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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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finally ancient remanents of -- a wooden temple from stone age were torched on saturday. the site wasn't marked and organizers of the festival have apologized. for the damage. >> more on some of our stories on our website, al jazeera come. these are unprecedented and difficult times. for fifa. >> 5235's opresident breaks his silence over corruption charges against some of soccer's top leaders. texas prepares for more rain after historic flooding the search for the missing as rivers continue can to rise. and an investigation after the u.s. military accidentally ships live
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anthrax across can the country, and to a military base overseas. more than 24 hours after some of soccer top officials were arrested the president is breaking his silence. vowing to cooperate with the led investigation. he said the arrests and allegations have brought shame and humiliation to his organization but he blamed a small minority of people. many people hold mow responsible for the global community.
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we or i cannot monitor everybody all the time. if peep want to do wrong. >> he was hoping to win a fifth term as president but this week's arrest could threaten to end his time in charge. jonathon with more. 17 years after winning the first aelection.
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critics say he has failed to perform the emergency process for host nations for major events.
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>> if they won those competitions it should be rerun, and call canned into question the question of whether he should be allowed to be a candidate for the fifa presidency. >> hissed on challengers who has been out spoken about the need for more transparency. >> we should have nothing to hide. it belongs to the world as a whole. >> critics hope the shakily matter from the top. >> he is the most despicable man at the top. and they seem to be pretending that nothing is happening. >> key can sponsors are putting pressure on fifa to clean up it's act. at least one with major sponsor is putting pressure. >> fifa brings in about $400 million in sponsorship money each year, the big sponsors have made it clear
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they want to see changes quickly. the most serious threat comes from visa, the company said it will reassess the sponsorship, unless fifa makes changes now. coca-cola has been a sponsor since 1950, the controversy hasn't thattished the mission and ideal oz if world cup can, and nike is believed to be the u.s. sported company implicate canned in the scheme in the indictment. nike says it is against bribery and is cooperating with authorities. some say it is unlikely sponsor willed pull out all together any time soon, their investments make them money, adidas, fifa's outest sponsor sold more than $2.5 billions in soccer gear thanks to the world cup can. >> inesse reporting okay, more severe weather is possible today in flood battered texas and oklahoma. athletes 21 people died in those two states. the threat of the rising have people leaving their houses.
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but before evacuated they are trying to prepare their homes for a possible onslaught of water, in hard hit texas boys body was found in the river, authorities are trying to identify the child, three children were among eight people missing from two families a vacation home that swept away in floodwaters. we are still recruiting volunteers to join our search and recover cannery team. if you would like to volunteer, please be aware of the extremely difficult condition cans including heat rain, and rough terrain. safety must come first. >> well, eight piers people have started burning debris in an effort to clear their land. searchers want that stop until all the miss having been found, houston is also cleaning up from flooding and storm damage, flood waters and severe rains destroyed thousands of homes and buildings. the city suffers some of it's worst flooding in years and are still under water now
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hundreds of people are returning home to assess the damage. >> the wattser so horrific, it isn't just what you visually see, it is how it is leeches into the properties of the sheetrock, it is how it leeches into the wood. we are taking all of the furniture out and have to let it dry so we can see what happened with it. >> houston firefighters have responded to more than 500 calls for walter related rescues. president obama spoke about the flooding and the government response. >> they appear to have the assets they need at this stage. to respond but this' going to be a lot of rebuilding and we as a nation are going to have to help the same we do any time that folks are effected by these natural disasters. >> the president was at the national hurricane center where he talks about the impact of climate change on the severity of disasters and government forecasters say
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there could be can six to 11 major storms this summer. with half of hem developing into hurricanes. the pentagon says human error was not that blame for the mistaken shipping of live anthrax. army chief of staff general said a short time ago it says proper procedures were followed as john henry smith tells us it is not clear what went with wrong. >> well, exposure to anthrax can be quite fatal the centers for disease control estimates that exposure leads to death in 85% of cases. that's why authorities aren't taking any chance cans with with the people that came in the contact with this inadvertently dangerous cargo. >> officials say a frightening mistake was made at doug way proving ground in utah. anthrax samplers were supposed to be rendered inactive before sent to labs. but a test of the samples that remained in utah revealed some of them to be
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life but by that time, a sample had already been sent to a military research lab in maryland. and the maryland lab in turn, center pas of that samp to labs in eight other states. as well as to a u.s. air force base in south korea. certainly no members of the public have been exposed to the contained on the air base which can is an. >> the maryland lab only discovered that the samples are alive after they had already been shipped. >> in maryland and 22 of the base are being treated for possible exposure, the pentagon says the live samples have been destroyed. and that investigators are visiting every lab that received anthrax samples originated from dug wow pap meanwhile the c.d.c. are trying to figure out what
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went wrong. >> it is worth noting that while these type of anthrax samples are routinely sent via commercial carriers the pentagon points to a more likely cull britt in this case, less stringent protocols due to the fact that the personnel that sent them believed those samples to be inactive. back to you. >> weighing in on an international dispute the defense secretary urges china to stop building islands in the south china sea plus another day another candidate, a former new york governor joins the feed, trying to become the next president of the united states.
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>> and group says at least 70 of them. on going fighting isil also targets.
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to fight isil in the province, but many iraqis say their government has ignored them as enron can reports they are demanding the operation, be sunni led not a responsibility of shia militias. sunni fighters take an oath at the air base. >> after the criticism of deploying shia militias in the anbar province the government is trying to recruit more groups. which is accused of pursuing sectarian. >> it was sunni fighting force which is won the battle seven years ago to get rid of al quaida and iraq, a predecessor to ice sill. >> the government re-negged on the promise to bring them into the national army, and abandoned them.
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their asked for international help, there is no hope from this public government at all, and the battle won't be over any time soon. >> tribes are suspicious of militias because of anbar's politics. shia militias have been blamed for revenge attacks.
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>> now they brought to you by the government, some of the propaganda, the government says they are about information. they are promoting the idea that the fight against isil is a fight for all of iraqis. just adipometers away, they have put untheir own posters praising the roll, highlighting and promote sectarian language. it is this kind of imagery that has the population both worries and angry. al jazeera, baghdad. >> defense secretary ash carter issuing his sharp ohs warning yet to over reclamation projections in the sea. what is happening here? the rhetoric is intensifying over the last week? >> absolutely. it's been ratcheting up, now the sen moan in hawaii, he delivered his most forceful comments about efforts to lay claim of most of the sea. now, china has been turning
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tiny reefs into artificial islands and carter says that has to stop immediately warning that washington will flex it's military muscle when and where needed. >> china is out of step where both international norms that underscore the asia pacific security architecture and the regional consensus in favor of a noncoercive approach to this and other long standing disputes and the ink creasing demand for american engangment. we will remain the principle security power in the the asia pacific for decades to come. >> now carter's comments come on the heels of a paper published by beijing earlier this week, signaling a major expansion of china's military defense perimeter to the open seas which includes the area f oz the south china sea now the reason this is so controversial, is six countries countries have overlapping territorial claims, one of those countries is the philippines that's a key can u.s. ally, so it is an armed
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conflict breaks out over disputed territories the u.s. could can get drawn in to it's treaty commitment. repeatedly ignored areas to leaf an area near the islands one of those places where they are building islands that included an airstrip and army barracks. >> so tell me about this, an editorial one of the state run newspapers what can you tell me? that is one of the state run tabloids and it basically said that a conflict between china and the u.s. would be unavoidable if the u.s. continues to meddle in the sea. >> something certainly to keep an eye on, the former new york governor is running the ever the 2016 nomination, he made a formal announcement this morning. it is to preserve and protect that freedom for future
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generations that i speak. it is to preserve and protect that freedom that this morn announce i am a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. he also release add video today, he served as u.s. governor for three terms but he is not someone most americans remember. he was the governor of new york when september 112-0012 planes slammed into the world trade center, killing nearly 3,000 people. a city and a national left reeling. >> everything that can can be done to safe every lime is being done, and we will continue can to make sure that is a priority. >> in the days and months that followed the governor was tasked with trying to manhattan rebuild. with some $10 billions in federal funds. >> when our work is done, the
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history of lower manhattan will have been written not by the terrorist whose attacked our city, but by the millions of new yorker whose stood up to defend it. and who worked so hard to rebuild it. >> as new yorkers begin the pain staking process of trying to heal, thoughts turned to ground zero. rebuilding project turned into a political struggle and a design nightmare. 9/11 families were infour rated when he refused to even consider a plan to rebuild the iconic twin towers and make them stronger, taller, and safer instead he supported an wielding design known as the freedom tower. that's not how he views his fate. >> you can't can worry about what you can't control you
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can control your ideas and vision and how hard you work. >> he began as political career as mayor of his hometown. later going on to be elected to state assembly and then state senate. in 1994, he ran for governor, against three term incumbent dome defeating him in a stunning upset. he himself went on to serve three consecutive terms as governor of new york state. since then, he has been an attorney and championed causes as chairman of a group called revere america he traveled around the country campaigning against the affordable care act he has toyed with with the idea of running for president before, in 2008, and in 2012. >> you know i kid that every four years there's the olympics the world cup and he shows up thinking about running for president and that seems to be true, but in
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all seriousness this time things are different. i look at what is happening in the world and i have never seen the world in my lifetime as in flames assed the today. this time around he is serious, there is even a super pack. as a relative moderate, he has a record as an environmentalist and has support add woman's right to choose. and supporters believe his moderation could help them stand out in a crowded field. saint or sinner why native americans are angry.
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the agency is proposing pesticide free zones. this is part of a initiative to help stop the drop in the bee p posterlation. at 1 point last year, the bee population declined by 40% a vatican decision over sainthood is angering some in california, pope francis announced plans to cannonnize an 18th century spanish missionary. he spread christianity in the then unsettled territory, but native americans said he also
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destroyed their communities. the vatican and it's new era of pope francis. one of it's missions brings the church closer to the people part of that, the cannonnization he would be the first latino state in the united states. here is a kind of evangelizer he hopes we can all be. put our lives o. line he brought christianity to california's shores, setting off system of missions along the coast spreading the gospel, in this distant outpost of the spanish empire. two or 300 years later many remain active. the missions fatherhood established were just beautiful places, but for some native americans these were prisons essentially forced to work in the
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missions forced to stay in the missions and forced into christianity. >> whether by does or the baseball of a gun, best estimates say some 100,000 died in the decades following the establishment. for indians the impending cannonnization is an affront. >> we talks about in the negative there's nobody who talks about him in the positive. they are tribes vastly down sized gathering like this allow american indians to celebrate but also in the many ways cling to what is left of their culture to many here spanish rule destroys them we look at it as our people were devastated what happened and it effected
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our culture. our whole livelihood. >> a failed attempt to assimilate other cultures into a more dominant culture. by choice or force some 5,000 were baptized during the administration, he may have had the best of intentions but today he would see little gratitude expressed here. the 7th of the 21 in the state and where andrew a decedent of those very mission indians converted works as curator. >> galvins is the minority voice. >> i belief he was one of the
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champions of native people, because he founded mission san francisco and my ancestors were here during the mission period. that he champions protecting my ancestors. as a native american, and knowing the history of native americans in the missions how do you reckon can seal that i belief he is a very very holy person who lived in a very very difficult situation. vincent medina disagrees. it is a bit of a family feud, he is galvin's cause can sin. >> he is my cause can sin and, i love him i also understand that cannonnizing someone to me is cannonnizing the mission in general. where there is suffering there is pain, there was death, there was diseases. and what i see is beingthny
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sized. criticism of the decision has prompt add response from the church the arch diocese published the following. the most prominent founding father in california's history, as such, his history has been presented as two extremes. the statement goes on to say a staunch advocate ever for the native americans he fear leslie confront add government on many occasions to better their situation. california today would not be the same without him. the two sides clearly look through vastly different lenses. the mission at caramel is where sara was with based and where he buried. do you think eventually some native americans will at least understand the point of view? again, we hope for moderation. gone you have to balance that. there's other cultures involved here, many of our
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latino people are thrilled over this cannonnization. this will be the first latin american saint of the united states. >> pope francis has declared this year the sainthood would full fit that spirit. a discovery suggests that the human family tree is more complicated than thought. jawbones dating back nearly 3.5 million years. they are believed to belong to four individuals with both ape and human like features. the knew species is call add close relative in the language spoken by the people of ethiopia's afar region. that is all of our time, thank you for joining us, the news continues next, life from london.
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this is the news hour, live from london. >> we, o i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. >> he says he can't be held responsible for the corruption scandal. where the head of