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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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the u.s. and iran launch a new round of talks over a nuclear deal with a deadline for agreement three days away. i'm shiulie ghosh in doha with all the news. also coming up let the people decide. greece's parliament debates the call for a referendum on the bailout. fearing for their lives - foreign tourists flying out of tunisia after 38 are killed in a beach resort. ♪ amazing graze ... and a eulogy for the
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victims of the charleston church shooting. the u.s. president urges everyone to reject racial hate red. ja now, top documents from iran and the united states are meeting in vienna to try to thrash out a deal on iran's nuclear programme before a tuesday deadline. u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived on saturday morning, sting on crutches following his bike accident this month. he was followed shortly afterwards by the motorcade of iran's foreign minister. iran wants economic sanctions lifted in exchange for saction to its nuke -- access to its nuclear sites. james bay is in the austrian capital. important players turned up. they are trying to thrash out a deal before that deadline aren't they? >> they are trying to thrash out
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a deal but there's a lot of work to do. there's main areas of a deal which have not been decided upon. the talks got under way in the palatial hotel behind me over an hour ago. among the things they have to do is, yes, come up with the deal including a deal on sanctions, and how they would be lived, and they are i'm told by diplomats, trying to come up with the language for a u.n. security council resolution. there has been a lot of work done in the capitals of the p5+1, the five permanent members of the security council and germany on the potential language. the way these things work out is the security council resolutions are netted in new york. countries come up with a draft. i'm told they want to have agreement on the language and the general direction of the security council resolution in
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vienna, because diplomats fear that if they got a deal here and then this deal as it has to, goes to congress and goes to the u.n. security council, there's a fear among the p5+1 that potential byly when it went to new york iran would see it as reopening negotiations. i'm told that work on the resolution is under way in vienna, as well as on a deal. >> okay they obviously have a lot of work to do. tell me about the deadline is it possible that it could slip that the talks could be extended or is it over if it's not bun di june 30th. >> you have the idea of inspections and where international inspectors would go to make sure iran is not violating, i'm told there are other details that are raised by
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the iranians. a great deal of work going on, most believing they'll go a few days beyond the deadline. what happens if they then don't get a deal. i hear some diplomats saying the deal is too big the fail. if they really couldn't get anything in three, four five days after the deadline there's a possibility of an extension. no one wants that, there's a lot of force, israelis on capitol hill the danger is the whole thing could start unravelling. >> thank you james bays in vienna there. >> now, european finance minister are meeting once more in an effort to sort out greece's debt crisis greece's prime minister rejected the latest bail out saying continues are unbearable and humiliating, alexis tsipras wants to hold a
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referendum on a debt deal on 5 july. greece is struggling to make a 1.5 billion repayment to the i.m.f. on tuesday, a main sticking point is pensions. creditors want to the increase the retirement age to 67 and phase out a solidarity grant to poorer pensions by the end of 2019. another point of contention is the greek government doesn't want to increase consumer tax or v.a. t on household bills and other services andrew simmonds is live in brussels where the finance ministers are meeting. let's go life to athens this idea. the referendum letting the people decide what do the people think of that. >> well this referendum is quickly picking up proxy value
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here. nominally the question is do you or do you not accept the latest proposal from creditors, which is an austerity package, which you rightly outlined just now. the proxy value of the referendum is really to test the resolve of the greek voters and taxpayers on continuing along the course of balancing the budget and producing primary surpluses required for it to remain within the eurozone essentially, because those are the terms that lenders insist upon to continue financing its debt. should they stop doing so, greece will default and inevitably finance experts believe in bankers, and full out of eurozone as a result. on the political side of things. the government has already spoken. the prime minister expressed itself obviously against this austerity package. we heard the interior minister speak in personal a short time
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ago. he clearly is piling on enormous symbolic value saying that it's an opportunity for greeks to declare independence. on the other side of the divide. conservatives that fell from power are saying this is indeed a referendum on whether greece wants to stay within the eurozone and that is the only question that matters. we expect opposition figures to say that the greeks will stay the course and maintain greece's european perspective. we can't became albania or former macedonia, in reference to their neighbours who are not euro members or eurozone members. >> let's cross to andrew simmonds in brussels euro ministers were saying they were hoping for a cata goric deal by the end of today's meeting. this referendum announcement by
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alexis tsipras means that almost certainly will not de happening. they can't be happy about that. >> they don't seem to be nothing publicly stated yet. they are expecting a statement from the leader. but the signal the vice-chancellor of the germany stated that the whole idea of a referendum shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. the question to the greek people should be put. it would be naive to think that the eurozone is happy about the situation, it's an attempt by alexis tsipras to say - some are saying on attempt to put pressure on the whole euro group by effect live i tugging if they did not agree to extend the bailout. it would be undemocratic. what we are going to see is a
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discussion on whether or not there'll be an extension of the bailout, but more importantly, if there is a decision not to extend it then on tuesday that i.m.f. payback won't happen and the question is will the i.m.f. will christine lagarde, the leader of the i.m.f. inform board members, then it would be a default. she could leave it for up to a month. that would enable this to be a situation where really there's just arrears. the key question then would be will the european central bank pump billions. >> the greek banks, will there be a run on the banks pt the situation is unprecedented. there has been many, many people talking about unchartered waters in the past five years. now, we are right in them. it's really a crisis no one knows what will happen number. >> a lot of uncertainty ahead. thank you, andrew simmonds in
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brussels there. >> now, the tunisian government is dismissing reports that the islamic state of iraq and levant is behind friday's attack on foreign tourists. the prime minister says the gunmen had never travelled abroad and not known to police, and was known for inciting violence. tourists have been at the air fort trying to flee the country. the gunman opened fire on sunday on a beech out two hotels. we report on the events that unfolded. >> reporter: on a sunny hot day, this mediterranean resort was full. when a gunman started shooting. his weapon as hidden inside a beach umbrella. witnesses say he took his some time, targetting people at point blank range - first on the beach, and around the swimming pool. some ran for their lives into the sea.
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others for the safety of their hotels, many of the injured were taken to hospital still wearing their swimming costumes. >> translation: i ran away. when i was running away i took a bullet. here i am. they shot me, i have a broken fibula. i cannot explain anything else to you. >> i knew there was trouble when i heard a gunshot. there was a loud explosion. i said "oh, this is really happening now." >> reporter: the victims are from a number of european countries, the resort in sousse is one of tunisia's most popular, packed with large hotels. the minister of tourism called this a catastrophe for the economy. the attacker was shot by police. there are reports he was a young tunisian student. in march 2nd tunisians killed 22 people, mainly foreigners in a museum in the capital tunis.
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they were trained to fight in libya. tunisia's democracy escaped the worst of the region's violence. it's held free and fair elections, it's political process has been inclusive. religious and secular parties are in government together. the government has called for unity and calm. it's under pressure now to react. >> we would like to emphasise that the war on terrorism is ongoing, requiring cooperation between all parties. it's not only the responsibility of security forces and army, but a national duty. we should unite to fight terrorism. >> reporter: there's a minority of tunisians that want an islamic state. thousands of young tunisians are fighting for armed groups abroad. . >> a lot of tunisians are angry
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against the state and do not accept as a secular state and pledged to wage jihad. >> tunisia's government stepped up security before the attack now it's talking about more police and soldiers on the ground. but there are thousands of tourist spots and hotels around the country, many of them an easy target for someone intent on killing. a tunisian member of parliament from the opposition enactor party told me the governments decision to close motchess had little to do with the attacks. closing legal mosques is a good, let's say, act or decision in continuity with the decision or decisions taken by former governments, but it's not enough. indeed, when we see the profile
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of the young men, the terrorist, the attacker, it seems that he's not, let's say, religious. he had a lot of religious behaviour. so who guarantees that such person has been in the mosques. also of other measures. >> an i.s.i.l.-linked group claimed responsibly for the attacks in tunisia. do you not think it's due to a rise in radicalism or extremism in tunisia? >> i think that - no, radicalism is not rising in tunisia. it's outside tunisia. but the danger is that it's attracting our youth and trapping them outside tunisia, so we have to think of measures,
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how, first of all, to prevent the use of networks of extremism and terrorism in libya or elsewhere. and, secondly, we have to think where and how what are the means of attracting them. it's not only illegal mosques, it's internet and also main means of attracting these young men, you know. still to come on al jazeera... .. [ explosion ] ..the battle for kobane kurdish forces push back i.s.i.l. fighters from the kurdish border town and the beijing radio station hoping to ease tension in the build up to tension in the south china sea. stay with us.
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welcome back let's remind you of the top stories on al jazeera. crucial talks aimed at reaching a deal on iran's nuclear programme are under way in vienna. top documents including the u.s. secretary of state and iran's foreign minister arrived on saturday. iran wants economic sanctions lifted in exchange for access to its nuclear site the greek prime minister wants the people to decide whether to accept a debt deal from international lenders. alexis tsipras is calling for a referendum on sunday 5 july. meanwhile, european finance minister are meeting in brussels to agree a bailout deal for greece. hundreds of tourists are flying home from tunisia after a
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beach attack killed 59 people. 80 mosques have been closed for inciting violence. a day of mourning has been declared in kuwait after an accused bomber killed 2 worshippers in a mosque. kuwaiti police arrested several people including the owner of the car that drove the suicide bomber. the government denounced an all-out attack on terrorism. we have this report from the scene of the explosion. >> reporter: at the imam mosque, violence snuffed out lives of the faithful. a suicide attack during the muslim holy month of the ramadan shattered a society's sense of security, leaving dozens dead, hundreds wounded. >> some pictures have been shown of the suicide coward that walked into the place of prayer today wearing the same robes that i'm wearing now.
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it's difficult to stop that type of activity. we are investing, or will be investing in metal detectors and the like. but even that can be overcome with, you know, the use of different types of technologies. >> this is the third such attack of its kind within a relatively secured gulf nation. suicide bombers killed dozens of worshippers in saudi arabia on two consecutive fridays in may. now kuwait. an attack apparently meant to sow sectarianism in a country where sunni and shi'a co-exist relatively harmoniously. the country's amir said the bombing violated islamic law and calls for continued national unity. a message reinforced by the country's cabinet. security officials have been
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placed on heightened alert and numerous officials vowed to do whatever is necessary to ensure kuwait and kuwaitis are protected. reassurances taken to heart. by day's end a display of solidarity. shia and sunni, side by side in worship. praying, it would appear, for peace. kurdish forces say they pushed i.s.i.l. fighters from kobane for the second time this year activists say battles are continuing south of syrian town on the border with turkey. kurdish activists say 180 people have been killed since i.s.i.l. stormed the down on thursday i.s.i.l. snipers took civilians hostage, using them as human shields. zeina khodr sent this update from kobane.
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>> fighters holed up fires fight g the town of kobane, you can see the town behind me, it has been cleared from islamic state of iraq and levant fighters, according to activists who are inside the town. syrian kurdish forces are clearing up areas, entering buildings that go house to house to see if there are i.s.i.l. fighters left. i.s.i.l. launched a surprise attack on thursday, a deadly attack. they snuck into the town, they were disguised in kurdish uniforms, a suicide car bomber detonated himself at the border crossing, and unknown number of i.s.i.l. fighters found out and across the town and started to randomly kill civilians. it was a deadly assault. we understand from the syrian observatory tore human rights and activists, 176 civilians were killed in kobane and a nearby village. over 150 people that we visited in hospitals in southern turkey and spoke to survivors, people were terrified.
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many believe i.s.i.l.'s intention was not to capture kobane but to send a message that they were still here. they were forced out of the town five months ago, the kurd are supported by coalition air strikes. i.s.i.l. fighters said we may lose some battling, but we cannot be defeated. i.s.i.l. making its point. sending a message. they've been pushed out of kobane but sent a message to the kurds, that they didn't lose the fight stay with syria, fighting is raging in the nearby city between i.s.i.l. and government forces. activists says three suicide bomb exploded on friday killing 20 government soldiers and said the town is coming under bombardment from jets. the u.n. estimates 60,000 fled the fighting so far. >> president obama sung the hrmn amazing grace and paid tribute
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to mine african-american's that died in the charleston shoot, urging americans to eliminate racism and including the confederate flag dating back. patty culhane reports. ♪ amazing grace [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: he's renowned for his speeches. on this occasion u.s. president obama used his voice this woman -- his voice to convoy his feeling. ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> reporter: man he used the reverend clementa pinckney was killed in the church he lead. the president wanted everyone to know what was lost. >> he was in the palpit by 13. pastor by 18, public servant by
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23. >> reporter: the president used the speech to do more than ooulo guise his friend saying the deaths that happened in the church was a call to action. it spurred a debate about the confederate flag hanging in the capital, now likely to be taken down. the p says that is not enough there needs to be a move towards racial parity in jobs and education. this woman watched the speech and came away believing it can change, it can help. >> educate people more. i work with a lot of people that - they might have certain attitudes towards other races, and i think that education is the key to actually making people more tolerant of other races. >> the president called for action to end income and inequality and poverty. augustus brown believes there will be change. >> i believe we have to have faith in changing.
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what are we here for. i don't believe in giving up on anything. >> with a victim of gun violence before him. the president called for gun control, but the crowd was doubtful about that. >> not as long as you have the lobbyists with the money, and the opposing party, it's not going to happen. once all nine victims are buried. the consider, especially about race, has to sustain. >> it would be a betrayal of everything the reverend food for, i believe. if we allow ourselves to clip into a comfortable silence again. >> as the president left, there was not silence outside of the cchurch. >> there was a harmony that for now too many here seems like a change. .
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>> chinese riot police detained dozens of demonstrators much they've been protesting against plans to build a chemical plant near their homes. and the impact of environment. a campaign to stop offshore islanding in the south china sea. some filipinos want friendly relations. we have the story. >> broadcasting from beijing, in filipino. this service from china radio international is 50 years old, but is facing challenging times. >> the filipino service aims to bridge cultural divide among chinese and the filipino people. and to enhance their friendship and mutual understanding.
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it might be the mission at cris editorial meetings, but the divide between china and the philippines has never seen wider. china is shaking up the region by controversially building islands in disputed waters in the south china sea. along vital trade passages, claimed, among others, by the philippines. >> it's been over a year since the philippine government brought the maritime dispute for arbitration before an international tribunal. china refused to participate, in the process, insisting that it has indisputable rights over the waters. so far as china is concerned, the only way to work through the matter is to speak country to country without outside interference. filipino classes have been added to the curriculum at the beijing foreign studies university. a school known for creating diplomats, and it aims to development a course in philippine studies. >> reporter: to master the language of another country, you can understand the culture and
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communicate with locals better. if there's a dispute, it will be easier to stop the problem if you speak the local language. when he's not at work, at china radio, this man teaches his native marshall arts to students in beijing. doing his bit, he says, for bilateral relations. >> politics is not so pleasant, yes. so focussing on the more cultural aspect is focussing on beautiful things of human life. if we only focus on the things we enjoy more, the things that we could agree more, then we can resolve the political differences. it's an optimistic perspective not shared by many. beyond these walls political relations fray. attempts at diplomatic communication flounder as mistrust continues to grow, and out in the ocean china is still
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building islands in, unconcerned about what its neighbours have to say. and you can get the latest on the day's news and sports on our website. somebody once said to me "what's the difference between gay marriage and straight marriage?" i said, well, there really isn't a difference. >> in 2008, voters in california approved proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in the state. two couples challenge the law in a case that went to the u.s. supreme court. half of the plaintiff team is


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