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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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not the thing that will cause air equality because there are a lot of others out there. >> exactly. >> thank you mary snow. that is the show thank you for joining us have a great weekend. removing a major obstacle. the white house takes cuba off the list of state sponsors for terror. the two countries closer to diplomacy. record breaking rain fall with more on the way. >> i've never seen so much rain in my life. >> rescues over towns evacuated as rivers continue to rise. >> details in the federal indictment of former house speaker. reports that money was paid to
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cover up sex abuse. and reelect... >> i'm not perfect, noble is perfect -- nobody is perfect. we'll do a good job for sure. >> f.i.f.a.'s president chosen for a record fifth term. the boat showing deep divisions in the world of international soccer good evening, i'm barbara serra, this is al jazeera america. a major road block to normalizing relations between the united states and cuba is gone. after a 45 day waiting period, the u.s. has officially removed cuba from a list of state-sponsored list of terrorism. cuba made it a key condition. it paves the way for both countries to open embassies in each other's capitals and could lead to greater trade between the nations. the decision came as a surprise
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the move prompting joy and relief across the island. nick clark with more from havana. >> it's an obstacle removed, isn't it. it's something that had to happen farce cubans were concerned. there would be no progress. everyone is relieved that the process of reconciliation can continue. there's cautious opt miss: excitement and a cautious optimism. this is app incremental step. if you lift the trade embargo, it's a long way down the line or lift the travel ban, you may see overreaction on this. in the meantime the next step is the embassy. i think the american embassy here in havana and the old embassy, in that destruction,
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looking after u.s. interests in cuba. it's delipidated. the roof is leaking. there may be renovation around the corner. people thing there could be an announcement in the next week and remember the united states is 90 miles over there. >> there's issues to be resolved before relations are fully restored. we have a look at what happens to people who are wanted in both countries. >> reporter: this sounds like a proud mother. >> it was his dream to become a pilot. she is bragging about a son that was buried. >> this is the plane that was shot down. >> 14 years old, her son a young american pilot, was shot
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down by the cuban air force. she was part of a group known as brothers to the rescue. they flew the waters to spot cuban refugees and dropped anti-castro leaflets. >> this is all that was left of t >> reporter: of the plane once it was shot down? the u.s. tried and convicted a cuban officer to tipping off the government a day after he was shot down. it was part of the prisoner exchange that triggered a thaw in relations. he's living freely in cuba. >> her american born son's mission, humanitarian having a political reason makes it harder to wallow. >> it was cold-blooded murder. it is state sponsored.
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>> reporter: cubans can make the same argument alleging the u.s. harbored terrorists attacking cuba. a cuban born former c.i.a. agent spent his life trying to take down the castro regime and is accused of planting a bomb on an airliner in 1976 killing 73. cuba believes he's behind a series of bombings targetting hotels in havana. venezuela and cuba have been asking for the extradition. they wouldn't get the trial this either nation. he is a free fran living in miami. u.s. and cuba moves forward, exiles are here to stay. the reality is that the american
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government protect those that use it for the government many years ago. while the new chapter in u.s. cuba relations unfolds. they will never stop coming to the memorial site to may tribe ute. >> this was a monument to the four brothers to the rescue who were shot done. >> reporter: they must remember the lives lost since the u.s. government with a shift in policy will not. >> tonight, an anti-misalmost demonstration is under way at the islamic community center of fien. ism -- phoenix. one side of the street is lined. paul beban joins us now from phoenix. has the situation remained peaceful up until this point?
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it has. it has been limited to an angry exchange of words for about the last. there has been a line of riot police separating the two sides. and the numbers really never materialized on the facebook page promoting the event. there were more than 1,000 people saying they'd sustained. attend. 300-400 turned up. many touting rifles pistols. nothing more than a sense of intimidation to go along with the instalments and taunts and vulgar and ugly chanting. on this side responses of peace and love support from the
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community, a large presence outnumbering the other side. defending the people defending their version of free speech shouting down in a peaceful manner what happened on the other side of the street. we spoke with the president of the cultural center. who was moving among the crowd talking to people. he said the message from here is one of tolerance that will be what people take away. >> this is a peaceful community. everybody is here to support peace, and to support love and their neighbours. that is what i wanted to see. i don't want them to focus on what the guys are saying. this is easy to do. anybody can do that anybody can be vulgar and be a big ot. the hard thing is to do this. although you have a different
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faith. barbara, still a heavy police presence. we are told that the federal bureau of investigation is in the crowd. there's civilians cameras mounted, but a sense that the crowds are thinning out and within an our or so. maybe an ugly episode will be all done in phoenix. >> protesters were going to hold a cartoon depicting the prophet muhammad. what happened with that? it's not clear if the contest came off. that was in a park a couple of miles away. when the protesters arrived many carried cartoons and posters. vulgar depictions of prophet muhammad. waving them gesticulating them. it's not clear if there was a winner or not. they brought the images and put them as close as they could to
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people's faces on the other side of the street. police separating them after a while. a vulgar scene, and a counterprotest of tolerance and a message of peace on the other side. >> paul beban with the latest thank you. >> the senate is set to hold a sunday session to try to find a solution to the patriot act. president obama says a handful of senator are the only thing standing in the way of an extension of key sections of the legislation. specifically the parts that justify the n.s.a.'s phone records. the provisions expire at midnight on monday. the latest indictment of house speaker speaker. he was keeping a $3.5 million secret. attempting to cover up allegations of sexual abuse. mike viqueira has more. >> allegations revealed in the
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grand jury indictment shocked washington. a low key, low charisma speaker of the house serving speaker in the history of the house of representatives accused of paying hush money to an individual described as someone who has known him all his life. the implications is this is someone that knew him when he was a high school teacher. 50 miles south-west of the city of chicago. he was this as a teacher, and wrestling coach. according to the indictment he was paying the executivedial some 3.5 million to depend for "prior misconduct. >> the allegation goes on to state that he met the positivedual, a, has referred to in the indictment in 2010 where upon he started to withdraw large sums of money bringing it to the attention of
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investigators. they asked him about it. he told them he wanted to get money out of the bank. further information revealed that he was receiving payoff money. hush money. rehabilitation in washington was shock. dennis hat -- haas ert became the speaker of the house in the wake of a sex scandal, in the wake of the newt gingrich lose of seats. republicans lost the majority and he was embroiled in a scandal involving mark foley, a republican of florida who had improper communications with young underage house pages. corey washington on it heels. haas ert has resigned posts,
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including maiming junior firms. and could be -- major firms, and could be reported this f.i.f.a.'s embattled president wins another election. despite calls for him to be stood down sepp blatter won an extra term. yesterday we spoke about whether he would stay. >> for a moment we thought there would be a second raup but it col -- second round but it collapsed. sepp blatter, he is well into extra time. the question is will he be sent off before his own personal game is over. >> it's business as usual at f.i.f.a. >> thank you, thank you that you accepted me that for the next four years i will be in command of this thing called f.i.f.a.
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>> days after arrests and a bombshell, sepp blatter is back for australian press dented fifth term at the top. >> i'm not perfect. no one is perfect. we'll do a good job. i thank you so much. thank you for the trust and confidence trust and confidence together we go. let's go f.i.f.a. let's go. >> minute before his only challenger conceded after blatter failed to win enough votes for an outright victory. >> i want to thank all of you brave enough to support me. having said that doubt date. >> delegates piled into two booths to cast elections, each representing a block of votes,
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as the dust settled, a man that stepped assize had choice words. >> the majority do not want to change. you hear him saying bringing the ship in the harbour, or something like that he said the same four years ago. >> rehabilitation from europe where they had minimal support, was swift. a nation of the outcome led by the british prime minister david cameron. >> he should go. you cannot have accusations of corruption at this level, and on this scale in this organization and pretend the person leading it is the right person to take it forward. that cane be the case. what we have seek -- that can't be the case. frankly what we have seen is the ugly side of the case and he should say. >> reporter: with federal charges hanging over officials,
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and sepp blatter still in control, the ball heads to the european's course. on the agenda is the possibility of european teams pulling out of the world cup in russia in 2018. the clearest sign that the re-election of sepp blatter may not be the end of the matter. >> the meeting taking place around the european champion's league final. a week from tomorrow between juventus and barcelona a deadly suicide bombing outside a mosque in saudi arabia killed four people during friday prayers. the explosion occurred in the parking lot in the city of daman. home to a shia population. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility. the attack comes a week after another attack killed 21 people at a different shia mosque. amnesty international is calling on saudi arabia to do more to
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protect the shia minority population. >> after days of rain emergency crews in texas are stretched thin. rescues and a toll on the state next. >> the man who created the most famous online black market gets life in prison.
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shores. they it's not clear if this oil is connected to last week's spill in the nearby sanaa barbara. in the age of stores and electronic everything. one type of business appears to be making a comeback. independent book stores. that is next. and the high school diploma wore a world war ii veteran, 75 years in the making. aking. . >> . >>
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it was a striking statement on gay marriage in a country with an undeniably catholic heritage. it's the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. would the message make it to the vatican, a topic that they discuss on the episode of "third rail". >> people wanted the pope to be something he may not be he has a great story and history. he's done a great job of
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reaching out. nowhere did he go to a different philosophy or doctrine. >> he's not changing doctrines. is he acceptable or a p.r. face? >> i don't know anything about the vatican, i'm a committed atheist. the whole thing looks bizarre to me. i think there is a difference between the pope and the vatican. i think the pope can have a person belief and speak on those. and the vatican - the pope can speak about personal beliefs and have an agenda. i can imagine that happening. >> i doubt that this pope is in favour of same-sex marriage you can see the debate on sunday at the "third rail." airing at 6 eastern.
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>> for years in the united states, book stores have been under siege. online retailers and electronic books too much for chains like borders and barnes&nobodile. but it created a new opening for the corner book store. this report from chicago. >> reports of the death of the independent book store have been greatly exaggerated. >> it's small, friendly you get one on one service. you can peruse the bookshelf without feeling like anyone was going to bother you. the membership moved in an unexpected direction. up. and the number of locations jumped from 2094 and 1051 in 2009. chicago's women and children travelled. it's heartening to see.
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our numbers dropped in the 1990s, and early 2000s. sales started improving. and now three now stores opened in the chicago area in the last couple of years. big box stores electronic books and online shops devastated independent book stores in the 1990s. membership is half its level of quarter of a century ago. big chains shattered their doors, corner book shores are resilient. >> e-books and stores are not going away soon. studies suggest there's something a store offers that you can't get there. that is a tactile sense of seeing the book as you pick it out. and turning the pages as you read it holding the book in your
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hand. you can't replace that with going online. >> women and children first survived by making it a local haven for femennism, authors books. and president obama to hillary clinton. some customers by e-books and come here. >> they love the devices and read on the come ute or while they are travelling when they are moment in bed with a cup of tea or glass of wine. odds are good they are reading a back. so i see a real promise. >> for now among a subset. book stores have found their nearby and a new found confidence about
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president barak obama wants the u.s. to join a trade free zone, and the range of countries and, economies large and small would represent more than a third of the entire planet's trade and, it's just about the only thing that he has supported that republicans have backed him on, and opposition is coming from his