. they suffer poor safety standards and lax enforcement. much more ahead on the program, the south sudan government says the forces have
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retaken the capitol of the oil rich upper nile state. india has a future and taking on the government in court. ♪
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♪ your top stories now on al jazeera. iraqi army launched a military operation to try and retack anbar province from i.s.i.l. fighters and shia military forces are involved in this operation which some fear could raise sectarian tension.
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the somali armed group al-shabab says it killed 25 fighters in the village and there are conflicting reports though on the exact number of dead. and malaysia police believe two jungle camps where they found graves of trafficking victims were abandon in the last two weeks, on monday they removed body parts from the site in the northern malaysia state close to the border with thailand. many of the migrants who were trafficked in the area are from myanmar ethnic rohingya minority and decades they faced persecution and wayne reports from new zealand where some rohingya escaped years ago have found better lives. >> reporter: these men and families have come a long way and been through a lot and he and his brother escaped from myanmar 20 years ago and after working in thailand and malaysia were granted residency in new zealand but the people they left
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behind are never far from their thoughts. >> it's like they are living in the open space prison because they have no rights to go out and they have no rights to study. >> reporter: if they had stayed in myanmar in the hometown in rakin state this is where they would likely be with four of their brothers and sisters in camps. since 2012 more than 100,000 people mainly rohingya muslims have been forced from houses because of attacks by buddhists and cannot go home and it has been going on for decades but hit in recent weeks because of refugees escaping in boats and researchers from the u.s. haulocost went there and found early warning signs of genocide. >> 1948 u.n. convention on genocide and what that talks about specifically is group targeted violence and targeting
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a population based upon their religious, ethnic or national characteristics. >> reporter: others agree and believe there appears to be enough evidence to take legal action against the government and individuals. >> there needs to be urgent political action and direct ramifications to myanmar in terms of the change. so i'm not just talking about dealing with the people who are fleeing now but in terms of a long-term strategy. >> reporter: there is no doubt in the minds of ali his friends and family who believe those still in myanmar are in a lot of danger. this is a big test for the international community, not just for man mar-- myanmar's neighbors and western who rushed to engage with myanmar after it returned to partial democracy far years ago and the plight of the rohingya shows how far it
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has to go. wayne. government troops in south sudan recaptured the capitol from rebels after weeks of fighting and unrest forced thousands to seek safety in the upper nile state and it changed hands several times since fighting began 17 months ago and more from catherine. >> reporter: south sudan campaign to retake them from the rebels in upper nile state was vital and who controls it controls the functioning oil fields and they believe opposition and local malitia which previously had been allied by the government over run them last thursday and the rebels had outside help. >> behind rebellions and fought for 21 years for the country and they are capable of protecting
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itself. >> reporter: after days of fighting government troops also regained control of another county farther north and close to the oil fields and this is what is left until recently it was a thriving community. many residents fled to neighboring places where the oil fields are. for now they will stay here. there is nothing to go back to. the conflict has devastated many lives here the economy is struggling ail production is very low, there is a critical shortage of currency and commodity prices have more than doubled in the last few months. these traders get produce from naub er naub -- neighboring countries and others have given up and closed shop. once the stock is finished that is it, she goes back home. >> translator: sometimes you get dollars from the black market but they are fake and we cannot get dollars from the bank
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and make losses no matter how much we raise prices. >> reporter: they pass on the cost to the consumers, life is getting tougher for everyone and some economists are worried what might happen if things don't change. >> it would mean the collapse of the state. if the economy collapses, what we know the economy of the country means production and consumption in that economy so as production stops there is no more income for the country and we expect the worse. >> reporter: both the government and the opposition say they are committed to peace but actions on the ground are making it difficult for many here to believe them. catherine with al jazeera, duba south sudan. the trial of a washington post journalist charged with spying has begun in iran and the first day of the trial was held behind closed doors in the absence of his family and also has been charged with
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collaborating with hostile governments and propaganda. the united states appealed for the release but iran says the law must take its course. they wrote a letter to the notion and modi listed achievement such as curbing inflation and economic reforms and some helped him to a landslide victory say they have been disappointed from what they have seen so far and we have more from new deli. >> a new indian government came to power promising to cleanup the country's politics as well as its neighborhoods. but not much has changed in this community in the heart of new deli. despite her optimism at the ballot box she says life is just as hard as it was 12 months ago. >> translator: i don't know why i voted. what is the use? we are so poor. we have nothing. no one helps us. we are sick and we have no one
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to turn to. >> reporter: well before his first day in office prime minister modi said tackling india's sanitation crisis would be his government's top priority. looking around this neighborhood it's easy to see why voters here are just as disenchanted with this government as they were with the last. but it's not just people in need of the basics who continue to struggle despite the bjp's promise of change. he was excited when last year the government announced plans to turn india into a global manufacturing hub. that should have increased orders the people who run the garment export business but he says business has been anything but brisk. >> translator: there is a huge fight for even small margins and the system has not really been upgraded and we hear big changes will be made but as of now we
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don't see any progress. >> reporter: that is a common complaint against this party that wanted the biggest electoral mandate in may last year and observers warn in india euphoria dissipates quickly. >> people start getting uneasy and unrest starts happening and after two years i think if the government is unable to deliver something then people start educating and then it's very difficult for the government to turn the tide. >> reporter: and dissatisfaction is growing in communities like this one. while the government says it will take more than a year to make the big changes india desperately needs, people living here say even the small ones are hard to see. i'm with al jazeera, new deli. the indian government is tracking down on nongovernmental organizations that receive foreign funding. going to court to challenge the
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indian government's decision to block its bank accounts. green peace says it's a victim of government intimidation and para paranoya and others say they have broken the rules and they cancelled registration of 9,000 foreign functioned ngos for failing to file returns and the u.s. based ford foundation on a security watch last last month and we go to a board member of green peace and he said green peace is being unfairly targeted. >> the ministry of affairs seem to be nitpicking that particular ngos have not submitted their accounts on time but green peace i think they are on shaky grounds and a big problem with the ministry of affairs is they are paranoid and they got so paranoid it's kind of reminicent
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of the 70s. >> those are pretty harsh accusations, why do you say that? >> let me explain why. >> okay. >> you've targeted a few ngos and you've blocked even their indian funding. the fact is 60% of the money that green peace receives in india is from ordinary citizens of india, not government entities and the government as for the rules, as for the law of the land has no right to block these funds but they have gone ahead and done it. the courts will eventually in my opinion will rule against the government. this is an example of intimidation and harassment. why? that is because green peace and supporters have been agitating against the establishment of a nuclear power plant in southern india. green peace india has been in the forefront of telling the government that look if it
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were my call in an ecclogically friendly manner do not destroy the forest and renew the people whose likelihoods are getting destroyed and green peace is aggravated against government policies. >> are you saying that? >> absolutely. in the 1970s, in the 1970s the then prime minister of india saw this foreign hand with everything that went wrong in this country. i mean i regret to say this but there are some individuals in the present government who seem to be you know looking at ngos including green peace as the reason why india's economy is not growing. extreme heat wave has killed more than 500 people across india. most of the southern states are telling people that the heat wave could continue for another two weeks. chief prosecutor of the international tribunal is
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expected to explain why he ordered a far right leader back to the hague and denies involvement in the massacre of hundreds of prisoners of war and sent home from the tribunal six months ago f a being -- after being diagnosed with cancer and we have more. >> reporter: getting a hero reception at party headquarters in belgrade. the 60-year-old was temporarily released by the international criminal tribunal and the hague last year on humanitarian grounds. and doctors say he suffers from cancer of the colon which spread to his liver and he himself insisted he will not return to the netherlands unless he is forced to. this footage shows him at the siege in croatia with massacre of millions and civilians and he recruited a malitia that committed atrocities against
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people between 1991 and 1993. he has always denied all the charges. >> translator: in the last 12 years the hague tribunal failed to prove any kind of link between me and any atrocities. >> reporter: he surrendered to court custody voluntarily in 2003 and his trial got underway four years later. since then it has been hit by obstacles and delays. the verdict is due sometime this year and he has guaranteed that he will be sent back to the netherlands for that. in march judges ordered him to return saying he breached the terms of his compassionate release. in resent months he has defiantly appeared at antiwestern reallys and campaigns with closer ties with russia. his influence in the ultra nationalists is strong and any means to extradite him could be
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decisive. al jazeera. thank you for your time and we will continue to update the day's news for you including the al-shabab attack on kenya police officers and much more so for updates on the stories go to our website al, al >> the agonizing wait is over. the wait list reach schools and safety schools have made their wishes known and thousands of high school seniors have had to cope with what they might see as college failure before they take a single class. they will be in school in fall just not their dream school. have we created crazy unworkable expectations at toop schools? does it matter that you go to college and less where you go? the deposits for the fall are in the mail. the sticker's already going on the rear window of the family car.