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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that stops the killing. >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new science. >> this radio carbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal. >> it could save a species... >> i feel like we're making an impact >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropcal wind storm... >> ...can effect and surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america hello, this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm david schuster. it's official. another bush is making a run for the white house. jeb bush promises to fix what's wrong in washington. we'll have a full report on his speech and examining the reaction. fired for getting high. colorado's top court upheld the right to get rid of workers that smoke pot even though they legalized marijuana. a former archbishop is ordered to stand trial as another archbishop accused of a
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cover-up has been forced to step down. we begin this hour with jeb bush, who is now officially making history as the third member of his family to reach the white house. the former two-term florida governor and son and brother of former presidents capped off six months of aggressive fund-raising and travel with a campaign rally this afternoon. in florida monday jeb bush made it official. >> i've decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> the announcement came at miami-dade college, a campus with the largest hispanic student body in the nation. political diversity was a key theme. mr. bush attacked the obama administration administration's outreach to cuba.
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>> we need a president to go to havana in solidarity with the cuban people and i'm ready to be that president. >> he jabbed at hillary clinton. >> the presidency shouldn't be passed on from one liberal to the next. >> he took on some republican rivals serving in the u.s. senate. >> we're not going to clean up the mess in washington by electing the people who created it or have proven incapable of fixing it. >> it is mr. bush's own legacy though that could prove tricky. he's the son of the 41st president, george h.w. bush and the younger brother of the 43rd george w. bush. to try and avoid a visual reminder, he unveiled a campaign and website logo with his first name only. while his mother attended this event, his father and brother stayed away. >> not one of us deserves it by resume seniority or family or family narrative. it's nobody's turn.
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it's everybody's test and wide open exactly as the contest for president should be. >> john ellis bush nicknamed jeb was borned in midland, texas. he attended andover academy in massachusetts, and at 17 he traveled to mexico as part of an exchange program where he met his future wife. after graduating from the university of texas, the couple lived in venezuela before mr. bush moved his family to miami where he launched a successful real estate company. two years after his father left the white house, jeb bush ran for florida governor in 1994 and lost. in 1998 he ran again and won. over eight years including six while his brother was president, jeb bush slashed the state government payroll and cut taxes. >> we made florida number one in job creation and number one in small business creation. 1.3 million new jobs. 4.4% growth. higher family income.
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eight balanced budgets, and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses $19 billion. >> he also intervened in the case of terry schiavo, a state resident diagnosed in a persistent vegetative state whose family wanted to keep her alive. since leaving the governor's mansion, he had a lucrative business career and for the last six months his pac has brought in donations totally nearly $100 million. >> i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart, and i will run to win. >> the pac will reportedly take responsibility for all television advertising promoting mr. bush and attacking his rifles. it's an unusual arrangement that could keep mr. bush's candidacy deep into the primaries, even if he stumbles early in iowa and new hampshire. >> it begins here and now, and i'm asking for your vote. thank you, and god bless you
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all. >> al jazeera political correspondent michael shore joins us now from washington. what was your impression of this announcement today? >> if you're jeb bush have went as well as it could have even the unscripted moments. what we took away from it was that yes, he didn't bring up the name of george bush either one of them, but he certainly didn't bring up his brother's name but gave distance to himself from his competitors saying that he has what he said was executive experience. his quote was that equals preparation. he's saying he's prepared for the job unlike the senators running against him. >> michael, bush has faced comparisons to his father and brother since long before this campaign, and he pointed out today that his family's history in washington is beyond his control. watch this and let's get your reaction. watch. >> in this country of ours the most improbable things can happen as well. take that from a guy who met his first president on the day he
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was born and his second on the day he was brought home from the hospital. >> he's trying to build back 62 years to say, look my family legacy is my family. it's not me. did it work for him in your estimation? >> yeah. well, i think the turner phrase he used that sort of playful way of talking about was great. he didn't have to talk about his adult relatives and his brother george especially. he could talk about how he was born into it, but he created what he did out of what he knows and his capabilities. i think he handled it in an effective way today. >> he's been effective in the past in using his political experience, and that was certainly on display with immigration protesters interrupted part of the speech. watch this. [ yelling and shouting ] >> by the way just so that our
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friends know the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved not by executive order! >> that was totally unscripted. what did you make of it? >> well it was so perfect it almost seemed like it was set up. that's how good it was. those kind of opportunities happen along the way on the campaign trail. the bushes are certainly adept at dealing with protesters and he addressed an issue and took a stand on something that was important to that audience in particular, david. the florida audience is looking for answers about immigration, about cuba and jeb bush is being very careful to distance himself from marco rubio, another floridian runs for office. winning that primary in florida just about job number one for jeb bush. >> there was reaction across the political spectrum today, starting with senator john mccain who decided to support lindsey graham but he said this
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to say about jeb bush. quote, he just hasn't met the expectation level of what we expected of a bush. any idea what senator mccain is talking about? >> you know i don't. i think a lot of people have a different metric over what they expect of a bush as it were. you hit it on the head. he's supporting lindsey graham and partisan in this race already, and lindsey graham, he thinks is the one that can defeat jeb bush and sees jeb bush as graham's biggest competition in the race. it's not surprising he goes after expectations and experience and what he would bring to the race. so i'm not surprised that mccain would go after bush in that way. >> we have a race where 11 republicans are officially claired and perhaps another four will get in. does a crowded field help jeb bush more than it hurts him? what about the issues he wants to focus on? >> it depends on who is in the crowd. the crowd as it stands right now is made up of a lot of senators and businessmen and a doctor and
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businesswomen so he can rise above that as a governor. scott walker is also a governor. he says executive experience sets him apart. if john kasich and chris yisy gets in, there's a different field to the field. he'll say my executive experience will take me through the race. that's what you saw there, and that was important. >> great stuff and great analysis as always. thank you. in washington, d.c. there are several major decisions with the u.s. supreme court. they rejected north carolina's efforts to revive a law requiring a woman who wants an abortion to undergo an ultrasound first. this opening the door for more groups to challenge the laws. the supreme court also ruled that federal appeals courts can decide if people facing deportation can get a deadline
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extension. one appeals court said it lacked authority fl such cases. a california woman lost her battle to force the u.s. government to give her afghan husband a visa. she said her constitutional rights were violated because she could not live with her spouse in the united states. the justices did not rule on cases with same-sex marriage and obamacare. they're expected to announce those decisions, and they will be big ones before the end of the term in two weeks. there was a surprising ruling today in colorado from that state's supreme court. the panel said that employers can fire their workers for using marijuana off the job. the court said because the drug is unlawful under federal law, it is not considered a legal, off-duty activity. both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in colorado. coming up we heard from the quadriplegic plaintiff who argued he needs mare juan to control his muscle spasms outside the office. in spokane, washington the
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head of the local chapter of the naacp resfwliened after a controversy over racial identity. she's accused of lying about being african-american and as lisa stark reports, her estranged family is not standing by her. >> she was, obviously, misrepresenting herself. we were aware of that but we did not pursue exposing her. it was only after the press came to us that we were willing to answer their questions. >> reporter: exposed and expelled. rachel resigned from her post as president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington montt monday. she released a statement on facebook. it's with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the naacp that i step aside from the presidency. her decision comes just a few days after a now viert interview with a local news reporter.
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>> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. yes, that's my dad. he was unable to come in january. >> are your parents white? >> dolezal refused to answer the question and hid in a store to avoid the camera. her parents had a clear-cut answer releasing childhood photos that appear to prove their daughter is indeed white. they say her ancestry is czech, swedish and german with a trace of native-american. >> i have older white men. so what does that do to us as an image. >> she's outspoken about race and discrimination for several years, seen her on youtube talking about the founding fathers being on american currency. she has said she considers herself black and claimed to be receiving hate mail during a rally back in march. >> it's not isolated just in spokane and not just something
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targeting me but the larger black community. >> police later scrapped the investigation into the alleged hate mail, but those claims and her story have set off a fierce debate across the nation about racial identity. white staffers and activists are an integral part of the naacp, and some local activists correct dolezal with reviving the chapter in spokane. critics say it's not that she's white but that she allegedly lied about her race to get her position. >> i don't think this would be a story at all if it was that i am a white woman, and i am -- i am committed through hi scholarship, through my community work with african-americans. >> dolezal also teaches african studies at eastern washington university. so far the school has not said whether she applied there as white or african-american. lisa stark, al jazeera. >> in the last few hours the
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naacp released a statements saying we're concerned with the leadership but the institutional integrity of our advocacy. our focus must be on issues and not individuals. rachel dolezal has decided to resign to ensure they're focused on fighting for civil and human rights. in upstate new york where a manhunt entered a tenth day, a prison worker has been formally charged with helping the men escape. joyce mitchell entered a plea of not guilty to giving hacksaws and chisels to richard matt and david sweat. mitchell could face more charges. more than 800 police officers are still looking for the prisoners, though the governor acknowledges nobody is certain the murderers remain in the united states. just ahead, days after the pope announced a tribunal the crackdown on sexual abuse. one former archbishop is facing prosecution while another is stepping down. plus a new report is
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expected tomorrow on how united nations peacekeepers were allowed to sexually abuse people they were supposed to protect. and on the move. in a face-off between an oil rig and protesters in kayaks the oil rig has won.
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>> al jazeera america, weekday mornings. catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes just days after pope francis created a tribunals to discipline priests, an archbishop han charged with sexual abuse. he's accused of abusing children between 2008 and 2013. the former archbishop was defrocked and remains under house arrest at the vatican. the trial is set to begin on july 11th. in the united states a minnesota archbishop resigned over sex abuse allegations. he just submitted his resignation to the pope. state prosecutors earlier in
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month accused of the archdiocese of having turned a blind eye to numerous reports of misconduct. diane is in chicago and joins us live with the latest. diane. >> reporter: hi, john. well, some of the victims say these resignations were a long time coming and the archdiocese say they bring a just resolution to some of the claims against it. >> this has been a painful process. a change in leadership offers us an opportunity for greater healing and the ability to move forward. >> and ramsey county district attorney said today this is a step, a positive step in the right direction, but he says his investigation is still continuing. david. >> the vatican has been criticized for not policing itself. what are some of the victims you've been talking about think about the latest efforts by the vatican to essentially provide
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both the judge and the jury? >> well you're right about that. we've talked so some victims, and they say they question whether the vatican can police itself. they think some of these accusations and some of these files should be turned over to police and prosecutors. >> all right. apparently we don't have a sound bite there, but we thank you. die anya reports from chicago. thank you. tim lennon is a sexual abuse survivor and joins us live from san francisco. what's your reaction to pope francis putting up this commission that's supposed to be independent to investigate archbishops that may have been involved in a cover-up? >> well i think it's a positive step. the real issue is the pope the supreme leader of an institution, a worldwide institution. he has the power to remove bishops anytime he wants.
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no pope previous to him has removed a bishop for covering up or being complicit in covering up child abuse. so it's something that he talks about. it hasn't been set up yet. it has an end date of five years. you could say it's a step but to me it is clearly insufficient. >> is it sufficient, though to the extent that he's obviously concerned about due process for his clergy and this provides him with something to point to when he does fire archbishops, if that's what he ends up doing? >> well the recent cases that you just mentioned in minneapolis or in kansas city were the results of civil prosecutions coming forward and that the pleas were the ones that prompted the vatican to take these other kinds of steps. it wasn't because of their
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investigation that these resignations came about. >> so in other words you say that even though there was an investigation, a criminal investigation in the united states, that was obviously not enough to convince the vatican to do anything about it other than perhaps move some people around? >> well there is a number of bishops in just the united states that have been complicit and documented complicit in moving around priests who abuse children. the bishop that was responsible for moving the priest that raped and abused me was known to be a child abuser in another town moved him to my parish abused me and many other children. the only reason any abuse stopped was because a parent caught the priest and they just transferred him off once again. never reports to the police. so this is a systemic kind of moving around and shuffling. it's not just the united states.
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it's in ireland that we see a lot of information. these are nice efforts, appointing commissions and making a study and suggesting a tribunal. they don't protect kids. they don't reach out to survivors, and what what we advocate is that people have been harmed. it's a life-long crippling injury to be abused sexually abused as a child, so we want to reach out to survivors that have been abused and we want to make sure that no other child is harmed that no other child is not protected. when you said previous in this news, you said the opportunity to release some of the information, my view is they need to release all the information. report it to the police. >> tim, if you had an opportunity to speak directly with pope francis or imagine he's watching this newscast
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right now and you're speaking to him directly right now, what would you say? >> i would say to immediately remove all priests complicit in covering up child abuse. i'd ask him to remove immediately all priests that have credible accusations or convicted of child abuse no long being able to be in ministry. the third thing is i would say open the books. report to the police. these internal commissions both at the diocese level or the vatican level are clearly insufficient. again, not in the history or at least recent history of 100 years has a bishop been removed for covering up child abuse when there's been known issues for that. we have cardinal law in boston. we have cardinal mahoney in los angeles as well as in minnesota minnesota. too many of them. >> tim lennon is a sexual assault survivor and is on the
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board of the sexual survivors network. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. the united nations is investigating sexual abuse and exploitation by u.n. piece keepers. there is some evidence that u.n. peacekeepers regularly paid for sex with cash and other goods. james has more from the united nations. >> in haiti where the u.n. had a peacekeeper mission for over a decade, they found u.n. soldiers have what it calls transactional sex with more than 200 women. money and gifts including baby care items, medicine clothing and electrical goods will handed over by the soldiers. for decades there have been allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by u.n. peacekeepers. it's clear it's still going on. one victim of a rape in haiti ten years ago told al jazeera she reported the attack to the u.n., but she never heard anything more. >> translator: children used to stand around the camp waiting on the soldiers to give them bread and cookies. so i stood there, too. one of them called me over.
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i thought he was going to give me something to eat. when i got there, he pulled me said in the barbed wire covered my mouth and raped me. >> reporter: back in 2003 former secretary-general kofi annan laid out a policy of zero tolerance, but campaigners say the system is not working. they're tinge larly angered by one section of the report that says staff with long mission experience stated there was a general view that people should have romantic rights. >> it makes one sad to think that the united nations, which is supposed to be the gold standard for gender equality and for, you know ending sexual violence around the world, would even consider for a split second the notion that it's romantic to have a relationship between a peacekeeper and the civilian -- anyone in the civilian population they're sent to protect. >> reporter: i asked the spokesman for the u.n.
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secretary-general why ban ban ki-moon doesn't name the contingents involved. >> it's his intention to do that. if you look at the continuum over the past few years, the transparency has increased. it hasn't increased to a level to be satisfied with. >> reporter: on tuesday a major review of u.n. peacekeeper operations, the first in a decade will be published. that too, will raise the issue of sexual abuse by peacekeepers and urge more accountability. honda has once again expanded a massive recall due to faulty air bags. the japanese automaker added 1.4 million accords and civics to a long list of potentially dangerous vehicles. all of they were were 2003 through 2007 and they're all accords being called back along with 2001 through 2005 civic sedans again because of
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passenger side air bags. the defective air bags made by teeakata can spray metal in the event of an accident. medical marijuana has been legal in colorado for nearly 15 years, but today that state supreme court said you can still be fired from your job for using it. that story is just ahead. plus stocks on wall street are taking a beating as greek appears to be headed for an exit from the euro.
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in colorado using marijuana is no longer against the law, of course, but according to a ruling today from the state's highest court, using the substance can still get you fired. paul has been following the story and joins us now. paul. >> this case started back in 2010 when a quad pledge logic
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man failed a drug test for usually medical marijuana. he says he was never high at work but his employer dish network argued that the company had a zero tolerance policy. brandon kohtz struggles with daily task. at 16 a car accident left hem paralyzed from the neck down. now 35 he depends on his nurse, jenna bishop to dress him, feed him, and to help him smoke pot every night to ease his debilitating pain. >> i usually just grab a pinch and put it in a bowl. he needs someone to help him do it. there's no way to do it without somebody. he needs someone's hands. >> if i wasn't using the marijuana, i would spasm so bad i couldn't work. >> using weed is exactly what cost him his job. in 2010 coats took and failed a random drug tegs and was fired as a customer service representative at dish network.
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dish agrees that kohtz wasn't high on the job, but the company said in a statement, quote, dish is committed to its drug-free workplace policy and compliance with federal law, which does not permit the use of marijuana even for medicinal purposes. >> i've had this job for three years. that's how i was paying my bills, you know. i just lost it. my condition it's not easy to get a job anyway. >> so he sued the company arguing that under colorado law employees are protected from being fired for doing legal activities on their own time. both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in colorado but here's where it gets tricky. the state supreme court ruled today that because the drug is unlawful under federal law, it is not considered a legal off-duty activity. coats said in a statement that he is very disappointed.
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if we're making marijuana legal for medical purposes we need to address issues that come along with it such as employment. hopefully views on medical marijuana like the ones in my specific case will change soon. coats says he hasn't been able to find work since he lost that job at dish and colorado is not alone in deciding that employees can be fired for legal use of medical marijuana. of course in california montana, and washington state they have done the sament thing, and david, analysts say that trend is likely to continue until the federal government changes its position on marijuana. >> great case to report on. paul, thank you very much. aretha is here in studio tonight. this argument from the state supreme court, that federal law trumps state law, that is grounds for any sort of appeal for mr. coats? >> not likely. this has been you know just something we've been waiting to happen. this collision between state law and federal law.
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you have 23 states that legalized marijuana, at least medical marijuana, but their laws as it relates to protecting employees haven't caught up. as long as we have this distinction between federal law that makes marijuana illegal and states like those that legalized it, we have these issues arise. this case is just heart-wrenching. you have this young man paralyzed at 16 years old, a quad quadaplegic and employee and a great employee using it not at work, not impaired on the job but he was fired. >> you have to wonder what dish network was thinking about this. were they thinking about the p.r. ramifications of taking this case and not putting him back on the job. some people may look at this and wonder why the ada doesn't apply? is there no special carve-out for mare juan? >> absolutely. the ada is a federal law and
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provides certain individuals with disabilities must be given an accommodation, taking or using medical marijuana is not one of those accommodations that employers have to provide for employees. so again, you had states going gung ho saying let's legalize marijuana, but not thinking about the ramifications on employees and not carving out protection for those employees. >> for all the woshgzers across the country that life in states where it's legal and they now fear that their employer may get rid of them and what should they do? >> it's a mess to put it mildly because in this case we saw brandon coats had a prescription from a doctor and this was the only medication at that gave him any relief from the substantial pain he experienced because of his accident. so going to your h.r. department is good in a sense you may have a better understanding of what your company's policies are, but those companies that have a zero
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policy against any kind of use of marijuana, you may find yourself in the very position brandon coats is in. >> his position encourages people to keep it quiet and not say anything around the workplace and make sure your prieft life is private. >> with random drug-testing and zero policies as we see with dish network, employees are still at risk. we should expect to see other states taking a lead from this colorado supreme court case and perhaps being emboldened saying we randomly test you, even though medical marijuana is legal in the state, employees may find themselves out of a job. >> it doesn't look like there's any political momentum in washington for the federal government to kick up and resolve the issues? >> we've seen the president express his own personal opinions, and seemingly leaning towards at least not prosecuting individuals who use marijuana, but i don't think congress is interested in getting into a
7:36 pm
battle about legalizing marijuana across the country, particularly given the 2016 election. states can do something about this. arizona is one of those states that has carved out an exception for employees who use medical marijuana. hopefully more state legislators will look at this issue and think about what sense does it take to tell individuals they can get prescriptions for marijuana and use marijuana but face termination at their job. >> thank you for joining us. good to see you. a controversial oil rig called the polar pioneer left seattle bound for the arctic circle. it's being moved to a location 70 miles off the coast of alaska to drill for oil. activists have tried to block its movement. we're in seattle with the latest. tonya. >> reporter: david those protesters tried and failed to stop that drill from leaves the port of seattle as it embarks towards alaska and that drilling
7:37 pm
mission. it's not over yet. at this moment that drill is an hour and a half north of seattle near a town called port townsend. there's another attempt to stop that drill from leaving the area. one of those protesters is our city councilman mike o'brien. he's vocal about some of the environmental impacts the potential of environmental impacts of drilling in alaska, off the coast of alaska. he along with 24 other protesters were detained earlier today and fined $250 for protesting out in the waters in kayaks trying to stop that drill from leaving the port of seattle. >> i respect the rules. when i'm up against a company like shell who is inviting our shoreline permits and perhaps violating the constitution, who pled guilty to eight felony counts of last time they were in the arctic and violating maritime and environmental laws and i have an opportunity to sit
7:38 pm
there and say maybe i just delay it for a minute. if enough of us do that does that add up to something? i think so. >> reporter: now, there are several events coming up in the next few weeks. when we were here in seattle, the mayor also called for there to be an investigation on whether the drill was actually lawfully allowed and had the right permits to stop here at the dock at the port here in seattle. at this moment they're still looking through that. a hearing is set for the end of july. there's also another drill just a few miles away from here in everett, washington and protesters have been there as well protesting that leaving the same area in alaska as they do that exmroer to her mission to see if it's sustainable to drill. >> what's been the reaction from shell? they got some help from the coast guard to get the kayakers out of the way. what is shell's official
7:39 pm
reaction? >> reporter: shell has not really spoken directly to the protesters except to say, of course, everyone has a right to protest what they don't agree with. they haven't seen such an outpour of protesters and kayakers out at any stations. this is really one of the first times they have seen such a huge out outpough from those against the mission. they're also committed to safety and quality as they head out to alaska and those alaskan waters because many people are, of course, concerned about the environmental impacts. >> what's the day whether that rig is set to arrive at its final location? >> shell has been very quiet about the exact dates. they haven't given us exact dates except to say there's several weeks out from arriving to lass. >> reporting from seattle. thank you very much. we appreciate it. the drugstore chain cvs has
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plans to buy target's pharmacy and health clinic for $1.9 billion. the purchase will affect 1600 target pharmacies as well as 80 walk-in clinics, and they will be operated you should the cvs brand. cvs plans to offer positions to employees of both divisions. target officials said today the chain lacks the expertise and scale to thrive in the health care business. the deal is expected to be final bid end of 2015. stocks took a hit today as concerns continue to grow over the greek debt crisis with an important deadline fast-approaching. near greece or the creditors seem closer to a deal. patricia is following the story. >> wlol blink first in this debt drama? that's a tough call because both sides could lose a lot if they can't reach a deal. to recap athens has a $1.8 million do you to the imf in two weeks' time. a bill it can't peys until the credit ors unfreeze $8 billion
7:41 pm
in fresh bailout funds. it boils down to how much belt tightening they have to do. the european creditors want more of it and while the left wing government wants to make good on campaign prolss to ease the punishing awes stair rit measures. if athens can't pay up it could set the stage for greece to exit the euro zone a situation that will royal the greek economy and ripple throughout europe because no one inn how the markets will react. high stakes for both sides. talks on sunday reportedly broke down after a mere 45 minutes. the impasse is frustrating to the imf because of a highly unorthodox move they took to blogging sunday to ushlg both sides to give a little already. there's a limit to what greece can do there's a limit to how many financing and debt relief official creditors are building and realistically able to provide.
7:42 pm
traders on wall street are not only wauchltching events in greece, there's a meeting in washington to focus on interest rate hikes at the federal reserve. ali velshi explains. >> although the leading indices shed close to half a percent by the time the market closed. greek is one big thing freaking markets out. i got texts today it was greece affecting the market. it's one thing. news that negotiations with creditors brokening down sent it lower, but that was earlier in the day. here in the united states investigators have something else in their mind. they bate the federal reserve will move to raise interest rates sooner rather than later. tomorrow they meet to debate a timing of a rate hike and investigators berth at aept scattered that time listen closely for it. the key lending right is at zero
7:43 pm
and prime rate usually about 3% higher and that's why interest rates are so long. to influences what businesses and consumers pay on loans. americans purchases a home or car have benefitted from the historically low interest rates, but retirees and others that rely on fixed income accounts have suffered. that's fueled a six high year bull market rain r run. if rates went out they would shift over to bonds and that will signal a slow down to this market momentum we're in. that's why we saw so much volatility in the market today. yellen said rates should rise at some point this year. the stock markets think that point is getting closer. david. >> watch ali verylshi on target on al jazeera america. nearly 400,000 current and former government workers may
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haved their personal information stolen. kie point government solutions were the victim of a cyber attack. it was discovered back in september and notices went out to the affected people. at the same time, a popular password protection service called last pass also announced today that its security systems had been breeched and recommends that usingsers change their passwords. u.s. military officials are trying to confirm if a man lipged to al qaeda was killed in a a weekend air strike in libya. etches the target of sunday's strike in eastern libya. they say three foreigners was r were killed in the strike. he masterminded a 2013 attack on a gas plant in algeria. in that attack they killed 38 people includes three americans. a south african court is investing how sudan's president left the country despite an order for his arrest. he triumphantly returned home
7:45 pm
today after attending an afterwards summit. he's wanted on war crimes charges. jonathan betz is here with omar there and the charges against him. >> one of the most wanted men, he's kurnltly the only head of state wanted on genocide charges. bashir, who was an army general, seized power during a military coup in 1989. four years later he appointed himself president. in april bashir was re-elected with 94% of the vote. the opposition boycotted the election and there were claims it was rigged. omar has been a wanted man since 2009. that's whether the internal criminal court based in the netherlands issued an arrest warrant for him. he's accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. the charges stem from the ongoing conflict in sudan's darfur region in 2003. bashir alleged used a militia to quell the uprising.
7:46 pm
militia men are accused of carrying out mass kills and rape and the forceal remove from tribe balance land. the united nations says more than 300,000 people were killed and another 2.5 million were des played. since the warrant rs was issued this traechled to a number of country across the middle east and ach rick ka. the court cannot compel countries to arrest them. it can tell them they have the legal obligation to to do it. several companies vant cooperated with the icc and claim they unfairly target african leaders while ignoring crimes elsewhere. that may be why he was able to return home without too much of a problem. >> jonathan, thank you. appreciate it. when we come back a tropical system in the gulf could bring even more rain to an already drenched texas. after seven months of
7:47 pm
silence a surprise court to a space probe riding on the bam of a comet.
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
into that because that is your job. >> only on al jazeera america. some of the toughest water conservation rules in california went into effect today in santa clara county. the san jose water company is rationing water to every single family home based on past water usage. that's an average of 8200 gallons of water for each family a month. if you violate the rules, families could face fines of up to $500 a month. in parts of texas is not too little water but too much. way too much. with even more on the way. houston is bracing for yet another major flooding event. the threat of torrential rain and flash floods coming weeks after high water killed about 30 people in the state. emergency officials warn residents to stay off the roads and remain indoors. they activated the emergency
7:50 pm
operation center a few minutes ago as we wait for the tropical disturbance headed their way. they were tracking the system that could be known as tropical storm bill. kevin. >> that's right. national hurricane center is inside of the storm right now flying some planes and within the next 10 to 15 minutes, we will know whether this is tropical storm bill or depression bill. we expect a lot of problems with a low category storm. we expect the storm to make landfall along the coast between 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's when we expect to see quite a lot of the problems start to begin. look at the accumulations we expect to see across the region over the next 72 hours. notice from houston up to dallas we're going to be seeing over 14 inches of rain in some locations and some even locally could be 20. remember, a cross this area a lot of rivers are still swollen from the previous flooding event, so it's not going to take much water on top of that to cause those rivers to either
7:51 pm
over -- bust their banks or go over the leff vees so we will watch that. right now houston is picking up rainshowers. it's going to be storm surge or high tides and waves that cause the most problems in the morning, but that's not the end of it. we will see quite a bit of that rain going up here towards the north, so it's texas, and then it's oklahoma as well as probably unhere towards parts of missouri. on tuesday the big threat is down towards southern texas and as we get towards wednesday, it's northern texas as well as into parts of oklahoma. a major flooding event is just about to begin, and this will go all the way through the end of the week. we will see missouri as well as up here towards illinois and that's going to be because the remnants of the storm are making their way to the north as well as to the northeast. david. >> kevin, thank you inches it could be a deadly predator lurking in the surf at florida beaches, and we're not talking about sharks.
7:52 pm
state health officials warn swimmers to be aware of flesh-eating bacteria. already six people having infected and year and two have dayed. more than 30 cases in the past 12 months inches the some male combeelts of virgin have eligible for 12 months of paid paternity leave. paternity. for many dads how far, in the united states that's the kind of father's day gift many can dream about. morgan radford has more. >> virgin founder richard branson is known for being bold. his new policy fwranting 12 months of paid leave for new fathers, well, it fits the mold. u.s. workers are not covered, but the company says it hopes to extends the policy across the pond. such a generous benefit would be a first in the u.s. which along with papa new again knee is one of the two nations in the world
7:53 pm
with no federal law with guaranteed paid paternity leave. most countries offer the benefit. in iceland they get 90 days and in finland 54 and in the u.k. 14. many companies offer their own paid paternity leave. facebook is one of the most generous offering 17 weeks paid time off. google and bank of america each offer 12. most companies don't offer anything at all, and in the u.s. only four states guarantee paid family leave for moms or dads. that's california, rhode island and new jersey. morgan radford, al jazeera. for a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour john seigenthaler is here. well kwom back. >> thank you very much. tonight at 8:00 more evidence of deteriorating u.s.-russian relations. the pentagon is considering a plan to deploy tanks into the former soviet union mrok countries.
7:54 pm
president obama gets i see a second chance on the trade bill. we have a look at the white house strategy. plus, the role the 2016 presidential cannoteds are playing in that debate. plus. >> home demos are not illegal. they might be controversial but they're protected and we're on public sidewalks and standing in a public cul-de-sac. >> what does protesting go too far? activists are targeting the home of a researcher. also tonight -- ♪ i know this much is true ♪ >> that's from pop stars in the 1980s to a breakup in the 1990s. my conversation with them about performing together again. all those stories in about six minutes, david. >> thank you. the european space agency's comet probe philly may soon resflum work after seven months in hibernation. the organization got quite a surprise this past weekend when the lander sent data back to
7:55 pm
earth for the first time since running out of power in november. the probe is trying to figure out what lies below the surface of the comet. the science and technology course dents join us live from san francisco. we all that this thing was dead. what happened? >> it's an extraordinary story. the original plan was to bring in the feeling lander and set 2 down on comet 67-p to make it the first to land on a moving comet. it came in too hard and bounced. when you bounce in that gravity you bounce for hours. it went way far away where they wanted it. it landed they think on its side and it's in a shadow and didn'ted have any solar power at all. it slowly dies over the course of a 60-hour battery life and that's it. it turns out that it was all a pretty happy accident. it may have landed in a place to
7:56 pm
give it snuff shadow to survive who was supposed to be certain death. it was supposed to under burn to death when it the come net get too close to the sun. it was in enough shadow to protect it and now it's in enough direct sun life it's coming back to life. it's picking up another power to make contact with the orbiter going overhead, so suddenly we have a lander on a comet again. so the shadow is what saved it and i can just imagine what the conspiracy theorists will say about that. what's the plan for the probe now that it's been resurrected regardless of how it happened? >> sure. the whole plan now is basically to figure out how to start getting data off of this thing without endangering it again. how do you generally in a low power way get as much data as possible. it has a lot of instruments on board. ten in all. they're going to try out the ones that involve no physical manipulation of stuff.
7:57 pm
it has hammers and drills on board. they don't want to try those yes et. instead it uses the instruments that remotely measure the composition of the comet, what's underneath, and then slowly build up to possibly drilling and hammering and doing the other stuff. the eventual plan is by august david, the comet will become so hot it's going to get so close to the sunday as it rounds it it's sure at this point the lander will fry to death. they want to get as much data as they can in that time but then the new gamble here is whether they try to take the rosetta lander still following along in the slipstream of this thing and bring it down to the surface before it ends in september of 2016. it all should have been over last year. it's a miracle it all happened and it's been a very very lucky weekend for scientists. even though we don't know what's coming next they shouldn't have that second chance. so a happy thing after all. >> happy indeed. jake thank you. that will do it for this
7:58 pm
hour. i'm david schuster. thanks for watching. john seigenthaler will be back in a few moments and it's the international hour with antonio mora. you can always get news on thanks for watching.
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hi everyone in the al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler. u.s. air strikes in libya. >> we watched and we waited and we struck. >> targeting a top al qaeda linked leader. was the man known at the uncatchable really killed sf. risk factors, protesters detained in seattle. the fight to stop an oil rig headed to the arctic. testing want limits. >> home demos are not illegal. they might be controversial, but they're