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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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and his home town ten years after katrina... >> what's the biggest problem right now. >>, stop bullets... >> every tuesday night. go one on one with america's movers and shakers. gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm david shuster. coming up today the obama administration formerly removed cuba from the state state sponsor list of terrorism. one police officer have been rescued. the search of victims keeps ending in heartbreak. and what has happened to baltimore. police officers say they are
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they are afraid to try to make arrests. >> we begin this hour, a very big step from the obama administration in the u.s. relationship with cuba. fay secretary of state john kerry formerly removeed cuba from the state list of terrorism. mike viqueira joins us live from washington explain the significance of this move, and what happens next? >> reporter: well, david, it was a major impediment of formalizing relations after president obama's dramatic announcement. he had met with raul castro president of cuba at a latin americaen summit in panama. and shortly after that historic
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handshake and meeting, president obama announced he would be removing cuba from a list of state sponsor of trim kept by the u.s. ghost.. congress had a right to challenge the move but it did not do it. the two countries have not had formal relations for 54 years. >> members of congress said they were against restoring ties with cuba. why didn't they take action to block it? go basically because they didn't have the votes to do so. john boehner speaker of the house, put out a message that
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the administration keeps giving many things in this move, but not receiving anything return. but john boehner did not put anything on the floor to challenge this ruling. there are still some under brush that needs to be cleared away. there have been four rounds of talks since that meeting in december. they're trying to address the nuts and bottles bolts to formalize relations. the facility is not an embassy now, but it will be soon. the emabout as isabout embassy say that it feels like a buffer, and the united states wants its diplomats to be able to travel freely throughout cuba.
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we understand significant progress has been made. the fourth round of talks was in washington last week, and perhaps a dramatic announcement fully formalizing relations the embassies in the coming weeks. >> thank you. the decision today by the obama administration was not exactly unexpected in cuba. government leaders in havana have long insisted that any normalization of relation was rechoir rechoir removing cuba from the state sponsor of terrorism list. >> it's another obstacle removed, and something that had to happen. there would be no progress without comic off that list. we heard the relief of reconciliation can continue. it is said interest is cautious optimism here, excite of some doubt about the future as well, but over all a cautious
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optimism. remember this is only incremental step. if you were to suddenly lift the trade embargo here, which is congress' decision, or lift the travel ban you might see more of a reaction on the streets. but that is a long way away from now. in the meantime the next step is the embassyies opening the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. and opening the u.s. embassy in havana. now it looks after u.s. interests here in cuba, but it's very dilapidate: the roof is leaking and it needs knew air conditioning. renovationings could be around the corner,. >> the u.s. senate is scheduled to be in session this sunday. senators are trying to decide whether to extend sections of
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the patriot act. through the years the act has been used to justify the nsa's phone record collection program. there are warnings of desire results if certain parts of the act are not renewed by sunday's deadline. libby casey joins us live from washington with the latest on that. libby? >> david, president obama took a moment to address reporters after he warned that the government's ability to track and capture enemy who engage in terrorist activities could be compromised if the senate does not act by the midnight sunday deadline. >> i don't want us to be in a situation in which for a certain period of time those authorities go away and suddenly we're dark, and heaven for bid we've got a problem where we could have prevented a terrorist attack.
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>> the senate is coming in on sunday to debate these operator act provisions and what to do. now there is the most controversial aspect of it which deals with the mass data collection of american phone records. the house has come up to an alternative to that. the freedom bill that keeps those records out of government's hands say the tell come companies have to hang onto them and the government can get them for specific purposes. but president obama said this are other parts of the patriot act that will expire, roving wiretaps the ability to track lone wolf terrorist. the white house is giving warning not just to defend it generally, but call out mitch mcconnell and other individuals will be held responsible. >> libby what is the expectation both at the white house and on capitol hill whether this is going to get resolved on sunday? >> it is an unusual situation. there is certainly a chance the
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patriot act could expire on sunday night if they don't hit this midnight deadline. they could try to come up with an extension but that leaves them in a lump because the house does not come in until next week after the deadline and government officials have said that they've already winding down some programs or preparing to wind them down, and they really have an even sunday deadline before things come to a halt. now many people are saying that it would be temporary, and as long as they come up with something next week they can keep moving forward. but we see an odd situation where the likes of rand paul are aligned with members of the senate. they don't want to see the operator act renewed but mitch mcconnell does not want to sighsee it expire. it will be a nail biter david. >> thank you. the president of soccer's international governing body won re-election even though his
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organization fifa is in turmoil. seth blatter is set to start a fifth term and one of his first acts prevent the fall out of fifa executives. >> it's general amazement. this man who has been in charge for so long could get re-elected. if you think of fifa seth blatter as a game of football, he is in extra time. but the question is will he be sent off before his personal game is over? >> it's business as usual at fifa. >> thank you. i thank you that you accepted me me that for the next four years i will be in command of this boat called fifa. >> just days after seven fifa officials were arrested, and the bombshell indictment by the u.s.
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justice department set blatter in charge for 16 years is now back for his fifth term at the top. >> i'm not perfect. nobody is perfect but we'll do a good job together, i'm sure. i thank you so much. ithanki thank you for the trust and confidence. trust and confidence, together we go. let's go fifa. let's go fifa. thank you. >> minutes before his only challengeer brings ali of jordan conceded after blatter failed to win enough votes for an outright victory. >> i want to thank you in particular those who were brave enough to support me. but i will withdraw from the race. >> voting took time. delegate piling in two boths to cast their selection. each one with a block of votes from his or her own country. there were choice words from
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mr. blatter. >> we heard him say that he would bring the ship into harbor but he said the same thing four years ago but now it is worse. >> the reaction from europe where blatter had minutial support, mr. cass swift condemnation by prime minister david cameron. >> he should go. you cannot have accusations of corruption at this level and only this scale in this organization. and pretend that the person currently leading it is the right person to take it forward. that cannot be the case. we've seen the ugly side of the beautiful game and he should go. >> with ugly charges hanging over fifa officials and blatter saying he's the man to steer the association away from the scandal now the next meeting of
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european soccer officials in berlin has on the agenda the possibility of european teams pulling out of the world cup in russia in 2018. >> it's the clearest sign yet that the re-election of seth blatter may not be the end of the matter. >> and that you way at a uefa meeting will take place and we have yet to hear from sponsors, big names they could have a say in all this as well. >> john terrett, thank you. in texas the torrential rains hammering that state this week have led to more than a few stunning moments of drama captured and broadcast by local television stations as raging waters surrounded a rescue vehicle. the officer is lifted to safety with a lifeline. emergency responders use the hovercraft to save a woman who was trapped in her car. you see it there. the recent storms have killed at
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least 21 people in texas and four in oklahoma. al jazeera's highy heidi zhou castro is in texas. what is the mood there? >> hey david, i think the mood towards mother nature is disbelief and exasperation. we've seen a trillion gallons of waterfall in the state just this month. the national weather service said that's enough to cover the entire state with eight inches of rain. dallas is the latest to be hit with the overnight storm that stalled over the city. this morning is where we saw that dramatic video. we found an officer who was pulled from his squad car bay helicopter when rising floodwaters surrounded his vehicle. and in that same area there was a person who had to rescue a person on a motorized raft. and we saw these rescues all
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over the city. hundreds of them overnight. sadly rescue workers did find a man who had died when he was trapped in his car that was flooded with part. that brings the total death toll to 5 people who lost their lives since the memorial day since the weather hit. >> what's the situation in terms of the reporting. police officers and others have found themselves stuck. are people just overwhelmed with the amount of information and not able to track what's open and what's not? >> i think so. you know, dallas is not a city surrounded by water. it's rare that this kind of flooding would ever happen. there were a lot of people on highways and unfortunately quite a few people who did not heed or did not know the warnings of not driving into standing waters. in dallas there were hundreds of people caught off guard when water blocked the highway and they could not go any further. they were stuck inside their car or waiting outside for more than
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five hours until cranes could remove the sides of the highway so those people could turn around and get out of there. >> thank you. >> new revised estimates in the commerce department shows that america america's economy shrank in the first three months of the year. ali velshi is here to explain the numbers. ali, what's going on? >> we've been talking about gdp and for a lot of people they just glaze over. it's estimated once and then it's revised several times. you don't find out, it's a rear view mirror kind of thing. but the government revised gdp estimate for the first three months of 2015 we found that the size of the economy shrank by .7 of a percent when compared to the final three months, which is the first three months of of 2014. it showed the economy growing by
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.2%, we thought it was going to be up by .2 but it was down by .7. three things are said to have weighed on the economy in the first three months of this year. unusually heavy snowfalls, a rising there are, which has made u.s. exports more expensive, so we're selling fewer of them, and labor disputes that disrupted the west coast ports. the government revised other figures today. we have a bigger trade deficit which means we're buying more than exporting. that has to do with the dollar. lower business ener inventories and a slight dip in consumer spending. however, they expect to rebound in the second three months, that's the quarter that we're in april may and june. forecasters are predicting 2% growth. that slump is going to weigh on the year and economists are predicting the worse six-month performance of this economy finishes 2011.
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>> that would suggest that this is not an anomaly, it's a retraction for for a couple of months? >> we have to see trends and understand what is going on before we read too much into the revised figures. the slump in output was probably temporary. the economy appears to be rebounding the reports on housing and business plans show some momentum. job prospects where college grads coming out of the class of 2015 are looking okay. they enjoy a jobless rate that is below the average for the past 40 years. that's a good sign. if that trend continues we could see wages going upward maybe by the end of this year and forward. that's one thing that americans need to make this economy feel this recovery feel more real. the federal reserve still feels confident enough to stick with their plan to raise interest rates later this year. this is important for people buying a house. one gdp revision probably won't
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change that but if we see another three months of negative growth this period that we're in if it's not the percent that they think it will be, i'll let you. >> what else is coming on. >> ian bremer, founder of a company called eurasia company. we're debating foreign policy. he said that there are three choices that america can take and we're going to discuss those on the show tonight. >> looking forward to it. ali velshi, thanks as always. you can watch" ali velshi on target" right here at 10:30 on al jazeera america. a jetliner flying over new york city this morning nearly cloudied with a drone. the shuttle america flight was on final approach to laguardia airport from washington, d.c. the authorities say that the crew reported the drone at 2700 feet above a park in brooklyn. the pilate climbed 200 feet to avoid a collision.
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and then circled back to laguardia and landed the jet safely. just ahead congressional leader known for being squeaky clean. but now former house speaker dennis hastert indicted for misconduct. and violence on the rise. police say it's related to policy changes following the death of freddie gray.
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>> today the u.s. military said it accidently shipped more anthrax than initially thought. pentagon officials acknowledged the mistake yesterday and said the public was never in any danger. the military ordered a sweeping review of its handling of anthrax. we're learning more about
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the miscontact allegations of dennis hastert. a male said that he was abuseed by hastert years ago when he was a teacher and wrestling coach. he's charged with charge when he started paying hush money. hastert is not at loan. he's charged with breaking the law. these are just former lawmakers from the state of illinois. jason johnson from hyrum college and al jazeera political contributor, he joins us from atlanta. what do you make of the hastert story? >> this is one of those times when the state prosecutors are high fiving each other and saying we did a good job.
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to go back--we can say that this is about dennis hastert misusing money, but really this is getting after what is a 30-year cold case of possible sexual abuse. i think that's what they're really trying to get through. they're very proud of themselves at this point. >> the statute of limitations had passed on misconduct allegations, so they see him withdrawing money and violating wire transfer laws and figure this is how we can get him. >> this is how all the great criminal master minds and gangsters in the 20's were caught. when i said this indictment, it was interesting. the fbi did not pursue the gentleman he was making payments to for extortion. that's telling that they didn't think someone who was being paid $3 million was extorting dennis hastert. obviously what he did was so heinous they thought that that was the greater crime than him
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having to to pay $3 million. >> i wonder if this changes what we were looking at covering the end of 1998, bill clinton was facing impeachment proceedings in the house. bob livingston becomes the house speaker and resigns because of his extramarital affair. they can't decide who is the house speaker. so it's dennis hastert because he's squeaky clean. and then all this time he had a skeleton in the closet. >> he was not approached by this individual a until 2010. the truth of the matter he might have thought that he had gotten away with this. obviously this was behavior he had engaged in when he was a wrestling coach and teacher, and just like other people who had been accused of this kind of behavior. jerry sandusky and others who have done this kind of abuse often sometimes they think they're going get off scott free. often they don't think they're going to get in trouble. he thought it was off scott
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free. >> there was a scandal involving scott foley who blamed dennis hastert of not doing enough, and that involves mark foley doing things with pages and hastert knew about it and tried to ignore t and then it came out and then there is this air of corruption hanging over hastert and foley that cost them. how does that scandal look now? >> that scandal looks like the tip of the iceberg. we also had larry craig who was questioned on these sorts of things of he was soliciting a prostitute in a bathroom, but that goes back to the early 1980s. there is a culture of corruption, as much as this is an overused term, there is a culture of corruption about underaged children with all too many members of congress on the republican and democratic side. i think there needs to be much more strict scrutiny and much more concern about the behavior of many of these men and
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sometimes women with young people. >> is there a culture of hypocrisy. many are pointing out when denny hastert was speaker of the house, if you knew about an incident or sexual misconduct involving somebody and you didn't report t you yourself could be vulnerable to being charged with a crime. >> there are so many glass houses. it's like the end of "diehard" where people are just walking over glass. so you hastert being a hypocrite is not surprising. we've seen that throughout the years with members of congress, but i think that this level of scrutiny, it's a shame that it took local investigators in illinois to bring this to bear when really congress should be self regulating this kind of behavior. >> any political fall out?
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he's now the fifth member of congress to get in trouble. that's just in illinois. any stink that stays on current members of congress in the counter house? >> when you stand out as one of the most corruption politicians in illinois over the last couple of years that's bad. that is a very telling thing. that's what the legacy will be. we're in an election year. unless this is connected to rand paul or bobby jindal or someone like that, i don't think it will have a huge consequence but i do believe any smart republican right now is looking throughout their caucus and saying look, if you got any trouble back out now we don't need these scandals heading into. >> meteorologist: jason johnson into. >> jason johnson. thank you. >> removing cuba from the state sponsor terrorism list. what is the united states getting in return? also new political order in nigeria as new president there
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is sworn into office and we see as a crucial commitment and appearance. the united states secretary of state john kerry.
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>> the united states government has removed a major roadblock to normalizing relations with cuba. today the white house formerly dropped cuba from the u.s. list of state sponsors in terrorism. this comes 45 days after obama administration informed congress of this action. the former assistant administrator for bureau in latin america and caribbean he joins us tonight. paul what do you make of this decision by the emotional scene administration? >> hi, david well, i think it's a mistake. i think the president once again has gotten nothing for what he has given the cubans. again, a great deal could have been had a here where the president insisted on a few
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changes in the way cuba treats its people, the way cuba treats the rest of the world. the castro brothers were found shipping arms through columbia colombia. i just think he didn't get what he should have gotten for it. we've done nothing but give him what they want. >> isn't this about the united states getting the opportunity specifically american banks and businessmen to know go to cuba and expand their business? now you can use an american credit card in cuba as soon as they get their infrastructure set up. >> i think that is exactly it. this has been the president's legacy with his left-wing base and the president's friends who wanted to do banking and make money in cuba. i don't think they're going to make a lot. i don'ti don't think it's going to change a lot. as long as the embargo is in place, that's not going to
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change no matter what the president does, i don't think there is going to be a lot of activity. people who want to go down there can now use their mastercard. >> does this point to a large of courage from the u.s. congress, specifically republicans. the president gave them 45 days to make the same argument you're making and they didn't do a thing. >> i don't know why they didn't. i know there were 35 cosponsors to the bill. i think it had a lot to do with their concern that no matter what they did they couldn't change it because this really is in the president's court. he gets to have a pretty big decision on this. i think they're going to push harder on other things and keep the ball from rolling forward on any other changes but i would have expected them to do more here and i think they just decided they couldn't win. >> any responsibility that these issues of humans rights, things that the president brings up here at the end. again, the united states did announce that it's normalizing relations only a step towards that. is it possible that he calls president castro and said we can
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get this deal done tomorrow as long as you give me what i'm looking for in terms of human rights? >> i suppose the president could do that, i don't think that castro would budge because he can't afford to do that and stay in power. that's his goal no matter what. four days after the president said he was trying to do this, the cubans arrested 200 people, beat them up, many were women who were demonstrating on behalf of their husbands, and a number of them were the same people who had just among that 53 supposedly released by the cubans when the deal was first made. i don't expect president obama to do that. again, i think that's a shame. he should try to get something. >> what about the argument that on the merits it's not appropriate to compare a terrorist, to compare cuba to north korea or iran. yes, cuba has problems in terms of human rights but it's not as if it's funneling arms to isil.
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>> no, it's funneling arms to some of the terror groups that are still in latin america. that was two months ago when the ship was found and it was over a year and a half ago about year and a half ago moving military parts for north korea. but i take your point. i do not think that you can say cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism the way you can say iran is, for example. not that that matters to the president so much. but i do think that there is a problem when the president gets nothing in his negotiation with cuba and when he doesn't acknowledge that the cuban government as late as 2013 and 2014 were on that list because they harbored eta and the basque terrorists and colombian terrorists and that's evaporateed. last two years those were problems but now they're not a problem any more. making this a deal that was bipartisan make it would be the legacy instant legacy he wants
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but i think he would have gotten more republicans at least not criticizing him for it even if they didn't like it. >> former assistant administrator for the bureau in latin america and the caribbean. paul, thank you for being with us. >> the united states could soon expand military cooperation with nigeria for the fight against boko haram. secretary of state john kerry met today with nigeria's new president buhari after he was sworn in. kerry is expected to discuss military aid and sending advisers to train nigerian army. we have more on today's inauguration. >> huhammadu buhari was sworn in as nigeria's new president. it was an historic occasion because it was the first transfer of power from you one democratic leader to another in the end of military rule in
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1999. heads of state across africa including south africans and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry attended. including other the outgoing president goodluck jonathan sat next to buhari. buhari thanked him for accepting defeat after elections in march. the president gave his inaugural speech and said the world had come to expect the worst from nigeria, but nigeria surprised the world in conducting a peace fairfair peaceful transfer of of power. >> a complete change for the image of africa. i think there is a sense in the
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united states, something that frustrates me a lot that my year gentleman and other countries can't have a peaceful transition of election. those days are over. >> outside of the venue thousands of buhari supporters tried to get in to watch the ceremony. >> today we need to show our happiness as the masses of this country. we come, and security did not allow the masses to be here. why? >> celebrations in this historic occasion are taking place. but among now the hard work begins. >> in saudi arabia there was a deadly suicide-bombing outside of a mosque that killed four people during friday prayers. the explosion ripped through the
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parking lot. isil has claimed responsibility. this attack comes exactly a week after another bombing at a different shia mosque killed 21 people. amnesty international is calling on saudi arabia to do more to protect its shia minority population. back in the united states a small but controversial freedom of speech protest is taking place in phoenix arizona. about 200 bikers have signed up for a mohammed cartoon drewing contest before they arrive at an islamic community center. we're watching events in phoenix, paul? >> well good evening david. i'm here in the parking lot of the islamic community center here in phoenix. the headline is that it's all quiet here. the rally is said to get going at 6:15 local time. that's 9:15 eastern time. you mentioned the numbers on the facebook page promoting this event, more than a thousand people have signed up saying
7:39 pm
that they're going to attend. of course that remains to be seen as time goes on this evening. but this community really, this community is standing tall in the face of what they say is really intimidation provocation and it's being billed, of course as a free speech rally. they say it's an attempt to insult their faith and prevent them from coming to friday prayers. people here are being told to come to prayers as normal but not to engage the protesters if and when they do show up. we spoke a little bit earlier to the president of the community center who said he has been heartened by the response he has heard locally and from around the country. >> a lot of things that came out, and the biggest thing that came out of it was that we found out that the community in phoenix is not going to stand for bigotry. >> david, again the president of the community center is saying that he believes this event is
7:40 pm
going to backfire in the face of the organizers, that the story here is going to be the support of the community rallying around the islamic community here in phoenix, and the support from across the country. he mentioned that he even got a call from a former marine. the organizeers evident event said he got a call from another marine and said he was embarrassing the marine corp and to apologize. others would like to see more support from elected officials. >> it would be reassuring to hear from elected officials. a, we don't want this for any minority community. that would be nice to hear. 24 is happening to other minorities in their house of worship would there be the same level of silence from elected
7:41 pm
officials? i don't know. >> david here tonight the headlines, this rally is said to get under way. the headline is that the community is standing tall and defiant in a face of insults and not a rally for free speech. >> we see a couple of other reporters, but any sort of police presence as part of an effort to keep the rally and worshipers separate? >> that's right. so the streets around the community center right now are blocked off. we just spoke to the police commander on the scene a moment ago. he said they're going to go with the flow tonight. they're going to see how large the protest is and will brock block off access. he will not allow people to be kept out of their homes or prevented to friday prayers. they're going to take it as if happens. >> paul beben live in phoenix arizona, thank you.
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a prophet muhammad cartoon will not be seen on the metro in washington, d.c.. they have banned from buses and trains. officials made the move after submission of the freedom defense initiative. this has been another violent 24 hours in battle his or her. two more people were shot in the city last night bringing its total this month to 96. the latest bloodshed comes a day after a mother and her seven-year-old son were shot and killed in their west baltimore home. the police are still investigating that incident. the frightening spike of violence prompted the police to release this statement. quote, criminals are taking advantage of the situation since the unrest. they went on to say that the police are more afraid of going to jail than they are of getting shot on duty. we have a look at the root problems from the police
7:43 pm
perspective. >> a 31-year-old woman and her seven-year-old son are two of the latest victims in a rash of murders and shootings to sweep across inner city baltimore. both were shot in the head. an unimaginable crime. >> i've seen horrible murders and you begin to wonder how can people do this to one another. >> this retired baltimore city police lieutenant was one of the department's stop homicide investigators. today he still meets with many in uniform. he said that the police department and the city's residents are in deep trouble. the last few weeks have been the deadliest here since 1996. >> what do you think is happening in the city? >> well, what i really think happening right now is i think police are not being aggressive because they're afraid of being arrested. if they make a mistake they're afraid they're going to be charged.
7:44 pm
>> the spike in crime comes one month after the death of freddie gray a low level drug offender who died in police custody. [ protesting ] >> peaceful protests eventually turned to riots. hundreds of businesses damaged dozens of officers hurt by demonstrateors. days later six officers were arrested charged in connection with freddie gray's death. >> i'm hearing reports that a number of officers right now are retiring. and leaving this police department. why? >> well, because they're afraid that they're not going to be back to do their job. >> on the other hand baltimore protesters express frustration after years of aggressive policing style known as zero tolerance. in the 2000s right rates skyrocketed as police conducted
7:45 pm
random stop and frisk searches in crime-infested neighborhoods. they also blamed training between police and citizens. >> well, if they better understood the law they would be making better arrests and they would be able to evaluate situations when they came on the scene instead of acting out of frustration. >> pressure to produce arrest numbers overly aggressive policing poor legal training, a bad recipe, according to tabling, decades in the making. all lead to go baltimore today. skyrocketing crime and a police department demoralized. >> i always told recruits you're getting into a thankless job. if you think somebody is going to pat you on the back, you better think again. >> he joins us now from washington. a new perspective you bring to this because you covered
7:46 pm
baltimore and the crime there for a decade. what else are you picking up? >> i spoke to hatch a dozen current police officers in baltimore. a lot of them saying the same thing. they feel like they could go to jail if those officers were to make what they say a mistake on the streets. you know, one officer i spoke to she told me that she's simply afraid to get out of her car. some of the recent calls she responded to said that citizens started swarming the police officers with cameras waiting to see if they were going to do so anything wrong. some of those citizens were yelling at officers. others are saying we're not seeing police officers right now like we used to. i thought it was interesting david. when i was in that neighborhoods yesterday where there are blocks of boarded up homes usually you would see police officers drive through those neighborhoods. we did not see one officer drive through. we simply saw helicopters flying over head. >> anything from the fraternal order of police? where they believe this might be a case of the blue flu?
7:47 pm
>> well, they didn't address that in their statement, whether or not there was a blue flu but there is something else happening in baltimore that has not been widely reported. there is an enormous number of police officers that have filing their retirement papers right now. lieutenant tabling toll me he had heard the same thing. they say they're going to check out of the police department, taking their retirement and leaving in droves. that could pose a bigger problem, they'll have to recruit new officers and some are wondering who will want to take a job in baltimore. >> you can learn more about baltimore's police troubles on america tonight. and again adam mays has spent a decade there. he has the report upon the on "america tonight"." >> hydroelectro dams. they're supposed to improve communities but one community says they're suffer.
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plus a new chapter for independent book stores. it turns out they're coming back. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's
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going on not just in this country but around the world. getting the news from
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america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> 90 years ago our nation considered a significant achievement, hydroelectric dams, but not everyone has reaped the benefits. we have this report. >> the 1930s u.s. government began building huge dams on the columbia river. >> out of steel and concrete they wield their answer to the river's fury. >> dams generated electricity and made the river navigatible for ships. but they drowned dozens of
7:51 pm
villages where many fished for thousands of years. some of those displaced native americans live in squalor settlements, battered trailers and shacks. >> i had dreams of a house with plumbing and stuff. i don't know what that is. >> gabriel has lived on cook landing for 25 years. there is one toilet and shower facility for 40 people. >> you try as much as you can but you can never keep it clean. but that's all it is. it's got a shower over there that don't work. >> about 500 native people live on sites designated for access for fishing as guaranteed by treaties but the places are never intended for permanent settlements. these deplorable housing situations are another sign of the dams' endure human impact. paul is head of the columbia inter tribal fishing commission.
7:52 pm
>> with all these dams that created all this incredible wealth that everyone is getting but these people here they don't have that. you wouldn't think that here in america, the united states of america that you have this kind of third-world living conditions, but it is here. the government knows about it, but they won't do anything about it. >> the u.s. army corps of engineers built the dams and it is responsible for the sites where the makeshift house something located. but the core have no plans to build new homes. they're waiting for congress to fund more studies. >> it is another study. so the fact finding is determined whether or not a study is needed. >> the dam generates thousands of mega war on the watts of electricity every day. but the trailer where jesse lives with his family has only a wood stove to ward off the winter cold. >> look what it had a done to our land and our country. it's a fact that every dam like this, it ruins another native
7:53 pm
american's life and family. >> dams brought prosperity to the pacific northwest but only misery to this land's original inhabitants. rob reynolds al jazeera, lone pine oregon. >> for a look at what is coming up at the top john seigenthaler is here. >> more on the u.s. decision to take cuba off the state sponsor of terrorism. we'll look at what happens next fugitives living in cuba that are wanted by the other country. >> michelle had her baby at homer phillips hospital. she was told that her baby died. she stayed in the hospital for two days after her baby was taken away for testing and never brought back. >> my conversation with the attorney who claims that babies were stolen from a st. louis hospitals, the mothers were told that their babies died.
7:54 pm
homemade heroin, easy to make as homebrewed beer. a look at how that could change the drug trade. those stories coming up in about eight minutes. >> thank you. for years now the united states many u.s. book stores have been under siege. online retailers and electronic books proved to be to much, but their decline created the corner bookstore. we have reports from chicago. >> reports of the death of the independent bookstore to para paraphrase mark twain had been greatly exaggerated. >> it's small friendly. you get one-on-one service when you want it. you can peruse the book shelf. >> they moved in an unexpected direction this past year--up in a number of locations jumped from 2,000.
7:55 pm
chicago's women and children first just transferred from one generation of own tours the next newly renovateed and thriving. >> it's heartening to see. our numbers did drop so much in the 1990s and early 2000s. sales started improving and now three new stores have opened in the chicago area in the last couple of years. i think some people are profoundly unsatisfied by the experience of shopping online. >> big box book stores, electronic books and online shops devastated independent book stores in the 1990s. membership in the book sellers group remains half it's level from a quarter century ago. but as big chains have shuttered their doors corner book stores have proved to be more resilient resilient. >> ebooks and books on are not going any
7:56 pm
anywhere soon, but getting there there, the tactile experience and turning the pages. >> being able to hold the book in your hands and look at the cover, it's tangible. you can't replace that with going online. >> women and children first have survived by making itself a local haven for feminism, children's books author's forum forum. >> they love their device, but when they're home, stretched out in bed cup a tea or glass of wine odds are they're reading a print book. i see a real promise. >> for now many indy book stores seem to have found their niche and a new found confidence about the future. john hedron, al jazeera, chicago. >> for the second year in a row two teenagers are cochampions of
7:57 pm
the scripps national spelling bee after going head-to-head for ten rounds. [ spelling words ] >> sharing the top spot the 13-year-old from kansas is the second winner in her family. her older sister won the spelling bee six years ago. that's right one family, two
7:58 pm
spelling bee champions over six years. amazing. i'm david shuster. thanks for watching. john seigenthaler will be here in a few moments. remember for the latest news any time day or night go to
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8:00 pm
>> hi everyone, this is al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. the u.s. removes cuba from the state sponsored terror list. a significant step in warming relations with havana. hastert allegation he. s. to silence a sex abuse allegation. new documents and allegation of forgery in an emotional case of a mother who says her baby was