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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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that is the show, thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. desperate journeys, more than 4,000 people regulation cued from the mediterranean in just 24 hours. >> hello and welcome to al jazeera, i'm are sammy zadan in doha. >> i'm not perfect nobody's perfect but we do a good job together i'm sure. >> sepp blatter promises to
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clean up world football's governing body as winning a fifth term as its president. and strong claims by china's president over the south china sea. a massive rescue operation in italy has saved more than 4,000 migrants trying to cross the mediterranean in the past 24 hours. the coast guard said distress signals were made from 22 different boatle on friday. boats on friday. 23 bodies were found on one of the boats. the sicilian harbor of catania, what happens to the next? >> they first have to arrive here in sicily and according to thecoast guard staggered arrivals.
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wherever there is an empty building, that is not an easy operation on a logistic opinion of view. localslocals are not happy to see a large group arriving, and a lot of italians tell me what we are most afraid of is these people are still in the process of being identified so we don't know who they are. by and large they are good people but maybe among them there are some bad people. you have to remember that be italians are afraid of the threat of i.s.i.s. or fighters or sleeper cells coming and
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hiding in their country certainly from the threats they have received from libya lately. >> what about the numbers of people? are the numbers of migrants increasing or just more of them being rescued? it looks like greater numbers we're hearing about in the headlines every other day. >> well, the numbers are increasing. if you compare this time last year, there is an increase of about 30% of rivals in italy alone. this isn't taking into consideration the arrivals in greece. the main reason being the lawlessness in libya which allows smuggleing operations to floorish. these networks were in the hands of a few families or a few big heads of smuggle ling.
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but you find many smugglers along the long coast of 2,000 kilometers. the passage of the cross of mediterranean have gone down. now, the thought is to get on a boat get in international it waters they are sometimes given a satellite phone call and be rescued. the tactic is not to reach sicily alone on these boats it's to reach international waters and being rescued. >> hoda abdelham i.d., thanks so much. >> many are where blaming government forces for burning their homes. catherine soy reports. >> these men have just arrived
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at a camp for displaced people in unity state. they have been on the road for 24 days.hiding in swamps during the day and only daring to walk at night. in fear of government soldiers. jack was too weak and sick, he died on arrival here. >> my dad had improved he was even walking and talking. i went to look for his food and when i returned he had died. >> one week old had just arrived. her mother just gave birth to her. have is after assault much soldiers. >> dong had to undergo surgery.
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doctors without borders had received be dozens of people with bullet holes. >> we started running, i don't know how many people were killed. >> reporter: thousands of people continue to leave villages, to the south and east of bentu. many have come to seek refuge here at therese 21,000 in the last few weeks hefly burdening the already crowded camps. traumatized and afraid. they come here to get humanitarian help then they receive basic supplies like food blankets internet and utensils. some of these people have been through process before and those who talked to us said it seems like a never ending cycle of suffering.
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>> in the camps funeral arrangements he will be buried in bentu a town he had never seen before. yapuda starts her own life here again, so far from home. >> will katherine joinswell katherine catherine joins us. >> hello sammy. without this registration their not able to get anything. a lot of these people have been waiting for days just to get registered. it's been quite hot. the weather today is quite nice, it's been drizzling but the last couple of days it's been quite hot. there are many children here just waiting to be registered. many of these people have been
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walking for days just to get here. as you heard in these stories very horrifying stories of what happened to them. 60% of these people are children. and here to discuss me is unicef head of is children, anthony onile-ere. nolan. what is the extent of the children? >> it is difficult to know, we talked to over 50 people and almost every single one of them has come with a chilly story perhaps even more gruesome is those stories are all similar. children are being raped some children are being burned alive in their homes. the girls are being raped in
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their homes not to the extent where the girl is so exhausted and can't continue. hearing these stories from so many different locations, so many different people, suggests we are dealing with a significant violation of the children. >> you are saying what unicef is noticing that there is an age group that is not coming to this countycount, boys and girls above 12 years old. why do you think that is? >> we don't see as many adolescent boys and girls. from what people are telling us, a lot of them may be killed, a lot of them may be hiding in the bush and a lot of them may have been abducted as well both boys and girls.
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>> anthony nolan head of unicef unicef. stocks have been going on since the conflict started ceasefire agreements have been signed but broken several times. there's supposed to be a ceasefire agreement right now but look, there is fighting in upper unity state. they want an agreement so they can go back home. it's the rainy season now they are not going to be able to plant. they will have to rely on food aid. they want peace and they want to go back home when the peace is there. >> thank you catherine soy. is sepp blatter was reelected as
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president of fifa on friday despite the corruption of the organization. >> i'm not perspective not organization is perspective i thank you so much for the trust and confidence. trust and confidence. let's go fifa, let's go fifa. thank you, thank you. >> phil lavelle joins us now live from fifa headquarters in zurich. i understand blatter came out swinging on television. what was his message? >> basically he has accused european officials as waging a hate campaign, they've had it in for him all along. he questioned the timing once again the fact that this scandal broke two days before he was up for reelection, where he would
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politically be at his most vulnerable. he also had words regarding loretta lynch. u.s. attorney general. she is the woman who is leading the crungs scandal corruption investigation in the u.s. the one that described the corruption being are pervasive and deep rooted. he says of course i am shocked. as fifa president would not want to make comments about another organization without knowing what had happened. at the moment he's inside an executive meeting in fifa, something planned all along it wouldn't have gotten this amount of media allegation had it not been for these allegations. he is going to walk into a building just behind the camera
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and address the world's medias. the first chance for journalists around the world be particularly the european journalists who he confuses of digging too deep. one thing we can be sure with mr. blatter, he will not hold back on his thoughts will he. >> coming up an generation crisis in kenya. and the world's natural wonder, the great barrier reef could be stuck in troubled waters. waters.
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>> and let's recap some of the headlines here in al jazeera. italy's navy has helped to rescue more than 4,000 mieg ranlts trying to4,000 migrantstrying to cross the mediterranean sea. highest in years. sceaptdescaped fighting in eunt unity state in south sudan. despite a corruption scandal surrounding the organization, sepp blatter has been reelected as president. government bombings of aleppo, it comes as kurdish forces say they have pushed
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i.s.i.l. out of the province. osama ben javaid reports. >> a sign in arabic, i.s.i.l. was just here a few days ago. now under the chrome of kurdish fighters. it's strategic kurdish take iters say they now control over a dozen villages in hasaka are against the group known by its arabic acronym daesh. >> used to launch astacks on i us and our fight will continue until we reach kobani and leach. >> they say syrian government
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forces have collapsed in the north and their aim is to stability ozone under their control. but be syrian government forces deny that a defeat has occurred. is. >> translator: we'll continue fighting until residents can come back and lift in safety. we will not go home until we achieve this. >> reporter: control of northern syria is divided between rebels i.s.i.l. and kurdish fighters. further connects kobani under rebel control. both syrian oings and the kurds want to expand to areas around raqqa to push out i.s.i.l. many in areas around be the
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talabia feet the ypg advance many of whom support syrian opposition fighters. rebels accuse, now all of them seem focused against i.s.i.l. the common enemy among divided sides of the syrian conflict. osama ben javid, al jazeera. >> houthis continue and syrian saudi led air strikes continue. the yemeni government said it will not attend unless with houthi rebels withdraw from the areas that they captured.
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security several government are claims are rights to part of south china sea u.s. secretary ashton carter. >> permit restriction is on international air on maritime transit. be finally with its actions in the south china sea china is out of step with both the international rules and norms that underscore the asia pacific skirt eact and the regional offense that post office post opposes.
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>> bist defense secretary's speech responded to him in an open forum and said that he was making groundless accusations and chinese activity was legitimate mat justified and reasonable. these disputes are going to be the most important issue here. no resolutions are expected to come out of the two day dialogue however what this does is give all parties involved a basketball e-considerable face, that they can then take back to their governments and policy makers in homes of finding peaceful resolutions in whatever concerns in the asia pacific reason. >> the founder of the illegal
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drug marketplace the silk road is extensioned to life in prison prison. be kristin saloomey has more. >> ross albright said they started the silk road to empower people to make choices. he apologized to families of six people who died of overdoses from the drugs they purchased on silk road. government prosecutors had argued for a harsh sentence after a jury found him guilty on every charge including trafficking, money laundering. away what is known as the dark
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net but al be breks's. >> same elements here yet mr. albrecht was saddled with all of that, unfair unjust and unreasonable. >> ross was crying during his statement. he is looking at his life being destroyed of course but he was all moved by those authorities as we all are. >> reporter: a documentary about albrecht so-called he deep web. those who believe the government has overreached on its war on drugs. >> the fact is it's not a deterrent. the silk rode road is not going to
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go away. >> judge afford shetd that he didn't fif e-fit the typical criminal profile but he was a criminal no better than any other thief. >> what they said was a protest against slawms? some of the protesters were carrying semi automatic weapons. there were several standing behind the event and the counter-demonstration. >> okay going thread of, more than 100 schools have been forced to close from the town of
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garissa, be mohamed kenya. >> the subject of frequent al shabaab attacks. be. >> not part of this country in this region, it's here that be al shabaab has had almost a free rein, what approximate has been made to erntd policy cks to assure teachers from fert parts of the 61. hundred have what kcp are time is running out and the clock is ticking. >> well of course county shool
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in gars colleagueshave only been here two years only know garissa town, only know the outskirts don't know anything about the somali sow this are afraid of them. >> students who crawtd last year it's the only way to have,. >> emergency treatment to people suffering from heart stroke. over 18 -- heatstroke deposit over 1800 people have died so far because of the extreme temperatures. liddy dutt has more from new delldelhi.
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the worst affected states have been the southern indian state of teleng glrvetiona and threr concerns on the are groind in worst-affected areas that limited medical and water resources are being stretched here at the moment. the high temperatures that del hirvetion is experience ising so have long term consequences for baby sometime yet before the worth facted areas in the it is forecast. >> many haveness great barrier
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reef oafs its endangered list. the great barrier reef ask one of the woil and natural dredged mud has been dumped at fry chel sodges had threat bed to put the great barrier reef on its endangered list. in recent months it's announced develop and a ban on dropping 11 pictures as far as me. >> 16% reduction in nitrogen. and 28% in reduction in the government. instead it will keep the reef on
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its watch list effectively deferring. it's concerned about the loss of coral and fishes to date pument is environmental groups stress the government has not been given all clear but are disappointed that the endangered reef. >> i turned 30 this years. in my half time haft of the reef is gone. if half the paterson there's 92 question we'd be saying it's in danger. >> are disappointed that the in change 37th spoant be par phid. >> in deanl it says, says that half the bad practice has been
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stopped. unesco draft decision suggests that australia's government has just done enough but the discussed tan of the reef is still on watch. andrew thomas, sydney. >> let's remind you that you can get more on those stories at >> this week on "talk to al jazeera" - john lydon lead singer of "the sex pistols" - the band that ignited a punk rock revolution. >> pain, suffering, the disenfranchised, unnecessary poverty, class warfare, all of these issues bother me greatly. >> he was a man who generated headlines and controversy. famous, of course, for his hit "god sav