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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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to our website, ♪ >> hem low, this is the news hour live from london. rival rallies in greece as the people prepare for a referendum on the bailout. the prime minister said a no vote is a vote against blackmail. >> protests in the egyptian capital marks the second anniversary of the overthrow of in the morsi. one person's been killed. >> boko haram is blamed after 140 people of killed in attacks
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in northeastern nigeria. >> solo flights a plane powered but the sun completes a record breaking pacific trip. >> the latest from wimbledon where serena williams is in danger of losing. >> supporters at the rival sides in greece bailout referendum are holding time rallies in athens. earlier in a tell slide address prime minister tsipras urged voters to say no to what he called blackmail by european
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lenders. they are warned a no vote will weaken greek's position with creditors, not strengthen it as tsipras said. >> the choices are no, not accepted or yes accepted. let's show you a live shot of the agreeing parliament and constitution square where the no campaign is holding its kali. alexis tsipras is expected to address the crowd there shortly. a little earlier, prime minister tsipras addressed the nation saying no doesn't mean leaving
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europe. >> whatever choice we make on sunday there will be nothing to divide us the following day. no one questions or presence in europe. n. to a non-viable solution doesn't mean a rupture with europe. it means a continuation of negotiation on better terms with the people. i call upon you to say no to the ultimatums, to the blackmail and this campaign of fear. i call upon you to say n. to the rupturing, n. to those who want to so panic and prevent you from making the decision with composure. i call upon you to decide for democracy and dignity. >> let's take you live to athens now and join al jazeera's john. those rallies are really building now. >> yes, it is. both are now well underway. strange support for both camps as you've seen in the television pictures you've show. the vote is still too close to call. today both camps opinion polls
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were given low 40s and both within the margin of error of each other of 3%, which means that even the opinion pollsters don't really think they can pull this referendum. the one thing of interest is a demographic analysis of the yes and no vote. it's clear that the no vote is strongest amongst the young whereoff got unemployment rates of over 50% and the yes vote is strong evident by far among the 60 and botch age groups, where people are expecting to retire or are in row tirement and they worry about having those pensions cut further. with me to talk about the type mix of the yes and the no is the founder and director of the think tank bridging europe, athens based but you deal with european affairs. how do you analyze this enormous divide in greek society that we've seen in just the last week? >> well, we have seen many polls
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in the last couple of days. what i have to say is that we need to be careful on the outcome of all polls because as you said before, among the age between 19-35 we've seen a rise on the no option, where as between those -- the age of about 40, we've seen a decline on no. >> we'll have to be quite ill on what will be the outcome of sunday's referendum. one thing is certain that if the gap between no and yes it's big in favor of no, the government will have more, another incentive to negotiate even harder with the creditors. if it's yes i think that the government will have to call for elections. >> i understand the yes vote. people are afraid of collapsing of the banking system, afraid of leaving the europe zone.
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even within the no camp, people seem to be aware that a no vote risks staying in the european zone. >> neither option is good for greece. even if we have a big no or a big yes this needs more negotiations probably a new bailout plan. we suggest for a new blameout plan around 50 billion euros. giving the agreements, both camps don't want austerity measures. if someone was in last tuesday rally with the yes camp, he would realize that nobody wants austerity. this his the same for the no camp. it's a big confuse for the greek public and this gets intensified
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as many foreign and greek media exert propaganda and don't give the entire image. >> very briefly either with a yes or with a no, how well would you rank mr. tsipras' chances as staying as prime minister and his government staying in office? >> it's hard to say. i think that it's highly likely that if we have a big yes tsipras will have to call for election. if we have a big no, i'm not certain that creditors will step back to the demands of the greek government. >> mr. tsipras has offered to make a deal with the creditors within 48 hours of the vote, whatever the results. he'll have to be going back to brussels. the document that was put forward to him a weekend ago which he said on tuesday night he would sech with a few changes, so after sunday, we
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shall see whether in fact he will do what he said. >> john live in athens, thanks very much indeed. those are pictures from the no ray, which is subtly growing and prime minister alexis tsipras is doing to address the crowds shortly. we'll thing r. bring that to you live. >> is the most serious threat to isil, but which the cooperation between the sir i can't be fighting force and the u.s. led coalition is being question idea how the suicide that four yuck siblings in china is putting child wall welfare in the spot lefty. plus. >> i'm paul reese where the tour de france gets underway, trying to turn the love of cycling into success on the biggest stage. >> first, one person has been
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killed during clashes between anti government protestors and british police. the rally was organized in cairo, marking two years since the military coupe poppled mohamed morsi. crowds were dispersed by police. authorized demonstration are bobbed in egypt. >> members of the egyptian anti coup ali access and opposition parties have been meetinging london causing the government of the killing of several option members. >> egypt's anti co alliance and opposition are calling for an investigation of what they say are more massacres and abuses. meeting in london, several opposition leaders are calling on the world to intervene. >> we call for an investigation by the unit nations and how many rights organization and the how many rights council of the
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united makes into the extra durable killings that have recently taken place, as well as the early massacre that is took place in 2013. >> a member of the freedom and justice party has this warning. >> cairo is gradually turning into a battleground and egypt has the same destiny as iraq and syria. >> it's been two years since president sisi led the military coupe against mohamed morsi of the muslim brotherhood. he promised to bring security and stability. critics say he is cracking do you think on disseptember, per cuting the must brother had. many fear more bloodshed and violence to come. funerals have been held for 13 muslim brotherhood leaders killed. friday, he came the 14th 14th member of the group to be killed this week.
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his family it is he was every kidnapped and tortured by ghost forces. sisi is now backed by a new set of laws. he demanded to confront what he calmed terrorism after monday's car bomb steak killed egypt's top prosecutor. so the sound of dramatic music egypts ministry of defense has produced this video showing what i also called the terrorist plot in sinai on wednesday. this video also shows picture of the muslim brotherhood describing them as enemies of the nation and religion. 19 attackers were killed. there was no may be of the army casualties despite the frosty of the attacks. the group loyal to the islamic state of iraq and the levant has claimed responsibility. it's showing its own pictures of the attacks. more than 100 people were
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reportedly killed. at least 17 of them soldiers, although some say the military casualty tomato is much higher. the government is at war in sinai and the country in turmoil. in egypt there are no differences between political opposition parties or militant armed groups. the government is teaing them the same. al jazeera. >> joining me now i guess the head of the egyptian revolutionary council who we just saw in omar's report p.m. thanks for coming into the studio. all those at this quite large gathering at london, are you re90 or do disagreements yourselves? >> i in my opinion across the board, the egyptian political
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party needs movement. after two years the regime has not delivered to even those who support it. we don't believe that the military regime is legitimate. all option forces out egyptian and those struggling inside in terms of the existence want to return to the democratic process, free assembly, freedom which speech, the most basic i have rights. we want to return to the rule of law, we only saw two days ago the summary excaution of members of the brotherhood gathering as a committee and a meeting in order to give chart to the victims of those killed or families of deeptainees in prison. these were summary killings of people not given be a fair trial. they were short on the spot by death squads, ultimately. >> what is going it going to take?
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egypt might be more stable than what we saw before. >> what you have seep is lack of stability, an escalation in violence that's unprecedented. we've seen a quad courtrooming. we need not only existence inside egypt but increasing pressure on the general and regime to open up the political space. to ensure that he doesn't get outside support to continue his violations to continue who's clamp down is contrary to all
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the values held by all democracies. what we are seeing today in egypt is a regime that kills its open sit accepts. >> i know you don't president presidency sow to come to the u.s. and meet prime minister david cameron. have you thought he main able to put direct pressure on sisi behind the scenes. snap not actually a possible way forward, if sisi gets out and about and meets other... of the so called free world, bothers the pressure will be applied permanently. >> any of military regime uses much visits to minimize its power. i'm sure mr. cameron and world leaders can put pressure on sisi not only through words but through diplomatic pressure,
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through economic pressure and through the end of military sails. there is much that can be dub. for the citizens of the u.k. and free world to pressure their government to end support for the military in egypt. >> good to get our thoughts. >> more than 140 you have been killed in attacks in northern nigeria, boko haram became for the killings. several mosques were takes on wednesday night. 97 adults and children were killed there. two other religious spots were also attacked. thursday, a bomb went off. >> we have more now from the capitol approximate some more decalls are coming out about the nature of the attack in the northeast. a suicide bomber was behind. apparent the blast happened just a few matters away from a
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military check appointment. where many were killed wednesday night, vigilantes supporting the military tell us on friday morning, a contingent of soldiers left. i've witness accounts are emerging. we get a sense of extreme violence that took place when boko haram stormed a mosque where they killed men and boys operating. they burned the corpses of those they have killed. in some cases they gunned down women and set ablaze may be homes and businesses in the area. this latest violence will be to huge worry to the goo government who came to power on a ticket of eliminating boko haram.
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there's been such diplomatic effort to work out a strategy to defeat the group. these attacks will make many feel that the attacks are increasing on the ground. >> you see the crowd gathered in constitution square in the center of the capital. there he is waving, the greek prime minister tsipras who is due to address the crowd's rallying in favor of the no vote that reserve did you mean taking place sunday about whether or not the greek people back the bailout package proposed by greece's international lenders.
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the greek prime minister alexis tsipras amid a crown of his supporters. no doubt which way they are going to vote. the country as a whole remains divided. all the recent polls suggest that the country is almost exactly split down the middle become who it should boast. the government wants them to vote no and say we are not going to take anymore of these austerity measures. we are not going to accept this proposal as it stands. it has been suggested that a no vote would mean greek exiting the euro. the problem is that nothing is absolutely certain about what will happen depending whether or not they will vote yes or they will vote no.
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the prime minister taking his time to get to the stage. as soon as he addresses those crowds, we'll come straight back to him. >> the syrian army coward out airstrikes and raised in aleppo in response to a major assault by an alliance of rebels. activists say rebels fired into government held areas friday. a civilian military source said the attack was repelled. the government controls the west of syria's largest city, while different rebel factions are in the east. >> the syrian kurdish fighting forces 50 kilometers from raqqa. the y.p.g. advanced is described as the most serious threat to the armed group since it became
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a control by them. >> living under isil these kurds were forced to pledge allegiance to the yap. the y.p.g. advanced and isil accused them of cooperate, what it calls the crusader coalition. >> they gave us 24 hours to leave or they would behead us. they are afraid of the kurds and worried about losing raqqa city. isil has been digging around the perimeter. >> the main route isil uses to industry raqqa is closed. the y.p.g. has no plans to advance toward the city. the kurds have said any future battle would have to be led by
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arab force to say avoided ethnic tensions. those in contact with a net cork of activists operating secretly inside raqqa means icicle can be dough feet. >> y.p.g. is not interested in taking the city. there are opposition groups in the area ready to fight isil in raqqa, but they need air support. the coalition doesn't seem willing to party them. the coalition only san diego padres the kurds. >> many have started to question the cooperation. they are accused of only fighting isil in at her i were to they call western accord stan. for now the kurds are being tried as the only viable and reliable partner on the ground
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in syria, which is angering arabs be which is thinking there is only so much the c.p.g. can or will do. >> mack that is is claiming a view to overthrow hamas. we have more from gaza. >> this is the gaza faction an armed group based in the gaza strip which now claims affiliation to the islamic state of iraq and the levant. in this video the leader of the group pledges allegiance to isil and calls for attacks begin who works against it. >> we have made the addition to stand by you. you have thousands of supporters in palestinian lands. we are ready to support you and fight on your demand.
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>> this man successfully fired three rocks at israel recently. the military responded against hamas targets. after denying its existence iran ordered a major crackdown and arrested dozen was suspects. there are at least a knew arms, ultra religious ultra significant groups. most are strong, loosely structured and lack policy and leadership. they are sustained in part by former members to flied to the sigh know peninsula in it egypt following a a mass led crock down three years ago. >> a view that contradicts about how port is given.
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jewel whatever the case,s isil threat is growing in gaza. earlier this week, the syrian based leaders of isil threatened to overthrow owe mass for not being religious enough. >> we deal with these groups in a few weeks. first with dialogue, we tried to convince them to move away from the ideology. we use our own communications team to combat against their proposition messages. >> hamas fighters receives up these checkpoints goes the gaza strip. the question many here are asking is about it's enough. al jazeera gaza.
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>> 25,000 fisherman who's livelihoods were which affected after the spill the fisherman hope to be next in line for compensation. we have more on their polite. >> norbert hernandez helped outer to sea but he didn't expect to catch anything. >> fisherman hernandez heads out to sea. he doesn't expect to catch anything. predictably, his net is empty. >> in all my 50 years of fishing, i've never seen anything like this. there had always been plenty of fish, but since 2011, we've seen a decline. it's a disaster and enough to make you cry.
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>> they blame the shortage on the 2010 b.p. oil spill. 5 billion-barrel little of oil spill would into the gulf of mexico that summer. u.s. fishermen received $1.8 billion in compensation. mexican fishermen, zero. 25,000 mexican fishermen are suing b.p. in a u.s. court asking for $50,000 each. it's the first lawsuit against the british company by someone outside the united states. >> we're asking the judge to treat us the same. we feel they are giving priority to those affected in the united states. >> b.p. refused to comment on the case, but fishermen say there is evidence everywhere. >> it's simple. we see dead fish, turtles and dolphins with oil all on their insides. >> fishermen long shared these waters with mexico's national oil company. they admit there's been contamination before, but say it never affected their catch. >> until recently, these waters were so rich, they could go out for a couple hours and bring back a ton of fish, but now it's
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so hard to catch fish here that some don't bother to go out at all. >> francisco hernandez stays onshore most days. his wife asks him every day if he's caught anything or brought home food. >> she gets upset and says what's wrong, we're not going to eat or what? how much i would like to have something for her. what can i do? >> norberto has two disabled grandchildren to care for, on sea or on land, he heads out every day looking for something to bring home. al jazeera, mexico. >> malaysia is pushing for an international tribunal to prosecute those who shot down a malaysian airlines plane last year in territory held by russian separatists.
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>> the suicide of four siblings in china last month highlighted the country's poor child welfare record. the parents abandoned them to find work elsewhere. adrien brown went to find out how mass migration for employment is affecting families. >> it's a landscape that offers some of the most beautiful scenery in china, but it's also a region now synonymous with tragedy and poverty. this is the house where police say four young children, three sisters and a brother committed suicide after month after being abandoned by their parents, both migrant workers. they swallowed pesticide. the youngest was five. their death highlighted the plight of china's so-called left-behind children. >> those four children, what
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they ate was worse than the food you give to pigs. raw corn every day. no one took care of them. >> she is vague about why no one here has raised the alarm sooner. >> this case is more than poverty. it is the issue of child welfare in china and raises a number of troubling questions. how is it possible for four children to live in this house for so long without anyone, a neighbor, a teacher at the local school, the police, local government officials, not realizing what was going on? >> one of the reasons, there's simply nothing unusual about children living apart from their parents in today's china. the two grandchildren live with her because her son works hundreds of kilometers away. she says their mother left five years ago to escape the poverty all around them. >> she went back to her hometown. she thought life was too hard and poor here. she doesn't want to come back.
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>> poverty is a sensitive issue in china, which is why local government officials were soon on to us, following our every movement. they were worried, because the president had been in this same province a few days earlier, telling people that poverty was nothing to fear. we were allowed to visit the village school. out of 93 students, 20 live with relatives, grandparents mostly. strict rules to control the flow of people mean they only see their parents once a year. before we talked to the teacher, our minder spoke to her. >> it is not a big problem
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because most of the children can talk to their parents by phone once a day. in the worst case, it's once a week. >> a poster with an urgent message builds up confidence to battle poverty. in the city, they're constructing factories and offices that in theory could one day provide jobs that could help keep local families together. the deaths of four children last month is a reminder of why such an investment can't come soon enough. al jazeera in southwest china. >> the plane attempting to fly around the world landed in hawaii after a record journey across the pacific ocean. the trip from japan to hon lieu loop set the record for the world's longest non-stop solo flight. the previous record was 76 hours. it has wings equipped with 17,000 photo cells that charge batteries. it runs on stored energy at nighttime. >> still ahead on the emof a battleground how iraq's
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government is trying to save its unique heritage. >> espionage intrigue and a baby born to a spy serving two life terms in a u.s. jail. >> going back into the swing of things, tiger woods has his best round at the open so far.
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>> wildfires lit by arsonists. >> this sounds like it happened in a flash. >> millions in damages. and the tragic human cost. >> he's not here anymore. >> find out how experts are fighting back. >> you have kids here who've killed someone? >> award winning journalist soledad o'brien takes us inside the violent world of kids behind bars. will a new experimental program be their last chance?
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>> i have to do my 100 percent best so i don't end up in a place like this again. >> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories. rival rallies held in greece ahead of sunday's referendum on the international bailout. those in support of a no vote are gathering at the greek parliament or constitution square. prime minister tsipras is expect to speak to them shortly. a little way away, another rally is held by those who believe greeks should vote yes on sunday to the bailout proposal made by greece's international creditors. in other news, egypt's health
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ministry said one person has been killed during clashes with anti-government protestors or police. it's been two years since the coup that toppled president morsi. >> 140 people killed in a string of attacks in northeastern nigeria, the armed group boko haram blamed for the killings in borno state. >> let's go back to our top story this hour, those rival rallies taking place in the greek capital athens. the greek prime minister, alexis tsipras has just taken to the stage of that rally in constitution square in the heart of athens. a separate rival rally is taking place by those who support the yes vote, who believe that the greeks should vote yes to the proposal the bailout proposal by greece's international creditors. we are going to stay with these
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pictures for a moment, prime minister tsipras waving to the crowd, urging the greek public to say no to europe's bailout proposal. there have been suggestions of course particularly by european leaders that should greece vote no on sunday to that bailout proposal that it could see greece depart from the euro zone and no longer use the euro as their currency. let's listen to the prime minister. >> today we celebrate the victory of the democracy. we are already winners. we accept a message. we send a message of pride greece sends a message of pride.
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nobody can favor this passion. nobody can ignore this agony of lies, this agony for hope, for optimism. today, with he celebrate for the courage to take the destiny into our hands to give the words words of the greek people. today, we celebrate and we sing. we celebrate and sing to overcome the fear, to overcome the blackmails. greece europe, europe as we
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learned this foundation rallies has nothing to do with the blackmails and ultimatum europe has nothing to do and today this time, all europe, all the eyes are upon you the greek people about 3 million of poor, 1.5 million of unemployed, europe has their eyes upon you. today, the whole planet has their eyes here at this square. in the place where democracy was born, we give opportunity to democracy to return, to return to europe, because we want europe to return to the
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conditions of values, which were put aside for so long to implement programs of austerity and to compel nations to the choices beyond their will. greek people, on sunday, we give altogether, we send a message of dignity to europe and the whole world. we send again a message of hope to the peoples because on sunday, we don't decide just to stay in europe. we decide to live with dignity in europe, and to progress and prosper to the fairly in europe.
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believe me, nobody has a right to threaten that they will cut greece from its physiological geographical area, because no one has to right to threaten without dividing europe, greece, our motherland, east, west and will be the cradle of the political, the european civilization. from this place mythology arose from this place the technocrats of austerity we say no to them on sunday, those technocrats of
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europe. we won't allow those to take it -- we don't want to take europe democratic values democracy from solidarity mutual respect. men, women of all generations who today, we are flooded the square of constitution. you have flooded inundated the roads, ignoring the crescendo of all the scare mongering of these days the crescendo of citizens of athens.
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citizens of athens, greek people, greek people has in its history for many times it has proven that it now announced to return the ultimatum. they are being sent back the ultimatums. the most pride is pages of the history of this country the brightest pages of its people were pages courage and values, dignity. i call upon you to act together again in the historical moments of freedom and recovery. i call upon you on sunday on sunday, to say again a big and
2:45 pm
proud no to the ultimatums, to turn the back to those who want to frighten you. on monday, whatever the result of the democratic procedure of the people's verdict they want it not to happen, so whatever the result, we'll say absolute no to the split to the division. whatever we decide on sunday, on monday greek people will have nothing to divide, to share. we'll fight together to build a new greece at least these governments would give us five years of destruction. i call upon you timely to put
2:46 pm
aside the silence of scare mongering to decide with your heart and with your mind, decide in peace and resolve decide for greece proud greece in europe democratic. for people, small people who fight -- who fight -- a most -- a most strongest weapon, we have our right justice fairness. we have rights. nobody cap hide it. we have this -- nobody can hide that we are right. we are right.
2:47 pm
greek people, freedom is courage, you all of us have courage. we have values. we are free. we are breathing the air of freedom. whatever happens, we are winners, we will be winners greece won democracy has won. threat and blackmails have been defeated, so much courage to you and pride with dignity. we'll write history. people will move on within the europe of democracy and solidarity. >> you've been listening to the greek prime minister, alexis tsipras, on a stage in the
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center of the greek capital athens addressing thousands of hit supporters, those greeks who believe that they should vote no in sunday's referendum on those bailout proposals from greece's international creditors. the greek prime minister said we celebrate and sing to overcome fear to overcome blackmail. this is a place where democracy was born. the greek people are sending a message of dignity to europe. we will decide to live in dignity in europe and whatever the result, whatever happens, we are winners. democracy has won. also listening in to that speech is our correspondent in athens. john what do you make of what the greek prime minister had to say? >> well, we didn't hear anything original in that speech. i would say that was a reelection speech, actually, looking at the crowd down here in the square behind us, it's a formidable production staged by
2:49 pm
caesar, basically a stage fit for a rock bond, lots of lighting, lots of music, lots of amplified sound. this is the way in which greek elections are conducted and i think this is how syriza sees it tonight. what do you think he fears from this referendum? >> he's already saying that tonight is a victimry for democracy, which is the standard rhetoric that we've been listening to throughout the week. of course tonight is a night when this rhetoric is just going to be magnified for the masses. i think he hopes he's expecting a no vote. it's his idea, he thinks, really
2:50 pm
believes this will strengthen his negotiating hand come monday at the negotiating table. the problem is with sentiments running high and with all the enthusiasm the greek people are called to vote on the proposal that doesn't really exist and pity the people, a lot of people don't understand the question that is being asked, and the period of public debate is very, very short. >> well, the polls that we've seen also show that a majority seems to understand that beyond the specific question, and like you, i doubt most people have read the specific austerity measures, people do get the sense that this is a broader referendum on value on their will to stay within the euro zone. three quarters of them do. by rocking the vote, they are endangering that status. do you think that there is really a risk as the european finance ministers have been washing throughout this week
2:51 pm
that greece would be pushed out of euro zone in the case of a no vote? >> the problem is that what we are witnessing right now is the european leaders have all said that this is a referendum on euro zone membership. no matter what the prime minister says, for him it's a n. to the measures. it's interesting that the greek people have also been divided as well, so the no voters think that they're voting against the austerity measures. the yes voters think that they are voting for the country to stay in the euro zone. that complicate the issue. the question it will the prime minister really have people standing or sitting next to him as a negotiating table. i think this is a very difficult question. >> i think that is a very good question. we've seen the prime minister actually has been caught on the times of his on multi-pronged
2:52 pm
strategy. he receipted creditors this week saying we are not agreeing with the deal, we're going to a referendum, member then we'll take the deal please. i'm not sure whether he's feeling hard hearted. >> let's move to the world of sports with lee. >> thank you very much. serena williams has come close in tough matches in her career but few tougher than wimbledon center court which finished a short time ago. she beat british number one who enjoyed loud support from the center court crowd. it looked straightforward but the british number one got the crowd to fever pitch. she led 3-0 in the third.
2:53 pm
serena came back, clinched a deciding set. no such drama for the men's top seed. djokovic powered through the third round. >> another sunny day in southwest london and easy win for the defending champ. djokovic made quick work winning 6-3, 6-3 6-3. it was much the same for french open champion. >> i like the results so far. it's perfect matches. you have to win and to win in three sets, each match was grade. >> maria sharapova held off to
2:54 pm
win 6-4 6-3. al jazeera. >> one aspect of women that always gets attention is the strict white dress code. breaking the rules was nick. he started the match with a wimbledon branded headband, but his stripes were too colorful for the all england club. >> you were told to turn it back around. they are telling you to turn it inside out. what is your general thought about the dress code here? >> i like it. >> what is the situation then with the headband? >> they told me to turn it around, so i turned it around. >> thanks. >> no problem, mate. >> you did win you'd think you'd be in a better mood. >> managing to keep sri lanka
2:55 pm
in. made a good start. pakistan took 4-77 to restrict ve language can 272-8. >> the 102nd edition of the tour de france gets underway sunday. cycling is a way of life in the he got netherlands but that's not likely to help them on the tour. the dutch are never far from their bikes and it's a relationship that lasts a lifetime. rides of 200 kilometers are not unusual for the 72-year-old leading the wind jammers club from am at amsterdam to celebrate his love of the bike.
2:56 pm
the race is nearly as old as tim. >> we have some very good riders who sometimes win a big race, but no yellow jerseys anymore no wins in big tours, and why is that? i think that the dutch maybe do not have the winning mentality you know? >> 198 elite riders are in the city for the start of the tour, but the city has to find room for its commuter bikes. >> finding a space to park your bike can be difficult. despite their love affair with cycling, the dutch have only had two tour deforce winners. >> the with 20 stages to come, will test his skills as a time trialist. >> all the journalists are
2:57 pm
asking about it. of course, it will be very special if that happens and for me as a dutchy, i think the wish is bigger than the reality. >> the reality of the last to your defrantz win was 1980. >> the riders come from everywhere now nairobi africa, the u.s.a. it's international. it's more difficult to win now than it was in previous times. >> serena pushed all the way at wimbledon again. >> she'll play venus williams. i hope their match is more exciting than previous battles. >> that's just it for the news
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hour. stay with us.
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> on al jazeera america >>'s a vital part of who we are... >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... don't try this at home! >> tech know where technology meets humanity...
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only on al jazeera america >> regardless of the outcome democracy has won the greek prime minister's words to supporters ahead of the bailout referendum on sunday. >> both sides stage rallies in athens with some violent scenes. hello, this is al jazeera live from london. coming up, protests in the egyptian capital cairo mark the second anniversary of the overthrow of mohamed