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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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launching an operation todrive isil from iraq's largest province. this is al jazerra i another darren jordan in doha. also a grim sir i. malaysia police dig up the remains of suspected human tracking victims. over a thousand people have died in a severe heat wave in india. also ahead. >> reporter: i am charlie ann angela along don's royal festival and ball. where they are unveiling the reinvention of the piano.
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iraq's military has launched an operation to try to retake anbar province from the islamic state of the iraq and los lala saint. shia militias are involves in the operation which some fear can raise sectarian tensions the western province of anbar is mostly sunni. isil took control of ramadi last week with iraqi troops fleeing ramadi lies 115-kilometers from iraq's capital baghdad and keeping isil out of baghdad is now top priority with troops securing its outskirts imran kahn reports from the last safe place from cross from anbar to baghdad. >> reporter: iraqi security forces gather on the edge of ramadi preparing to retake the city which fell to fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant more than a week ago. it's likely to be a long operation. there are reports of isil fighters preparing to meet government security forces.
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they'll lead the operation with back i from shia militia many of which are supported by iran and air strikes from a coalition of countries led by the united states. iraqi army is also gearing up for another operations. with the fall of rah mad and i isil in control of border crossings from syria in to anbar it's feared isil fighters can push in to baghdad. to prevent that happening this man is securing the outskirts of the capital. the town just under 30-kilometerskilometers from baghdad is being fortified. >> translator: we are fighting a psychological war. isil have an effective media campaign against us, we have been accused of reteeth, we are not we are backing up our troops and pretearing to take baca ramadi. >> reporter: the fors here are mainly shia militia since prime minister brought them under the command of the iraqi government they fly a new flag, each militia has its own identity but all fight under this banner, including this sunni fighter group. fortifying baghdad comes with a
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unique challenge. this is the bridge, the last safe place to cross from anbar poff towns in baghdad with the operation now under way. it's likely that we'll see more scenes like this, fears of what comes next are common here. >> translator: as long as we sunnis are marginalized the fight will take a long time. there are soup i forces willing to fight and i would be join that fight if the government accepts us. >> reporter: iraqi security forces have opened and closed this bridge at rah be don concerned that isil fighters will enter baghdad disguises as displaced people and that's only inclusion the tension in the capital and elsewhere. no doubt iraq has a huge challenge on eights hands in securing western anbar province and defeating isil. but it's not just within anbar province it's also securing baghdad as well. many team say if baghdad falls isil have won, there are also other significant challenges. that includes finding homes for these people, who are fleeing the violence, and making sure that they get back home i eventually.
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imran kahn, al jazerra, on the outskirts of anbar province. the fall of rah mad toy isil forces was an embarrassing defeat for the iraqi army and the government. one question being asked is who ask in channel of the campaign to refake anbar rosalind jordan explains. 10-1. the pentagon says that's by how much iraqi army troops out numbered isil forces before ramadi the provincial capital fell on may 15th. making u.s. defense secretary ashton carter's recent criticism of the iraqi military all the more damaging. what apparently happened is the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not out numbered. in fact, they vastly out numbered the opposing force. and yet they failed to fight and withdrew from the site. that says to me, and i think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves.
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carter's assessment caused an uproar in baghdad forces the u.s. vice president joe biden to call the prime minister on monday to reassure him the u.s. still stood by iraq in its fight against isil. but on tuesday the obama administration was once again putting pressure on baghdad. >> what the iraqi government has acknowledged is that the setback that they experienced in ramadi, was at least in part attributable to a breakdown in some military command and planning. >> reporter: u.s. officials have also expressed caution over the introduction of shia militias in mainly sunni anbar province, even the name use ed by the militias for the upcoming battle for ramadi refers to a historical figure revered by shia islam. it's a name that could offense sunni tribes who might otherwise join the pro-government forces. >> we would urge all iraqis involved in the fight against ice toil avoid any action that would heighten sectarian tensions. >> reporter: meantime, human
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rights groups are worried about the people of ramadi. not everyone is going to be able to head to baghdad and relative safety. and there is concern too that shia militias are are said to have committed ahead bruising in other liberated areas of the country. >> we have zeina the love destruction of homes of other infrastructure in some cases mass displacement and an unwilling tons allow people to return looting, a lot of criminal behavior, a lot of aggressive behavior, some attacks against civilians and we have recorded a number of disappearances as well. >> reporter: the pentagon is sending 2,000 anti-tank missile to his iraqi forces in the next week. and it promises to step up train, but u.s. officials say the iraqi military must work harder if it wants to defeat isil ross land jordan, al jazerra, the state department. in afghanistan the taliban is claiming responsibility for an a it can on i guest house in the capital. on tuesday security forces battled with gunman for hours.
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officials say four militants were killed. 14 peopled by dyed in a similar attack on a guest house two weeks ago. now, police in malaysia are continuing the grim task of exhuming the bodies of dozens of suspected trafficking victims from mass graves, 139 graves were discovered in a forest in the northern state which borders thailand the remains were found atta banat abandoned cams. let's get more from rob mcbride in malaysia. bring us up-to-date with what happens is happening there at the moment, rob. >> reporter: that's right that, grim task is continuing in the hills around the board here we are with thailand. we are very close to that -- what's thought to be the main trafficking en camp. the one the journalists were taken to by the authorities yesterday. one body was exhumed from a grave there yesterday. forensic teams are up there
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again today. estimated 40 graves are in that one side. authorities have identified 28 camp sides along some 50-kilometers. of frontier where there is other camps make 140 or so grace the work will continue and likely to take weeks if not months, one of the main traffics is to establish the cause of death. was it starvation, disease as was murder involved. and we have heard from a senior police chief over the weekend that this could turn in to a mass murder investigation. so the work here continues. it has to be said that there is has been a stepped up police presence and also units of the military here helping in this operation. darren. >> rob it's hard to believe that these camps could have existed without the authorities knowing about them. >> reporter: that's right. there have been comments carried in all of the malaysian media today from the home minister
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hear trying to reassure malaysia that this will be investigated full and i yes accepting that there probably was collusion, at some level. even if at local level between the traffickers and law enforcement agencies, because it does seem incredulous that this could have taken place without the authorities knowing about it. minds you this home ministry is the same ministry that just a few weeks ago when the thais announced discoveries of cams on their side of the board are the minister was assisting no camps in malaysia. there has been a u-turn on that. not only that they have come back with very specific information just about the number of camps. so a lot of serious questions are being asked here in malaysia about just how long have the authorities known about the existence of these camps you talk to local people in the area and they have said that for years they have known there has always been something going on in the hills around here. this is very steep hill. very defense forest. it's possible to have cams here,
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but having camps for a number of years without anybody knowing it betermann it seem impossible. there have been a lot of questions about how much the people of this part of malaysia knew what was going in the hills above them. darren. >> rob, thank you. >> a document says the pro%al includes relocating some 40,000 migrants from greece and italy to other even u. countries. it would have to be approved by member states, the action comes as increasing numbers of people that take the perilous journey across the mediterranean to get to europe. to deal with the rising number of migrants lands on the ground their shores italy says they will house them in abandoned buildings, some buildings the locals say could be used to help the homeless. we have more from rome. >> reporter: they keep on arriving in italy on a daily basis. migrants who dream of a new life
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in europe for themselves and their families back home. to reach this points they have put their lives at risk. his journey took him from eritrea to sudan to libya where he was detain today several months. >> translator: it was dangerous my parents sold everything for me to be freed and come here. they transferred the money and then i was taken to a beach and we left. it was raining water was coming in from everywhere. we were about to drowned, we were saved by the germans being i was so happy to see them. >> reporter: his rescue was part of operation triton. a joints e.u. surveillance mission initiated last year patrolling the mediterranean sea. but for most migrants, italy is yet another transit point on their way to northern europe where they think there are more job opportunities. now, many here in italy fear that under the current atmosphere, across europe and
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with the tightening of the borders, holding centers like this one could just become permanent homes. italy has so far borne the brunt of migrants, they have the been relocated across country whenever there is an empty building. they have recently confiscated this one from the mafia, it will soon open their doors to the newcomers. an abandoned school is also being refurbished it's in a neighborhood on the outskirts of rome. people living here fear the sudden arrival of a large number of migrants. >> translator: this area is isolated. there are few public services. there are no shops pharmacies, telephones, there is nothing. these are people who are still unidentified we don't know who they are it's something that scares us, this is a private area it could become a ghetto. >> reporter: a group of homeless
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people have also set up shop in front of the school. they say italians in need shut should come first. >> translator: there is nothing for us. nothing. we can't ask for anything. we have nothing left. and then, we see these situations. the migrants get housing they get help, and then what? i have nothing against them, but we are the ones becoming foreigners in our own country. >> reporter: and while those who made it this far are relieved to have fled war-torn libya many here in italy and other nba other our opinion countries worry about the future identity of their hometowns. al jazerra rome. in india a searing heat wave has killed more than a thousand people over the past week. the temperatures climbed above 47 degrees sell see news some areas, the southern states have been sweltering as well as business banbengal can. >> reporter: people in india are used to hot summers.
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tr*pb it's too hot. it's everybody tough to accept there is such heat. >> reporter: temperatures have been climbing for a month. and a serious heat wave has dropped. more than 800 pistol team have died. in the middle the day there is a bit of shade and some ponds to cool off in. the biggers problems are heat strokes and dehydration. >> translator: breaking down because of overheat, we are sweating so much. throat is getting dry, we have to keep quenching our thirst frequently. >> reporter: it doesn't look like letting up any time soon. the government is telling people to stay indoors if they can. wear a hat. and drink lots of water. the meteorological office has blamed the heat wave on a shortage of rain and is warning people there are more hot days to come. the last big heat wave in india in 2002, and 2003, killed
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thousands of people. nicole johnston, al jazerra. nuclear envoys from south korea, japan and the u.s. are in seoul for talks. the three countries will discuss the threat posed by north korea's nuclear weapons program. it follows recent claims in pee's yang that it test a new type of missile from a submarine. the north also claimed that its built a nuclear warhead small enough to be mounted on a long-range miss ill. still to come on the program, a u.s. journalist appears in an iranian court facing spying charges we'll be speaking to his brother plus. >> reporter: houses watched away. livelihoods destroyed. a am gabe well elizondo in a town in texas where they have seen record flooding. some of the worst in decades that story coming up.
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in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. ♪ ♪ welcome bark the top stories here on al jazerra iraq's military has launched an operation to try to retake anbar province from isil. me a militias have helped push out the armed group from other parts in the country are also involved. some fear this could raise sectarian tensions. police in malaysia are continuing the grim task of exhuming the bodies of dozens of suspected trafficking victims from mass graves, 139 graves discovered in a forest in the northern state which borders thailand. in afghanistan the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on a guest house in the capital on tuesday security forces battled the rebun dance i for hours.
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officials say four of the attackers were killed. now a journal trist the washington post has appeared in an iranian court. hay been detained for more than 10 months, charged with spying and collaborating with hostile governments and spreading propaganda. >> reporter: this is about as much as anyone knows about what happened to jason tuesday. the official state news agency announcing the start of his trial taking place behind closed doors. >> he was active in iran under the cover of a journalist and was arrested last july. >> reporter: he works for the washington post. his editor calls the allegations absurd and says iran has annal tear your motive the ongoing talks over its nuclear program. >> iraqiran says this has to do with jason's conduct. i can only believe that the timing suggests a connection. that there is a close tie in what the iranians are doing to
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their belief that this would improve their position at the bargaining table. but the obama ahead pin station has knocked linked his case to the negotiations. >> the nuclear talks are about the nuclear talks we take the opportunity of being in the same room with the iranians to raise our concerns about american citizens who are detained, missing or on trial. >> reporter: iran has not made any evidence public. but in a recent trip to the u.s. the foreign minister blame aid low-level u.s. operative for for the arrest. >> the fact is there are people that take advantage of the needs of some people who try to get a visa to come to the united states or get a visa for their wife to his come to the united states. and make demands that are illegal and dangerous and damaging to the professionalism of a journalist. >> reporter: his brother says jason did apply for a visa for his wife and says he asked the
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u.s. to speed it up because in his words iran could become a dangerous place for journal assists. but he insists he wasn't asked for anything in return. >> he is committed to fight. it's what he said, you know, consistently when he saw my mom. when he met with his lawyer. i want to defend myself, and i want to let everybody know that i am innocent. >> reporter: i might have his chance to do that now. but only he and the few pima loud in the courtroom will get to judge the strength or weakness of the case being made against him. patty culhane, al jazerra washington. severe storms in the u.s. states of texas and oklahoma have killed at least 16 people. a state of disaster has been declared in 24 counties across texas where hundreds of homes have been destroyed and bridges swept way. gabriel elizondo has more from the town of whimbly. >> reporter: steve makes is a man in shock. when the wall of water came rushing towards his home he and his family ranas fast as they could. >> we got out there with
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nothing. i mean, nothing. i had a shirt shorts and my shoes on, my wife had her shirt and shorts, grabbed my grandson, my son got out. no cloth anything. >> reporter: along banks of the river this is all that is left of the meeks' 14 cabins at the resort the family has own today five generations. the water crushed everything in its path. toppling the cabins and everything inside. >> families were all here ask and we decided we needed to get out because we had never seen anything like 24678 the water rose 44 feet or 13 meet nurse a matter of minutes. this is some of the stuff that is been pulled from the various cabins now, this is just a chair, we see a couch a bed a door everybody this destroyed baby bassinet. all of this stuff including these pots and pans and plates, all of it has been completely destroyed. and so they are just piling it up over here and lighting it on
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fire not only is this stuff destroyed, but more importantly the meeks' livelihood as well. >> no, it hasn't sunk in yet. because i wish that i could just breakdown and cry but what do you do after this? i don't know what you do after this. man. >> reporter: that's the question many are now asking. these aerial shots show a rain-soaked city batter -rd erred for consecutive days. in houston the fourth most popular city in america under water, more than 500 people had to be pulled from to safety. they are hoping this will never happen again. ghraib well elizondo, al jazerra, whim burly texas.
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fighters backing yemen's government in exile have captured a key city on the road to the southern port of aden. the take over is the first major victory in the south for the popular resistence brigade since the saudi-led coalition began its air offensive. israel has launched a number of air strikes on the gas trip. the strikes targeted areas to the east and west of rafah. no reports of injuries. israel says that the response came after a rocket was fired from gaza. amnesty international is accusing hamas forces of torturing and killing palestinians. a report details a brutal campaign of abductions, torturing and killings some of what [cheering] is says amounts to war crimes. it highlighted cushions of 23 that were accused of collaborating with israel. members of fatah were also targeted.
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britain's new conservative government is laying out its agenda in the queen's speech marking the opening of parliament. the plans include more spending cuts examine proposals take but more powers from the e.u. >> reporter: five more years of david cameron and an amazing opportunity for the conservative party to impose its will on the u.k. entirely unopposed. after all around the cabinet table are only conservative allies the first time that has happened since 1997. the conservatives have made it clear that they will portray themselves as a party that speaks for the working classes. >> i think it is absolutely vital that in every decision that we take, every policy we pursue. i ever program we start is about giving everyone in our country chance of living a fulfilling and good life. extremist previousliers will find it harder to speak on the
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streets without being arrested and more powers, too, for the spy agencies. the government is free to try to pursue objectives it hasn't been able to so far. cuts to benefits, even u. migrants that can't find a job in six months have to return home. trying to a abolish the human rights act saying it doesn't have to accept people lost in the mediterranean. these things might come across as right wing and certainly they are in part an attempt it diffuse an attempt from the far right u.k. independence party but the government knows that many labor voters feel much the same way about many of these issues and so david cameron is trying to present hip seven as a man for the whole country. or perhaps the whole of england at least if not scotland. with the liberal democrats and labor parties in total disarray, the only political force in westminster offering in opposition to what the conservatives have on offer is the scottish national party. on big issues like whether the u.k. will leave europe, the smp's voice has become a crucial one. >> there is a substantial number
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of very strong technical arguments, of job investment, the long-term future, all of those will have to be deployed in the debate now. first of all we'll oppose an even u. referendum. and we'll be bid to go stay in and deploying each and every one of those arguments. >> reporter: and what of the public moves. well this happened three days after the vote at the gates of the downing street and another big demonstration is scheduled to protest against the furtherance of austerity to be outlined in the queen's speech. this looks like what happens when opposition doesn't have a political folk us and there could ease bely quite a lot more of it. lawrence lee, al jazerra london. now the pianist and conductor daniel has built a reputation of not only music but his political engagement of he formed an orchestra including knew i thinks from a rail and pal stain vinnie territories. now taken on another challenge at charlie angela reports from
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london. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: though the keys look like they have for hundreds of years the sound they produce is slightly different. pianist and compose erden el has played on stein way pianos all his life. but this is the first one with his name on it. it's inspired by the piano used by the 19th century hungarian composer franz list little he tried it and wanted to combine its sounds with the power of the modern piano. from the outside it looks like a modern concert grand piano. but inside is where the differences lie, you can see how the strings lie it creates a much warmer sound closer to what composeers would have had almost 200 years ago. cancel cards the world after the great all around musician and as
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an conductor he's tried to build bridges through music with his orchestra of israel and i palestinian musicians and cass don decemberred the occupation of gaza. he likens his role of pianist to solving a political problem. >> it's as if each note is is there for it early s and you have to the give the feeling of solidarity. but i team very inspired by that that. i am happy with. >> reporter: but listen to to him talk to the instrument's builder, chris main, it sounds like there is still some tweaking to do. >> if it goes there will it make a difference? >> it will. >> i. >> reporter: so far this is one of only two in the world a rare reinvention that will be kept
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under wraps around are until he runs his fingers over it later this week in london. and a quick reminder being you can keep up to date with all the news on our website. there it is on our screen the address al that's she's ready to punch above her weight again. what defines you? >> overcoming my obstacles. >> out of control. whose life is it anyway. al jazeera investigating the rights law in the name of protecting the war of the state. >> you were under guardianship. >> yeah. >> how would you describe it?