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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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we talked to some who were beaten and some by smugglers. hello, also, ahead, the battle against isil and iraq, one year and, why the group is proving to be so hard to defeat. the dangerous job of being a journalist they fear for their lives. we take a ride in the
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first car and some say the trend just won't take off. that was the latest figures greece has seen a dramatic increase of sea arrivals, sea and, most of them syrian, and afghan have arrival and 10,000 more than the whole of last year and, more than 54,000 landed in italy and most crossed from libya. and 11,000 came and the rest were from somalia nigeriaa, and, 447 people rescued order monday have been taken and
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european naval vessels have rescued them over the past few days. once the migrants arrive in europe they face an unsure future many their first steps they arrive in the dark, not knowing where they were, haggard, tired and hundred jarry, and very relief that they left war behind them. this is where they were brought to so we came back a few days later to check on them, to see how they're settling in, and see, or some have moved on. many of the women were rescued just a few days ago have been relocated to sicily. she hoped to join them soon. it's over she says, thanking
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god. in sea i was really tired and the water was coming in, and the boat was rocking. i kept my eyes closed the whole time, i add headache and i was dizzy. they had been stranded for 20 hours and, they were terrified, when the rest could youers found them in the men's quarters she we meet him and his companions. he has been smile smiling. at the time he said he would celebrate drinking ten pepsis. i don't have a pepsi. he didn't, but is happy anyway. they were very scared in libya, they were forced to drink
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fuel and had food once every few days. and, he shows the marks on his back, he was beat win an elecka cal rod by the smugglers and his friend has marks cigarette marks, by the guards and, they have seen several similar cases. he says he did not have a shower for 40 days and soon they will move again. but, he wants to stay in italy, in rome, i don't know what freedom means i have to discover it, i have to learn the language and the laws, and the how to treat people and, how to respect them. and he left his wife and two children behind, he hopes to bring them over soon.
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boy plane not across the sea. ♪ ♪ ♪ fate proud these young men together, and their traumatic or deal brought a bond that can never be broken, one that gives them strength to face the uncertainties of the future. in syria rebels have taken over one biggest bases and, it is in the south of the country. there are a number of army bases, and cities, and starting points in 2011. an egyp shants court has sentenced 11 people to death over a deadly rye ott over a football match. people tried to escape, the stadium in 2012.
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many of them were crushed to death, and they were from terraces. it's the deadliest. spain's top prosecutor has asked for an investigation that yemen knew about the attack before it happen. a car bomb exploded, in yemen, and a al-qaeda inspect ant said, that he warned security agencies, but he says, he was ignore had. spain has the case and they did not provide the information it asked for. iraqi air forces have opened supply lines, and the nearby oil refinery and the pentagon is not ready to declare that it is under iraqi control and isil continues to make advances. it has taken ramadi, and
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thousands have been displaced and the military have been trying to retake control. it holds that, and that's where the leadership used to be based and they have made advances and kurdish forces have held them back from taking more areas. and the most recent advances, have forced isil to retreat and, the stroo teegic city of tikrit. over a year ago, when i was sill attacked the northern part, and when they retreated and why the group is proving so hard to defeat. the speed with which they took huge parts of iraqi territory surprised and shocked many in most sell, the army ran. in less than 24 hours the city was untheir flag flag.
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it was a huge shock to the iraqi government and its people when i was sill took most sell, it exposed a lack of trust between the people and the government. that hasn't change each with a new government. in the aftermath people began to blame the former prime minister for the policies. policies that the next prime minister has found difficult to remove despite promising to do so. he tried to consolidate power and that ail le ennated many people, including the sunni community, he lacks power because he has been left with many problems, including a massive budget deficit and powerful lobbies and it is going to be tough for him. iraqi army, and the she shia
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militia having a tough time. when the capital of anbar fell, in may, it exposed just how tough and far from over it is. there is a lack of command and control, we don't have displan within the average the lack of strategy to win the fight and better coordination of airstrikes and better equipment. twelve months is a significant time-frame for isil, they're remaining and expanding their territory however, there are others that say they are taking advantage after disjoin thed strategy. here in baghdad, people are worry. the group's territory is a concern, because they can use it as a base and send reinforcements within iraq.
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the u.n. recognized government in libya has rejected add prose policy a to form a unity government. libya's rifle faction are under mounting pressure to reach a political deal. the u.n. envoy has drafted a remained for the country. it calls for a national unity government based in trip policy and, it recognizes the house of representatives, as the la jit mat body. they have created a council state to serve as the highest body with the power to resolve its fears. and also a national army, and implementation after cease fire
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and the drafting after constitution. today the people, have to rise on this gathering that you say your country and your people from conflict. but, the country's rifle factions remain skeptical each has it own government, parliament and army. the trip policy based government controls more. and the government has the backing of the u.n. it is not waiting for the answer now and after each of the principal stakeholders have had time. we will do our best to bring the country out of the crisis and, we'll study today and tomorrow this draft and, we hope that it will be the last one. this is the man at the center of the political divide. the general, is the most
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powerful military com manner in the east, last year he launched operation dignity a major offensive against libya dawn, and kurdish and backed the general national congress. a deal will only happen, if it is sacked by the government and most of the army unit based in the east are loyal to them and they say any move against their leader would be met by force. please stay with us here, still ahead they take the south korea travel list, and concern over mis. we're in an election year, argentina movement is in dispute with the government
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hello again, at this hour, the u.n. sent more than 100,000 migrants have entered by sea almost all of them landed in it take l oi or greece. libya rejected a proposal to form a unity government, it's a setback, and the self declared government in trip poly. the court sentenced, more than 11 to death over a game,
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and many were crushed to death and the incident was the deadliest. the opposition has rejected the commission's proposal to delay a presidential vote until next month, they will continue to protest, until he gives up a third term, the government accuses the media, for the unrest but the journalist refuse to stay silent. some of these journalists carry information and they are working on line. really in danger t. means beheaded by the government. and beheaded by those who are supposed to protect you, and to let you do your job.
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to me, beast at the risk to be killed at anytime. the station was close to the shooting by rifle an army and some government officials accuse the opposition to protest it's now common, but you can still see the battle scars. that's the radio station that were destroyed and the police are not allowing anybody inside. government says things are different, and that journalists shouldn't be afraid. we want to let everyone know that the government is ready you know, to allow them to do their job as they used to do it, before it was destroyed. we continue to believe that this is a country that all citizens,
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including journalists free. other houses were targeted and most people, the president's stronghold can only access it from the state's media. they won't be silent, they say, and, they hope that they can get the other side of the story. south korea has recorded another dead caused by murs. that brings the total number killed to 7. the defense minissery has started checking visitors entering their building, and they are suspected the carrying the virus. more than 14 people have been quarantined, and, the economy has been effected. it's at lovely day in one of the favoriest districts and we came for a walk and usually
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there would be plenty of residents and for run tourists. but, we have the place to ourselves and, this is about as close as you get in a city. local tour guys say 30-40% fewer visitors are calling and that's been the case in south korea. they are reporting 35% baseball games are seeing about the same drop in attendances. and the weekly shop is seeing a fall off, and the two biggest chains have seeing a drop, and on the line grocery shopping has gone up, sales going up 50%. they want to avoid unnecessary travel. all of this is having an economic impact, the president says that the first priority of the government is to address this as a public held concern
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and, irradicate the virus and the whole will only happen when the economic impact has been addressed as well. in urain one person has been killed at at fuel did he po nine gas tanks are on fire. people living within 2 kilometers have been evacuated. it has ended in the heatwave parts of the south have been hit by heavy rain and it is a week late, and a cool relief from the heat. more than 2,000 people were killed because of the heat. the province is imposing a curfew on women they won't be served in restaurants internet cafes of an 11 pm, until they're out with a man. that rule is also prohibiting them from working after that
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hour. it is all in an attempt to reduce sexual violence. and the critics say it is pure discrimination. 800 of the words on urban decision makers have arrived to discuss the increase in their population. they have grown faster than any other urban areas in the world. now a report from hong kong, on one area that's in a center in a battle against development. from afar, this collection of tin roof houses seems unremarkable. and you have to walk around to understand. just ask any of the shopkeepers at the local market, like this one, whether has lived above his family's store for decades. in the middle of the night we would sneak across and milk of cows. this was site of the first dari farm which employed thousands until it was shutdown.
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we do know that the market was already a fate, in 1868. and some people are saying it may have been there in 1,700s. tony still lives in a home divide had by his brothers and he's part of the campaign group which managed to at the time the ville language on the world monument watch list, and call sural heritage site, along places like venice, and, it has taken over the pastures. here a 45 square meter apartment goes for about 1 million dollars and fewer than 3,000 live in the village and many feel its days are numbered. many land developers are targeting this spot of land. if they remove village, for them, it will be a golden
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opportunity. g. has acknowledged the value, and has no legislation to save it. at the moment, we only preserve individual buildings not an area, and not a zone and it is important for us to visit the existing policy to, reduce the policy after special protected area. this is the only surviving chinese village. with a pattern seen in its winding path. it is the deep alleyway that are pro texting the village part of the land is owned by developers and there's no way for vehicles to get through. and the government has already approved planning documents and the towering buildings are a constant reminder that development is not far away. now, they have announced up
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to 50,000 job cuts as part of a retroubling job program. they will refocus on asia, and cut annual cuts by 5 billion dollars and it is considering moving it out of london, and reduce the size of its investment bank. some of the most powerful trade unions, are calling for one day general strike, they're demanding changes to, taxations and, pensions and stronger measures for job insecurity. but not all unions agree. this is a show of force byar gen tina's powerful truck driver's union who held their own action before the general strike. they're out again along with train drivers and airport workers, bringing argentina to a
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standstill. we are holding the strike with hope that it will generate expectation in population and be a show of force to the government that we are not prepare to surrender and we'll keep fighting for what's right. however, many trade unions remain loyal to the president saying things aren't that bad. and the problems they do have, are not of the government's fault. we believe that to hold it will strike is to give or try to give the workers over to those who want to return to the old politics. with presidential elections four months away, there are demonstrations by different groups almost everyday batting for influence and a share of decreasing funds the party in power was built with the backing of the workers and stayed indeed pow by a powerful trade union movement and now with
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inflation, and job insecurity rising, they find themselves in conflict. instead, it will be less to the electorates to make sense of the divided movement, and its relationship with the government. when there's inflation the union is not there and salaries do go up and you have this conflict going on, all the time. and stop-go policies and you ten to this group and nobody is happy. as the elections approval, they'll be faced with more strikes and protests like this one. and the people in the u.s. state of texas are calling for a police officer to be fired after he was shown throwing a teen on the ground.
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thousands of protestors, marched let's go swimming, and waving a pistol at a group of african american teens and, he's been put on leave. u.s. federal judge has ordered the release of a man kept in confine men for 33 years. and he was convicted in 1972 for the kill of a prison guard in the town of ann goal will a. and his treatment constitutes torture. the u.s. company wants people to start making them for the next auto inno vegas, it is a 3d printed car and it takes 44 hours to compote. and, still being tested out and as john reports they may be able to get behind the wheel as early as 2017. this could be the shape of things to come.
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it could be any shape except for its wheel and it is made of carbon plastic. that's why jay rogers believes he's in the middle of transforming the auto industry. henry ford never had an enternet or fedex, and nobody the ability to be abe to decide it the way we have today, if you have those tools, they would have created totally differently. the car, with the motor and suspension, is expected to sell for 18,000 and 3,000. it's not yet approved for public roadways and it face so big speed bumps inincludedding being taken seriously. i have seen the car, it is a car size, and something that tug
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drove around in fp. i don't know how many people would do it. at local motor shops say that miss the mark, the whole point is it's a way of speeding up design and manufacturing. and this is one of an array of possibilities. that is two seater electric model, and the advantage is, it could be anything, it could be a four seater car and change the powertrain, and the manufacturing process is faster and when it is all other, you can melt it town and build another one. rogers, the grandson of the motorcycle company and former marine foresees an expanding array of styles- we're pretty quick of making a single unit and the next unit. it takes us about 24 hours to make it through the whole line and, we're adding that tool to be able to make it, instead of 7 years, when can change it, down
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to about 4 months. if that happens perhaps one day, individual car owners could be able to customize not just the options inside but the design itself. going it alone to prosecute a police officer. activists in cleveland ask a judge to file murder charges in the shooting death of tamir rice the last of the angola three could be a free man. albert woodfox may be released from jail after 40 years police are asking if a woman who worked at a jail