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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> welcome to the news hour from doha. i'm richelle carey. a double blow, top fifa officials arrested on bribery charges after an investigation over the allocation of the next two world cups. >> an isil suicide attack kills at least 55 iraqi soldiers on the second day of the armed offensive to retake on bar province. the eu asks its members to take
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in 40,000 asylum seekers to deal with the growing mediterranean refugee crisis. it has been a dramatic day in switzerland. after the arrest of high ranking firms from the headquarters of world football, the fallout is spreading across the world. the veteran boss of fifa seth blatter hasn't been arrested, but two of his vice president's have among top officials arrested by police in a dawn raid in zurich. they face extradition to the united states, where they are wanted for questions about kick backs involving $100 million. a short time later in miami f.b.i. agents arrived with a search warrant at the miami hears of the federation of north central america and caribbean football association. meanwhile, the swiss federal office of justice has announced it has opened a criminal case into how the 2018 and 2012 world
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cups were awarded to russia and qatar. we have this report. >> a dawn raid at a luxury hotel in did your rick, swiss police at the request of the united states department of justice arresting officials from football's world good morning body. they are suspected of bribery worth $100 million and face extradition to the u.s. the case is linked to commercial deals dating back to the 1990s for major football tournaments in the americas. 14 have been indicted, including the fifa vice president jeffery webb former fifa executive jack warner. former south american football heads and the chief of brazilian football who oversaw last year's world cup in brazil. swiss authorities launched proceedings do the awarding was
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2018 and 2012 world cups. >> what did you expect, speculate, saying rush, qatar we have to redo the whole thing? russia and qatar will be played. i don't go into speculation what will happen after tomorrow and arm and so on. >> blatter is looking to winning a fifth term. fifa say he is not connected to the arrests. >> the president is not involved. of course he is the head of fifa but is not involved, so how can you say ok, he has to whatsoever step down? he is the president. he is the president. he is the president and in two days there are elections. if he is reelected then he is
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the president for the next four years. >> despite the arrests the vote will still go ahead. >> let's bring in alan fisher from washington, d.c. and really the legal force behind this comes from the u.s. what can you tell us is happening there? >> the u.s. foreign minister has wide authority from the u.s. government when there is suspected wrongdoing that touches the u.s. in any way. if any of these transactions were conducted through u.s. banks or used internet service providers, that gives the justice department the authority to go and investigate and clearly they have been investigating for the last three years. rumors circulating around fifa corruption have been there for years and years and years. we're told this stretches back some 24 years. the reason they move enough just four days before the fifa election that was because of the statute of limitations.
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it was about to run out on these crimes and the justice department felt they wouldn't wait any longer. that's why they got in touch with swiss counterparts and said we really want to do this. the fact that there was a fifa gathering in zurich, many of the players were there so it was easier to act. it's a confluence of events in why we have seen the action in the last eight hours or so. >> there were arrests today also an ongoing investigation. what could possibly be next? >> well, clearly this is an ongoing investigation and obvious live, the justice department the f.b.i., aren't going to show their hand and say we've done this, the next thing we're going to do is that. they will continue with their investigations but we expect to get more investigation from the
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fib, j justice department and district attorney, exactly what they were thinking when they pushed the button on this operation and what they may do now. the fifa president had refused to come to the u.s. because of the possibility of arrest. he was forced into the position of saying that is not the case. he was aware an investigation was on going but that was not why he had not been to the united states and had nothing to fear from any investigation. perhaps we will get some more details from the justice department and the from the fib in the coming hours. >> exactly and as you just mentioned, we will have our ear to that press conference expected to come out of brooklyn, new york with that the next couple of hours. >> andy richardson joins us from
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zurich where these arrests took place. pretty dramatic day there. how did this all unfold? >> at the hotel behind me that you can just about see is where all the top fifa officials stay. normally out in the front of the car park, you can see black let me sees where they are whisked away to official functions throughout europe. this morning, it was swiss police be whisking away fifa officials, arrested on behalf of the u.s. justice department. went a statement from the swiss justice democratic here saying it was on allegation of bribery totals $150 million, allegation that officials accepted bribes in return for t.v. contracts sponsorship. fifa has a habit of getting itself into trouble around these times, but this is taking it to
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a whole new level. swiss prosecutors announced a new separation in the bids for the 2018 and 2022 world cups. >> fifa had their own investigations headed by michael garcia a u.s. lawyer, which cleared qatar and russia of wrongdoing. we had gathers disowning the summary of his report and resigning from his position. the situation we have now is more serious than anything, anything can't recoveries that fifa has weathered in the past. >> what does fifa have to say for itself today? >> i mean, crisis management is something they're used to, but they've had to take it to a whole new level. the head of communications here coming out actually saying this was a good thing for fifa, that
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it would help in the long term to clean up football and obviously emphasize the fact that the president was not implicated in either investigation. now, the reason that all the delegates are here is because fifa have presidential elections on friday where he is going for a fifth term. you would think his presidential champion has just taken a major hit. the irony is that within the secure rarefied walls of fifa, he will still very popular. europe's good morning body are the one good morning body that has said they will not be backing him, they will back his rival, the prince of jordan, but globally blatter has invested in previously impoverished member associations, means he still has huge support so he still has the stomach to go on. at the moment, fifa has said elections should take place. there's every chance he will be reelected. >> many more developments to come.
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andy, thank you so much. >> suicide bombers have attacked in iraq. that happened on the second day of a major offensive by the iraqi army to remake anbar province from isil. we have this report. >> shia militias mount an although north of ramadi. the operations ban on tuesday as both sides battle for ramadi. iraqi security forces are trying to take control of roads and villages held by isil, using shelling to target isil fighters and cut off their main supply lines. once the towns and villages are secured, the push to ramadi will begin. >> our aim is to meet our forces from other front operations
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have included shelling and advancing to isil hoytout. >> strategy said the tactics are failing, because they can't prevent suicide car bombings. the iraqi security forces lack the intelligence and row con sense to stop the attacks before they happen and vehicles isil used are heavily armored. the weapons used can be ineffective. >> the operation goes on. this is the major supply line used by both military and civilian contractors. military operations ins anbar could come to a standstill if isil manages to close this highway. >> surrounding baghdad, you see defense lines. in many ways, it's a very apartment title. it's the last line of defense before the capitol itself. after i have the you get the headquarters of the 24th
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24th brigade in charge of reinforcements and logistics. keeping the road open between here and anbar province and keeping the military supplied is crucial. >> equally crucial is dealing with the car bombs. adapt to go new threats is an important part of wear fair, but that's something the iraqi security forces have yet to learn. >> let's speak to al jazeera's senior political analyst right here in our studios here in doha. this public back and forth between the u.s., the comments that defense secretary ashton carter made saying the iraqis didn't have the will to fight the iraqis saying no, the u.s. doesn't have the will to fight the back and forth how would you characterize this? >> the clash of wills. there are school children lying in the school yard and just got their butts kicked by isil so
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who's responded is it? there is no surprise here. this has been going on over a year now ever since isil took over mosul they've been advancing back and forth. they took over ramadi and still the americans and iraqis and their iranian patrons are spiced by this. of course, there is no surprise here. everyone knew long ago including president obama that it takes a political solution first and foremost, a national reconciliation in order for the iraqi forces. >> between the sunnis and shias. >> exactly, as well as kurds bringing out the various parts of the society notably the sunnis and shias but prime minister abaddi has failed to do that. the schism today the gap between shias and sunnis are worse than ever before. >> this back and forth as you say, not addressing the real solution a political solution,
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how does this affect what's happening on the battlefield? exacerbating it? >> definitely, making it worst. when there's an iraqi foot soldier trying to fight to ramadi and they know too well that the people of ramadi hate them some of them prefer isil to them. why would they want to fight that fight. >> competing goals. >> even the mid level leadership in the iraqi military already established to be corrupt has no reason to fight this war when they know to iranian militias or supported militias will pint that war or american bombers will fight that war for them. there is no real bill on the part of the iraqi military to fight or because there is no political will in baghdad to make sure that happens. while on the other hand, isil has proven to have more conviction and courage than the iraqi military, even if it truly is a terrorist organization. >> is that why it doesn't
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matter? it seems to not matter that the iraqi forces clearly outnumber isil. you're saying it's not about that. >> exactly. it's not about that, and the way in which isil has fought its way is paradoxically and by the way i think every strategist in the world is looking at this and going what is going on there because isil is not fighting like a classical guerilla group not hiding in mountain and areas in afghanistan and pakistan the likes of al-qaeda. it is not hiding in a jungle. it is fighting in an open space in the desert, taking over towns and military bases. it is fighting a military war and yet a far more superior iraqi army support would by the greatest power in the world today, the united states is not able to beat them. >> when and will this change, possibly. ramadi has been taken city after city has been taken and
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obviously they say that they have instituted an effort to retake what is happening in anbar province. is it too late. >> it dependency on how we see the end game here. as i have written today on our website on al jazeera i'm afraid that the end game is a game without end for the iranians and the americans in iraq. it seems to me that for the united states, it's not so bad if iran and isil fight each other by proxy in the battlefield and they both lose, just like for the iranians, it's not a bad thing that america gets stuck in iraq and they lose. clearly what's going on behind the bickering and recrimination is perhaps something more sinister that there's a real fight not just between isil and the rest, but a competition between iran and the united states over iraq. >> and innocent civilians caught in all of this. >> that's right. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. >> the health ministry in yemen
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says 36 police commanders have been killed. the naval base has been destroyed. twenty shia houthi fighters were reportedly wounded in that raid. now it follows intense bombardment with the participation of aircraft and war ships in the early hours of wednesday. >> much more coming up on the news hour, as thailand tightens its borders those leading the operation against human traffickers say they don't think anymore migrant camps will be discovered. >> struggling to stay cool in southern india where a heatwave killed more than a thousand people. >> in sport find out whether the cleveland cavaliers have done enough to earn a spot in the nba finals. >> makes police are being investigated for suspected links
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for mass graves in people smuggling camps. forensic experts are exhuming the bodies of suspected victims. bodies have been found in the camps on the border with thailand. most are believed to be rohingya. they are focusing on keeping the borders sealed. >> those leading thailand's operation against human traffickers don't think there are anymore migrant camp to say discovery and they have their key suspect in custody. for them, the top priority is making sure that their borders stay sealed so any remaining human traffickers have no place to hide and no space to restart their channels. >> i would think it is not destination. if you make them very different and make them not comfortable to walk past, to pass out of the country, they will not come.
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>> we went with the thai army up to one of their jungle outposts, set up to block the traffickers. this barbed wire marks the border. it was put here four weeks ago as was a contingent of thai soldiers. that's when the government clamped down on the human trafficking network. this is the main artery between the two opportunity tories. malaysian officials believe the camps they discovered recently were abandoned in the last few weeks. >> thailand says they are digging into how the networks have operated. now their channels are cut off. >> the investigationles are not moving forward very well. we have in the thai side a focus primarily on local politicians local police, some police up to the provincial level which is a good first step, but there's a lot more to be done. we suspect there are higher level people involved in this. >> a rubber former on the road that leads up to the jungle
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crossing used to see dozens of people in puck trucks pass by. >> i think the taskers won't dare to come back here. it was happening because the government never took it seriously. now, the situation has changed and the tackers afraid to come back. >> they might be afraid to come back here but the chore is to make sure the networks won't restart somewhere else. al jazeera thailand. >> the european union asked its member states to take in 40,000 asylum seekers over the next two years. the migrants are from syria and eritrea and have landed in greece and italy. many are making the journey to try to find a new life in europe. now the italian government says it will house some migrants in buildings. some say those buildings should be used to help italy's
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homeless. we have more from rome. >> they keep arriving in italy on a daily basis migrants who dream of a new life in europe for themselves and their families back home. they have put their lives at risk to reach this point. from eritrea to sudan to libya this man was detained for several months. >> it was dangerous. my parents sold everything for me to be free and come here. they transferred the money and i was taken to a beach and we left. it was raining. water was coming in from everywhere. we were about to drown, we were saved by the germans. i was so happy to see them. >> his rescue was part of operation it true to know, a joint e.u. surveillance mission initiated at the end of last year aimed at controlling the
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migration at sea. holding centers like this one could just become permanent homes. >> italy has so far borne the brunt of the influx of migrants. authorities have had to relocate them across the country wherever there is an empty building. police have recently confiscated this one. it will soon open its doors. an abandoned school is being refurbished. it's in a neighborhood on the outskirts of rome. people living here fear the sudden arrival of a large number of migrants. >> this area is isolated. there are few public services. there are no shops pharmacies, telephones, there is nothing. these are people sometime in the
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pros of being identified. we don't know who they are. it is something that scares us. it is a private area. it accounted become a ghetto. >> homeless people have set up shop in front of the school. they say italians in need should come first. >> there is nothing for us, nothing. we can't ask for anything. we have nothing left, and then, we see these situations, the migrants get housing they get help and then what? i have nothing against them, but we are the ones becoming foreigners in our own country. >> those who made it this far to flee war-torn countries those here worry about the identity of their hometowns. >> green piece india can start spending some of its money again for now. new delhi ordered the temporary reopening of two bank accounts frozen by the government.
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it withdrew environmental groups licensing. >> in southern india a heatwave killed more than a thousand people. temperatures have soared to near 50 degrees celsius in some areas. a red alert's been issued, but there is relief in sight. monsoon rains may fall in the next few days. >> it's for people who work outdoors construction work, laborers daily wage earners on the streets who contract heat strokes. what the local government that done is people who work on government schemes have been asked to take a break between 11:00 a.m. in the morning to about 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. according to the figures available from the governments the total figures right now stand at about 1100, but these
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are figures which can be questioned are questionable figures that nobody really records better the person has died because of overheating heat stroke or because of some other reason. these are people exposed to heat and have come into hospitals and have reported heat stroke, so the figure could be higher. >> now to weather with richard and we're on dangerous historic flooding happening in texas in the u.s. >> yeah, your part of the world isn't it, richelle? nasty conditions, the basic set up if you like, is that we've got this very warm air coming up from the gulf of mexico, meeting somewhat drier air from the north. what's made it all worse is that the winds higher up in the atmosphere are coming up from the southwest and just moving everything very, very slowly, so you get one storm match after another, a long train causing that tornado which hit mex coal
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a couple of days ago. really it's all across the state we've got bad weather. let's start way up in the northwest, wyoming in that they had the equivalent of 25 years of rain in three days. parts of northeast here in dayton ohio, you see a tornado. fortunately no one was killed. veriness city conditions there. meanwhile, it's been happening around the south 129 millimeters of rain in houston, texas. as we look at the satellite imagery, you can see more storms down here and it's likely to stay very troublesome for the next few days. >> coming up, we are live in the
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kenyan town of garissa where the army is looking for al shabab fighters a a day after the group attacked soldiers. >> the people of burundi refuse to come off the streets as talks begin over the on going political crisis. >> we'll have the latest from the french open where the defending champion is on the hunt for another title.
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>> isil suicide bombers targeted a military convoy in iraq, killing 55 soldiers, coming on the second day of a major offensive by the iraqi army to recapture anbar province from isil. returning to our top story on the arrests of top ranking fifa officials, a sportsettics campaigner joins us. we appreciate your time, jami. these arrests were clearly
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dramatic but were they surprising? >> dramatic as you say and resounding. it's probably been the most shocking day of the hit of football, in my opinion but having said that, it's not that surprising when you consider the toxic nature of the corrupt culture that exists within fifa and the history of that culture within the organization. hopeful live this is it, this is the big one. >> what roles do sponsors play in this? >> this is just the key issue fifa has been lobbied before by government and fans and clubs and nobody achieved reform. we believe the only group that is able to achieve that reform are the sponsors. there is a precedent for this.
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back in the early 2000s in the wake of the salt lake city scandal in the i.o.c., the only group able to affect reform were the sponsors. you've got to ask yourself the question how can these fifa sponsors continue to remain silent and complacent to the degree they have when it's got to the point where six or seven senior fifa officials have been dragged out of their beds from the most exclusive hotel in switzerland. if that doesn't get them going i don't know what does. >> you are saying that it's in their best interest to deal with it? >> it's been in their best interest for quite some time. with fifa's brand and the negative sentiment that will rub off on the for cores brands, too. they need a long term vision. they need to understand the
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implications. now, i think what we've seen is they've had it rubbed directly into their faces so hopefully what's happened this morning has really made them stand up and think and we're waiting with baited breath to hear one of them or some of them come out and condemn what's going on and demand proper reform, as opposed to the rhetoric we've heard the meaningless motherhood statements that they roll out every time there is another scandal. >> there have been arrests so that's the beginning of a pros and there's an investigation that is the beginning of another process. do you expect more arrests and do you expect officials to begin talking about what other officials have done behind closed doors? >> look, it's very hard to predict what's going to happen behind closed doors. i can tell you what's happening in front of open doors. we saw the fifa communications manager today take a press
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conference and try to spin this as a wonderful day for fifa and a great positive endorsement for the fifa management and leadership. it's a bit of an oxymoron, using the two words fifa and leadership together, because the current leadership shows no leadership whatsoever. i think we're going to be hit constantly with spin from fifa, but the reality is we just don't know what's going to happen, and whether the sponsors are saying something behind closed doors or not, we're urging them to come out publicly and condemn what's been going on and demand proper reform. >> thank you very much, mr. fuller. >> thank you. >> a massive security operation at the refugee camp in garissa searching for suspected al shabab fighters. the somalia bailed group but
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should officers tuesday. let's go live to garissa. what is the latest on the attack on the kenyan police officers? >> authorities are saying that they are involved in a massive security operation around the refugee camp. there is the refugee camp that holds nearly 400,000 refugees mostly from somalia and the attack on policeman on the settlement of the border between somalia and kenya.
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rpg's were used by al shabab in the attack. most of them had to run for their lives after they were outgunned. the government insists only one soldier was killed and eight others injured however eyewitnesses are telling other stories. this acetic, ambush is not a usual tactic. they attacked villagers at the border and basically approached to the villagers there. what is their motive? what is their end game? >> well, al shabab militiamen be getting bolder. in the past, they used bombings and targeted kill ins whenever they carried out attacks like this in kenya but are getting bolder carrying out daylight ambush against security personnel, but coming into villages and towns at the border preaching to the people,
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asking for records telling people they need their help in trying to extend their rule. what is worrying the kenyan government within the rank and file of al shabab in kenyan ethnicity. the leadership has changed the narrative of why they are attacking kenya in the past. they used to say that they will stop the attacks once the kenyan troops deployed in 2011 in somalia are removed from the country, but now what is happening they are saying their motive and ambition is to extend their rule, saying the kenya government has likely failed in
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governing this area. >> united nations supreme court council will hold a closed door meeting in be burundi. there have been weeks against protests for a third consecutive term. more than 70,000 people have escaped to neighboring countries because of all the violence. we have a report from a protest. >> people are very angry and getting agitated. these are people who put up this barricade and are basically stopping people from going into the city. they think the reason why the protest isn't working that much is because some people aren't participating. they are keeping back as many people as possible so they can protest. they are angry because recently they went home, turned on the television and saw the president basically saying to people,
9:38 am
telling them that they are trying to squeeze the country dry and that won't happen and asking people to give money to the government to hold elections in june. the crowd say they are not giving money they don't want the elections to take place. the president has said stay out of my country stay out of my business i know how to run my country. they are wondering how long they can hold on and keep focusing. >> a fire which swept through a home for elderly in china is raising concerns over lax safety standards. we have a report from where the cause of the disaster is still being investigated. >> as the authorities investigate the cause of the fire, their care home is now a crime scene. 12 staff are wing investigated. you can just make out the statue
9:39 am
of chairman mao in the court yard and the banner behind, with our love, make old people safe. but they weren't safe. most of the dead were frail and need assistance to move. a relative of one of the dead told us she was waiting for compensation before being dragged away by a family member. fees were around $200 a month beyond the reach of many waiting outside, including a 61-year-old on a pension of $10 a month. >> of course i worry. you can't expect the communist party to solve all your problems. >> this investigation will focus on safety and why it failed here. there's another looming problem. the shortage of care homes for a rapidly aging population. >> traditionally in china aging parents were looked after by their children, but changing
9:40 am
lifestyles and the consequences of china's one-child policy are changing that, increasingly that only child is unable or unwilling to care for their parents. >> the government says 450 million chinese people will be over 65 by 2050. with supply unable to meet demand the government is turning to the private sector. away from the big cities, such homes are often poorly regulated and in this case, plain unsafe. al jazeera in central china. >> envoys to the united states, japan and south korea are in seoul for talks on north korea's nuclear programs. it recently claimed to have test add new type of missile from a
9:41 am
submarine. pyongyang is urged to give up its nuclear weapons program in return for a diplomatic benefit. >> last month's earthquake impact is felt all across nepal. the thud of goods from china is slowing. we have traveled from cat man did you to tibet to see how communities are coping. >> the scars of nepal's deadliest disaster lie all along the highway. there's another piece of evidence less obvious the main trade route to the chinese border that's all but empty of traffic. we find one team in the middle of roadside repairs. they have a bigger problem than a loose wheel nut. a landslide relationshipped through the camp while the driver was outside but the damage to the business is just
9:42 am
as severe. >> it has had a big impact. we had to stop our trucks and we need to pay bank loans. with the trucks not earning money, it's hard to survive. >> we head further north to the chinese border. more destroyed vehicles, one reason few drivers want to try this route under overhanging cliffs. the route ends here. beyond is tibet. dozens of trucks were abandoned. the businesses has line the streets are shattered. some are supported by the same boulders that smashed into them. back from temporary exile in kathmandu, he checks on his property. he was in the basement carrying
9:43 am
out repairs when a huge bolder came. his business is gone. >> i'm very sad. this is all i have. it's heartbreaking to see. fate has dealt a hard blow. if people like me are having problems, you can imagine with what the poorest are going through. >> just a few weeks ago this was a town full of shops and restaurants serving a steady flow of trucks coming across the chinese border. now it's utterly a ghost town. it is a powerful illustration of just what this earthquake has done to the economy and millions of individual livelihoods. >> back down the valley is the local market hub. here abandoned trucks have become homes. the family who run a roadside store say the towns economy that just stopped. they plan to stay, but have no idea how they're going to earn a living. for now, they are not think that
9:44 am
go far ahead. their preoccupation like so many is worrying about the next earthquake and what might be taken from them. al jazeera nepal. >> still to come, more than 139 new species discovered in an area known to be a bio diversity hot spot. >> can wednesday's arrest in zurich impact the upcoming fifa election?
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>> 139 new species have been discovered in southeast asia. the list include some bizarre species. >> first up, we have the wasp. the color changing thorny frog, the males have stripes. the females tell them how they're ready to breed by the way their thornset look. it lives in trees and comes out at night bub is not venomous.
9:47 am
only one has been found ever. >> the world wildlife fund said a real commitment is needed to protect them. >> the chief advisor of species with the world wildlife fund joins me now from the u.k. i think my first question is how excited are you all about this discovery, these discoveries? >> well, it's always great to learn much more about the environment around us. obviously from w.w.f., we love the environment are strongly for the protection of the natural environment and these discoveries show just how important it is that we protect these remote and beautiful and unique landscapes, because there is so much that we're still learning about them yahoo are the teams that made these discoveries? >> the discoveries were made by a host of independent scientists from around the world. they weren't w.w.f. scientists,
9:48 am
but w.w.f. looks at their discoveries and their description of species that were made in 2014, and many of the places where they were found are places where w.w.f. is working to protect the habitat and species within them. it's important for us to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of how bio diverse these areas are because these areas that are strongly under threat from hydropower and infrastructure development climate change and poaching. >> what does this discovery tell you about the ecosystem there? >> it shows us that it is such a rich and valuable ecosystem and we must protect it. it has over 430 mammal species. it has 1,200 birth species and over 20,000 plant species. what it shows us is that this is
9:49 am
such a diverse area from the rivers that hold dolphins, to the oh forests that hold tigers and elephants through to the eastern plain landscapes in cambodia. it is such a diverse areas not just for the wildlife, but for the people, because for 240 million people, this provides direct support whether providing food, water but also cultural tradition and livelihoods. >> the building of this dam the damn laos, what effect can it have? >> the dam is going to block the lower mekong river. it's going to have a massive impact on the communities downstream so much so that they are objecting to this.
9:50 am
this is in addition to another 11 proposals for dam construction in the mekong region. this is going to have a huge impact on the ecosystem there which is why the w.w.f. is working toward a green economy with governments and community to say try to improve the impact we're having on these areas. >> thank you very much. now for a huge day in sport. are you ready? >> a hectic day. thank you very much, as we've been hearing, seven fifa officials arrested over corruption allegations that comes two days ahead of presidential elections which the organization says will go ahead. the hierarchy fifa members including two vice presidents were arrested at a zurich hotel in the early hours of the morning swiss time. later in the united states, investigators from the f.b.i. rated the miami headquarters,
9:51 am
two men arrested in zurich. swiss investigators began criminal proceedings into the alleged wrongdoing related to the awarding of the 2018 world cup and 2022 world cup. season arrested include the fifa vice president and executive commity member, jack warner, an exfifa vice president and executive committee member, a former fifa vice president and economic committee member. current member of the fifa organizing commit key. he helped otherwise the brazil world cup last year and a former fifa organizing member. joining us now is the editor of
9:52 am
world soccer mack scene. fifa in recent years this really is unprecedented. can the organization and leadership survive in its current form? >> that's going to be a really interesting test. this is an extraordinary development. fifa has managed to contain the environment, and managed to keep the swiss authorities on site, so there haven't been any legal ramifications for them in switzerland. this is a completely different scenario. we have the american authorities in the guise of the f.b.i. cooperating with the swiss authorities, so arrest senior members of the executive. it looks like they will press charges and many, if convicted face lengthy prison materials. it's an extraordinary development. it's different to what we've seen in the past and raises serious questions about how fifa can go forward with the forthcoming election,
9:53 am
presidential election and the congress in zurich. >> are you saying the fifa elections will go ahead and it seems blatter will win it. he seems to have support with the exception of the prince. >> there's no doubt that he will tough out the election. i'm leading the fight against corruption fifa needs me to lead that fight. he will tough it out. he will say he's tackling corruption he's above the corruption he's tackling it. whether he stays for the four years is another issue because there will now be serious questions from the sponsors of the world cup and if they turn against fifa, then blatter does have trouble and this could be the turning point i think the
9:54 am
wake-up call for blatter that says to him your time is up. i think it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the next days, what the sponsors say will be very important. if there are further arrests and punishments, this is a very serious situation for blatter. >> these arrests certainly cost most by surprise, especially fifa. what's your view on the timing of these arrests? >> i think it's convenient for them that there are all these people in one place together. if they'd had to arrest them in six or seven places it would have been more difficult. they were all staying in the hotel in fifa, a luck you arous five star hotel the real epicenter of fifa luxury, and fifa power so for the f.b.i. to strike at the heart of fifa is an extraordinary development. it's been an amazing story so
9:55 am
far today. >> it's been a day of extraordinary developments and it will continue to develop but for now, thank you very much. >> in the nba the cleveland cavaliers booked their place in the nba finals after completing a clean sweep of the eastern conference playoff series. they were plank the atlanta hawks. lebron james once again the stand out performer. the cavs routed the hawks. >> i made my decision to come back here, i knew what i wanted to do. i know it wasn't going to be easy. it's going to take hard work and dedication and be the toughest task for me to try to get this team back to the finals, and i had to step up with my leadership and i had to be patient, and i'm not a very patient guy. i know i had to work on that. >> it's not something anybody wants, but i think we've always talked about learning and
9:56 am
growing each day each experience and i think throughout the playoffs, we've done that. we'll learn from tonight learn from the series and get better going forward you. >> the new york rangers have forced their playoff series against the tampa bay lightning into a deciding game seven. brassard instrumental with three goals and two assists for the rangers to make sure the rangers season didn't end tuesday. the final score 7-3. the decider is on friday. >> pretty relaxed so was the morn skate. we just came here and gave our self a good chance to win and made plays and we are excited to go back in front of our fans for a game seven. >> this happened to us in game, ok game four. unfortunate, because we would have loved to have won this game in front of our fans, but going
9:57 am
to get up tomorrow and still read the newspaper and see that we're still playing. >> to the french open now, 17 time grand slam champion roger federer is open to the third round. the 33-year-old recovering from a breakdown in the second set. in the women's event the number two seed sweeping aside her russian com patriot. she beat her french opponent 6-1, 6-1. that's all your sport. more later. >> thank you very much. much more to come. another full bulletin straight ahead. keep it here.
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a double blow for football's governing body. top fifa officials arrested on bribery charges as an investigation is being opened into the allegations of the next two world cups. ♪ hello, i'm richelle carey, you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also on the program. an isil suicide attack kills at least 55 iraqi soldiers on the second day of the army's offensive to retake anbar province. and the e.u. asks its members