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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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going to make a difference in the lives of ordinary americans, are we going to give them more opportunity so if they work hard, they'll get ahead. will we make this a more inclusive economy, a more inclusive society, a more fair just society. if that's our north star and we keep on tack engine that direction, we'll make progress. and i feel pretty excited about it. so i might see if we can make next week even better. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] . >> i love press conferences, it's my press team that's always holding me back. i want to talk to you guys every day. [ laughs ] >> sorry, josh.
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>> translation: we take the issue of the security of large event very seriously. we take the question of security, of large scale events as very serious. it means we involve all of those worries or agencies that can and will ensure proper security during the upcoming olympics. they include the armed forces federal police forces and all of the state level police in the state of rio de janeiro. we already have experience in the public service arena. and last year it stages the world soccer cup. and we had to provide security not only to just one city but cover the whole country, there was not one action left uncontrolled in the 12 different series of the world cup in brazil. thereby, establishing an effective control system by
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means of command and control centers, as well as control centers covering all centers including the displacement of athletes as well as high-ranking government officials and authorities. so we followed up on and ensured proper conditions to all of those steps that is why i'm certain that we will be in a position to ensure absolute security during the olympics just as was the case during the last few years world soccer cup. i believe that the upcoming 2016 olympics to be held next june/july will be unique and special occasion. it will bring together the joy of the brazilians and the beauty of...
1:03 pm de janeiro is a city welcoming visitors and athletes and all of those that wish to come to brazil you have a standing invitation, we'll ensure proper security divisions and make sure you enjoy beautiful and great celebrations during the upcoming olympics. i will call upon our sao paulo "daily" newspaper reporter for a question. >> reporter: petrogas our state-owned oil giant has been sued by many investors for the loss of millions of dollars and is being investigated by the department of justice because of allegations of corruption, is it
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an issue of concern. >> i make it a policy not to comment on active cases making their way through the justice system. partly because the people in the united states know that the lawyers work for me and a want to make sure that we appear impartial. i'm not familiar with all the details of the case and so i'll decline to comment on the specifics. i will make a certainly statement that i have had the opportunity to work with president dilma rousseff on the open government initiative that we have been trying to mobilize internationally and brazil has been a great partner in the
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process, that the more we can create accountability and transparency in our government systems, the better off we are going to be. and that takes work it takes time but brazil's been a strong partner with us in that process, and i hope that both countries can continue to make progress on that front. >> translation: i would like to highlight the fact that petrogas is, internet one of the major oil producing and exporting companies in the oil and gas industry. petrogas as more than 60,000 employees. some employees working for petrogas engaged in acts of corruption. therefore, the investigation that has been going on by the federal prosecutor's office
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they are being sued by that office. the circumstantial evidence that is it available from the procedures are pretty substantial. the evidence is substantial. all legal measures that may be tain against petrogas will take into account that acts of corruption were practices, but does not involve 100% of the company and staff members, and, therefore, follows that those who did practice acts of corruption be held accountable and be punished. the people that engaged in the acts of corruption should know what happened. the good news about petrogas is it's a strong company. they are well managed with
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proper governance and comvines processes well in place and properly adjusted. were that not the case how could you possibly understand that it has come to a production level of 800,000 barrels a day. this year it was ordered the so-called oscar of the i will and gas industry by the otc. the innovation award was granted to petrogas this year. petrogas is a corporation that is a fully operational company, not the country. as regards your second question i have never appointed nor have i dismissed ministers that may have been appointed or dismissed by the press or the media. that being the case i will wait until off facts be looked into and disclosed before it comes to
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assessments. at least in principle it is important and necessary that all of us have access to the same information. the brazilian government does not have access to the court records. strangely enough there was a selective leakage of information supposedly or allegedly extending to the court records. people are free to say whatever they want and have no way of defending themselves because they don't know what they are being charged with. we are a country marked by a democratic process. we were able to put an end to the arbitrary arrangements and violations of rights in the past. we have the strong military dictatorship, we should decline the right to defense, and stick to defending when there's evidence around not the other way around people have the
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right to prove the right they are innocent. only those that accuse should be the ones to provide evidence of proof. that's the underlying western civilisation that we share. that's what we talk about when we talk about democracy, the right to defend. the burden of proof lies on the alleging party, not just allegation speculation that does not ensure access to all of the court records. that is medieval. that's what we do in brazil today. >> jim last woke i had a chance celebration court decision around same-sex marriage i did not have a chance to comment on how good the white house looked in rainbow colours. that made is a really good week to see people gathered in the
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evening outside on a beautiful summer night, and to feel whole, and to feel accepted and to feel that they had a right to love - that was pretty cool that's a good thing. that was a good thing. the only problem was i couldn't go out and peak at it myself because then i would have had to clear out all the people the secret service would have. i could only reflect on it from a television screen. that's a moment worth savouring, thank you very much everyone. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] . >> we did president barack obama and brazil's president dilma rousseff wrapping up a lengthy joint news conference at the white house. our senior washington correspondent mike viqueira joins us live from the white
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house. what would you say was the biggest take away from this delayed meeting with the president and the brazilian president. >> and you are right, it was delayed. dilma rousseff snubbed president obama for all intents and purpose - rather obvious really - two years ago when she declined a coveted state visit. she declined to come cancelled at the last minute. over the fall not only of her personally but throughout brazilian society. that is water under the bridge. there was tough talk on iran. i'm taken by the two leaders at this snapshot in time. dilma rousseff came to the united states looking for help. she spent time with fantastic interests in wall street looking for investment in her country, she has a 10% approval rating, she is beleaguered, you heard her answer questions about
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the n.s.a. controversy, and speaking of scandal now, and crisis in brazilian society, a scandal engulfing the oil company in which she is serving as the board of directors, and the last question from the brazilian press about that. the economy slowed down. contrast that with president barack obama asked the cliche washington question "mr president, what makes you so awesome, what made you have a great week last week", and the president enumerating why last week was gratifying. on iran secretary of state john kerry is in vienna austria negotiating with the iranians his counterpart, the iranian foreign minister due back in vienna, we understand it was today, of consultations in tehran a lot of sticking points and pronouncements from the supreme leader of iran drawing sharp red lines, and the president answering the critics
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and speaking to the leaders for tough talk around the negotiations. let's listen. >> there has been a lot of talk on the other eyed -- side from the iranian negotiators about whether they can abide by some of the terms that came up in lausanne, if they cannot that will be a problem. i said from the start i will walk away from the negotiations if in fact it's a bad deal. >> today u.s. officials making it official that a death line that was to be today, june 30th would be delayed until july 7th. today it's official. we'll be back here next week if the deadline approaches to see if they come back back on april 2nd april 2nd. a lot thought the heavy lifting
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was done. not so. >> the point about the negotiations - we heard others say that they are not going to saturday a bad deal yesterday they insisted that he was anxious to get an agreement with iran, that he will accept a bad deal. is there anything in this answer that put a firmness to white house intentions. >> it's clear that the president is mindful and aware of the criticism he's getting on that front. there's reporting, speculative in nature, trying to get in the mind-set of secretary of state john kerry carrying the negotiations sawing he wants this deal so badly he's willing to take just about anything the iranians put on the table. we can take that with a grape of assault. it is not speculative. there's no question that's a criticism, and speculation coming from the critics, that a legacy minded president and secretary of state is in a weak
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negotiating position because they are so eager and anxious to get the deal to put it down something to put in the obama library at the end of the term. the president saying that that is not the case he's willing to walk away saying he said that all along, that he doesn't trust the iranians contrary to what his critics might say. he wants to verify any number of the provisions including inspections of military facilities the rain yans say will -- iranians say will not happen and the lifting of sanctions and the iranians saying no it will happen day one after a deal is struck. these are the parts of the deal trying to speculate whether it's posturing or whether the iranians are serious about this. that is what they are trying to sort out as the deadline has been extended for another week one week about soccer i assume you were a fan. there was a bit if levity in the
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east room over soccer with president dilma rousseff giving president obama a shirt with the brazilian colours on it and the president's response. looking forward to next year's olympic games. >> yes, the beautiful game as it's known in brazil a proud tradition, and beyond. the open invitations that dilma rousseff for president obama to come down to brazil. it's yet to be determined. >> thank you mike viqueira at the white house. we'll take a break and be back in two minutes with the latest on the greek debt crisis and the other top stories here on al jazeera.
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interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. a car bomb went off a short distance from the u.s. embassy in afghanistan in kabul. one person dieded, more than 20
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injured when the bomb went off in a diplomatic area on the road to the airport it's near a base for foreign troops. meanwhile the united nations says it will transfer full control of police salaries to the afghan government within 18 months. the multibillion fund is intended to rebuild a police force and give kabul more control of international aid. jennifer glasse reports. >> reporter: inside the ministry of interior this police accountant is taught a payroll system, to be rolled out to police headquarters around afghanistan. >> it's online now, and wasn't online before. what would happen was that our users would input the data in the system and deliver it to us in compact discs. some say that led to corruption including allegations of non-existent police officers on the way roll with salaries going to supervisors.
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the new system should stop that. >> this internet system for salaries is good. it sped up salary payments, and that made us happy and it stops corruption. >> six months of negotiation between the afghan government and the united nations brought a new deal. the u.n. will teach procurement. administration skulls -- skills to the afghanistan and train them. allowing them to take over the $600 million a year fund in 18 months. >> it's a new and strong start with the international community. for our professional police. >> reporter: it's a big job with about 150,000 police men and border police across the country. they are often on the front lines, defending against attacks and doing local policing. there's a provision in the deal to assure training.
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>> at the end we hope to be handing over payroll management to the ministry of interior and the work in institutional development and police professionalisation will continue based on the needs of the minister. >> reporter: no one things it will be easy these policeman are updating the computers with the names of people. because systems are not connected. the new deal will not mean changes to police in the streets, but if it goes to plan police officers will be paid on time. all administered by the afghan government. another victim of the murders at the emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston is being remembered, a memorial taking place for reverend daniel lee sem onward he was 74. a funeral service planned for
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thursday in colombia. he was one of in my opinion shot and killed at emanuel a.m.e. two weeks ago. >> 12 workers at a northern new york prison have been put on leaf -- leave over the escape of two inmates two members of the executive team nine staff. fellow escape richard mat was shot and killed by police on friday. u.s.s. supreme court blocked a texas law creating strict standard for the state's abortion laws which would have forced two third of those clinics to close it woke. heidi zhou-castro has more. >> reporter: in the middle of our interview, inside a busy texas abortion clinic preparing to close wednesday. >> that's 40 patients that would be on a 2-week clinic
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>> reporter: came news of an order allowing this clinic and 18 others left in texas to stay open. >> i'm very excited. i'm trying to hold my tears in. i'm superexcited we are here and cap keep going. a couple of hours ago we didn't know, and we didn't know before we turned the right out. i'm entitled to change the light bulb and keep going. >> reporter: the high court law stays a law but it demand that all centers meet the standard or ambu latory centers, and doctors performing abortion have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. at whole women's health it would mean the facility would have to be built with thicker walls and wider hallways. the state says it would provide safety, others argue abortion is safe. why is it difficult to make the
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safety changes to make what the law is calling for. >> it's not that it's difficult, it's not necessary. for some vendors, and for some companies and some clinics, it is impossible. it is impossible. >> now the clinic will remain open until the supreme court decides whether to give the case a full hearing. in response to the set back texas governor says texas will fight for higher quality standard for women while protecting the vulnerable. >> why should you dictate to me when i become a parent. you should not. it's a medical procedure like anything else. >> reporter: and you know that question has been said that's what row v wade is. >> exactly. >> why are we talking about it? >> exactly. >> reporter: it's politics encroaching an women's rights
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something that will not be settled until a final decision. a handful of states are holding out despite a ruling legalizing searcheingeing same-sex marriage in kentucky, some are avoiding giving out licences to anyone. there's con fusion in alabama where the highest court issued an ord blocking clerks from issuing licences. but louisiana has relented and is now allowing same sex couples to get married. these are from a paris near baton rouge, three couples picking up licences there california's governor signing a vaccination law making it a requirement for every school child in the state. it was passed with bipartisan report but the california's public is divided on the issue.
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>> it's demonstrating. it's not going to stop us from trying to turn it and inform people and hope that things change. >> the battle is not over. if governor brown passes this it's not going to end. >> it would eliminate exemptions based on personal or religious reliefs. mississippi and west virginia are the only other states with strict policies. it was introduced after a measles outbreak linked to disneyland last year record-breaking tem doors are forecast. dangerous news for crews battling a wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes and businesses. at least 3,000 acres have been scorched in that wildfire. >> reporter: fire crews worked over night to stop a wildfire spreading across central washington as hundreds of home were evacuated.
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>> 40, 50 foot wall of flames. >> 120 miles east of seattle, two dozen homes were swallowed by flames. >> members went from one house to another, catching the roofs on fire. >> reporter: in the light of day you see the buildings destroyed, areas charred. this warehouse sending black clouds into the air. >> the fire hit the structures up against the outside of the subdivision, and that's when it was what we'd classify as a fire storm coming through. >> reporter: what started as a simple brush fire exploded over the weekend under record heat and winds. rain fall provided relief but high temperature and wind kept some areas burning. >> the worse is over. >> across the west 75 wildfires are burning from alaska to arizona. >> thank you for joining us.
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in 2 minutes president obama says he's willing to walk away from the iran talks, and an update on the greek debt crisis. we'll be right back.
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>> you have kids here who've killed someone? >> award winning journalist soledad o'brien takes us inside the violent world of kids behind bars. will a new experimental program be their last chance? >> i have to do my 100 percent best so i don't end up in a place like this again.
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a powerful statement on iran from president obama just moments ago. greece is back at the negotiating table as the clock ticks down towards a huge payment for the international monetary fund and a possible default. >> today i'm proud to announce my candidacy for republican nomination for president of the united states of america. new jersey governor chris christie joins the race in the republican field. could his political past haunt his bid for