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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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one year since the capture of the city of most sell, we report what life is like under isil control. world news, also coming up, is this the world's most dysfunctional peace keeping force, is under scrutiny of the security council. the virus forces them to close more schools against the atvived of the world health
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organization. google tests more ways to bring the internet to the world and it become too powerful. the united states is planning to establish a new military base in iraq's anbar province, in their commitment to help iraq take on isil and these are the latest pictures of iraqi troops, firing on on the isis and also, additional troops to train local forces. most sell is also under isil control and has been for one year now and these pictures show the lightning fast take other back in january 2014, and motion sell is the second largest city, about 1.9 million people. and hundreds and thousands of them haved in and many moved to
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a city east of most sell. and, now dana has been traveling and sen us this report from midway between them. beyond the bridge is isil taifer tore, mosul the biggest toward person territory, they are cut off from the rest of the country. the people who want to leave and they have to pay isil a huge amount of money which they don't have and they have to provide guarantee like the house to prove they plan to come back. they live in a prison. these people are porch born and raised in most sell, and, they left. all didn't have access to the city but these journalists who have access inside and they explain how isil uses every opportunity to brainwash them, and they even preach.
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hides it weapons in civilian neighborhoods so people will turn against u.s. led coalition, and they have some support and, it is able to a support and, many have felt targeted by the makelish that's. the majority may not support isil, and some do. it has as i de ideology and they exploit sunnies and, the shia government or the kurds and they believe want their land. most sell is surround haded by three sides and they have managed to hold the line against airstrikes and, they have no plan to move towards arab city, their leadership said they will play a supporting role if and when there is a plan to recapture the second largest city. isil has been preparing for
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that battle. it has did you go a trench around the city, and placed concrete barriers and, it is breeding a new generation of fighters. isil is recruiting children and, there are thousands and, in the future, and they are brainwashed. ♪ a major part of the strat i did is to control every aspect of the lives of the people. and even if it loses ground, it ensures its i de ideology will endure. more now on the u.s. proposal to increase its commitment to the fight against isil. what do we know about the announcement that is coming soon? well i have been able to confirm that the president is going to a prive fewer than 500
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trainners, on top of those in iraq training and more importantly, we believe that they're going to tri to set up a new base in anbar province, and focus os trying to train sunni militias, and that's been the big question, the iraqi government is not doing enough to train them, and the outstanding question that we're going to press them on, how is this going to work? are they going to work with them to get them in? or go through the iraqi government? it's a critical question because the u.s. president, has said, the iraqi government isn't doing enough, that they have the ability to train a lot more people and they're not getting them in. as you said there have been critics of this strategy, and the president's strategy. will this satisfy them? probably not. one of these questions that we haves the president said the train jersey have been able to
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work with them, it is effect of it. he hasn't provided any evidence of that, it was won because these troops were trained by u.s. and glass question about the training, so there's more than 9,000 that have gone through training and, this is very basic training, six weeks they're not being trained how to work as a team. they're not talking about extending that right now just trying to train more people and the president is criticized because of something air plateters and, those are special forces that help the pilots help the pilots target buildings and much more success si way and, it would be and it's almosts in if you're going for target, but president is still refusing to put u.s. forces on the ground in a com bat role. live from washington dc.
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thank you. the u.n. security council is meeting to discuss the worst sending situation in the western city. this will ab crucial meeting on the words on most disfumptional peace keeping mission. in 2003,took up arms against the sunni's government, and oppressing the non arab population, and the conflict cost upwards of 400,000 lives. and displace he had 2 million people and a peace keeping force was there to bring the conflict under control. and james is at the u.n. with more on this. michele, you remember, a decade ago everybody was talking about darfur, it was in all the words on headlines and now most have moved on, and all is still covering the situation
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in darfur, and away from most of the headlines it's getting much worse and, that's why the security council is meeting about the situation and, what to do about the peace keeping mission. it's the deputy head of peace keeping who is briefing security council members as they must decide what to do. the situation is certainly deterrating. these are among 150,000 people forced to flee their homes sense the beginning of this year, and the size of the current peace keeping force, has already been reduced just 15,000 troops and police to patrol the territory the size of france, and the security council said, the join the mission by the u.n. and african union was the most difference functional in the world and there's disagreement on how to change things, some are calling for an exit strategy
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and, others want a more focused approach. now is not the time to withdraw, and instead we need to reconfigure so we focus more of the effort on the core, which is protecting civilians in medi8th the conflct and any other task, we want to russo it can focus on that core role. the government recently re-elected as the president, and indicted in 2009, on war crimes charges, has said in the past that he wants him out of his country, and the acting head of the mission, when they asked him about the problems he faces. in a year, and the conditions, to make that possible and those conditions have to do a security, the guarantees and the security, and
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they are ready to go back home, without fear, and also we need to engage to see it. the problems in the relationship between the government is a recent incident where permission was requested for injured ethiopian peacekeeper was to be let go and he didn't he. privately, u.n. officials say one of the main reasons that it isn't working is because of the government of sudan and when you talk to members of the security council some will say this is so bad and this mission is failing so bad will youly perhaps the u.n. should withdraw and, that's what the government p wants to happen. what will the security council do about it?
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well the situation is getting worse, and they don't know what to do, and there's division on the security council. the african nations have a different view from the u.s., france and the u.k., and russia and china are on the side of the african nations which want to keep a large force in place and some of the others want to reduce the numbers. when you have division like this, i'm going to tell you what it is likely to do, keep things as they are for another year and, kick the can down the road, and, when they come to a decision, they will agree to extend the mandate for another year. po kay james, live at the u.n., thank you. in south coro, a the world health organization has urged the government to reopen schools, that have been closed, so far nine people have died,
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from it. the medical center the common cold is being taken more seriously than ever, a cough a 'or is proud here and kept away from patients in the main building and those expected of having murs are kept in isolation. as we start this information, the atmosphere will become more cooperateed and this will be necessary and this week will ab major watershed moment. now, they protect staff and other patients that are on display. eight patients with murs being treat had in the hospital and, they have been brought here already with the disease so the risk of infection is very minimal. the government is saying other patients have been presents themselves and they're
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concerned about the spread from hospital to hospital. the acting prime minister telling anyone who suspects they may have murs, to stay put and call authorities and others live normally. please refrain from overexsage raising and the people's life and held is the priority. nearly half were contracted at the medical center, and the numbers should start to decline through this week if it has been limited to a hospital outbreak, inside visiting exsperlts were trying to establish why it spread so rapidly. concern of the virus might have gotten out to the population is, causing companies to take precautions even if some employees are not reassured.
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the the it shows them, and the virus has disbursed and it's like dispensing medicine after a dead. there's an attempt to show a concerted response, and real reassurance will come when there's a sustain eddie crease in the numbers of new infections more coming up, 240 billion in the u.s., is the global cost of treating diabetes, reaches stag berg heights. and the economy in south sudan is close to collapse. just because
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here are the top stories on all. it's been one year since isil seized the city of most sell and, the united states is going to establish a new base. u.n. is meeting right now to discuss the worst sending situation, in darfur, this will ab crucial meeting on what is the world's most dysfunctional peace keeping mission and more schools are being closed in south korea as the u.n. recommends that they reopen them and, so far nine people have died, from the virus. isil fighters say they have
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taken control of the city, and in you they want to regain the coastal city which connects east and west libya. isil fighters are on the offensive and, they have taken control of the city from libya and, coalition of of it. the victory is the culmination of weakness, they control all check points in-and-out of the city. fighting has been between prorevolutionary groups and those that support the u.n. government, both sides had been trying to reach a political deal but the government appears divided. on tuesday, some of the parament rejected a draft proposal. they support the most powerful
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military commander in the east, and others, in the delegation have traveled to germany to continue the talks. the country has fallen into x-ray os, since the uprising, sense the regime was forced out of power, and the chaos has been worse by groups like isil stepping in. the syrian observatory of human rights after more than 4 years of conflicts 23,000 people have lost their lives and 110,000 deaths have been supported and, this especially clouds over 11,000 children and 7,000 women and 47,000 rebels, have been killed and, 50,000
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soldiers losing their lives. there are fears, that the economy is close to collapse will and falling oil prices that's making life difficult for a country that imports most of its products. some of the industries have been hit by the dollar crunch, many companies depend on american currency is, for materials. we have stocks that can last us for a week. if we don't get dollars to clear the containers then we'll be forced to stop operations. because of the fall in global oil prices, and oil production is still low. and this is what makes the plastic, and then blown up, and
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it has to be imported and this means dollars, and the black market rate is too high. when we visited this factory, it was running and in and out machines have gone quiet and, people have lost their jobs. half of what we were supplying, we are not afford do anything. one needs a letter of credit from the government to access dollars from the bank at a reasonable bank, and those are difficult to come by, the black market is thriving, and four times the official rate. very concerned now and what we know, and so much on the boroing from the central bank, and this is a high cost, and huge inflation. many people have said, that the economy is close to co
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lapse. not in the range of co lapse, and so anybody who says that is a -- he's wishing bad for south sudan and as people who are and not true. but, times are tough for almost every in the city. this woman's living cost has more than doubled in the last few months, and, if the conflict ends these will get better, and the leaders after talks collapsed. she, like many others, remains cautiously optimistic. the united states forcing a 14 year-old girl, the officer has resigned. his behavior, and now
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protestors, have shown up. the officers could be heard complaining and, they weren't obeying the orders, but the police chief said he was out of control. our citizens called us to a fight in progress and general disturbance at the community pool. we responded and i do not condone the actions of those individuals who violated the rules, of the community and showed disrespect, and to the officers who responded. however, we as a department, are held to a high standard of action as we do or jobs. the german airline says it is to add an extra fee for tickets purchased on travel web sites, and this will to direct them to their websites, and it changes how they buy flights. countries like expedia and
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this allows more comparison, and cheaper tickets and many travel industry analysts believe it will reduce their transparency and, 96% said they might follow that move. the arrival of smart-phones has led to a dramatic growth to internet users and half the world are still not connected and that's why large companies are exploring new ways of bringing them online. more than 3.1 billion people are currently connected to the internet and more people are signing up, 450 every minute, 65,000 new people coming online each take. and, 40% of the people, online, live in just three countries china, u.s. and i believe de a
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and, contrast that, with the 100 least connected countries and just 1.6% of those on the internet. many of these countries lack networks making it expensive tor people to get access and, that's why google has been testing drones and balloons and, they were flown over the south island of new zealand and google declined an interview and said it could be cheaper than land based, message and it is a powerful force and any move that can control saving infrastructure would give too much influwebsite. drones and balloons and these are awesome. but what are they being used for? ever the power dynamics changing? or a very small group of people
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exerting power over a group. facebook, has been looking at using drones to enhance internet access. our plan is to make basic internet services affordable so everyone with a phone can join the knowledge economy. they have launched a ap, and it can be accessed by a billion people free access to a limited number of online services. one of these is facebook, and its and what other services. they're doing it, for themselves and not because -- they believe in that, they're doing it because having more people online benefits them. google is working to
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sthrenstrengthen the balloon and, website it is solved, it will scale it up, the question is whether the people below will be able to receive internet from the sky and accept their terms and conditions. more than 8% of adults are suffering from diabetes, more than 240 billion are spend to treat the condition. despite that, many are forced to have their legs amputated and now, a treatment produced in cuba is giving new hope. at a diabetes clinic, they have one thing in common, besides their disease the fear of amputation, a trauma that 66-year-old has already experienced. about 15 or 20 days ago i hit my foot and, when i take a look, my toe was rotting and i
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wanted them to save my leg i have already lost one. until eight-years ago, his chances would not have been good and, now, as a remarkable treatment, is reducing amputations by more than 70% according to the cuban industry. it injects growth factor, a protein, present in the body, into the diabetic foot ulcer. diabetes has been called the silent epidemic, and cuba's treatment has been used in 15 other countries from argentina to russia, to qatar to try to reduce the number of amputations q.he says here in cuba, he did not have to pay a cent, which
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saved not just his leg but his life. i ended up with my toe bare to the bone and after antibiotics, they began applying it and i was like new. cuba has patented it, until 2012, and is using it to private companies, and held ministries and that spend billions every year. a sore is pink, and a wound and a then a sulker, and gangrene and it spreads quickly, and if there is no surgical procedure a person can die. if it is sparked so much interest because diabetes is a disease that makes no distinction between race, region
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or wealth. a reminder you can keep up with the stories you're seeing today, throughout the day so visit our website. the u.s. plans to send hundreds more military trainers to iraq for the fight against isil one year after the group took control of iraq's second largest city no sign of two escaped prisoners in new york. now the focus is the area around the prison and anger in los angeles after an independent commission finds a police officer was justified in shooting an unarme