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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hello, this is the news hour live from london. coming up, the u.s. offer as helping hand to the iraqi government in its fight against isil with 450 more trainers. >> as isil gains ground in libya, the u.n. envoy said that the two rival governments must come to an agreement soon. and darfur's peacekeeping
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mission has been described as the world's most dysfunctional. >> we're final out what developments there have been. >> and i'm lee wellington with sports. fifa's latest decision on who will host the world cup, that's the 2026 world cup. >> the u.s. has announceed it will accepted more troops to iraq to help train government forces in the fight against the islamic state in iraq and the levant. 450 soldiers will be deployed to boost the 3,000 advisers and trainers who are already working there. they'll be creating a new u.s. presence in the anbar province. there are more plans to provide
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more support door isil fighters. the deployment is about empowering sunnies. >> what this--the focus of this training effort will be is on local fighting forces. they have a stake in this fight. it's about giving them the training also the equipment and the material they need to take the fight to isil. >> let's go to roslind jordan, she's at the state department in washington. is this a return to the pass? >> well, it's really not a few vaty but it might be more accurate to say that it's a slight revision of the ongoing
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plan. what is changing are the 450 advisers who are will be going to the air base in anbar province. but they're basically advising and helping to provide informational and intelligence support to that will be tasked to take ramadi from isil control. they're not going to be ingauging with any training on the ground at that air base. you its important to note that the work that is going to be done with those members of the sunni community who want to be a part of the overall fighting force is going to be done under the auspices of the national army under baghdad's direction.
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this is not the u.s. going in unilaterally and training those who want to take up arms against isil. it's more of a revision of an i don't know going policy of providing support and additional assistance to the overall iraqi military. regardless of whether they are shia sunni or kurdish. >> they weren't very clear will they be sending arms directly it sunni tribes? >> well, as we understand it there is going to be a ramp up of this deployment of weapons to sunni forces. but again that's going to go through baghdad because ultimately it's the iraqi military that has ultimate command and control to use a military phrase over the actions of over smaller units. it's going to need to know who has what, what equipment has
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been given to which units which capabilities are going to be deployed in this fight against isil. it's not going to be a case of weapons certainly turning up in one part of anbar province and baghdad does not know about it. as part of trying to improve it's ability to deploy its forces in some sort of massive fight it does need to know who has what and who has been trained to use that equipment. it's all going through baghdad. >> thank you so much. roslind jordan there. it's been one year since isil declared it's intent in iraq when it took control of mosul as iraqi troops threat. >> some two million people are believed to live in mosul cut
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off from the rest of the country. >> people who want to leave they have to pay isil a huge amount of money that they don't have. they have to provide guarantees like their house to prove that they plan to come back. they live in a prison. >> these people fled to the kurdish controlled north last year when isil took over. al jazeera does not have access to the city, but these journalists have contacts inside who secretly film. >> they explain how isil uses every opportunity to brainwash the people of mosul. they even breach in malls. according to journalists isil hides its weapons in civilian neighborhoods so people will turn against the u.s.-led coalition when it targets the area. but isil does have some support. it is age to exploit sunni grievances. many in the community have long felt targeted by the government. >> isil has an ideology and they
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exploit the long history of oppression against sunnies. many prefer isil over the kurds who they believe want their land. >> and they're surrounded by peshmerga forces by three sides. but for now they have no plan to move towards the mainly sunni arab city. they will play a supporting role if and when a decision is made to recapture iraq's second largest city. the iraqi government's plans to do so have been stalled but isil has been preparing for that battle. it has dug a trench around the city and placed concrete barriers as a line of defense and it is breeding a new generation of fighters. >> the isil are recruiting children. they have brainwashed children. [♪ singing ♪]
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>> a major part of isil strategy is to control every aspect of the lives of the people, and even if it loses ground it insures that ideology will endure for years to come. al jazeera, northern iraq. >> well, linda robinson is an international policy analyst at think tank rand. she has recently returned from a trip from iraq. she joins us from virginia. as i'm sure you're aware it has trained iraqi forces for years and support the sunni tribes in so-called awakening council. what is new that the u.s. has not tried before?
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>> they were not able to achieve what they wanted to, which is to turn back isil. they will increase the coordination among the forces fighting isil, and also as your report mentioned get more sunnies in the fight because there have not been that many sunnies on to date. you mentioned the sons of iraq program back in 2007-'08. there were sunnies armed and fighting at that time against al-qaeda in iraq. i don't know that you'll get numbers like that, but this latest move is really aimed at those two things. >> and since those days, of course there have been complaints from some of the ethic groups of ethnic groups of exclusion.
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there are complaints for things like the anti-terror laws still being used as an instrument for persecution. little accountability for shia militia abuse state institutions remaining infiltrated by shale shahs which have committed atrocityies. should the u.s. be focusing on pushing the iraqi government in being more inclusive and dealing with kurds and sunnies rather than focusing so much on the military solution alone it seems? >> well, that is a tough question because of course isil is on the march and most lately the fall of ramadi suggests how powerful the group is, and it illustrates and highlights the weaknesses of the iraqi security forces. i do think that they have a need to respond on the security or military front. but you're absolutely right. that the sunnies in particular
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have quite a long list of grievances and don't feel that they've gotten a fair shake from the central government. one piece of legislation that might move forward in the near term in the iraqi parliament is the national guard legislation that is designed to allow the from vinces local defense forces but that legislation has been changed in the parliament in the current version under consideration there to have those national guardsmen report through a baghdad central chain of command. that will not do a lot to bring sunnies into the fold. the big picture is that the iraqi government has to decide if it wants to have a government by and for all of its people. i frankly having just returned from iraq, i think those big questions are really not going
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to be answered in the near term, so the question is can isil be blunted and give the government some breathing space it begin to tackle the core issues? >> thank you so much for your thoughts. >> you're welcome. >> well, ahead of lebanon hezbollah groups say it has begun to fight isil along the electric niece border. they say fierce clashes have left dozens of isil fighters dead and hezbollah has lost men, too. >> i want to say that the fight has started. they have started the war and we're keen to put an end whatever the sacrifices are. we're quite keen to put an end
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to the terrorists on our borders. >> making more progress in the south of the country. the rebel groups say they're moving in in in a neighboring airport. used by the assad regime. >> thethey want to regain the coastal city. >> isil fighters are on the offensive in sirte. they've taken control of the city from libya dawn. the coalition backed by the national congress based in tripoli. isil's victory has been the culmination of weeks of fierce battles. they now control all check
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points in and out of the city. fighting in libya back the government in tripoli and those who recognize the government in tobruk. both sides had been trying to reach deals but the tobruk government appears divided. they rejected a draft proposal to form an unity golf. they support general haftar, the most powerful general commander in the east. the country has fallen into chaos since the up rising. since the regime was forced out of power rival we grades have deified state authority. chaos has been made worse.
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>> this comes as talks say solving libya's crisis has wrapped up without an agreement. >> the news conference that followed the talks was remarkable for two things. first thing the absence of representatives from either the libyan governments along side the two speakers, as it were, to say anything from their points of view. and then secondly from the unanimity about the need for speed in dealing with the situation. they both said that they praised each other's institutions but say this draft was the last best option and that it had a shelf life. >> libya has no more time.
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for all those listening it's very important to understand and that enough is enough. the time has come to make it. >> the reference to time is particularly to do with the holy month of ramadan, which is only days away. and he was very clear say to go reporters that both sides needed to appreciate that this was the right time for them to be trying to find resolution moving towards an agreement. they also talk about the role of islamic state in iraq and the levant and the fact that they had taken over the city of sirte. they said now is the time to come together, but as i say neither of those two governments will appear along side the two speakers and speak for
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themselves. >> still ahead on al jazeera, an outbreak of mers has killed nine people. we'll tell you how the football tournament is being effected by the fifa corruption scandal. and we'll have more details about where there could be a new fifa president. will this man be putting his name forward? >> the announcement came as the security council discussed what is being describeds as the world's most dysfunctional
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peacekeeping mission. our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the u.n. >> the situation is certainly deteriorating. these are among 150,000 people are forced to flee their homes since the beginning of this year. the size of the peace keeping force has been reduced just 15,000 troops control the territory the size of france. one diplomat told me that unimed, a joint mission between the u.n. and african union was the most dysfunctional peacekeeping mission in the world. there is disagreement on how to changes things. some are calling for an exit strategy. others are asking to do some things better. >> this is not the time for un unamed to withdrawal.
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we see a role for mediating the conflict and focus more effectively. >> sudan's president was indicted in 2009 on war crime charges relateed to darfur said in the past he wants unamed out of his country and the academying head of the commission spoke about what they face. >> those conditions have to do with the security, the guarantees for protections. the ability to go back home without fearing that fear. we need to address the root causes of the major problem. >> the example of the problems in the relationship between the government of sudan and the u.n.
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is a recent incident where permission was requested for an injured ethiopian peace keeper for evacuated. the request was denied and he died. when you speak to people away from the cameras u.n. officials will tell you that the actions from the government of sudan are one of the reasons why unamed is not working. when you speak to the security council some will tell you that if unamed continues to fail, then they should withdraw. that's exactly what sudan has made it clear it wants to happen. james bays, al jazeera, of the united nations. >> securities has been stepped up aality tourist sites across egypt after a suicide-bombing near the temple in the city of luxor. two gunmen who were with the bomber was shot. one was killed and the other was badly wounded. no tourists have been hurt. there has been no claim of responsibility.
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it's the second attack since week. migrants were at sea for six days before being rescued on navy said that they had athletely run out of supplies when she they had been rescued. four of the rescued migrants including a pregnant woman are being treated in hospital. >> well, this latest rescue reminded us that tunisia is not immune to the crisis that is effecting libya and europe.
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400 have been brought back to tunisia, and many of them are from sub is a sub-sahara africa. once they get to tunisia what happens to them next? those who are economic migrants, pool from west africa, nigeria gambia sierra leone, they will probably have to be sent back home. now others can claim asylum here in tunisia but tunisia does not have the jobs and resources to help them. so they may try to make that
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perilous journey to italy. security has improvinged but people are still struggling with the lack of basic infrastructure. we traveled on one of the few modern roads to the area known as the place of shining light. >> there were no paved roads in all of bamyan until three years ago when this one was built. now it connects dozens of poor villages to the capital. unfortunately it ends here. 14 years ago the taliban destroy destroyed the town's market and killed 300 people in one day. now it's peaceful. because those who live here are shia shiite muslims they do not support the taliban. but there are no jobs. >> there is no work or business for shop shop keepers.
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the government helps others but in bamyan they don't do much. i don't know why we're peaceful peaceful. >> there is only enough electricity to turn on the lights for a couple of hours a night. if you can afford it. the power costs ten times more than it does in kabul, and there is no public transport either. this man walked three hours with his sick son to the medical clinic. now he has to walk back. on the main road we came across students walking to school because there is no bus. 13-year-old tells us that she walks three hours a day to school and home again. the principal said it's too much for children. >> some of our students are
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walking two and three hours to get here. they're young children and they are too tired and fall asleep. >> in the classroom things are not much better. no desks no, chairs, however it has the highest enrollment of girls in school. from here our journey takes us over rough mountain roads. travel is slow, but at the end you're rewarded with this, a string a six national lakes. this natural park is a symbol of how much potential the area has. what this place needs is running water, paved roads and electricity. there is, however, one major advantage in bamyam. that's security. a rare thing in afghanistan. nicole johnston al jazeera. >> well, still ahead this news
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hour airlines are planning a crackdown on they their websites. also looking at the skies to get internet for those who are not online. we'll tell you more about the world cup.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on not just in this country but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> challenge the way you look at the world. >> talking about big subjects. >> telling human stories. >> fraud, waste and abuse. >> we've spent 110 billion dollars.
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>> this is their dirty little secret. >> u.s. president abraham has pay proved a plan to deploy 450 military is personnel to a campus in anbar province. the troops will train and advise forces. it comes a year after isil had taken control of mosul iraq's second largest city. they have been recruits children in the city.
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>> four civilians have been killed and 65 injured in the latest violence in yemen. the casualties came amid shells in taiz by houthi rebels and forces loyal to ali abdullah saleh. they were pushed back by forces loyal to the president in exile abd rabbuh mansur hadi. the world healed organization has urged south korean government to reopen thousands of schools that were closed during a mers outbreak. so far nine people have died since the middle east respiratory virus. >> the common cold is taken more
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seriously than ever. anyone with mild some symptoms. those suspected of having mers are treated in isolation. anyone confirmed immediately quarantined. >> as we start to go through information the atmosphere will be more cooperative in putting this under control. it will be a major water shed moment. >> they will protect staff and other patients, and there are eight patients with mers currently being treated in this hospital. they have all been brought here already with the disease. however, the government have are concern about the spread from hospital to hospital. >> the acting prime minister saying anyone who suspects they have mers is to stay put and
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call authorities. everyone else should live life as normal. please refrain from over reaction to mers and do engage in daily activity. officials say that the numbers should start to decline this week if it has been limited to a hospital outbreak. the "world health organization" will try to establish why mers has spread so wide. >> the plan is to detect people who are showing symptoms. it's like prescribing medicine
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after a death has already occurred. >> there is a real attempt to show unified concerted response to the threat across south korea. real assurance will come when there is a sustained decrease in the numbers of new infections. >> pope francis has urged president vladimir putin to achieve peace in ukraine. the two met for almost an hour when the vatican church called for putin to restart talks. they expressed the need for more humanitarian aid. greece's credit rating has been downgraded again. i by standard & poor's. over fierce that they will default on its debt over the next month. greece became the first eurozone
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member to have its debt down graded to junk in 2010. junk means that it has lost investment grade status. greek pharmacists are on strike over government plans to allow the sale of non-prescription medicines in supermarkets. the country's quotas are asking for degrade. they can hardly make ends meet. >> she battles leukemia. she manages to hold down a job of teaching economics and swimming every day. despite her misfortunes she considers herself lucky. >> my medicine is totally covered by my insurance. i couldn't forward it on my own.
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>> the government is trying to provide for everyone, but charity and solidarity play an increasingly important role because state healthcare is struggling. head of the staff union units in one of the busiest hospitals in greece. >> 72 million euros this year, just half of what it was two years ago. so far we've received $4.8 million of that, and our pharmacy needs that. >> that could leave the hospital's half million outpatients a year without proper care. austerity has reduced spending on medicine from $5.5 billion a year to $2.5 billion.
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drug makers have been forced to sell medicine at lower prices. >> about one in six say they're in danger of going bankrupt. >> we've reached the point of the profit more gin of 1%. when a patient shows up with such prescription i have to pay the wholesaler in a month but i get paid in four months. do you call that trade? >> they say they're supplying the greek market at cost and their only real profit comes from exporting medicine to lucrative markets. medicine may dry up in greece because most in greece are not insured, and for those who are insured the state can't pay for it in in a timely fashion.
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>> more than half the world is still not online. that's 4.2 billion people. we have reports on how the giants of the web are hoping to tap this huge market. >> more than 3.1 billion people are currently connected to the internet. more people are signing up at a rate of 450 every minute. the trouble is 40% of the people online 1.1 billion live in just three countries china the u.s. and india. contrast that to the 100 least connected countries. together their home of 1.65% are on the internet.
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many of these countries lack fiber networks making it difficult for people to get access to internet. and that's why google has been testing drones and balloons. these drones were sloane over the south island of new zealand. google declined an interview with al jazeera but said in in a statement that it is a powerful force. some believe that this will give the company too much influence. >> drones and balloons, these are awesome but what are they being used for? are the underlying power dynamics changing or is it a small group of people exerting their power and control over a much larger group. >> it starts at up here at
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60,000 feet. >> our plan is to make basic internet services affordable so everyone with a phone can join the economy. >> no coincidence one of these companies is facebook and it determines what other services can be on the platform. >> they're doing it because having more people online benefits them. >> google is working to increase the strength of the balloons and it's launch system and how to keep them connected during flights. they'll scale up their airborne network. the question is will the people although will be ready will be
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ready to correct. connect. >> what does it mean to have the big gaps between the internet haves and the internet have nots. >> well, developing countries are lacking access to bank energy. 1.2billion people have don't have access is to electricity. >> it is too much of a luxury. >> the electricity is not luxury
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luxury. >> the internet i mean is luxury. >> yes the internet is luxury. the electricity is not. >> how is it to have internet when they struggle with firewood? >> it is luxury. >> what about facebook and google launching drones and balloons. >> it's a great opportunity but they don't do it for charitable purposes. they do it for commission. if they want to do something good they should provide access to energy before internet and facebook. facebook is great to connecting with each other. but those people need electricity first. >> these companies they're going to do things out of commercial interests aren't they. they've not going to do charity. >> but they have commercial responsibilities business people
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have responsibilities if they need their product to be marketed in the developing countries, they have to have work before that. they have home work to do before starting to launch their product there. so they have to have--they have to give access to energy. and have some private company provide support for provision for clear product. >> how do you do that when in some of these countries the government tightly controls especially in communication and infrastructure. >> in big cities, the people enjoy facebook and other social media means. for example i called my husband husband, i'm in london and he's
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in khartoum. i told him i was going to air on the al jazeera channel and he said there was no electricity and that was a problem. >> they have oil, for example in some parts of sudan right? there is a refining capability at the very least. why is it that there is as much a weak energy infrastructure. >> they allocate more funds and more support to in such the war in darfur there are other issues. it's just about prioritizing. >> thank you for your thoughts. >> german airline lufthansa said that it will direct customers to its own site. in recent years airline webs
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have changed how people book their travel. an airfare expert says it won't stop people from shopping around for the best price online. >> i don't believe are going to use websites less. the average consumer across the world searches four and seven different websites right before they take a leisure trip. so i think that comparison is still going to happen. i think some of the loyalists are going to straight to the airlines of their choice instead of comparing, but i do think that this is something that maybe a trend or maybe a need by the airlines to really drive a certain segment of their consumer straight to their website. but we've seen it especially here in the united states with southwest airlines, who have always sold their tickets online
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just on their website. so there may an trend but i do think that the customer here and consumer will win and be able to compare all the other sites as it has happened before. >> still to come on al jazeera football goes on. >> in london a new shoe exhibit is open. everything from a first century egyptian sandal to a modern 3d printed shoe. >> and in sport football goes on for the war-torn country as players prepare for a world cup qualifyier with north korea.
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k at the american dream... >> this definitely gave me an opportunity to grow up... >> you just don't give up... >> hard earned reunion only on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back. now more than 200 pairs of shoes have gone on display at the victoria museum part of a show that places 2,000 years of history of footwear. jessica baldwin reports. >> extremes of footwear from around the globe. the first century sandal kicks off the timeline and shoes are a status symbol there is plenty of gold. >> shoes seem to have been part of our obsession for 2,000 years at least. shoes are important to show off the wearer's status, their place in society. >> these 19th century slippers broken by an indian aristocrat are decorated with sapphires and
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rubies. shoes have their place in plenty of fairy tales. unlike other clothes shoes have a special etiquette to them. leave them on, take them off inside and they have the ability to transform you. they can make you caller. they can make you faster at and if they're really uncomfortable they can make you shoot slower. these did not slow down david beckham, and a golfer may be able to distract in a wayward drive in these never before seen prada golf shoes. nineteenth century prostitutes had heels to help them walk the treats. but shoes made for chinese women
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women. from sign to finish product that's all changing with the advent of 3d printed shoes and a pushing the modern boundaries of dine to push pain. >> fifa's headquarters as part of their investigation into corruption this on the day fifa said that it delay the bidding process saying that chaos across the organization will it will be nonsense to go ahead as plan. fee shah also said it will hold a commit meeting next month with the expectation being that they'll also a presidential election in december this year. the latest news from fifa headed
5:50 pm
from russia. valcke was asked about the money paid to jack warner. >> we have nothing to do with this money. we say you want us to transfer the money? you want us to get the money from the ioc budget. it is a request from the official south african authorities, we will do so as long as it is in shine with our regulations, as long as it is approved by the chairman of the committee. that's fine. >> michel plantiti has refused to confirm if he'll run for president of fifa now that blatter has moved out of the way.
5:51 pm
>> you know there are things happening there. one day we'll find out. they will call me in. when i know he will tell you. today i don't know what's going on. i'm finding out the same as you. i have a fifa alert on my phone. i don't know more or less than you do. we'll see what happens. there is election in congress. that's all for now. >> well, the former brazilian football star said that he'll stand in the election to succeed sepp blatter. they lit up the 1992 world cup he has managed the japan national teams. >> i would like to confirm that the decision to make candidate. for sure several things need to change. >> to golf corporation council has underlined its full support for the world cup and a meeting
5:52 pm
in doha, and they are questioning it's right to stage the event. regional informational ministers will boost qatar's image. the council said it is being unfairly tarnished and it praised the country for embracing youth football. with the airstrikes taking place in the country the match will be played in qatar. >> the yemen national football team are getting ready to host a world cup qualifier in doha. their match against north korea will be the first since a saudi-led coalition began airstrikes in yemen in march. football stadiums and federation headquarters have been damaged by the attacks. >> nobody playing no official
5:53 pm
game. >> they have not seen their team since their last match in march. it took six days to gather the players for the trip. two could in the make it in time. the only way they could get to doha was by boat. it was a 13 hour trip to djibouti where they then took a plane to qatar. >> it was difficult. we were the only team in the world to take this gamble by boat and in difficult conditions. but banks to god we managed to leave yemen and we're now outside of yemen in the best possibly picture. >> they're now ranked 168th in
5:54 pm
the world. >> we suffer from the war that is currently going on. we suffer from it a lot. playing in your own land in front of your own supporters gives you motivation to progress further. the we can only keep our head up and we through god's help we can play in yemen again. >> rather than boats they plan to return home by plane they're not sure if they'll meet again before the qualifiers in september. >> there are 100 days to go. 20 years after the sport went professional players are stronger and faster than ever before but there answered questions in france whether illegal means had been used. we have reports from paris. >> getting their hands on the
5:55 pm
rugby world cup. whatever level its played, few sports need such a range of physical attributes from power in the scrum and the ability to take knocks. there are signs tothe competition to compete has put some players health at risk. there are some who say the gains in muscle could only be explained by drugs. >> if you respect the natural rules, you have to do the test. >> ten players in england were banned for doping in 2014 while
5:56 pm
in south africa 12 out of 52 school boys were found to be positive. the governing world rugby said that we do not believe that doping exists at the elite level. we work tirelessly to deliver a robust program and education and targeted intelligent testing. the journalist who helped to bring about lance armstrong's armstrong. >> it's not compatible. no one is not allowed to spoil the party. but if we don't make warnings about medicalization and doping, the future of these places is problematic and the future of the sport also. >> it's not a view that gets much sympathy within the game. >> people are writing books about rugby or doping they say
5:57 pm
it's because they need to be known. it's not positive books but this is our sport. it is growing more and more. >> the pressure on rugby players to perform is getting greater and greater never more so than a world cup year. those who run the game hope that they are not they will not get caught up. >> that's all the sport few now. >> you can find much more on our website. the address for through is you can see our story that we're following. more u.s. troops to iraq.
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we'll be back at the top of the hour. hour.
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>> the u.s. giving a helping hand to the iraqi government announceing they will send 450 nor trainers. we're live from london. also coming up, al jazeera claims evidence children are being recruited a year after the iraqi city of mosul was captured by isil. the u.n. discusses how to improve it's darfur peacekeeping mission described as the world's most dysfunctional. and in south korea tries to contain an outbreak o