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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> on al jazeera america >>'s a vital part of who we are... >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... don't try this at home! >> tech know where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america al qaeda in yemen says it's leader nasser al-wuhaishi has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. ♪ ♪ welcome ba al jazerra, i am in doha. coming up in the next half hour, isil suffers its biggest serious setback in two years as kurdish forces take control of the key town. anan egyptian court is expected today deliver its final verdict on the death sentence for deposed president mohamed morsi. and a u.n. reports its own peacekeepers have been ex-ly
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exploiting the very people this were sent to protect. ♪ ♪ al qaeda in yemen has confirmed that its leader nasser al-wuhaishi has been killed in a u.s. bombing. the group has named its former military chivas its new leader. the u.s. is believed to have launched over 100 strikes in yemen since 2002. al jazerra's caroline malone has more. >> reporter: nasser al-wuhaishi was among four al qaeda members who launched al qaeda in yemen in 2007. two years later it merged with the saudi arabian braun were to become al qaeda that the a indicate vinnie that police los angeles with al-wuhaishi as their leader. in december of that year a nigerian men tried to blow up a u.s. plane with plastic explosives hidden in his underwear, aqap say they trained and funded him. the u.s. state added al-wuhaishi
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to their most wanted lets in 2010 describing him as a special global terrorist. he was responsible for recruiting members and al allocating resource to his terry out attacks. aqap carried out a number of attacks including this one on the military post in 2013. the group also claimed respond for the attack this year on charlie hebdo magazine in paris that killed 11 people. as aqap leader al-wuhaishi rejected calls to join isil. he had spent years with osama bin laden and remained lil' to al qaeda to the end. caroline malone, al-wuhaishi. >> our correspondent joins us live in studio. you have been covering al qaeda for a while now. tell also how none shall
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al-wuhaishi was in al qaeda. >> an, extremely important figure. it's a blow for al qaeda they have already said who his replace think will be. and in the past, when senior leadership has been killed, especially by drone strikes this group has been very quick to replace them. and it hasn't had that much of an effect as far as on their organizing capabilities. but al-wuhaishi himself is somebody who really tried to show the world again and again just how powerful he was. and how unafraid he was of the american military and yemen military presence. a year ago there was a prominent video out of yemen showing nasser al-wuhaishi in yemen and gathering with several al qaeda lead these as well as other tribal figures and having an open meeting. there was something done in broad daylight and filmed and then up loaded to the internet. it went to show that this is somebody that felt like even though they had to hide and they were on the run a lot of the
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time. they felt like they were powerful. they felt like they were an aggressive group and were going to continue to try to target the west from inside yep glen his success or, we know he was a former mel tear military commander. what else do we know about him? >> he's very well respected in the al qaeda high arc i. thehierarchy i when he ascents to the leadership, will he be able to galvan size support the way hess prove leadership there has. now, indications are that he will be able to do so because al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is a very top down organization that takes its cues from the leadership there. he is a very respected figure. he's the top military commander in yemen. so he's somebody that's garnered a the lot praise from amongst the membership not just yemen other country as well.
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one of the bigger questions is will there be an alliance with isil. some the past some tribes are affiliated with al qaeda in generally that have pledged allege's to isil in the past months and years. figures at the top of the leadership chain in al qaeda have typically spurned those advances saying look, we are al qaeda, a we don't believe in what isil is doing. so right now since there is going to be a shuffle in leadership, is that something that is going to give more credence to this idea amongst some tribal leaders in yemen that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has lost power and should merge more aura line more with isil. >> very interesting development. if it does happen, mohamed thank you very much. into he canning to he now in, syria kurdish forces have cut off a main supply lines of isil. they say they have retaken the town. this is isil's only direct link
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to itself declared capital rah ca. raqqa. thousands of people have fled the violence there and headed to the turkish border town from where bernard smith reports from. now, bernard as we have seen her, the town of tal abyad has been retaken tell us about the significance of this success on the kurdish side. >> reporter: really for the syrian kurdish fight percent a significant victory over isil really. they manage to take this town in about 20 days, a fear some assault on this town it needed of course help there u.s. coalition air strikes and wouldn't have imagined without it. they have inflict odd isil their most significant defeat in the 40 months or so when they swept through northern syria. pushing them right back, pushing
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them back to their self declared their effective capital of raqqa. the border crossing here between the turkish side and the syrian side, much quieter this morning. most of the people who were in tal aybad have left. forced out because of the 20 days of the intense bombardment. for 14 months isil controlled this syrian town on the border of with turkey. not anymore. this is are fighter from the ear vinnie kurdish ypg. their flag now flies over this border crossing. the three-week a salt by the ypg forced thousands of people to cross to turkey. u.s. led coalition air strikes have helped the ypg push through. the price these people have paid are homes turned to rubble. >> translator: we lost our home 10 days ago.
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fierce fighting forced us to leave to save our children, before that life was okay. >> translator: we were terrorizes by isil, we left because of level i bomb board. from both sides. i will never go back. this there you die 100 times a day. >> reporter: the ypg has had this town in its signed as an important place between the turkish border and raqqa 80-kilometers away, they have now lost control of the only main road now no their city. this is the fourth time that turk hayes opened this border between tal abyad. most of these people have been waiting at least 24 hours to get through. they are carrying everything that they can imagine imagine. for the most part they look relieved to have made it through through. they will be processed and allowed in to turk.
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turkish forces caught thighs isil fighters trying to blends in with the crowd. for the kurds it means for the first time control of an increasingly large area of syrian territory along the border with turkey. now it's that consolidation of kurdish power, kurdish influence that really is concerning were the turkish government, deputy mime perimeter said there is evidence that the kurds are bringing together different cantons in syria right along the dirkish border. remember that the dirkish government records the syrian during dish fighters the ypg as an off shoot of the kurdish separatist moving in turkey the p.k.k. >> thank you bernard smith there reporting for us. deposed he equipment president mohamed morsi is expected to receive the final
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ruling on his death sentence, he was sentenced to death along with dozens of others over a massive jail break. the court has been considered the recommendation of egypt's highest religious body on whether the verdict should stand, rob matheson reports >> reporter: mohamed morsi was sworn in in 2012. a lead are member of the mud lick brotherhood he won because of backing from his supporters and voters who didn't want another president like hosni mubarak, marcy promised a government working for all egyptians, he tried to east the fears of women and minorities. politically and economically the following 12 months were tough. all that sparked the protest that his led to his removal by the military. in the days leading up to morsi being ousted millions of
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opponents and supporters lining the streets of cairo. morsi supporters said his rule was legitimate because he had been voted in to offers. the opposition response morsi's time was a total failure. and polarized egyptians. some estimates say there were more than 9,000 protests nationwide in 12 months after morsi's election. hopes that the economy would improve were dashed. inflation soared. food prices skyrocketed and fuel shortages became part of every day life. sectarian tension rose to the surface. morsi was praised for reining in the military but criticized for throwing out rules imposed by the supreme council of the armed forces which restricted his powers. he decided to give them self authority to overrule the judiciary it was supposed to be temporary but judges went on strike until he was forced to
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tier up the decree. a year after his election he considered he had made mistakes but for many egyptians it was already too late. on june 30th. 2013 millions rallied across egypt calling for his resignation. days later the man morsi appointed as defense minister, abdel fattah el-sisi led a coup that removed him from power. sisi was now running the country. the interim authority launched a crack down on morsi supporters. more than 1400 people were killed. morsi and many of his followers began a long wait in jail. rob matheson, al jazerra. still ahead on the program nepal reopens most of its heritage sites to kick start tourism. this is despite safety concerns. a hard sale. the price of eggs is plummeting jordan as trade routes to syria and iraq are closed.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. welcome back. let's take a recap of the top stories on al jazerra and al qaeda in yemen has cobb firmed that its leader nasser al-wuhaishi has been killed in a u.s. bombing. the u.s. regards the group as the most dangerous branch of al qaeda actual the group has named its former military chivas its new leader. kurdish forces in syria have retaken the town cutting off the main supply of isil think this is isil's only direct link to itself declared capital rah raqqa.
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deposed he ice president mohamed morsi cesc pictured to receive is expects told receive the sentence. houthi rebels have arrived in geneva for u.n.-brokered talks to end the war in em vinnie. they had briefly been delayed in djibouti. the u.n. secretary general opened the talks on monday call for an immediate ceasefire, more now from geneva. >> reporter: the united nations envoy is going to have separate talks with the houthi and members of the yemeni government. we are not expecting them to have face-to-face talks because of the huge political divide. but we do understand that the united nations is willing to have a ceasefire implement ed in the coming days so that they can get aid in to yemen.
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then there was talk about the security arrangement and see whether the houthis will pull out not area for the international community to have mop tours on the ground. now the third phase of this whole process would be basically it start talks about how to move forward. whether all of the parties in yemen are willing to form a national unity government, draft a new constitution and shape the -- and agree on the shape of the federal state. the u.n. envoy to syria is in damascus for the talks with the syrian government. now, his spokesman says he's expected to tell senior officials that the use of barrel bombs is unacceptable. meanwhile, syrian state tv says rebels have she would government-held areas in the city of aleppo. at least 23 people killed and 100 others injured. eight female students killed in a bomb attack in iraq. two more injured by the
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improvised explosive device, the attack was in baquba, northwest of baghdad. there are allegations that his successive australian governments made payments for over a decade to prevent the inflow of illegal migrants politicians are refuse to go say whether security agents paid people smugglers during their time in government. the current prime minister tony abbott won't confirm if the australian navy paid smugglers to take asylum seekers back to indonesia. >> the most moral thing you can do here is stop the boats. because as long as the boats are coming, the evil people smuggle are trade is in business. and the deaths continues. so we have done the right thing. we have done the moral thing the decent thing the companionate thing. we have stopped the boats by doing whatever is necessary within the law to stop the boats.
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one of bangladesh's largest opposition parties has called a nationwide strike on wednesday. this is in response to a supreme court decision to uphold a death sentence for the secretary general of the islam i can party and found difficulty of war crimes committed in the 1971 war with pakistan. the u.n. says its own peacekeepers have been sexually exploiting the very people they were sent to protection. according to a new report. about a third of the abuse involves minors under the age of 18. our diplomatic editor james bays has more. >> reporter: in heidi, where the u.n. has had a peacekeeping mission for over a decade, the report found u.n. soldiers had what it calls transactional sex with more than 200 women. money and gifts including baby care items medicine, clothing and electrical goods were handed over by the soldiers. for decades that there have been allegations of sexual abuse and explorer take by u.n.
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peacekeepers. it's clear it's still going on. one victim of a rape in haiti 10 years ago told al jazerra she reported the attack to the u.n., but never heard anything more. >> translator: children used to stand around the camp waiting on the toll jeff to his give them agreed and brook is so i stood there too. one of them called me over. i thought he was going to give me something to eat. when i got there he pulled me inside the barbed wire, covered my mouth and raped me. >> reporter: back in 2003, former secretary general corey a thancoachcovey a than late our a policy of zero tolerance, they are particularly angered by one section of the report it says staff with long mission experience there was a general view that people should have romantic rights. >> it makes one sad to think that the united nations which is supposed to be the gold standard for gender equality and for, you know ending sexual violence around the world would everyone
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consider for a split second the notion that it's romantic to have relationship between a peacekeeper and anyone in the civilian population they are sent to protect. >> reporter: i spokesman for the u.n. secretary general why ban ki-moon just doesn't name or shame the countries involved? >> it's his intention to do just that. to james the con tip gents. if you look at a continuum over the law few years the transparently sass increased. it hasn't increased to a level she should all be satisfied with. >> reporter: on tuesday a major review of u.n. peacekeeping operations the first in a decade will be published al jazerra has learned that that too will raise the issue you of sexual abuse by peacekeepers and urge more accountability. james bays, at the unite nations. one of the largest rebel groups in the philippines is
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starting the first phase of a decommissioning process part i've peace deal signed with the government last year. the liberation front will hand over weapons and fighters. but just who are the m.i.l.s. the group's 11,000 members have been fighting the philippine government for four decades. it's fighting for autonomy in the muslim south of the country. the philippine is his predominantly cath let the president sign aid peace deal with the rebels in march of 2014 followed by intense negotiations negotiations. the rebellion is said to be responsible for 150,000 deaths in the fill fines steve rood is the representative for the asia foundation, he says the peace deal is significant even if the number of weapons being handed over seems low. >> sometimes they refer to it as the symbolic decommissioning. the first time they are doing it. the plans are for over the next
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several months to start doing thousands of such fighters as the independent decommissioning body has storage for the weapons. there are guards for the weapons. and there are socioeconomic problems for those turning in their weapons. there is a peace agreement with several components, one of which is the demissioning of weapons and amnesty and redeployment of the armed forced of the philippines the. >> reporter: another is the associates i can't economic socioeconomic development that goes along with it and the political aspect where a laurel is working it's what way through congress unfortunately rather slowly to allow them to governor their own ring up. nepal has reopened some of its historic psyches. a popular tourist attraction and a you necessary quo world heritage site. the country relies on dollars
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from these. >> reporter: an early suck teenth century pal ago damaged by the earthquake and now 53 days after the earthquake the government says that this palace along with many of the heritage sites in nepal will be open for tourism. now, nepal gets more than 3% of the g.d.p. from orism and the or tim. and the government is in a rush to say it's safe. and to be farah lot of areas have been untouched by the earthquake. but unesco leased a statement saying public have to be extra cautious some nba some sites artifacts are still be salvaged the government says dangerous areas have been cordoned off in order to keep people safe. something government officials even went onto say that this could be disaster tourism. but an an education the twist.
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artifacts which have been salvaged are left in the open exposed to the elements. these pillars and struts are over 300 years old. and these are the things that conservationists say need to be kept safe. al jazerra. cat mankathmandu. pakistan says it has managed to sale its first ever fighter jets at the paris air show. it's not known which country made the order or how many were sold they were developed with help from china. more mers cases in south korea has people questioning the government's control measures. there have been a further four new infections, bringing the total number of case to his 154. disinfection operations are currently underway in public spaces like this internet cafe. now the latest from seoul. >> reporter: while the death toll rose here in south korea due mers the authorities tar
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trying to reassure the public as well as the international community they have the situation under control. the national newspapers are reflect that go to a certain extent the korean times is saying a third of those that are actually in quarantine are under the age of 50. and that hospitals that are not affected by mers are actually taking control of all of the exigent cases. the medical center is under quarantine. that is the message that they are trying to get out to the international community that korea is safe and that the authorities are taking all of the precautions that they can by fumigatingfumigating andinfecting public places like internet cafes and the bus transport system as a whole. but also trying to make sure that they can attract the estimated 16.1 million tourists they were hoping to bring in to korea this year. many of those tourists come from china, japan and hong kong. there is a big question mark as
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to how the tourist industry will be affected because of mers. with over 100,000 cancellation says being reported it's a real worry for the authorities and the tourist industry here in the country. hundreds of syrian and iraqi asylum seek nurse greece have been demanding better living conditions. about 300 people marched saying the conditions at their camp were intolerable. more than 50,000 migrants have already arrived in greece this year. jordan has managed to stop violence in iraq and sear request from spilling over in to its board he but it hasn't been able to protect its economy. trade routes to both countries have been blocked and it's having a devastating affect on farmers and the price of eggs. nisreen reports. >> reporter: 20 million unsold eggs a month and losses of $140,000 a day. poultry farmers in jordan are in
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deep trouble. they used to sale their produce to iraq and syria and other countries further air field. but fighting there has closed borders and cut off vital trade routes. >> we are afraid that this sector cool collapse in the year future. and we are afraid that we will have to scale down our production and you know what will be the negative aspects of this thing. >> reporter: exports to iraq were halted when isil fighter seized anbar province and your didn't banned their truck drivers. ban. if that is not bad enough, jordan is the only country in the world to collect a sales tax on eggs, farmers are demanding the government cancel the tax to alleviate their losses. the poultry sector in jordan employs 30,000 people. but now that the industry can't
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export to major market like iraq and syria, there are fears that some people could lose their jobs. a*eupg producer say they may be forced to scale back if the government doesn't act. she is terrified of losing her job in an egg grading and packing plant. it helps support her family and pay college fees. >> translator: the company stops production we'll lose our jobs and we won't be a able to taj finish our education or help our families. we demand the government to help ex-poured this production a broad so we can keep our jobs and lifelines. >> reporter: the government says it's actively searching for alternative market in africa for all jordanian exports. >> translator: we are thinking of signing free trade agreements with some of these countries like algeria we are trying to facilitate exports through our only seaport. even though transport costs will be higher. >> reporter: border closures have had an impact on almost every sector in jordan, while the kingdom has been able to
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stop fighting spilling over from its neighbors it's now under immense pressure to contain the bleeding from an ailing economy. and for all of the latest news and analysis you can always head over to our website at >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight "techknow" investigates climate change. >> i can really feel it vibrating now. >> it's science versus