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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i take the responsibility to bring back fifa. >> seth blatter wins another term as head of fifa despite the scandal gripping fifa. ♪ >> hello there i'm julie mcdonald this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. [ gunfire ] >> news are aal nusra front rebels take over idlib province. u.s. formerly removes cuba from its state sponsor of terrorism list. the man behind the silk road
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drug website is sentenced to life in prison. hello, good to have you with us. seth blatter has been elected to a fifth term despite the scandal of fifa. fifa is in its worst crisis amid corruption and accusations. >> it was a confused and somewhat anti-climactic end in
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fifa. blatter was free to begin a fifth term as fifa president. >> i thank you that you have accepted me that for the next four years i will be in command of this boat called fifa, and we will bring her back. >> it is a process. it is not about empowering wrong doing and then rooting it out.
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our path on the way to the future must be led by the creation of a culture of transparency inclusiveness inclusiveness. >> something for the associations to think about with two-thirds majority to win. blatter's vote was just short of that but his rival pulled out. >> i don't want them to be in any more trouble. taking a stand so that's why i did it. >> blatter has spend decades building a global association.
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>> do you not think that time is for change after all the corruption? >> not for new. for today blatter. maybe for future. >> ahead of the governing body, they hepatitis-b latter with its first win in 1998. this week he asked him to resign. uefa said the option of pulling out of fifa will be discussed. >> let's go fifa, let's go fifa. thank you, thank you so much. >> seth blatt er has always been a divisive character beyond the walls. but he does still have the majority of support he needs. he has effectively created the
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world's most powerful and lucrative football club, and the last thing that many on the inside want is meaningful change. andy richardson. >> palestine has dropped it's ask to drop israel from fifa. the demonstrators werallying in what they call racism and free movement of players in response to the dropped motion, they have sent observers to monitor the situation. >> the islamic state in iraq and the levant is claiming responsibility for a bombing outside of a shia mosque in saudi arabia. it went over in the eastern city of damla killing four people and wounding four others. a man wearing a woman's clothing
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is said to have blown himself up. last friday a suicide-bomber killed 21 people. isil forces have been making gains in libya. they have taken control of the civilian airport in the city of sirt. the city is mostly under isil control. in syria activists say that rebels from the al nusra front is recapturing several villages, forcing regime forces to withdraw from the area. the syrian network for human rights said that they executed detainees as they withdrew from the area. they're now targeting the town with airstrikes. syria borders turkey and the coast.
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>> another gain for syrian rebels in northern idlib province. the coalition of rebels which includes al nusra front fighters allied with al-qaeda they now control the town, the last major stronghold for the regime in the province. >> thank god we liberated a town in just few hours. i swear they ran like rats. >> after days of ongoing battles, regime soldiers have left. the state's news agencies said that the forces have pulled out to regroup. >> some people are scared that the regime will destroy the town using barrel bombs. >> you rebels have also moved onto the village in the western countryside killing a number of government soldiers.
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>> hezbollah has announced it may big gains in the area with lebanon two weeks ago. but with fighters carrying out hit-and-run attacks. more than 40 hezbollah fighters are said to have been killed since fighting started earlier this month.
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it's wear both sides get weapons and reinforcements. fighting in syria's multiple battle fronts continue to intensify. too many warring factions are battling themselves and government forces. it is not clear who will win. al jazeera. >> continuing efforts to take the city of ramadi and anbar province. 85,000 have fled from ramadi since it fell to isil forces on may 17th. the united nations say that iraqi forces are preventing many of the displace from reaching safety of the number of rebel fighters in the area increasing. >> the black flags raised by isil last week, an eerie echo raised by insurgents a week ago.
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>> it feeds into the notion that isil is on the march and it's march is inevitable. it's suggest because it's a sunni majority city in a sunni majority province. it's significant because it's one step closer to baghdad. >> this type of threat is nothing new. between 2003 and 2007 the strategic city is said to become a base for foreign fighters who wanted to exploit anger towards the shia-led government. until sunni tribes supported by the u.s. turned their weapons on insurgents and largely drove them out. this year, however, it was iraqi security forces being driven out. with the fall of ramadi isil now controls a vital and seemingly open supply root route for its fighters and weapons.
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it's no surprise that iraqi army soldiers were i'll equipped ill equipped to fight. >> there was a large a lot of their best talent for over the last decade or so were pushed out of the armed services and into the private sectors. some of those people have gone and joined isis. >> experts say repression of sunni descent between 2011 and 2013 was for many a breaking point. >> all the calls for unified government goes for their rights
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and their calls to be part of the unified government. >> during that time sunnies accused nouri al-maliki of depriving and marginalizing them because of his sectarian policies. [ gunfire ] protesters were killed as government forces fired at them. and then anger and animosity has only grown. now the situation is even worse. as the united states and iraq engage in a war of words about who is to blame for failing to stop isil, boths are wage war on the streets against their common enemy. one still very much on the march. al jazeera. >> well, in the southern city of aden reported clashes where dozens of people were killed or injured. thoseforces loyal to ousted
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president abd rabbuh mansur hadi targeted the area. still ahead muhammadu buhari is sworn in as nigeria's new present, and the unesco has stop short of putting the reef on the danger list.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. seth blatter has been elected as
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fifa president for a fifth term. the armed group isil has claimed responsibility for bombing outside of a shia mosque. the blast went off during friday prayers killing four people and wounding four others. fighters afillated al nusra front battle to hold on the opportune in idlib province. muhammadu buhari was sworn in as nigeria's new president. he grew cheers when he said he would take charge against the boko haram group. he also would tackle huge
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economic problems thanks to drops in oil prices which is 90% of the country's experts and 70% of government revenues. we have more from abuja. >> president buhari was importantsworn in, it was an historical occasion because it was the first transfer of power from one democratic leader to another to end the since the end of military rule in 1999.
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the outgoing president goodluck jonathan sat next to buhari. he thanked him for accepting defeat during elections in march. after being sworn in the new president gave his inaugural speech. he said the world had come to expect the worse but that nigeria had surprised the world conducting a free, fair peaceful election that brought him to power. he promised to fight corruption and unemployment and improve security. >> you there is a sense in the u.s. something that frustrates me a lot that nigeria and other countries can have a democratic transition or election, and i think those days are over. >> outside of the venue thousands of buhari supporters
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tried to get in to watch the ceremony. today we now need to show our happiness, as the masses of this country. >> celebrations to mark this historic event across nigeria. yvonne ndege al jazeera,. >> a bombing has killed seven people in a wedding in borno state. the explosions went off minutes apart during the ceremony. there. has been another grenade
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attack killing one person. it follows weeks of violent protest against the president's decision to run for a third term. >> people are scared. the crowd ran on to see what is going on. >> it's a good thing. you can see here. no one is working. we don't know what could happen next. >> there will be a parliamentary election in a few days. people fear that they'll see more of these attacks. the police are trying to calm people down. it's working for some. it's not working for others.
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more of this could happen. >> hundreds of supporters in egypt's deposed president mohamed morsi once again taking to the streets of cairo and giza to rally against its removal. supporters want him reinstated as the country's leader. the italian cost guard has coordinated the rescue of migrants from the mediterranean on friday. it also found others. the coordination center dispatched the navy ship to the aid of others on a sinking boat. myanmar's navy has rescued a
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boat just days after finding another boat full of 200 migrants. it says it is full of bengallys a term they use to describe rohingyas that they say are not citizens. we have this report. >> thailand planned this meeting weeks ago just after the migrant boats were discovered adrift in the sea. packed with desperate rohingya from bangladeshi migrants. many are still out there. nation's directly involved and indirectly came together to coordinate the crisis. regional countries agreed to set up an anti-trafficking task force. thailand and malaysia agreed to use air bases in the search and rescue operation.
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but there was disagreement behind the mass migration. myanmar accused of inaccurately placing blame. >> of a legal status for all. >> but the u.n. refugee status said it's focused on stemming the deadly november people for the long term. >> we are not in the business of finger pointing at all. we are looking at this situation comprehensively and that includes looking at some of the root causes. >> the meeting according to those who set it up gave nation who is have criticized the actions of regional players a chance to participate. >> people who have expressed concern, this is an opportunity to really help in finding a solution. >> u.s. and australia together donated over $6 million to help with the crisis. so the agreement at the end of the day was focused on saving those in danger. but the more difficult task that had no resolution coming out of
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the meeting and that's how to improve people's lives so they're not willing to put themselves in danger in the first place. al jazeera. bangkok. >> united states has dropped cuba from its state list of state sponsor of terrorism. it dropped it from the list to restore diplomatic ties between the two countries. a cautious step of optimism is building. there won no progress coming off that list. there is a sense of cautious optimism here. there is excitement and some doubt about the future as well, but overall cautious optimism. but remember this is only incremental step. if you were to lift the trade
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embargo here, it's a long way down the line, you might see more of a reaction on the streets. but that is a long way away from now. in the meantime the next step is the embassies opening the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. and the american embays is. now it looks after u.s. interests here in cuba, but it's very dilapidated. the roof is leaking and needs new renovation. but the renovation could be around the corner. people here are saying there could be an announcement in the next week or so, and all the time united states of america is just 90 miles over there. >> the man behind silk road, a drug website has been sentenced. he was convicted of charges of
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drug trafficking. we have been following the trial in new york and describe the scene in court when the verdict was handed down. >> it was a very emotional scene in the courtroom on all sides. in stark contrast to the trial. which was very technical and dealt with a lot of details about how the silk road operated and how the government had managed to identify the dread pirate roberts the screen name for the administrator of the sight. how they managed to link that to russ ulbrecht. the judge heard from prosecutors to try to show what ulbrecht did was, in fact not a victimless crime. he had two parents come before the judge, a mother and father who each lost a son to drug overdoses with drugs bought on the silk road. in one case the young man was
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found with his computer opened to the silk road. annual torn open from the delivery that he had just received from theing silk road of heroin. prosecutors argued that the judge should give very harsh sentence in order to send a message that this kind of crime was not going to be tolerated by the government. >> well, the united nations her stageheritage you necessary coast decided not to butt the the barrier reef on the danger list. >> the great barrier reef is one of the world's natural wonders. but it's won that is under threat. coal export ports are being built across the coast. mud has been dumped at sea. farming has polluted the reef's
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waters. youunesco had threatened to put the reef on its endangered list. a move that would have been embarrassing on australia's government. >> already we've seen an 11% reduction. 16% reduction in nitrogen and 28% reduction in pesticides according to the figures. >> the action has been enough to per said unesco for now not to declare the reef endangered. instead it will keep the reef on its watch list effectively deferring the decision. it still wants attention paid to the impacts of its development and has concern over the coral and fish to date. many are disappointed that the
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endangered label won't be applied. >> i turn 30 this year. and in my lifetime half the reef is gone. had the oprah house been demolished there would be no question of saying it's in danger. >> australia's government has not been given the all clear but others have pointed to the endanger label won't be applied. >> the australian government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying unesco members not to decline the barrier reef endanger. it said that past bad practice has been stopped. unesco's draft decision said that the government has just spoke up but the custodian of the reef is still on watch. >> a volcano has erupted on a remote japanese island. more than 100 people have been ordered to evacuate. it exploded on friday morning
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sending smoke high in the air. japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the band that ignited a punk rock revolution. >> pain, suffering, the disenfranchised, unnecessary poverty, class warfare, all of these issues bother me greatly. >> he was a man who generated headlines and controversy. famous, of course, for his hit "god save the queen".