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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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not venomous and only one has been found--ever. many of these new species is under threat due to habitat and poaching. the world wildlife fund said that real commitment is needed by all those in the area to protect them. >> much more on our website >> this really is the world cup of fraud. and today we're issuing fifa an arrest card. >> corruption charge are handed to some of fifa's top officials. 17 people are confirmed dead from the cleanup as the forecast calls for more rain. and the new g.o.p. candidate
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who came in second last time. this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. it has been raining again in houston, and flood warnings are back from many rivers there. at least 17 people were killed by the fast rising waters that struck there and in oklahoma over the last few days. in the small town of wimberley between austin and san antonio searchers are looking for 11 missing people. >> officials say they tried to warn people about what turned out to be a 46-foot tall wall of water that came down the river over the weekend taking everything in its path. this used to be where a tree stood. this is the hole that the roof left behind as it was up wood wood rooted. you can see the direction that
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the water traveled and the force of the water that actually sheered the bark clean over of the tree stump there. and of course, homes in the way were knocked off it's foundation in a distance there. you can see the white degree of what remains of what once was a house. another home above the boulder that was moved entirely off it's foundation and pushed down stream. now today the mission here continues to be search and rescue for the 11 people who remain missing in wimberley. eight of them were staying in a home up river from here that was also knocked into the river. witnesses say that they saw it actually careen into a bridge, shattering to pieces. one person was rescued 12 miles down stream. there are eight other family members are still missing including three small children. now there is still small hope that there could be survivors. one of the family dogs was found okay clinging to a tree. but everyone acknowledges that
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as time passes the chance of finding more survivors lessens. but rescue teams are all combing the area today hoping to find some signs of life as the day continues. >> well, the mayor of wimberley spoke today about the massive clean up effort in his town. >> seven homes were actually taken off their foundations and went down the river or completely destroyed in the process. a little over 300 homes were heavily damaged and impacted by the rising water. we started clean up efforts right away. we'll have debris management folks out and picking up the trash and debris, and homeowners are actively cleaning up their homes, picking up the pieces looking for heirlooms.
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>> the mayor said that reverse 911 calls did not go out to--did go out to homes to warn people but because many are tourists they did not receive the warnings. seven fifa officials were arrested early in switzerland. two of the men are vice presidents of the organization. there were raids in miami. the justice department said those officials took millions in exchange to televise the games. now in reaction has been strong and david zoran from the nation magazine spoke with randall
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pinkston a short time ago. >> there are a lot of reasons why it took so long. one is that many nations are can trying to find favor with fifa. they want a piece that have fifa pie. we're talking about a multi billion dollar stateless organization that has proven to be very financially lucrative for certain people in certain nations of the world. that has stymied thee very kinds of indictments to take place. this is a day i think we should look at as the beginning of the end of fifa as we know it. because one thing i that i really think its important for listeners to understand, despite the indictments and everything we're hearing today, it's only related to one corner of the soccer world. now imagine if this starts to get kicked forward to every other corner in the world and all the way to fifa president seth blatter this is the
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beginning of the story this is the first pull on the string of a sweater this is not going anywhere. >> fifa's president is not facing charges but how much responsibility should he shoulder for the actions of those arrested including the vice presidents. >> he was not mentioned in the indictments but he was mentioned in the indictments. the statement by loretta lynch is that this goes back two decades. seth blatter's term as head of fifa is 17 years. she's effectively talking about the entire seth blatter's term. it would be foolhardy to assume there was not some effort to try to get the vice presidents who are arrested to blow the whistle and have this kick up to seth blatter, someone who has many powerful friends and many
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powerful enemies and whose arrogance, i think will prove to be his undoing particularly with the awarding of the 2018 and 2002 world 2020 world cups to russia and qatar. >> this comes one day before fifa's presidential election in zurich. two candidates pulled out cite ing disdain for fifa's culture. do you think the charges will impact tomorrow's vote. >> i think seth blatter will be re-elected, and it will once again cause fifa to be the subject of international mockery and eroded standing in its power, which will only pave the way for more problems for seth blatter. prince is 39 years old considered young and raw even in the best of circumstances he would not be competing with seth
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blatter. i think we'll see more of the same. these elections are not seen legitimate by legitimate candidates. >> swiss officials say only one of the men arrested has agreed to a quick extradition to the an united states. the other six are fighting and the u.s. now must submit a formal request to have them sent here. russia is accused of overreaching far beyond it's borders. kristen saloomey with us from brooklyn new york. a red card for international football the scope of this indictment is pretty stunning, isn't it? >> it is a sweeping indictment, and i can tell you that the court documents they handed out to the press detailling the indictment that names 14 people, including hire higher fifa officials, plus executives of sports marketing companies that
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paid more than $150 million in bribes to these fema officials in order to get the lucrative contracts that involve marketing and broadcasting fifa world events. so when they say it's a red card for soccer, yes, it's a big deal. it's a penalty but it's more than that. we're talking criminal charges that include wire fraud conspiracy racketeering, and possibly jail sentences up to 20 years on the more serious charges if these people are convicted. so a sweeping, sweeping indictment. loretta lynch, the u.s. attorney attorney, described the case as deep-seated and systemic and going back to more two generations. >> beginning in 1991, two generations of soccer officials including the then president of two regional soccer confederations under fifa, used their positions of trust within
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their respective organizations to solicit bribes from sports marketers in exchange for the commercial rights to their soccer tournaments. they did this over and over, year after year tournament after tournament. >> and the investigation is continuing. attorney general lynch said that more charges could be forthcoming, notably for now president seth blatter has not been charged in connection of today's indictment. >> boy there is going to be a lot of flipping and information that is shared with this attorney general as this investigation continues. but kristen look, how is fifa responding if at all to these allegations? >> well, we did get a comment from the fifa spokesperson. he welcomed the investigation
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saying that it will be better for fifa in the long run. >> this for fifa is good. it's not good in terms of image. it is not good in terms of peptation, but in terms of cleaning up, in terms of everything that it did in the last four years in terms of presses this is good. >> interesting that fifa says it will not change its plans for the upcoming world cups, which are due to happen in 2018 and and 2022 in russia and qatar respectively. so far those are still on track to go off as planned. >> well, no plans yet but boy i think we can see there is a potential there. i'm wondering are there any other countries considering charges against fifa, kristen? >> well, we know that swiss authorities did raid fifa
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headquarters and take hard drives and documents and they are now investigating as well. and possibly in connection with those two world cups that have yet to come upon us in 2018- in 2018-2022. of course, lots of rumors and speculation about corruption related to that as well. that seems to be what they're looking at in switzerland. >> let's see where this goes. kristen saloomey. thank you. the attorney general also spoke about the expiration of the patriot act. she said that america's ability to fend off attacks will be effected if it is allowed to expire on sunday. >> they have called the u.s. freedom act to extend these tools while addressing important and valid concerns about other aspects of the government's ability to protect data. but without action from the senate we will experience a serious lapse in our ability to protect the american people.
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today i join the president in urging the senate to work through the current recess in order to make sure that we can continue to appropriately safeguard this country and protect its citizens. >> problem said thatcitizen president obama said that there was no back up plan. the senate is set to meet in a rare session to consider what to do next. straight ahead on al jazeera america, the runner up is running again. rick santorum is running for president.
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>> another republican is joining the 2016 presidential race. there are already six people officially running. the seventh is former senator and 2012 republican said rick senator rick santorum. jonathan betz will look at the conservative's political career. >> in the last race for republican presidential nomination he was the runner up.
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>> game on. [ cheering ] >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum won the 2012 iowa caucuses and went on to capture 11 states in the campaign that appealed to social conservatives. >> the country built on the idea that rights come from god and the government's job and the one thing that the government's job is to do to protect those rights so you can form families and churches and community organizations civic groups, hospitals, schools and build a great and justice society from the bottom up. that's the conservative vision for america. that's who we are. >> though he lost the nomination to mitt romney, santorum managed to finish ahead much former house speaker knut gingrich.
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>> if isis wants to establish a seventh century caliphate let's oblige them by bombing them back to the seventh century. >> he has been the apot the apologetic voice he said: gay activists were so outraged they led a web campaign and alternative definition of santorum. the ridicule hurt him badly in pennsylvania. and in 2006 he lost the election by 18 points. he went on to practice law and
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become a news pundit. when he launched his 2012 campaign his wife and seven children by his side, he came out of nowhere in iowa. this time around santorum begins as a long shot, and unlike four years ago he won't have the evangelical support to himself. former baptist and governor mike huckabee was the darling of evangelicals in 2008. both men are compelling speakers and national rivals. but a victory in iowa or in new hampshire can serve as rocket fuel in a deep primary run. jonathan betz. age. >> the irs is promising tighter security measures and free credit monitoring after a huge edit at a breach. hackers gained access to personal information of 100,000 tax payers. >> the information they needed was simple information name, social security, birth date
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home dress. this is out there in the public domain. things that are easy to get. when we've seen the data breaches we've seen in the last couple of years that data is already in the hands of hacker communities. >> they got the information from the agency's "get transcript app." now the information was then used to cheat the irs out of close to $50 million in phoney tax returns. the app has been shut down as the agency investigates. the app has been shut down. lawmakers in nebraska are set to meet over the abolishing of the death penalty. if they succeed with the override in nebraska would be the first conservative state in four years to abolish the death penalty. higher education is big business in the united states, and private colleges charge as much as $50,000 in tuition per year.
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and students have to turn to loans to pay the bills. and paying off those debt leave some of them financially handicapped for life. >> student loan debts are a crushing burden for millions of people in the u.s. and not just young people in their 20s. rosemary andrews had a good job a marriage, and high hopes when she went back to college in her late 30s for a master's degree in business management. then her life changed. >> i was divorced, and i had health problems, and the economic down turn i no longer had the ability to make the payments. >> the loan amount grew as she deferred payments. now more than 20 years later the principle is $135,000 on her income she can barely afford to pay off the interest every month. >> oh, it's just the constant thorn in my side and noose around my neck. because it will never go away.
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>> when will you pay off this debt? >> never. when i die. >> anderson, who is 58, is one of the surprisingly large number of older u.s. residents dealing with student debt. there are about $7 million student loan borrowers in the u.s. over the age 55. and together they owe $155 billion in debt. unlike younger people who had their entire working lives to pay off the debt, older borrowers may be caught in a trap. >> i think the key difference is that retirement is right around the corner for people who are in their 50s right? someone that is 22, 25, graduating they have their whole life ahead of them. when you're 55, adding another 20 years of repayment seems overwhelming. >> and federal student loans cannot be written off through bankruptcy. the government will even tap social security to get its money
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back. >> it's a no man's land. you pay until you die or they take the money in some way or another through garnishment of wages or social security, and so when we're in this bad of a bind we have to figure out some way to help out the people in our society who needs the help the most. >> efforts to change the federal student loan system in congress have gone nowhere. anderson said she's proud that she got her education but having the debt overshadow those accomplishments is depressing. >> if i had committed a crime, i would have more options for redemption and forgiveness if you will, then i do with my student loan debt. there is no--is no forgive giveness. there is no out. it's just there. growing. every day. >> trapped in a modern day debtors prison. sentenced to life. al jazeera santa cruz, california. >> and coming up on al jazeera america. >> there is no safe place to
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talk about this. the community-- >> we hear from somalia-american mothers afraid their sons will join isil. what they're doing to prevent that were happening. and the surprisingly good news on hunger around the world.
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>> isil has carried out a series of suicide attacks in iraq. killing at least 55 people. the military spokesman said 17 iraqi soldiers were among the dead. the convoy was traveling to anbar province to try and retake that area from isil fighters. you know there are growing fears about isil's influence on young muslims in the united states. last month in minneapolis six men were arrested after they allegedly made plans to head overseas to join isil. that city is home to the country's largest somali community. diane estherbrook spoke with some somali mothers who worry about their sons being recruited. >> there is no safe place to talk about this. the community is terrified.
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>> the somali-american mothers say they live in constant fear that isil and groups like it could target their sons. >> this hits home when it comes from your own city, your own community, and it's all boys. inin minute minneapolis six young men were arrested. >> what is your thoughts when these young men were arrested. >> shocked beyond shock. >> the men all friends recruited each other to travel to syria to join isil. >> do you think it's unsafe for your kids? in the community i'm saying? >> i was talking to another mother wondering what she's doing for her son this is summer. she said oh yes there is this soccer summer program and there is this guy teaching and all that, of course the first thing that comes to my mind, is it
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safe? is it safe? do you know them? there is an element in the community, bad elements in the community, you know. it's not been clearly identified. we don't know who they are. >> in mogadishu you'll found a clash of cultures and generation. you'll signed somali-born parents deeply connected to their culture but their kids identify more with america. this woman's three kids come home to a traditional islamic home. but her kids embrace american culture. she said she understands why some young somali americans feel disconnected. >> you have kids who are going to school not understanding how
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to do their home work. many somali moms say that there are not many resources available to her kids in minneapolis. >> christina lobbies daily for money for somali youth. >> has it been hard in minnesota. >> especially, it's not easy especially when it's your first time. >> a few weeks ago we were told that there is support for the funding. >> is it a priority? >> we need to do everything possible to give our young somalis a sense of this is a better homeland and opportunity and if you want to change the world, this is the place to do it. >> however on saturday day tan vetoed a bill that included $280,000 for the program. but says he's still backs the project and awaits an amended
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bill. >> it's just the world sometimes is so cruel. >> diane estherbrook. minneapolis. >> stunning success defeating hunger worldwide. the u.n. said despite natural disasters and political instability, more than 200 million people are no longer suffering from hunger. even though the world's population has increased by nearly 2 billion people. the u.n. credit is improving agriculture and social services for pushing down the number of hungry people around the world. that is all of our time. thank you for being with us. i'm tony harris in new york city. the news continues next live from london.
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>> hello there i'm felicity barr. this is the news hour live from london. coming up seven top officials of fifa are arrested for bribely charges and investigations into russia and qatar and their world cups. arrests made where fifa president is now