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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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remember keep uhl on al symbol of hatred or pride? plus. >> the migrants leaving far
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behind them countries like iraq syria afghanistan, and yemen. not far ahead now along a well worn path, and the european union. >> with the sport including olympic dreams. two more cities this has been 24 games. >> kurdish fighters have made significant gains against the islamic state of iorack or isil, they have pushed isil out of the town about 50-kilometers north of the armed group biggest strong hold. in the provinces of aleppo. reports.
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>> this fighter says they are discovered a tunnel used by the islamic state on the syrian border. to smuggle in people from syria. the which go by their kurdish acronym, have been making gains and have taken baxter story. the latest discovery after they took this force. now that the fighting is over hundreds have returned. authorities reopened the boardner the surrounding areas but despite forces pushing back there are concerns over the advances the main only six group have accused them of abusing and driving out tribesman. they were blocked from entering. >> we were asked to communicate with the ypg
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forces. claiming that they have a political position towards the units and that the committee the discrimination and abuse. they say the check points on the border ever are for security. >> as this country has. >> the turkey, which is accused the forces ethnic cleansing. the government says it is a red line. >> if the forces really make major gains you will probably find europe investing more resources in particular president is saying they will love the americans and the western powers that are helping as the arabs and syria. this has become a major security concern inside turkey.
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>> while opposition fighters are consolidating the gains in the province. there are lingering concerns but they go back home, hoping that the worst is over. let's take a closer look at the men and women that look up the armed group also known as the protection unit, they want to establish their own state in the north eastern region. and the ypg is also closely linked to the workers party or pkk which is fighting for independent the units helped and protected members of the religious minority as they fled. but they have also been accused of ethnic cleansing
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such as the northern city towns. thaw deny those allegations. ish from haim is in california state university, he is in rome, and joins us life from there, thank you for being with us, remind us why this particular area is so significant. >> well, the recent capture has deprived isil of it's artery -- i am sorry from syria into turkey. so where the black market oil, but the circuit which would accept fighters has been severed. they have other routs but this is the close toast the capitol. clearly, turkey is is worried about these developments tell us more about why they are anxious about this group. >> which has been -- enganged
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in a war perhaps you have to put it into context where a kurdish party the h.d.p., relatively well in the elections, so from the turk euro zone perspective, they are seeing kind of a turkish resurgence across the boardner syria. >> in temples of going back to the warp, how significant is this movement of against isil? are they -- are they in danger of being ratted out of the area, or it is a temporary blip for isil. >> well with, the wpg is -- it is technically a militia
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just like the shia militias we see in iraq. if we compare them, it is the y pg or the shia militias that have been gaining victory. so what are we seeing our two groups who see isil as an existential threat to their identity based community whether it is the curds or the shia. ten what are we with seeing are more tenacious elements, combating isil. in both the iraq and syria so rather than say a blip, i see a pattern wheres then't the standing armies but the militias ties to local communities who are gaining most of the successes. whether the armies for instance syria and iraq, are not as anxious to hold on so the particular areas of ground, they would rather move out if they have to.
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>> as of yet it seems these well motivated connected groups tend to be more motivated but they are also working in tandem with a. air strikes. which is ironic, because the p.k. k. is on the state department list of terrorist groups so are some of the misch la shas so so what you have a bizarre -- with some groups washington might consider unsavory, but when they work together they do achieve results on the ground. >> all right, thank you very much indeed for your thoughts.
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it has found that military, rebel groups are imposing sieges that are having a particularly dez staved effect on people knot involved in the fighting. there's no doubt that millions of people are being effected by the war in syria. a recent u.n. report says there's such an attack on aleppo nearly every day this year. but also killed people indiscriminately, it also says the military and rebel groups have put people under siege by belonging off the access to food and ore essential supplies. the u.n. gathers evidence from 4,000 witness withs and had gather add list of perpetrators. >> question do advocate the use of the weapon which is have been brought on the
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other front, they are also using weapons illegally such as mortars or bombs made from gas cans. women are increasingly being targeted. the group interviewed some that had been arrested since 2012 and last year. the reported kateed subjected to abuse and sex is wall violence. the report says many confessions made by the women in jail were extracted under torture. the human rights network says nearly 3,000 women are still in government detention centers. at least 120 of them are under 18. and there are other cases of child abuse this video recently seen online appeared to show a 15-year-old begging for mercy, as he is beaten by pro government forces.
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another side of a war with that has effected all sides of society whether male, female, young or old. this was an isil fighter he says he was killed by u.s. fighters jets as they targeted in iraq last week. the afghan army says it has taken back the district here pushing the army into the provincial cap can toll, this normally bustling city is largely deserted. people are worried taliban
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fighters could attack here. and that means business is wad. these days we have to get from our savings. no one buys anything from us, you can see there's no one in the market or the town. everybody has left. >> in a nearby field, they are harvesting the plants early, rather than lose the controls to the fighting. from neighboring charter district. >> the taliban came after us, destroyed everything, i was injured they hit me. then they came here to live our life in the city. all we with want is peace. >> the government has sent thousands of soldiers to fight the taliban. they have driven the group. >> apparently afghan forces are starting operations there.
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no consolation tens of thousands have already been displaced from villages because of the fighting now many are leaving the city, carrying whatever they can. >> forces supporting the president fought with houthis rebels for territory in the province. witnesses say the government forces were able to retake some areas from the rebels. both sides in the fight willing committing human rights abuses they say 340 people have been killed with with 3.5000 injured.
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soldiers are distributes water, but many people aren't drinking during the day. southern pakistan is sweltering three days of high temperatures have caused white spread heat stroke, and the largest city hospitals are treating hundreds of patients for heat related ailments including exhaustion. as seen from food and water during daylight hours to complicate matters the local electricity grid collapsed because of the increased demand. in this city, used to severe power cuts many are credit siding the government. i am greatly worried i have no watt wither and power, i have been wondering here and there for an hour to find
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ice, after trying hard i finally got very little. >> the heat is unbearable, people eses specially the elderly are dieing in the heat. >> while schools and public offers are closed until temperatures cool down. many are hoping for relief with rain predicted in the coming days. al jazeera. >> still ahead as hungary says it won't follow rules and take more migrants but a special report on those trying to cross the border. and in sport they may have a
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lack of snow but that's not stopping beijing's bid details it laker. the man charged waymurder of nine african-american people in a charleston church last week posed with the flag in pictures posted online. and as the decan bait around the emblem testifies the world's largest retailer says it will move merchandise from it's stores. joined now by south carolina i understand there's a big demonstration planned there, what is the turn out like so far. >> lauren there were
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approximately 12 to 1500 people that showed up here on the steps of the state capitol building just as state lovers were appearing showing up for a session to talk mainly about budget issues but it is going tomore into a debate whether or not the con fed rate flag on the capitol grounds should be taken down and especially after the governor announced yesterday that she would like to see it removed and then a chorus of leaders state leaders and even people from outside the state, are all calling for the flag to be removed.
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you mentioned the debate has been going on for a while why is it rat this point, that it seems like there is no significant movement on it. >> obviously because of and shooting last week, in charleston, and the suspected shooter showing up on internet websites white supremacist type material, to include the con fed rate flag that it has become a symbol of racism, and that he played out that narrative in that church in that terrible church tragedy, just a week ago, in charleston south carolina. so there is a momentum going
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here, to get the flag finally removed from the state capitol grounds but it took in their mind as terribly tragic event to get it going thus far. >> is there anyone at this stage, is that is unacceptable to still stand up for it? or are there still people saying it is part of our history. >> there are obviously very ardent supporters of the flag remaining on state grounds here. they say they will fight for it. however, it appears that at this particular point, with the governor announcing that she supports the removal of it, is a total reverse sal of her position just last year when she was running for re-election in south carolina and south carolina governor. accordingly, several other
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mainly republican legislatures republican senators or state representatives have since changed their position in light of the tragedy. all right, thank you very much indeed. >> the government spokes mapp says it is the most overburdened effected by illegal immigration. ser yeah has reacted with shock to another plan to build a fence along the shared border. as they prepare to make the crossing. >> they have been on the road for weeks crossed several countries tired dehydrated they are afraid of arrest and police violence. >>
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where do you all come from? afghanistan. >> everyone from afghanistan. >> all of us these guys from taliban. and every year we with have growing problems. >> asking for money? >> yes they ask about money. >> and they beat you up. >> yes. >> and my whole body i feel pain. >> where are you going. >> i am going to -- austria. >> austria. >> london. >> london. >> they seldom stay more than a night or two in these little encampments desperate people incredibly courageous opeople resting their weary legs before continuing a long
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long journey leaving far behind them countries like afghanistan, syria iraq, and not far ahead of them now along a well worn path the hungary border and the european union. so they are in bad shape by the time they reach this point. >> yes, they are really exhausted and tired. and they really need help, and medical care. >> accused mad is a prosecutor. with his wife and two children, she needs medical attention, the children asked for sweets and chocolate. >> what do you tell them about the future? what do you tell them about the life they can expect. >> i would like to tell them they will have a good future, because we with leave the country for this, for them, because they should get an
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education can. >> another frequent visitor is 100 gain priest, his van filled with donations of bread, watt wither and basics like socks and shoes. >> i have seen many thousands of people here, but this is trust a frac of the people crossing the border. and many of them are not coming right here, they have money, and their ways and the smuggler system, working within with hours most will have left on the road to what they hope is a better life, the only certainty is that many more will follow. al jazeera, serbia. >> a tunnel linking france and the u.k. can is to remain closed for the rest of tuesday. a strike blocked the tunnel, but also saw a surge of migrants trying to get onboard trucked bound for the u.k., nadine has more. this is the main road heading out, to the entrance, this
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seems to have been some sort of disturbance. >> scores of migrants desperate to reach. some manage to jump on to the back of a vehicle making the most of a strike by french workers here a driver chase as group away after noticing them toy too break into his truck they tried in vain to keep othem away the workers from the company have been blockading the port and the tunnel burning piles of tires. that's led to traffic on nearby roads slowing to a crawl we went with to blockade a tunnel until 11:00 a.m., when we were moved by security people. one of our colleagues has been wounded on his head, it is a shame. truck drivers are being advised to stick tot and make sure all their doors are locks. there are thought to be about 3,000 migrants living here, hoping to make it across the
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channel can. they are largely depend on ohelp from local volunteers that provide food and clothing. the ferry workers fear they will lose their jobs. they have been seen on the tracks and for now all train services between france and the u.k. are suspended. nadine, al jazeera. >> more than 2,700 migrants have been rescued from boats off the libyan coast and the coast guard says that rescue is still going on. the influx come as one of the rival governments warned the e.u. that any unauthorized vessels would be targeted. an e.u. operation to combat people smugglers has just been agreed until it gets approval, the operation is to be limited to intelligence gathering only. the initial e.u. plan was to capture can and destroy ships possibly inside libyan waters.
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rising electric prices have seen large protests inar ever mania's capitol. >> andrew reports. >> riot police move in on hundreds of protestors in the armenian capitol. backed by water cannon uniform and plain clothes officers arrested more than 200 early on tuesday. the crowd had been part of a largest protest on monday, that attracted about 5,000 people. they are angry at the government decision to raise the electricity prices by between 17 and 22%. after the protestors were with stopped from reaching the presidential palace, they block add central avenue overnight, refused to disburse.
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the electricity network is owned by a russia firm. the country's borders with turkey are blocked because of an on going territorial dispute meaning it's largely depend on exports to russia and the money armenians working there send home. with the downturn hittingar mania hard, so the pressure is pressing on the government. still ahead hue rwanda has reacted after the head of intelligence was arrested in london. also, why a south korean electronics giant is apologizing for failing to stop the spread of a deadly illness. and in sport footballers are leading the way in the middle east.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down
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cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> brittany menard's decision to take her own life last year. sparked a national debate. >> brittany didn't wan't to die the brain tumor was killing her, she simply took control over how that process would go. >> now see what her husband is doing to keep his promise to change "right to die" laws nationwide. america tonight only on al jazeera america. >> the top stories here on al jazeera. kurdish fighters have made significant gains against the islamic state of iraq, they
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have pushed isil out of a town neared the armed group biggest strong hold a heat wave has now killed more than 600 people. and in the united states a top political figure has agreed to remove the con fed rate flag which seceded during the suring civil war northern states wanted to abolish slavery while the south wanted to keep it, the south lost the war but the flag has evolved as a source of southern pride critics see it as a sit bomb as what they describe as the shameful and ratist past in the state of alabama he is president of the southern poverty law center which campaigns against hate groups and
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discrimination thank you for being with with us so ohow significant can is this kind of upsurge of feeling against the flag and the movement that we are seeing in mississippi and south carolina. >> hopefully, it is a new chapter? the south's unfortunate racial history. as you said in your lead up, the flag is really a devisive symbol. it was resurrected over state cop tolls in response to the school desegregation ruling. in alabama for example the notorious governor raised the flag in 1963 when robert kennedy has come here to talk to him about school desegregation. and there's been a big part of the southern is population that want withs to keep it up because southerners sometimes don't like to be told what to do, i think they resent the
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federal government unfortunately, and so as a misplaced southern pride they have held on to it for far far too long. >> what do you say is to people that say is it is part of the heritage and history? is that not a fair point. >> sure, it is part of the south's history but the question is should it be flown in an honor risk way in southern capitols. it certainty doesn't represent the heritage that a big part of the population can can be proud of. in fact, no one with should be proud of it. putting a flag in a museum that's great, it happened in history, but flying on a promnant grounds of a cop can toll is a terrible error there's a lot of focus on this issue, do you think it is a way of not having the proper debate about racism
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and the other underlying issues. saying we have dealt can with the flag so let's move on. >> i think that's a fair point, i think it is right. it's for some people dealing with the symbols of a racial past is an easier thing do do than dealing with the true consequences of our racial past. i think there are a number of conversations going on in this country that to address the larger issues but the point you raise is a valid one with. >> tell me, do you think that the debate has now moved on a notch? we with have seen the presidential candidates who have is wanted to avoided the issue, having to admit they have to talk about it. do you think there's a change in attitudes? >> there's been a lot of things that has happened in this country over the past few years to raise the racial -- raise the debate
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about racial issues. there have been a number of kill cannings of unarmed black men by white police officers. and that is igniting a debate about the nature of our law enforcement processes, the nature of our prison system we have far too many people incarcerated in our country can our apologizes we seem to have lost him there, thank you for joining us with your thoughts on that issue. >> now reacted angrily to knew that the head of intelligence has been arrested. wanted in spain on suspicion of terrorism including orders the kills of three spanish aid workers. hitches arrested on saturday, he has described his arrest as lunacy al jazeera has more details. he is due to appear at this
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courtroom on thursday, where we with will hear the outcome of that extradition request spanish authorities have indicts him for war crimes committed allegedly in the mid 90's in the period when it took power, and the minority suffer as again side in rwanda the allegation is that the rfpist carriesous massacre oz if majority, and that it was involved in this, he is also wanted in connect can with a specific crime the murder of three spanish aid workers whom it is said knew too much about the involvement, in killing of hutu villages. now the authorities deny these accusations strenuously, this also worth noting that this case puts the british authorities here in london in an awkward position, they have close ties with the ruin dan
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government and the rpf, they have tended to turn a behind eye to any human rights abuses in that country can because they have been impressed by social and economic progress and because they see othe president as an important partner, so the british authorities will be watching the outcome of this extradition hearing with with some reputation. >> scott strauss a professor at the university of willing committing with willing committing with madison in the u.s., he specializes in the study of genocide thank you for your time, what do you make of the timing of this? >> you know, it is hard to say is what triggers the arrest this day. it seems that he has been in the u.k. can previously, and not been arrests it is unclear if it is connected to rwanda national politics i think the timing is unclear and i think people are
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looking for clarification can. >> the foreign minister has described the arrest as porpoisetous. there seems to be a few people saying this is politically motivated what do you make of that theories in. >> well, i think they have arrested the head of the spy chief of the country and any time you arrest a government personal, marley a high ranking one with, the government on record will be upset, it is like arrested the head of m 16 in the u.k., there's a broodier question of using international criminal justice to arrest african political authorities. we just had the controversy with the president of sudan on the other hand, there are serious allegations that have been made against not only -- but even the president for major human rights violation
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that were committed as they took power and subsequently in the democratic republic of congo between 1996, and 2004. and there has been no accountability on an international level for those crimes and so oi think there are a set of issues here that needs to be dealt with. at the same time i have read the indictment, and i wouldn't say it is -- i think there's problems with it. i can understand also why the authorities are frustrated about it. tell us more about spain's role in this clearly they had spaniards get killed but there is also the jurisdiction law, that i think the government tries to clamp down on, how like oily is that this will go ahead do you think under the new system is in spain. >> i think that's a really interesting question, and i think there will be two issues whether britain will hand over so the spanish
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authorities given the fact that britain is an ally of the rwanda government and it has stood next to rue dan that, it is the first question, you are right this particular the spankic court cans have been aggressive ondown veer salt lake is jurisdiction, and it has been controversial we with don't want judges to go around indicting people for crimes committing in other ocountries in this particular case, as you note, there were a number of spanish national whose were with killed in are named in the indictment so i this they spain has a closer connection to this particular case, than to others that came out through the years of universal jurisdiction. >> . >> my sense that ises the grounds. there are these murders we have we with don't have any accountable and this is someone that has been named as a leading person
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responsibility and i think that is the bases for the extradition request. >> thank you for ever talking us to. >> >> the u.s. has announced lit sent is 250 tanks and other military equipment to central and. the equipment will be sent to bulgaria astoria latvia, poll hand, and romanian. >> we with just had a session is with with the ministers and unfortunately we with had to talk about russia's recent attempts to turn back the clock especial lie here in the baltic region, we each agreed while we do not seek a cold let alone hot war we with will defend our allies the rule based international order positive future that it affords us all. more on the reaction, live from moscow, first rory, tell us more about what the
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defense secretary had to say. well, he equated barack obama, something that the american presidents have previously said to even european nato states. so what he said is is you lost your independent once with before, with nato you will never lose it again really, kind of a gesture of sol zairety and a gesture can that nato and the united states will have the back of those countries in eastern europe, like the baltic states like poland, other nato members that are deeply worried about russia, and what they perceive tor russian belligerence. the chance can that it might try to do some sort of hybrid destabilizing warfare on their territory. like they saw russia do inside crimea, we know these countries are worries about
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this the defense minister said we with have reason to believe that russia views the bat, i nation as one of the most vulnerable area as place where the resolve and economiesment can can be tested and the pledge that american weapon withry is going to be prebased really on these countries territory is a released the assuring gesture and that is a political theater to sure up the eastern flank. >> more discussion of ukraine in paris. >> yes the norm mandy format is meeting this particular meeting is is foreign ministers of france, gemny ukraine and russia they are gathers together to talk about what is going on in ukraine, try and find some is way of reful soing the conflict, but the chances of them actually doing so today here and now not very high, and we with can only listen
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to what the osce was with saying earlier today to get an impression of why, they have noticed the situation is deteriorating significantly, both sides ukraine, and the pro russian interests are breaking the agreement. from out of the contact line, this then there's another meeting that was with going on the meeting of the contract group the trilateral contact group between ukraine and representatives of russia and also when they are invited representatives from the separatist territories that broke up the fifth time they have gathers together to talk about things broke out without much of any -- if any sort of agreement, and really a pledge just going to carry on meeting until something happens so othat's the
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context of what is going on in paris. not a very bright situation not a very bright scenario okay, thank you very much indeed. live in moscow for us one of the companies flag ship hospitals bake the epicenter of the middle east mers outbreak. approximately half of south korea's mers cases have been traced baaing to the medical can center is mers patient was kept in the emergency is ward there for 2 1/2 days before diagnosis, during which can time they came can into con can tact with 900 people at least 27 people have died during the outbreak. our medical can center was unable to stop the mers infection, and it spread i bow my head in apology. >> continuing our series on law lessness on monday, we look at the high number of police officers being killed
2:46 pm
by criminals. in the second report, meets gang member whose blame corrupt police for the violence. the war against crime is at best grid locks. with with more than 20,000 people being killed each year, the country has the second highest murder race in the world. illegal weapons are found here but to these criminal gangs the real culprit is a corrupt police force. this crime is being generated by the police it is a pathetic situation, they only appear to terrorize you to extort you uh, that's when the war begins. >> what was with until now a problem of street crime seems to have morphed into an unprecedented escalation of violence, where forces are now engangs in open confrontation. one, with no clear winner you
2:47 pm
only know who wins when the war is over. we are armed and organized and also tired of being executed. the weapons they claim to have would with cause alarm in any country these men are holding several hand grenades and automatic weapons. they say with with this fire power they could halt the police for hours education can they say is is the only way out o they want a country can where their children can can can live in peace. >> waywith the future of our children, with them studying is the only way to assure the future we all want, and we with didn't have. our only future is that they drive this country can forward, and make it a good country. for crime experts the
2:48 pm
solution is combined with consistent policies on crime prevention. >> the national government has a huge problem, 16 years they have had 15 security directors and 21 with security plans for the nation. none of which has stopped crime from ballooning. every year is worse than the previous. >> with the ability to fight back on such a scale, it is hard to predict the success of any future measures. al jazeera venezuela. all sport is just ahead including one of the biggest stars is aiming to clear his name in new york robin will be here with with that in a moment.
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>> thank you. two new uh cities it has been 2024 olympic games. confirming their interest remaining more could follow ahead of the september 15th deadline the decision won't be made it's cappedsy major media event at the headquarters of the olympic committee. after failed bid exactly 100 years since they lost host of the games. >> we tried to get there a few years ago let them get it and they didn't get it in 2008, but i think this city
2:51 pm
deserves the games. the game like -- like 100 years ago. i think it's been a long time since they got the games this city, this country deserves it. >> budapest quickly following patterson. for the final approval to the hungary parliament, they have been motivated by the plan for lower cost olympics in the future. hosted the olympic in 1924, and failed in three recent bids for the 2008 and 2012 games. the three other candidates the games is on record as saying the italian capitol is a strong candidate, germany's olympic committee has put the northern city forward ahead of the capitol berlin, boston bid the capitol as well as los angeles and san francisco for their official bid. but a recent poll says 55% of
2:52 pm
residents are against it. beijing hosting the summer olympics back in 2008, they are now hoping the winter games in 2022 with a decision made next month the chinese capitol is not -- which is heavily mo moting itself. relies heavily on man made snow, and is often surrounded byfuglien slopes. a little more than a month left until the final decision is made. the experts are coming forward to state their case. >> i am definitely positive that beijing can close the olympic games as you have a very i would say dry claimant, which is good for snow making. you have cold. winter, which again is another factor for very good snow making. and the quality of snow is
2:53 pm
also very good for preparation. >> super bowl winning quarterback is appear hearing into a four game nfl ban is currently underway in new york. the new england patriot star has been punished ever the his role in the nfl deflate-gate scandal in which club employees illegally let air out of the game balls. the deflated balls are easier to hand and throw, and an investigation found that brady was at least generally aware of what was with going on, but he has denied any i don't think doing seven people have been arrested over suspected match fixing. one of them is the club president, who was seen obeing escorted by authorities from the police station, and it is understood the seven are committing sporting fraud by influencing the influence of five matches, they arecorded regular gas back to points.
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two stages are well underway in the women's football world cup, but once again the teams are missing from the show piece of the women's game. no middle eastern nation has ever qualified although joe dan did make the final stage this time. looking forward to hosting a big event of their own. jordan's women's football team may only be a decade old, but it has become the strongest team in the middle east. jordan is a socially and religiously conservative country, and many believe that football is not appropriate for females. >> there's always a group of people that will always be -- they have the negative side of not encouraging women playing soccer. not 100% people that will encouraging this but what keeps us going is our parents, our friends our passion for the game. >> the team credits the growth of women's football to prince hussein, the president
2:55 pm
of the football association and is the former fifa vice president. who has been playing football thing eight years had to stop for a while before fifa lift add ban on head carved. >> his royal highness interseeded when several female players refused to wear a cap instead of their head scarf because that is against our religious practices. so we stopped playing. the country can is making big strides in women's football and is getting exposure, and will be hosting a major world football event for female teams under the age of 17, in october 2016. >> the first world cup ever to be held in the middle east for female footballers will kick off in jordan next year. these women hope the award such a significant tournament, will win with the game even more acceptance and recognition across the arab and muslim world. >> the football association goal is to make the sport
2:56 pm
more widespread for women with. there are now 13 women football centers in every province across the country as well as junior girls teams. we with completed the asian cup can and almost qualified the ever the world cup. advertising campaigns aim to put these women under the spotlight and garner respect and admiration, they also aim to encouraging football loving female whose are shy and fearful of soto join a football center. only the individual of another achievement, and recorded the first ever the games have a third and final capitol on wednesday and complete a series whitewash over the formedder world champions.
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>> the last three years and the good momentum, and they also start getting better. so losing is not the end of it. like i said, losers have a lot of balance and winners have a lot of balance as well. so at this point, it is a very hard game for us, we know we are trying to come back from a lost series but having said that, i think -- the contact from the fact that it is a game and question with can't can throw in the towel. >> that is sport, thank you for watching. >> a quick reminder, you can always keep up to date on our website that's it for me for this news hour, do stay with us if you can with another full round of today's news, thank you for watching bye
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