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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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research in that arena has proved very important. may i also state for the record that we attach a great deal of importance to cooperation as part of the science without borders program. as part of that program, the science without borders program, an important highlight is the fact that the u.s. has received the biggest number of brazilian students. the u.s. has become the main destination of brazilian students who are beneficiaries of the science without borders program. may i thank president obama for having welcomed such a substantial wave of brazilian grantees. i have often said that it is our ambition to change our cooperation and innovation into one of the central topics on our agenda. we also want to make progress in our energy cooperation,
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particularly between the linkage linkages between the cnpen. tomorrow i will be in california, and while in california, i intend to hold a very instigating meeting with information technology biotechnology, and air and space companies. biotechnology, air and space companies. and i also want to thank president obama because. we have come to a decision to facilitate entry of frequent travellers from brazil to the united states as part of the global energy programme and signed the very important agreement for the brazilian cooperation - living and working with the united states. i'm talking about a social
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security agreement that will allow the workers working in the u.s. to be equally covered under the social security agreement. we also addressed a wider array of different initiatives. i'd like to essentially highlight the following initiatives - the decision by brazil to join the global health security initiative - ghsi. it is important to underscore that we have a wide array of join initiatives, that can be put in place in variety with a lot of countries, triangular cooperation, particularly in relation to fuel. in conclusion may i refer to
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the importance for latin america of the recent decision made by president obama and president raul castro, and with the partnership with pope francis, to the effect of opening up relations - resuming relations with cuba a decisive milestone and point in time in u.s. relations with latin america. it is about putting an end to the last linkering vestiges of the cold war and develops the legislation between the u.s. and the entire region. may i knowledge the importance of that to all of latin america and the world at large. it is an important example of relations to be followed. in conclusion may i reiterate my invitation for president obama to come to brazil for the 2016 olympics. i count on you - of course the
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invitation is extended to the vice president, but i understand they are not to be at the same time at the same place before but president obama has a standing invitation to come to the 2016 olympics in rio, in brazil. while in brazil he'll be able to wear his green and yellow jersey or garment which says brazil and obama on the chest. i am sure you'll be applauded, president obama, if you do so. i also believe that this trip to the united states stands as the relaunch of bilateral negotiations and may i thank president obama and the u.s. people for the warm reception, for the welcome. may i say we have taken one step ahead in our bilateral relations, thank you very much. >> we'll take a few questions.
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i'll start with jim kunar, who i understand announced his retirement. jim, you're kind of young to retire man. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> while you are ahead. we'll miss you, you'll be here for a couple of weeks. congratulations. appreciate it. >> reporter: you're on the cusp of entering a nuclear agreement with iran there's a number of unresolved issues with tehran in particular the fate of americans like jason, amir said robert lefins - do you and your administration say you continue to raise the imprisonment and disappearance of these individuals, these americans. still you will sound, likely an agreement with tehran and those issues will remain unresolved. what do you say to the families about how you will deal with their loved one and i guess the bottom line is do you find the
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iranian leadership trustworthy. madam president - welcome to the u.s. you cancelled a previous trip to the united states following the edward snowden revelations - do you need a translation. you cancelled a previous trip to the united states following the revelations by edward snowden of n.s.a. spying on you. are you still troubled by those revelations and have you received assurances and are you satisfied with the answers you received from the administration. thank you. >> well first of all, jim, with respect to u.s. citizens u.s. persons held in iran - this is something that we continue to
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push hard on irrespective of the nuclear deal. it's a top priority for us to make sure that our people are treated fairly. and on the face of it in the case of the individuals held they have not been and they are not being afforded the basic due process and legal rights that we afford visitors to our country. so we are deeply concerned about it. we spend a lot of time pushing on it and we will continue to do so. and there's no lessening of the sense of urgency. when i talk to the families we remind them of the fabbed that that is a mission that will continue, and has been worked on consistently throughout their captivity. with respect to the larger issue
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of whether i trust the iranian regime, as i said before there are deep-seated disagreements and divisions between the united states and iran. those are not going to go away overnight. the goal of the nuclear negotiations is not to rely on trust, but to set up a verifiable mechanism where we are cutting off the pathways for iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. and john kerry, right now, is there, along with secretary of energy, mon ez who is one of the top nuclear physicists in the world. they are deeply engaged in negotiations. my hope is that they can achieve an agreement.
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my instructions to them is clear - the framework agreement that was established at lausanne is one that if implemented effectively and codified properly would, in fact achieve my goal which is iran not obtaining a nuclear weapon. there has been a lot of talk on the other side from the iranian negotiators about whether, in fact they can abide by some of the terms that came up in lausanne. if they kont that will be a problem. because i have said from the start. i will walk away from the negotiations if, in fact it's a bad deal. if we can't provide assurances that the pathways for iran to obtain a nuclear weapon is closed, if we can't verify that. if the inspection regime is
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inadequate. we are not going to get a deal. and we've been clear to the iranian government about that. the good news is that the p5+1 partners in these negotiations feel the same way, so there's hard negotiations to take place. ultimately it will be up to the iranis to determine whether or not they meet the requirements that the international community has set forth to be able to fairly and accurately and consistently assess whether or not they have foreclosed the possibility of obtaining a nuclear weapon. and given past behaviour on the part of iran that can't simply be a declaration by iran and a few inspectors wondering around every once in a while.
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that will be a serious vigorous verification mechanism, and that i think, will be the test as to whether we get a deal or not. >> translation: yes, it is true. yes, it is true i did cancel my previous trip to the u.s. at that point in time. since then some things have changed, and the change is particularly due to the fact that president obama and the u.s. government have stated on several occasions that they would no longer engage in intrusive acts of spying on friendly countries. i believe president obama, and furthermore he has told me if he needed. should he need nonpublic
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information about brazil. he should pick up the phone and call me. i am certain that the conditions today have become very different. at this point - at this point i would like to call on journalist with "the global news network". >> if brazil's playing someone else, maybe i'll - if they are playing the united states, i'm sorry. >> no, no no not against the united states. mr president, you were talking about a new relationship based on trust. and president dilma just mentioned when brazil cancelled the trip because of a matter of trust, and brazil is also in the middle of a very political and
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economical crisis. can you trust one another in this moment to build a new chapter. >> translation: madam precedent. brazil views itself as a global player and brazil as a regional player, how to you reconcile those two visions? >> i'm going to answer in part of the question you just asked the president. we view brazil not as a regional power, but as a global power. if you think about the pre-eminent economic forum, g20 brazil is a major voice in that. negotiations in paris, around climate change can only succeed with brazil as a key leader and the announcements made today about the goals on renewable
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energy are... player and i told president dilma last night that the united states, as powerful as we are, and as interested as we are in solving a range of international issues recognises that we can't do it alone. on issues like global health. we are not going to succeed unless we are working with brazil and other major countries to identify were there might be the outbreak o of a disease, how we prevent it turning into a pandemic. if we want to be successful on climate change countering terrorism, making sure that we reduce extreme poverty, all the major countries have to be involved in that process.
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brazil we consider to be an absolutely indispensable partner in these efforts. with respect to trust, i will say that president dilma rousseff and i have had an excellent relationship since she took office. i trust her implicitly. she has been frank and candid with me about the interests of the brazilian people and how we can work together. these delivered on what she has promised. when we met in panama we discussed, for example, the defense cooperation agreements she just mentioned. she got them through congress. as someone that nose something about congresses. i know that is never easy so for her to use political capital in order to get that done is indicative of the kind of
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reliable partner that she is. so we believe that this meeting that we have had this week builds on a series of steps that continued to deepen between our two countries. there's still going to be differences occasionally. that is true with every one of our close friends and allies. no countries will have identical interests. there'll be some frictions but our common value the people relation that is we have. the fact that we are the largest countries in the hemisphere with similar histories, i think all that means that we should be strong partners for years to
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come. >> translation: well i believe that part of my answer was given by president obama, and i'd like to thang him for that. i boo like the wake the following rarm. countries do go through crisis and difficulties and countries experience difficulties or crisis, they should not entail a lesser role for any country. a country can only be said to be a great county if it overcomes difficulties, it applies to countries and everything in life. for them to face up to them and uphold mittment to people and country. it applies to relations with countries such as the u.s. and the rest of the world. these are essential relations.
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brazil and the u.s. have a great deal in common. these are two countries that have a hallmark in our history, something that re had to fight to overcome. i'm talking about the blemish of slavery. we have large black populations, we are countries marked by significant ethnic and multifaultural variety in our population make-up, and that is a major effort a wonderful heritage in our populations. we are two strong democracies. brazil - that's the case of the united states, and i even congratulated president obama for having overcome the crisis that struck the country in 2008 slash 2009. likewise brazil will overcome the effect of the current crisis. we'll do so sure-footedly and precisely. more than that we will uphold
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and ensure continuity in all of the games and achievement that we have established in the past 12 years. in the course of the past 12 years. we'll make sure these games multiply into the future. we truly want to build a predominant middle class nation in the future. we must fight to preserve those gains. thank you mr president. i hope you don't mind if i ask a multi part question the the first, bone on bring being on greece i would be remiss not to ask about the financial crisis in europe. is a financial crisis in greece capable of bringing down the global economy, and separately i want to ask what some are calling my best week ever the last week.
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you have two supreme court decisions, supportive of the affordable care act, you delivered a speech in chorls tonne that was warmy received. it seems you built up capital and i'm previous how you want to use it. what hard things do you want to tackle. president dilma rousseff you extended an invitation to in my opinion you at the olympics in rio next year and the terror group i.s.i.s. showed a willingness and capacity to carry out terrorist attacks around the world. what preparations are you making to make sure the olympic games are safe and are you concerned about that happening in rio. thank you, madam president. >> on greece this is a situation that we have been monitoring throughout the year. as i think most people have been aware, there has been an ongoing crisis in greece dating back to
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2009/2010. and it's something that i've been deeply involved in periodically working with our european partners. it is an issue of substantial concern. it is an issue primarily of concern to europe. essentially what you have here is a country that has gone through difficult economic times. needs to find a path towards growth, and a path to stay in the eurozone. and what we have been encouraging the break government and our european partners to do is to continue to negotiate and find a pads way towards a
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resolution. it is also important for us to make sure we plan for any contingency, and that we work with the european central bank and other international and institutions to make sure that some of the bumps that may occur in the financial markets, that have already occurred are smoothed out. in layman's terms for the american people this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system, but obviously it's painful for the greek people and can have an effect on growth
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rates in europe and if europe is not growing the way it needs to grow that has an impact on us, an impact on brazil. they are major export markets and that can have a dampening effect on the economy. it's something that we were monitoring, something that we spent a lot of time on jack lew has been on the phone consistently over the last several months. i have spoken to my european counterparts encouraging them to find a path towards spending resolution. so it's something we take seriously, but it's not something that i think should prompt overreactions, and so far i think the markets have factored in the risks involved. in terms of my best week - no my best week i will tell you,
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was marrying michelle. that was a really good week. my daughters being born - excellent weeks. >> reporter: good that you remembered those. >> yes. there was a game where i scored 27 points - that was a pretty good week. i've had some good weeks in my life i will tell you, and i'm blessed to have had those. i think last week was gratifying because, number one, we were able to get a package of trade legislation that i below will serve the american people workers and business in the future. it gives us the opportunity to negotiate high tender agreements that have enforceable labour and
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certainly provisions. it was a tough fight because there were a lot of weeks in my own party who viewed this as similaritying some of the damaging or frightening trends around globalize ag that have taken place in the last several decades. my argument to them is we are not going to stop globalisation, we have to shape it in a way that helps people and that these are tools that will hep us do that. but being able to get that done was very important. the affordable care act, the results speak for themselves we have the lowest uninsured rate. it's worked better and cost less
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than even supporters anticipated. and if we can get some governors that have been holding out and resisting expanding medicaid - primarily for political reasons - to think about what they can do for their citizens who don't have health insurance, but could get it very easily if state governments acted, then we could see more improvement over time. my remarks to charleston were heart felt. it wasn't a celebration, it was a reflection on the consistent challenge of race in this country, and how we can find a path towards a better way, and i
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was gratified to see not only the incredible response to the families who had been affected by this tragedy, but by the response of people like governor hayley in how they viewed the issues of the confederate flag. as i said on friday i think it doesn't solve all our problems but what it does is signify a sense of empathy and recognition that i think it always the start of progress. so in many ways last week was simply a culmination of a lot of work we've been doing since i came in office. how am i going to spend whatever political capital i have built up. the list is long and my instructions to my team and my instructions to myself has always been that we are going to squeeze every last ounce of
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progress that we can make as long as i have the privilege of holding office. we announced overtime rules, that i'll talk about more this woke. that will give a raise to 500 million people that deserve it. i want to see if we get bipartisan work. brazil talks about the rebuilding of highways roads, ports and bridges. we need to put people back to work there. i am really interested in the possibilities, the prospects of bipartisan legislation around the criminal justice system something that i think directly speaks to some of the themes i mentioned on friday and we have seen some interesting leadership from some unlikely republican
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legislators. very sincerely concerned about making progress there. i want to keep on making progress on job training, and making sure that the idea of two years of free community college starts taking root. and the list is long. and what we are going to do is keep on hammering away at all the issues that i think will have an impact on the american people. some of them will be left undone. but we are going to try to make progress on every single one of them. i always said one of the things i learnt in the presidency is that there are going to be ups, there are going to be downs. as long as my focus and my team's focus is on what is going
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to make a difference in the lives of ordinary americans, are we going to give them more opportunity so if they work hard, they'll get ahead. will we make this a more inclusive economy, a more inclusive society, a more fair just society. if that's our north star and we keep on tack engine that direction, we'll make progress. and i feel pretty excited about it. so i might see if we can make next week even better. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] . >> i love press conferences, it's my press team that's always holding me back. i want to talk to you guys every day. [ laughs ] >> sorry,