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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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next big airshow in dubai. >> you can get more on the airshow and the other stories we've been telling about at >> on the move, an oil rig on the way to the arctic has protesters blocking its path, but the cost forward is there coast guard is there to change those plans. and a woman who helped two inmates to escape sees a judge. and ready to run, jeb bush gets set to announce his presidential campaign.
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>> this is al jazeera live from new york city. i'm morgan radford. a group of activists have tried to block an oil rig off the coast of seattle. they're seen on kayaks and swarmed the rig this morning. 15 people were cited and released. our very own alan shuffler joins us. what are these kayaks doing? >> the polar pioneer is now headed north of puget sound and headed for its experimental drilling exploratory drilling north of alaska. the activists were out very early these kayak kayaktivits.
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many had gathered to try to stop this drilling rig. they told me all lining they never fully believed they could stop this thing from leaving. what they wanted was that picture, that image of people in boats on the water facing off against this thing. they wanted the world to see that. they certainly got that. here is what one greenpeace spokesperson said about today. >> the reason why we're against arctic drill something because it will be a global tragedy if they go forward. they crashed their oil rig. they crushed their containment dome like a beer can.
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they've had numerous problems. >> one protester told me a month ago that they wanted to make a statement. one little person. one little boat at a time. they've certainly done that. although, from all we can tell from the company there was never any slowing down from their operations here in the seattle waterfront and they told us to be out of seattle and headed north. they have clearly beaten that by a couple of weeks. at this point the kayakers are back onshore. their barge remains at eliott bay. we're not sure how long it will stay there. there is another drillling rig in he have writ everett north of seattle and you can bet that the focus of the protest the demonstrations on the water and on land is going to move north to he have everett in coming weeks. >> you said that these protesting kayakers did not think that they would actually
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be able to stop this. but they didn't want to go down without a fight. from where you stand do they seem to have been successful? >> it depends on how you define success. the rig is long gone. it's headed to the arctic to explore for oil. they put up a very good show. they put up a very good fight. they drew the attention of the media for the month that the rig was here in seattle. i think the most fragment of them would admit that's what they had in mind. that's their ultimate goal. a few of them believed they do stop this thing. and that belief is enough to keep the energy of the protest going in something like this. but the real success if they talk to themselves honestly is they got that image out of small people, individuals on the water facing off against shell oil. despite the fact that shell oil is now long gone. >> they got the images you said
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they were trying to take. allen schauffler, thanks so much. a prison employee charged with helping two convicted inmates escape was in court just a few minutes keg. joyce mitching was apparently going to flee with those men in a getaway car but at the last minute she got cold feet because she said she still loved her husband. ines f era has more. >> she was held over on charge that she helped two escape from the clinton correctional facility in new york. >> richard matt, one of the things he asked her for was support speed bag gloves. she went out and bought those speed bag gloves and brought
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them in to the facility and gave those to him. he asked for a set of glasses with lights on them. and she bought those and provided those to him as well. >> prosecutors say that mitchell agreed to provide a getaway car. the plan was that she would drive them seven hours away. but mitchell checked herself into the hospital instead potentially leaving the prisoners to find their way on foot. >> we don't know if they're still in the immediate area or if they're in mexico by now but we're following up every lead the best we can. >> more than 800 law enforcement officers spent their second weekend searching for the convicts. last week tracking dogs picked up their scent but there is no sighting of the two men yet. >> an investigation is underway in kentucky into a fatal police shooting. it happened over the weekend in louisville where surveillance video shows the officer right there, responding to an assault call.
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the suspect enters the frame waveing a flag pole, but it breaks into too as it aims for the officer. that's when the officer open fired, shooting the man twice. the city's police chief has promised a thorough probe. >> i've not reached any conclusions about whether or not this use of force was justified. i can look at the video and based on my 35 years of experience as a police officer form some opinions, but this investigation has got to be completed before we come to any determination. whether or not he was justified under the law is not my call. >> the man killed has been identified as a 35-year-old dang moune and friends said that he immigrated from africa and did not speak any english. >> a family said that they are son had a history of mental illness. he assaulted his mother back in 2013 and his mother said she
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felt she lost him to mental illness. this weekend the police say that he rammed a police car with his van and fired dozens of rounds directly as officers. the attack ended when he was shot dead by police sniper. well, this story the head of the spoken cane chapter of the naacp is stepping down. rachel dolezal posted a statement on her facebook page saying she would resign. that post following confusion over her racial identity, her parents say she's falsely portrayed herself as black for years. well dolezal said she would hand the presidency over to her vice president. republicanjeb bush has announced he'll run for president. >> they talk about problems. i see solutions. >> the former governor released
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his statement just this morning. he's expected to kick off a rally and miami-dade college. >> i've been so blessed to be part of a family that has committed its life to public service. >> jeb bush hails from one of the most prominent political families in u.s. history. son of former president george h. w. bush and brother of former president george w bush. >> i admire their service to the nation and difficult decisions they had to make. but i'm my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking and my own experiences. >> jeb bush was born and raised in texas. hean exchange program in mexico became a defining moment in his life. that's where he met his future wife. bush took on several jobs from banking to real estate, which ultimately led him to relocate to florida. bush volunteered for his
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father's 1988 presidential campaign before leaping out on his own political career. in 1994 bush ran for governor of florida and lost by small margin. in 1998 jeb bush won the governor seat. he was hawkish on taxes helped to protect the everglades and signed into law florida's stand your ground law the first state in the country to do so. on certain immigration issues bush was more liberal. supporting a bill to allow illegal immigrants to receive driver's license but that bill failed. bill recused himself from an official role when his brother was eventually elect: bush allies said that a run for the presidentcy has rider the support ofrequired cooperate
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from the entire bush clan. >> i believe that every american deserves the right to rise and the opportunity to achieve the american dream and abroad america should be respected by our allies and feared by our enemies. that's why it's critical we change the direction our country is heading. we must do better than the obama-clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies. >> bush pitched himself as someone who wants to end poverty and empower americans. something he feels that president obama has not done. >> mr. president it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies. >> he'll always be compared to his father and brother and he has had difficulties answering questions about the biggest george w bush legacy the blunder into iraq. mr. bush's most recent position on the war is that knowing what
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we know now he would not have gone into iraq. while polls show most republicans agree that the war was a mistake bush remains a revered member of the g.o.p. david shuster al jazeera. >> al jazeera america will bring you that rally live starting this afternoon at 3:00 eastern noon pacific. an archbishop in minnesota has resigned over abuse allegations. he summited his resignation to pope francis. prosecutors charged the archdiocese for quote having turned a blind eye to mexico conduct. his resignations comes just days after pope francis created a tribunal to crackdown on sex abuse. meanwhile, an papal ambassador
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in the dominican republic where he abused children from you 2008 to 2013. he has been defrocked and is under house arrest at the vatican. his trial is set for july. still ahead leaving town, sudan's president leaves a summit in south africa while high courts consider arresting him over war crime charge. and in greek's glows what happens afternegotiations what happened?
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is. >> south africa's high court is launching an investigation into how sudan's president was actually able to leave the country. omar al-bashir triumphantly returned to sudan in defiance of him to stay put in south africa. thank you so much for being with
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us. help us understand something. bashir had been told he would get immunity from the south africa government for attending the african summit. is this a battle between the high court and the government? >> the south african government has come out to say through the courts where they made reputation that this agreement was made specifically with the african union with the summit, and should president al bashir at any other time for example during the holiday he would be arrested. so this does turn out to be a battle. south africa appeared to extend its obligations to the icc but the problem here it's torn between listening to what the africa union demands of iter, as a member that have, and also what it's obligations are legally domestically and internationally to the international criminal court. going forward there will be
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clarity needed about how the sudanese president left the country with this investigation pending, and in that way south africa will be answerable to the courts about why the president left the country why the court order was ignored and how south africa respects the high court decision. >> that's at the heart of this, right? the disrespect. that's something that i was thinking about since we spoke earlier this morning. what does this incident say about the icc's powers or lack there there of? >> well, the entire scenario that has played out in the last couple of days is a clear indication to the icc from the continent of africa that we don't want to be party to the rogue statute for those who have signed up because they're not happy with the way that icc has conducted itself. they say that the africa nations have been targeted, and the africa national says that until
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all countries are members of the icc they have no interest. and until there are reforbes they have no consideration. they're more inclined to have their own courts set up in africa. certainly a clear statement to the icc that africa well on its way to withdrawing from that court. >> just very briefly before i let you go, this has got to be pretty embarrassing for the government of south africa. what's been president zuma's reaction? what is the government saying for the fact that he simply got on a plane and just left? >> well, that's the odd thing so far. the sows africa government has said very little. in fact, it took them most of the day to come up and confirm that president bashir had actually left the country. they were reluctant to give that confirmation, especially because of what the impact would be in court. remember we were waiting to hear whether or not al bashir would be arrested, and.
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>> joining us live from johannesburg. thank you so much. libya said that the leader of al-qaeda's arm in north africa is dead. the pipet gone confirm pentagon confirmed it. the attack took place about 90 miles south of bengahzi. fighters on the ground said that the al-qaeda leader escaped. stephanie sy explains. >> gaining notoriety as north africa's most dangerous fighters. he lost an eye and earned the name of mr. marlboro for cigarette smuggling that funded his fighting. he was one of the first to use kidnappings to raise money.
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canadian robin fowler was his hostage in 2008. >> he was without down he was the boss. >> he was not a flashy guy. he was rather soft-spoken, but as soon as he began speaking everybody would listen. [ gunfire ] >> he's known as the leader of the north africa al-qaeda affiliate. and was designated a terrorist by the u.s. 12 years ago which offered a $5 million reward for any information about him. after mow arrest gaddafi's overthrow, he formed ties with new groups emerging in libya forming an elite unit called "those who sign with blood." in 2013 he led a brigade which stormed an algerian gas plant on the libyan-algerian border. his men held 800 workers hostage. in the end 38 people were killed most of them foreigners,
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including three americans. stephanie sy al jazeera. >> we should point out that he has been declared dead several times in recent years. well investors are rattleed today after apparent collapse in talks in greece's debt crisis. shares fell 7% and talks between the greek president and it's creditors dissolved. >> this is a drama and the question is who will blink first. both sides could lose a lot if they can't reach a deal. to recap athens has a $1.8 billion payment due to the imf if two-week's time. a debt it cannot pay unless
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creditorsless $8 billion in bail out funds. the left wing government wants to ease austerity measures. if @against cannot pay up it could set the stage for greece to exit the eurozone. a situation that will cripple the greece economy and ripple throughout euro zone. the talks broke down in just 45 minutes. in a highly unorthodox move the imf chief economist took to blogging writing just as there is a limit to what greece can do there is a limit of hutch finances and creditors are willing and realistically able to provide. >> we're talking about limits and this financing.
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explain to me this tax system. why are progressives so against this? >> well, one of the big issues, there are two things. there are pensions and vat. value added tax. it's a tax that is attached to goods and services. >> that's for everyone. >> right progressives are against this tax because it hits rich and poor the same. but it tends to hit the poor harder simply because they don't have as much money. the other issue is cutting greek pensions. right now greek pensions account for 16% of the country's economic output. now in that outmust, they're proposing to just cut that back by 1%. but that's a lot of. if you're talking about 1%-- >> is that enough? >> there are different measures on the table but the longer it goes on the more bailout funds that greece is going to need to stretch this out. >> and there in lies the
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problem. ahead, cuban artists taking center stage. we talk about the country's relationship with america is now shaping. stay tuned.
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e able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining.
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talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america. >> the supreme court turned down a request to revisit a north carolina law forcing women to have an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion. that would have required doctors to place the image of the ultrasound in front of the woman and describe it to her in detail. the federal appeals blocked that law, saying it violated the doctor's freedom of speech. employees can be fired for using marijuana in their free time despite the fact that recreational use is legal in colorado. cuba is holding it's biannual art show this month.
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artists on the island will be able to earn a real living. lucia newman from havana. >> an ice skating rink with pretend ice in tropical havana. a fake beach along the city's main coastal drives. these installations are part of cuba's biannual art show, an international event. but this year as never before cuban artists are taking center stage in these times of change on the communist island. >> there were so many regulations prohibitions and these new freedoms were seen like throwing a drop of water on a very dry desert. they're being absorbed at lightening speed. >> ten years ago he had barely enough room to pate paint on the floor in his tiny apartment. today he has the freedom to buy and build his own studio.
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his latest paintings examining the seductive relationship between many cubans and foreigners, especially tourists. >> she's pure, beautiful but dangerous like a jelly fish. the jester who seemed so hospitable and can greet you in five languages ends up selling you cigars and women. >> cuban art has become a booming business auctioned at sotherbys and purchased by foreigners from new york to beirut. >> this refers to cuba's complex relationship between cuba and it's neighbor to the north 190 kilometers away. michael uses american and cuban flags with empty bullet cartridges and bashed wire to describe decades of bilateral
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tensions and the long awaited birth of a new relationship. >> this is called fiesta because that's what we're living now preparing for a party and waiting to see if it's really possible to be friends and not enemies. >> his paintings are also exhibited in his own studio show room and selling for tens of thousands of dollars. further proof that cuban art like cuba itself, is becoming a focus of world attention. lucia newman, al jazeera, havana. >> power to the people. the royal family is marking the 800th anniversary of the magna carta. they all pictured there visited southern england to commemorate that anniversary. it was signed as a peace treaty back in 1215, that was the first document of its kind to protect rights and freedom to establish the fact that the king was subject to that law as well. thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm morgan radford. stay tune to al jazeera. document. >> sudan's president arrives home to jubilant crowds after defying a south africa order preventing him from leave jones leaving johannesburg. i'm samy zaidan. shame full failure. talks to end yemen's conflict. houthi delegation are finally on their way. and 800 years after magna car at