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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the price of human rights, pristine forests and clean water. >> indigenous communities under threat. >> this not a peruvian problem this is a world problem. >> and the world wide campaign to clean up dirty gold. >> i really didn't want a symbol of love between me and my husband to be associated with such atrocities only on al jazeera america space congress learns that isis and a quied today are finding support, and fast moving developments in the fifa investigation, and he accepted bribes from france and south africa.
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soak the pentagon says, it still does to the know the problem of the live ann transspores, and 51 labses, in 17 states and washington, dc, received shrimping and that number is likely to fro. amy is live for us, and what more did officials have it say today? well, what the pentagon said, that was if processed foreign derging live anthrax inactive for use and research, the process hasn't worked for ten years and they don't know if, how much of their stock of 400 samples of various strains may in fact be live, despite a process, that was supposed to kill it before it was sent to labs.
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nevertheless the pen take dpon says there is no threat to public health, and very tinefy risk to lab workers and the reason why is because the anthrax was shipped in a lick questioned form which is difficult to inhale and tiny bits of anthrax just one mill will a leiter, and that probably is what prevend this from being a big problem. here's what the pentagon said. the best as we know is, these concentrations are so low as they would be below the level that we would expect to cause any infection in an individual. people have bingo would go with material for ten years and nobody has contracted anthrax. this gives us more confidence that the risk is really low as we are stating. so let's go, and by the numbers. 51 lacks received these
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shipments in 17 states and dc, and will three countries australia, south korea and canada, 400 batches be all together for ten years and 396 of them are still being tested. four have tested positive and 31 people, 22 military personnel who are on antibiotics. now, the test that's going on now takes ten days and you get a positive result in one or two days, and the samples that were sent were very, very tiny, just the bottom of this little vase. what is the pentagon doing to presen this from happening in the future. because they don't know what this process hasn't worked for ten yearses there's nothing that they can do except, shut off all the research and, they have had all samples recalled and testing, and there's an investigation by the c.d.c. and
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the pentagon, and there's two clear failures, the process of killing the anthrax, that didn't work. and the process for testing and certifying that it was inactive, that didn't work. the only part that did work was the shipping process where they put these in very secure shipping containers, and i'll show you this, they put the vial in this bag and it goes into the special material, and unbreakable plastic thing which then goes, into a shipping box that is surrounded by dry ice and, nobody would handle it, is in any risk at all. jamie, thank you. come up, in a half-hour i'll speak with a specialist about how these mistaken ships of anthrax could have happened, and the president barak obama administration, is moving to restore powers that expired last
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week. hours after the senate approved it, and the law ends the national security phone records collection and they will be kept by the the phone companies will and the government must get permission to search them. police offered up more details about the man who was under federal surveillance who was shot and killed by police and, he had been plotting to kilpo lease officers, and, he was shot after threatening officers and an f.b.i. agent with a knife one relative claimed he shot him in the back, and they tried to counter that argument by showing surveillance video not everyone was convinced. the video is inconclusive. i don't think that he was shot in the back, however, we couldn't see clearly at all and he was approving them, and they did back up, and evidently by
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evidence of his death he was fired upon. he and another man, were under 24 hour surveillance as part of a federal investigation and, white has been taken into investigation. the boston shooting was one discussed on capitol hill, and the home land security committee discussed national threats and john is in washington, and john, what was the big issue raised today. well good evening boston was one of them, that young man who was shot, yesterday now police say they think he was trying to behead one person, anded to go onto kill multiple police officers. that was the starting point as was garland texas. may the 4th, it was in garland, that two men turned especially outside a center that was holding a event be where it was a competition to draw the the prophet mohammed and they
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had assault weapons and they shot the security guard outside and then the police, shot both of those men. so garland and boston were the starting point. but it quickly went beyond that. to discuss how it is possible, these daystion that terrorists are recruited on line and i attacks are planned online and when they are successful, celebrated on line. and in particular, one area of the web which most of us don't know,called the dark web or dark space, and the republican, from texas, chairman, and he raised this issue, of this area that most of us have never seen. do we have any idea, how many communications were taken place in the dark space? no, we don't will and that's the problem.
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we are dark. the ability to know what they're saying, in these communications, situations, is struggling. now that is michael steinbach and, he's the assistant director. so, he has spent his life in this, and he said that the f.b.i. is very aware of it, as they called it the dark space and, that they are looking deeper into this problem. dark space dark web. so john there was any discussion of anything that can be done to help authority access information on this dark space? well, it came from steinbeck himself he said they need to go to the -- not real amass policing exercise. and go to the court with evidence with probable cause and, get the court to sign off
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on their case and then approach the service providers and get them to give them the information that they need and give it to them quickly, the problem is, that informs is encrypted and when they get it, its encrypted so, they have to work out the encryption. the white house weighed on this and josh put them on notice be that has to change. those individual he do not want to be in a situation where their technology is responsible for allowing somebody who is seeking to carry out violence, to evade detection from the federal government. so, it is young people who are completely internet savvy and, that's the real concern be of why they're looking into the dark web or dark space. john, is in washington, and thank you. today, they gave their assessment of isis and they say
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more than 10,000 militants have been kid, as soon as the international campaign against them began. but, one military official warned that battle could last a generation or more, and no the report. this video is set to the show life, in the city, days after it was seized by isis. the group controls huge areas stretching from mosul to iraq, and, villages, in norpd think syria, the former u.s. general in charge of coordinating efforts to defeat isis knows that taking ons or dash, isn't
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easy. dash is not at iraqi problem and, not at syrian problem, it is a region nall problem that is trending towards global implications many. it was formed after isis fighters swept through most sell last year, and the coalition launched it, and its ultimate goal is to help iraqi security forces counter isis and drawn the financial resources and prevent foreign fighters from crossing into syria and iraq and, undermine the propaganda minute. in iraq, isis, growing frustration of muslims, with the government to recruit more fighters. we have to ask ourselves why they have more than 70% and why less than 20% syrian, and
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why people were not a sport he and, accepted, and during years and years during a time with a government. for time being fighting is escalating in iraq, and syria two countries divided along sectarian line and plays into the hands of isis. a new round of fighting is fighting a shaky cease fire, in ukraine, and rebels in the eastern city say 15 people were killed and more than 6,000 people have died in the 14 months of fighting, and hundreds of cruise ship passengers are missing two days after the vessel capsized. and the ship, had been cited for safety violations and now, the latest on rescue operations.
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on a day of faithing hopes the chinese government is throwing what it can that the rescue operation. more than 5,000 emergency workers have been deployed. on tuesday they heard yells for help. but nothing since. the most dangerous work has been undertaken pie divers, operating in the strong currents. and this is reportedly the last glimpse of the vessel recorded which a security camera on a nearby ship, half-an-hour before it capsized. access to site remains blocked by police and troops. but on winder, the government organized a boat trip to the rescue area for rent and chinese, the message, the operation will continue, if there's a slight chance someone is alive. the focus of the operation is to try to find the survivors and keep hope.
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moving into position, a crane that might be used to support the vessel, if the decision is made to cut into portions of the hul. the government has promised an investigation into why the eastern star sank. but it is clear, what happened here is turning into the country's worse maritime accident in recent times. state media say the vessel was hit by a cyclone and capsized within two minutes and still unexplained is how the captain be and chief engineer, both survived. relatives of the missing are demanding answers as well and tried to stage a demonstration. the city where many of the passengers are from. even at a time like this, such protest its are illegal. for now they're not allowed to visit the rescue site either. and so-so go further upstream to grieve by the live over's edge
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many. well, south korea says it has tested a missile that exstrike anywhere in north korea ria, and it has a range of 300 miles was built domestically. it is the first missile of its kind developed under new guidelines signed by the united states in 2012. they are concerned over recent claims by north korea, that it test fired a missile from a submarine and, south korea has 30 confirmed cases of the murs. they have quarantined people. it is a health emergency. a number of new infections is five and that brings the total to 30, and it travels from south corey a and, is now in quarantine in china and one is an infection, and not directly
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ineffected with this virus by one of the other people, that he inject if he can't he and, there are three such confirmed cases and that's something that they are very concerned about making sure if they can that they restrict the sort of infections to the largest extent possible, because if they transition between several generations of infection, then that makes it far more difficult to control so far more than 1300 people in quarantine at home or in the hospital, and the government isn't saying which hospitals are being used because they don't want to spread concern. however it is proving fertile ground for rumor and lots rumors flying around, and naming hospitals and saying don't go here and one hospital, launching legal action, and parents becoming concerned about that and they're telling principles schools which are
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being made, to close their schools down, 2209 schools closed down and most of those in the province, that surrounds the capital. new specifics in the fifa corruption scandal, the fbi secret insider charles blaze ser admits accepting bribes and he's about to be, and victims will no longer have to pay for their rape tests and why it took ten years to change
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in it for the first time we are hearing from a former
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executive, admitting he and others awarded countries, world cup in exchange for money. in a bombshell court document a former executive admits that he agreed to accept bribes and kickbacks related to two select host nations. those are words from chuck blazer before the f.b.i. caught up with him. in 2013 he pled guilty to money-laundering, and he is now the number 1 invite ant and they make their case against fifa. according to the newly released federal document, he admitted had to accepting bribes, in conjunction with the selection of the host nation for the 1998 world cup which was france and he said they agreed to accept bribes, and kickbacks
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and other rights to several gold comes in north america. the details came on the same day as the police agency issued wanted notices for six men at the request of the united states, these men former fifa president jack warner, and, more than 150 million in alleged bribes. others are issuing denials and jerome, he is accuse of helping to secure a bribe of $1 million from south africa, in ch change if host the world cup. in a sp interview he says he doesn't feel guilty so he doesn't have to justify that he's innocent? south africa admits to paying the money. but denies that it is a bribe. it was made to an approved program above board.
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does not equate to bribery. those who allege should prove it. he had a much different story when he admitted beginning in 2004 and through 2011, he and others agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with the selection of south africa as the host nation. of course, this all comes just one day after fifa president stepped down amid reports that he is now a foe cal point of the f.b.i. investigation, and he had a leading role in the organization into an international powerhouse, and many say he could soon be a target of the investigation. by the way this investigation is now extending into the awarding of the 2018 world cup to russia, and the 2022, to got a tar. it has to.
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let's turn now to paul, if you would, talk to us about his leadership and how that organization made tons of meanwhile he was in charge. we'll start with some of the basics is, americans, may not know. what it is. as you may have heard, it is the global governing body of what we call soccer, the full official name is the federation international football association. it was founded in france and, today its headquarters are in switzerland and they put on the world cup which is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and their organized of 6909 member associations and every year, those members gather for the congress. and now every four years they choose a new president and seth was reelected to a fist term as
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president just last week before that stunning announcement, that he would step down. each member has one vote, which means any country regardless of size or history and they get one vote. and seth has used that to his advantage. he courted these small nations will asia and africa, and caribbean she and then now corruption allegations aside, he has presided over stunning growth. the organization's revenue has jump nearly 1,100%. back in 1998. the world cup they earned 409 million. and last year. fifa made nearly 5 billion. now, much of that revenue comes from broadcasting and sponsorship, and big companies such as mcdonalds and mastercard and, they have as
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much as a billion-and-a-half dollars in the bank. you're kidding me. let's talk about this. dave is an international sports attorney and co-director of the group change fifa. that's a good title. good to see you blazer, he as american and we seem to view this as largely a european, corruption story. to what extent is this indictment, and what chuck blaze ser has admitted to here, what is it shedding an unkind light on the u.s. soccer federation? it's very uncomfortable to look at these allegations and have media focus abroad. what's not been focused upon is the idea that had mr. blaze ser was operating from front tower and his plea, and the
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things revealed today revolve around a location in the united states this organization also had offices in miami, florida so the idea that it is those people over there, that's incorrect. this is at home here and so the question arises, as to who in the united states and who in u.s. soccer, may have known or should have known that a man who allegedly had an appar men in trump tower just for his cat. is that true? yes. that's a allegation in the indict ment. $6,000 per month for his cats. when that is the state of affairs, it raises a whole lot of questions as to why u.s. soccer officials and people in north america were asking more questions, and this, indict meant, is beginning to sound
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more and more like this is "the tip of the iceberg." so blaze ser is on the record, who is the next important person as dom men know to fall? i think next person that people should pay attention is a gentleman name jeffrey web. found guilty of it nothing. but he is charged with a number of crimes, and has yet to have his day in court if mr. web is aware of further misconduct, and if he turns state's evidence, i think we could see a lot more of this unfold, and this could build momentum and take out possibly a number of other officials. let me ask the obvious question here, if blaze ser by his own admission was open to accepting is bribes, for 1998, and, 201 and can we assume he
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was asked by the f.b.i., by the doj, if brooks -- if he was asked a question, if bribes were paid boy countries seeking the 2016 world did you want, the 2018 world cup and 2022 world cup? you know, i think it's a very reasonable question. it's a natural question, if this process is corrupt, and the national question is what happened with 2018, and 2022. tell me why this is interesting to people who aren't interested in soccer, and it sounds like a juicy racketeering story, but it is made tragic that people are dying building these white laelfant stadiums, to host world cup matches. well, you know it's true, and the thing is, you saw in
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that graphic that fifa profits to the find of 5 billion on average from a world cup and what they failed to show you in brazil, there were calculations, with the public paid 13 billion to support that effort will so what the public is together, with fifa, is supporting a profit tearing at public expense. so what's ab suffer is this, that the guilt between fifa and the public is as follows you support our events, and you pay money so we can profit, yet if you hold, if you ask us, and want us to be accountable to you, forget it, we're not going there. that's been the relationship to the public. dave, thank you. thank you. we should remind you that al jazera is funded by government of qatar. coming up next, on the program
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each pen take dpon officials are confused about what happen with those live anthrax shipments and plus, the police wrapup the investigation into the death of 12-year-old rice, and what the prosecutor is now saying.
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it has doubled and three foreign countries have received it, over the past ten years a defense official stressed that no illnesses have beenlinned to the shipments. there are no confirmed cases of ann thanks infection and we work with the c.d.s., to insure that all possible safeguards are
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taken. the bacteria releases fox since in the lungs, that can lead to death and people exposed to spores are treat we had antibiotics and anthrax vaccine, and sean kaufman was a response member, during an attack, and he is now the c.e.o. and specialist with a company, and i asked him how these shipments could have happened? well because if a agent is delivered, during a biological attack, keep in mind, that these samples were sent out to test detection systems to determine whether or not we have an
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attacks of anthrax occurring and so when we send it out we need to make sure that we're send it go out in the form that it would be used. and, we want to make sure that it's inactivated to protect the general public, and the lab staff, and that did not happen. so there's a good reason to send spores out with anthrax and it's not good to send activated spores out when you are telling peel -- people that they're not at risk. we go back to the lab and we say why did you the c.d.c. investigation is trying to determine how this happened and what i suspect that they discovered is that the policy that was written does not work. now we're going to look at at wider shipment of ann of
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anthrax. and you have linked a couple of things a lack of leadership and, how this may have been drawn up, and the need to ship these kinds of spores, to better protect the country so, what is the import of this on national security? well, you know, national security is very, very important and, a lot of reasons why we're doing this, in this challenge is very well for national security but it doesn't make sense to be challenging our systems, and causing an increase in risk, because, we're not ensuring that the policies and procedures that we have written work, so it's very, very important, that when we put a policy in place, that we not only ensure the workforce prepared to do the policy, but that it works in doing what it
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says it is going to do. so as someone who has worked as c.d.c. and still very much involved in this field if you're being called into the pentagon, and you're being asked to share some advice, with ash carter, what are you saying to him? i would say we have to stop focusing on blaming an individual, we have an issue here, and the issue, is the lack of leadership and when people follow rules and rules are measured and evaluated and we have great comply answer, and we have great results. and when we put rules out that are not validated. and we put or scientists at risk, and the general public at risk. that's what you think has happened here. absolutely. thank you.
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sheriffs officials say the investigation into the shooting after 12-year-old boy is now complete,. he was holding a pellet gun and, now they will present the case to a grand jury. and, now live for us, and did the share live's department, comment on why the investigation took six months to complete? tony i'm being told that they did not want to rush anything this investigation comes more than six months after 12-year-old rice was killed. now, this report, it doesn't reach any conclusions about whether the shooting was justified, now this case will be turned over to the prosecutor's office, and taken to a grand jury. now, this is a case, that a lot of people have been watching for the past six months. 12-year-old rice, was playing with a pellet gun when he was shot and killed, last november. this is one of several high
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profile cases involving cleveland police, and black residents and it is interesting important that the doj add investigation, into the cleveland police department, and imposed some federal reforms. now as for why, it took so long, it was as few weeks ago when his mother, she went and spoke criticizing the sheriff's department saying it wasn't moving fast enough. and we have not heard from his mother and, we did hear from a congresswoman and, she said that she you weres the prosecutor to act with a sense of urgency and review it immediately. and the citizens of cleveland deserve swift action, and the investigation into the shooting, has taken too long, and our goal is justice.
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how is the city preparing for a grand jury decision? well, just about a little over a week ago, i was in cleveland, when there was a verdict, in a high profile case, and the verdict came, worked in his father and, there were number of protests. about 70 people were arrested, and city leaders said that they considered that a success because there wasn't any major unrest and, they are reaching out to those in the community to come up with a plan, so they can be prepared for anything. the judge in the colorado shooting rejected a petition for armistrial, and they said a portion of the videos, should not have been called in court and he tried to call a crisis
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hotline, but he said, it was disconnected. and, many victims, have been face we had thousands of dollars, in medical bills and it is a financial burden and this week, the state legislature, voted to end that practice. the governor said he will sign this into law and when he found out that rain victims here were being build thousands of dollars, he was outrage and, it will bring the state in line with federal law. after the trauma of being robbed and section what will lim assaulted in her home. thought it would be like a fun time to come in and have their way with me. she felt victimized again when she started receiving hospital bills. the entire process was ridiculous that i had to be
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charged for my rape. like a full stack i received a bill for $1,000 just the ride. she's one of sexual assault survivors, who shared their story. this huge stack are my rape bills. tuesday, they unanimously passed a series of measures that ends the practice of hospitals billing rape victims the costs are covered by law enforcement or special funding. and policies there vary. we think it will protect the rights of those for sexual assault. she says, they will finally be in line with the federal violence against women act. i think this really gives us a statewide protocol. the change requires
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hospitals to require hospitals on how to respond. it stops insurance companies to stop charging, and provide funding to reimburse hospitals and they no longer have to file a police report. many of these victims are young and they may be college students and they don't want to report it and it is just a lot of different circumstance and, a lot of emotional turmoil that victims are going through. two teens have been arrested and charged with with assaulting her, and while she's trying to heal seeing the new law is helping with that process. renewing my faith both human kind, and the state of louisiana, that they are trying to make a difference, they see that things are wrong. again, this bill is one after series, passed, and again
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one also, just passed yesterday requires police here, in the state, to get additional training when it comes to dealing with sexual assault victims. thank you. there are reports that louisiana governor bobby jindal will make a statement about a presidential nomination. he is expected, to announce, on june 24th. he released this statement saying. if he does run, he will tell voters that it needs to turn in a different direction. this is a busy week, in presidential politics,. lincoln chafe fee is the fourth david shoeser joins us. he is a former senator and governor of rhode island, he became an inde fen den and then a democrat. made it a few momentsing a.
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we have many challenges. today, i'm entering the race for the democratic nomination for president. thanks. he was the only republican in the u.s. senate oppose the invasion of iraq. and, he talks about her record, and the money that poured into the clinton organization. he has limited name recognition, so he is a long shot but he's going to try to do what another is doing and that's put hillary clinton on notice that her path, on the nomination may not be easy. by many accounts it is the biggest surprise so far. nearly everywhere he goes, bernie sanders, is attracting overdple crowds. what we have got to do, is create an economy that works for
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all of us, and not just the top 1%. his message and unique style have led to packed even he and city after city, the audiences have been larger, for sanders than any other candidate. he is promoting free college tuition and universal healthcare and, those that have to choose between medicine, and food. this is the wealthiest country, and some should not be the choices we face. they are taking note of the standing ovations and hillary clinton has held invitation only public events, featuring participants selected by her staff. and she just announceed that she'll soon begin holding public rallies and town hauls. that change came after her
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favorability rating is at 45% and, 49 unfavorable and those are the worst poll numbers for clinton in 7 years and when they were asked if she is honest and, trust trustworthy only 41% said yes and 52% said no. the erosion comes over criticism of fundraising and lingering questions about her reliance and personal email while she led the state departments. i thought using one device would be simpler. the results of the ongoing investigation, into the attacks on the u.s. consul lathe in libya, and e-mails released so far that as secretary of state she circulated to her staff unsolicited advice from sydney blue blumenthal while he was lobbying for business interests in libya
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and he was receiving $10,000 a month, from the clinton foundation. the controversy fair or not have prompted some nervousness among some. and they say it's feeling some of the interest in bernie sanders. if a bank is too big to fail that bank is too big to exist. it was has taken notice. did of cut social security, we're going to expand social security. [cheers] . bernie sanders still doesn't have much of a fundraising operation and politicians need
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both and, it is generating attention, from the clinton campaign which has gotten off to a rocky start. thanks. david. in texas a 67-year-old man was executed just a few minuting a, after his appeal was rejected. he was the oldest prisoner to be put to death in texas. he is the 8th inmate to be executed. he was convicted have had shooting four men to death in 1983 the cyber thieves behind cyber-attacks and, who they are and, how they train and what officials are doing to stop them and, we're the happiest people on the planet list. it's not the united states.
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cybercrime is growing and security experts warn, that there are tools online that help anyone, become a hacker and experts are now in london, trying to find a solution. now, here's more. what does a cyber criminal look like? him? him? who knows but they are trying to find out. this team of experts, all in london and all searching for same answer. organized crime has moved in big-time. and it's bigger, it's more involved in cybercrime than drug crime. because they're ruthless businessmen and why walk into a bank, with a gun if you can do it at a much lower risk. the problem is most definitely getting worse, in fact by the year, 2019 is, they believe that they will be stealing 2.1 trillion dollars
7:52 pm
globally. last year, in the u.s., 5-6 businesses fell victim to some form of attack. that's 40% more than the year before, the bigsest thing is the cyber ransom wear, and you give access to a hacker and, they take control of your data, and then they black mail you and they say pay or we'll delete. and/or they may take sensitive stuff and share it with the outside world. it's being well, increasing once again and now especially, attacking the specialists and business people and, that's a real threat to the industry, and, more profitable, and get it than trying to attack 1,000 people. another concern, is the internet the things, from kalgts to light bulbs our homes are getting more and more plugged in
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and, more hackable, in a future where our cars will be on lien, it is a worrying time for experts and they have a long and unpredictable road ahead. well hackers are one problem and, internet trolls are another and, people target, whether it is death threats or bullying, are often powerless to stop the abuse. sheila says there is a troll hunter in sweden, trying to change that. so we're on our way to meet robert, he's a well-known television personality and he's known as the troll hadn'ter. are you robert? yes. i'm sheila. for past two years, the t.v. journal list has made it his mission to unmask the anonymous haters. in his show, the troll hunter.
7:54 pm
strikes us as being a tolerant civil place why do you need to hunt trolls. q.because there are as many trolls here, as i guess, in any country. and the internet. internettrols are one of the favorite targets. once a target has been identified the trap springs shut
7:55 pm
for legal reasons he plurses the identify of some. dhoas flee when confronted and, seeking damages is something that at the has incorporated into his show. not very big money but it has a certain effect on people, to say hey you have to pay me this because you hurt me, or that way and i i can take you to court. most people do pay.
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what satisfaction do you get? i have done all kins t everything from current affair stuff, and reality shows like survivor but this, for once you do something that, i hate the expressing but maybe, makes a difference. sweden. and you can learn more about the free-throw line hunter, tonight at 10 p.m. john is here, john, coming up raising concerns about isis in america and people claiming ties to the organization are hard to catch and under the radar and now congress is investigating, also, children, in foster care are among the most vulnerable, in society and now, a investigation reveals they're prescribed drugs 3-4 times more often than others. how cal cal is trying to address that problem. in houston celebrating a
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milestone, the mayor said, it's ended homelessness, among military veterans, how they did it and why everyone isn't happy with how it happened and the beauty of ethion the part pea a a world-wide photographer, is traveling, and why he chose that country and, how he discovered its history and people and landscaping, all those and more coming up in 3 minutes. all right, thank you. so the happiest people in the world but in denmark. at least that's accord to get organization for economic coordimaking and development. ranked countries based on 22 factors, income, and education and, work like balance and held and denmark and iceland and, switzerland, and the united states came in, wait for it, 1 9th. failing to make it into the
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top-ten for the fifth year in a row. that's all of our time. thargs for watching.
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are is. >> this attack exemplifies an era of in which terror attacked go viral. >> is it fear mongering? overmedicated. >> the same antipsychotics are used in group home for foster children. >> prescribe