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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> the president of tunisia declares state of emergency days after a gunman kills 38 on a beach resort. good time to have you along. i'm david foster. greece gets ready to vote on a bail out referendum that splits the country in two. and families are displaced by the war in yemen. a part well traveled, celebrating the inca road 500
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years after it was put down. >> the president of tunisia said that there is going to be a state of emergency just over a week after ago. 24 is what he had a to he had to say. >> we're not free from danger, and i would say that we're facing permanent danger. we've had to take these steps. it's not a knowingtive point but we are in a state of war and we have to confront it as we would in any way. >> eight people died when a
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gunman open fired at a resort. many were british. >> the sudden declaration of emergency announced by the tunisian president. the new emergency legislation will give the tunisian government more flexibility. at the same time he'll hand the army and the police more authority. the state of emergency is being brought into forces as they continue to track down other militants involved in organizes and coordinating the attack. the gunmen was just one member of sleeper cell, part of a network that is believed to have stretched from tunisia and they
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have made a public promise on the safety of visit tours tunisia. the state of emergency comes on the day when the last of britain's dead were flown home. >> wenow the president made reference to isis. he said let's take into account why this is happening. what is his main reason for that. give us the idea of the flavor of what he said. >> i think the speech was very intelligence. they did not focus on today's security questions but offered a broadly based definition of
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security. he talked about the trade in tunisia. the social situation is very dismal. you have thousands fighting for for al-qaeda and isil, and you have many tunisians who are traveling and fighting with isis and they're going to libya getting training and coming back and carrying out attacks. what do they want? there is a strategic message whether you're talking about isis or a local group affiliated with mill militants. they want to paralyze the
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government and they want to derail the political process that has taken place on tunisia. think about it. we've all been celebrating the tunisian model. itit's a strategic message whether it was the attack at the museum in march or the latest attack. >> and there were two reasons why the president wanted reach out. one was to say that we're in this together, and we can overcome it. but also to say that we have these extra powers. this may help us to track down those who are responsible and prevent them from radicalizings more and more young people. >> i do not understand how the state emergency is going to do all of that. in fact, the state of emergency
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must take on that it will do more damage than good because it plays into the militant hands by saying tunisia is unstable. >> why as a tourist would i go there? >> well, i would we must not allow the militant to live in tunisia. to stay away psychologically does not do well to stay away from tunisia. look the institute of the country is at stake. they're trying to mobilize and create a partnership between the government and social society. but my take is that the state of emergency is not the magical one. it has all the challenges. >> thank you. from the london school of economics, thank you.
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>> the finance minister of greece has some accused some international creditors of trying toe terrorize the greek people into accepting more austerity. voters will have to decide yes or no whether to accept the proposal set fourth. the final official result expected light on monday, john spropolous. give us a sense of what it families like to be there. it's a historic occasion. what does it feel like, john. >> that's quite right david.
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it is pal about ably palbly historic. and this is pictured very accept the proposally on the covers of the pro yes camp newspapers where the legend above reads we're coming in to land. greece will once again take it's rightful place on the european map where it is now missing. of course the no camp has its press. but it bears the title "i remember" the shortages of food, poverty, free hand out of vegetables at farmers markets and the tear gassing of protesting at the square behind me. these are the different sets of thoughts and memories that
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concern the two sides. worried that greece is making a departing. there has got to be message with a break to the past. >> this has gone on for many years now. with the same we question what is the future of this country. the tough times will continue. greece is going to be in many ways the poor relation of europe whether it's in the eurozone or not and their life has been effected one way or another. >> well, i think both camps in this referendum expects austerity. no one expects a happy ending at least not for now.
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people are now becoming much more cautious. i spoke to an cannot who told me that the way people are behaving with respect to their tax filing. this government earlier in the year passed a law through which it a2040 a very it allowed a swath of people to pay their arrears. but all those tax filings all those tempts to enter into the installment have frozen in the past week. people have also frozen their tax settlements. they would say stop what you're doing. don't submit it. the expectation if greece goes bankrupt they may be throwing
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their money down into a black hole. everyone wants the situation to be stabilized. they want to know what the government is going to do. if the taxes are going to be sharply hiked or any other form of extraction from the public economy people want to hold on to their money now so they know how they're going to dispose of it later. >> thank you. many younger greeks, feeling the burden has fallen in their lapse lapse. >> he meet olga outside of the hotel where she worked before it shut down and she was fired. >> i've been here for three years, and it's a family. it's not a job. >> olga like many of her generation are trying to make sense of the country's sudden
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ref rain dumb. >> i feel sad because i see our society split in two. we know for sure the fall out of a yes vote will be worse than what we had before. we don't know what will happen in the next day or how we'll deal with it. >> a graduate economist who knows he'll be voting yes but admits the choice is not an easy one. >> i feel like a yes is a last chance to come back to the table. >> no, what do you think that will bring. >> our governments claim that within 48 hours after another' going to go back and sign a deal. i highly doubt that. the credibility has been lost on both sides.
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>> marcus and olga are among a generation that has done nothing to cause the country's problems but must carve a future out. >> it is a contest between pro and anti-,but that's not the case. it's about lending proposals that do in the exist answer more anyexist any more. the question is do you want this country to remain inside the eurozone. but time is not on their side. within days of the bankrupt's closures businesses will shut down. banks themselves may collapse. >> i believe we can make a future.
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all the young people, my generation, we have our dreams. i don't think any one of us will stop dreaming. >> in the end whether the euro goes on or the drachma returns hope is one greek currency that they have more valuable than any other. >> still still it come. world powers in iran head into final games of talks and negotiations about a deal on iran's nuclear program. and russia with russia drawing on its relationship with asia to offset its drop off in tourism.
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>> it's not a negative point but we're in a state of war and we have to confront it as we would in any way. >> well, joining me from tunisia tunisia, this is a state of emergency that collapsed for 30 days. it's renewable. the last indicate of emergency only dropped 15 months ago. in tackleing the problem that
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tunisia says it has with extremists will this make very much difference? >> to a certain extent, yes? >> it's facing an extension, and mentioned that it was a danger coming in the coming days actually like an invasion. he described something like an invasion. the homegrown terrorists that we have in tunisia. the state of shoe emergency the problem is the state of emergency in such a new and young democracy is a
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double-edged sword. it is going to stop to a certain extension the threat of terrorism. but it goes on to a return to the police state that we had in 2011. i think this is the main issue with this state of emergency. where will it stop? will it stop terrorists? or will tunisia become the dictatorship it was. >> if you're looking for some way to send your vacation, and you have some where there was a mass shooting. people might stay away. >> that's true. and this is, you know, the countries where the united kingdom, for instance, which has
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suffered the most of the attack last week, did not consider tunisia a place where it's citizens should not go. but then tunisia declares a state of emergency. and you're totally right. now everyone will think twice even more than the attack because the country is in a state of emergency. but it seems that the tunisian government because of the threat that the president described but we're not yet sure what he was referring to because of this threat. i think tunisia is now putting aside its tourist industry, and putting aside the segment of the economy in order to concentrate on the secure issues. >> let me put one final point. the president referred to one of the reasons for radicalization perhaps unemployment. is the current government in any way tackling this so that it is
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not a problem in the long term for tunisia? >> first of all that's not the only problem. and i think those who believe that the only issue is the economy are mistaken. there are a lot of underlying issues that cause this radicalization in tunisia. and until now the measures taken are not enough. there are no reforms taken in recent months. joblessness is still high, and investment is decreasing. that's an issue still ongoing and this government was not able to face it six months after the
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government was declared, initiated and it doesn't team sob involved in the next future. the economy will persist and create more problem. the social movement is not able to stop. there will be more demonstrations. there will be more movement in the streets and we don't know what it will do, and if it will be crashed in the future. >> thank you very much. >> the egyptian president el-sisi has been up to see his troops in the sinai peninsula. on wednesday isil fighters launched a coordinated attack on
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the security forces targeting army checkpoints with several suicide-bombers as they laid siege. the army said 12 soldiers and 100 fighters were killed. the saudi-led coalition in yemen wants more airstrikes against houthi rebels. >> she said her house was destroyed in northwest yemen. she escapeed and is living in a disused school with several others families. >> we did the best we can. we work together as a group to bake the bread and we thank god for that. >> this woman said that she walked 180 kilometers to escape
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the constant fighting. >> in saw da we were living in a terrible state. we were short of water gas everything. we were living in fear. there were missiles every night. >> targeting houthi rebels and fighters loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh but the houthis continue to control large parts of yemen including the capital. they say that the families who are forced to leave are angry being caught up in the fighting. >> we left because of the constant attacks. the shelling. thanks to god we have protection. charitable people are helping us. at least we have a place to live. >> humanitarian agencies are warning of the devastating consequences that the war is having on civilians. thousands of yemenis have fled
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their homes. many are stranded. the only hope is the end of the fighting. >> the united nations atomic agency said that an investigation into claims that iran secretly developed nuclear weapons could be completed this year in tehran cooperates. they've been come back together and different sides say they're getting closer to some sort of a deal. >> i think we can issue reports by the end of the year on the issues of the dimensions. once anagram is agreement is reached, the iaea is ready to
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implement the nuclear investment as requested. >> there have been a rise of number of aaron tourists dropping in as discovered in moscow. >> connie liu is here with a group of fellow chinese tourists, and she's loving it. >> this is really different from china. >> it's the height of the tourist season. >> this is no longer the mix of foreigners that there used to be. they say that the deterioration with relations with the west
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mean that fewer westerners are coming to russia. more than a million people from china visited russia last year. >> the women posed for photos. with fewer westerners coming now they're focusing on attracting more visitors from asia and china in picker. chinese tourists coming in groups don't need a visa. there are 15 hotels accredited by chinese tour companies because they cater to special requirements for chinese
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tourists. >> all chinese clients are demanding free slippers. also have instructions about our hotel. we have two chinese tv channels, and we have information in english and china. >> they offer the accommodation accommodations. experts say that the government realizes the potential of the chinese market. >> it requires a lot of work. the government is now helping. before tourism was ignored. >> moscow. >> in south korea there is another case of middle east respiratory syndrome.
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the number infected is now at 185. almost half of the 185 cases have been traced to the facility. no. the philippines the captain and owner of an over loaded ferry have both been charged with murder. an unknown number are still missing, feared drown. the vessel keeled over as it was leaving the port. tens of thousands turned out in the pacific country of tonga to celebrate the coronation of the sixth king crowned on saturday. he has been acting monarch since his brother died in 2012. the coronation is a climax of long festiveities in this island nation. tonga is the only monarchy
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anywhere in the south pacific. tunisia is the lead story at the slaughter is being fueled by demand from asia... ...where rhino horn is a status symbol and believed to even cure cancer.


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