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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> polls open in greece where people are voting in a referendum that could decide their financial future and their place in europe. hello, you're watching being al jazeera, i'm darren jordan. also, the country's not safe, eight days after a gunman killed eight people at a beach resort. celebrations in chile the country makes history winning the copper america for very first time.
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plus. >> i'm lucia newman, the pope's tour of spanish speaking south america where billions of catholics have abandoned the church. >> greeks have started voting in a becamea bailout bailout referendum. put forward by european lenders in exchange for more financial aid. prime minister alexis tsipras insists on a no vote, to get him a better deal. but john siropolous joins us from the greek capital. what's actually at stake here for greece? >> much is at stake for greece darren. the question whether they will be forced to dip into their
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depositor savings they don't know if the european central bank will continue to release liquidity into the system, or they'll have to rely on the deposits that are left. they don't know if the government will receive another financial aid package. in addition to the imf bond it didn't pay last week. and we don't know what the fate of the private sector will be, be the backbone of this economy enormous unemployment, high taxes, a lot of businesses are simply unable to continue. the market has been shrinking there has been a recession as people are unsirn of unis for five months. this is the ballot paper. everyone is called upon to sign.
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all it requests is is is the do you sex the is sustainability analysis that goes with it -- you accept the sustainability. they had are going are or the voting on the basis of their emotions and what they've been going you there. expression their broader hopes for the future. >> john you say it's a very blunt instrument. so what are the possible outcomes then? which way could this go? >> well, it's very simple. because you only have two choices, a yes or a no have the trouble is there is a great deal of domestic politics. the socialists and the
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conservatives, who both tried to guide this country have been voted out. you need to bring us to the foreagain because the left wing has made an enormous mistake. we cannot go through the last six years of austerity spending cuts and tax increases anymore. they are what is responsible for the recession that has ground this market to a hawment. you have got domestic problems, that makes this as a general referendum darren. >> john siropolous in athens,.
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after 38 tourists were killed at a beach resort, tunisia's tunisia's president said it is now in the state of war. >> islamic state carries the black flag and wants to establish a caliphate. tunisia deserves international support. there is no country in our area or in europe that is out of fest sights here. >> a week after the beach massacre in sousse. it also restricts the right of public assembly. the state of emergency is being
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health, suspect interviewed by police said the gunman was just one member of a sleeper cell, part of a network which is believed stretched from london to tunisia to libya. the president has oftenly criticized the security forces for their delay in responding to the shootings and has made a public prompts on friday to guarantee the safety of future visitors to tunisia. >> a staifnlg is state of emergency is something quite proper to impose but a state of emergency in such a new and young democracy is a double edged sword. going to stop to a certain extent the danger and threat of terrorism, but also, advocating
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the return to authoritarianism, in 2011. >> the declaration of a state of emergency comes on the day the last of britain's 30 dead were finally flown home. u.s. led operation carried out 16 air strikes on raqqa on saturday. a spokesman said the attack had choked key supply routes. i.s.i.l. executing 25 syrian soldiers, killings said to have happened in may on the steps of the ancient ruins of palmyra. also blown up a jail used by a syrian are regime where inmates were
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locked up sinai over the past week egypt's president abdel fatah al-sisi insists the situation is stable. he made the comment in north sinai. hamas has denied accusations that it has been helping the rebel group meanwhile a spokesperson for palestinian group has also denied its involvement. >> translator: we are saying it once again clearly that the a.m. k-assam brigades has directing our weapons towards any of our brothers in the arab or islam countries especially egypt which lies right on our
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border. >> palestinian authority which is run 50 by the be rival fatah group. >> the signs say traitors and save the west bank. this protest was organized by the leaders who announced that 100 supporters had been arrested in the west bank. reacted angrily to the arrest calling them politically motivated. have. >> there will be consequence is but will not weaken hamas. we advise to reconstitute the crack down and free our prisoners. >> there hasn't been a crack down on this scale since 2007 when hamas seized power in gaza. that sparked years of division
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between the two palestinian factions with fatah confined to the west bank and hamas in gaza. year ago with the formation of a national consensus government, a government by most accounts has been a fame your because it hasn't been able to make any major decisions. palestinian president mahmoud abbas includes his santa fe ta party andfatah partyand hamas. is suesysusan's son was arrested,. >> last ramadan he is in israeli
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prison this ramadan he is in a palestinian jail. >> the israeli military announced the arrest of around 40 hamas supporters for allegedly planning attacks on israel. warned of arrests to come soon. >> the arrests are related to civil security. that is to maintain civil peace and security. is. >> reporter: whatever the case the arrests will only deepen the political concerns between israel and the pa. >> lots more to come here on al jazeera. >> i'm andy gallagher i'm here
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at the home of nascar racing, vm been told not so display the confederate flag. we'll tell you why.
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>> as greece plunges deeper into financial crisis. >> greece's choice, a bad deal... and no deal. >> world markets react. >> it's a grim picture. >> the consequences could be catastrophic. >> for continuing global coverage, stay with al jazeera america. >> welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. polls have opened in greece where people are voting in a bailout referendum that could map out the country's financial future. they must decide whether to accept budget reforms in exchange for more financial aid. >> tunisia has announceed
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security forces, to give the forces more powers. the country's president says the country could collapse. the palestinian authority run by the fatah group said there could be more. u.s. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton has accused china ever of hacking. >> they are also trying to hack into everything that doesn't move in america. stealing blueprints from defense contractors. stealing huge amounts of government information, all looking for an advantage. make no mistake they know they're in a competition and they're going to do everything they can to win it. >> richard white director and
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senior fellow at the hudson institute. >> she's in an awkward position. she needs to be not too distance from the current administration and she served in its first term and could rightfully be held accountable for everything that happened then. on the other hand, the obama administration is widely considered to have performed weakly in some -- on some accounts and some crises and she wants to be sure that she can reaffirm and burnish her credentials. she also made some consill industry comments trying toconciliatorycomments trying to outflank democrats on the right and left and
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the republicans on the right. she was the principal architect on the obama administration to move closer to russia at least in its first term and that did not succeed. i don't know if i would hold the administration responsible for the failure but in any case it didn't work. she's in a delicate position, she needs to defend her position to pursue that policy and also imply that she could do better than anybody else. she says she has more experience dealing with putin than any other candidates. that is an asset and she needs to move more smartly than her rivals. >> clinton warned that tehran would remain odestabilizing force in the region and talks are taking place in vienna, the head of the nuclear watchdog has
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returned, hasan rouhani. they have until tuesday to lift sanctions to access to iran's nuclear sites. yemen where there's been more than three months of conflict. houthis are in discussion with the u.n that would lou much allow much needed aid to be delivered. >> reporter: her house was destroyed in an air strike in sadsaada in northwest yemen. >> we work together as a group to bake the bread and we thank god for that. >> this woman says she walked 180 kilometers from saada to the capital sanaa to escape the
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constant fighting. >> in saada we were living in a terrible state. we were short of water gas everything. we lived in constant fear, there were missiles every night. >> saudi coalition air strikes continuecontinue but the houthis continue to scroll large portions of the country including the capital. families that are forced to leave are angry about being caught up in the fighting. >> translator: we left because of the constant attacked, the shelling we couldn't sleep day or night. thanks to god we now have some kind of protection. charitable people are helping us. at least we have a place to live. >> humanitarian agencies are warning that the devastating consequences the war is having on civilians. thousands of yemenis have fled their homes. the lucky ones have made it to
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safety but many are stranded. be victoriavictoria gatenby, al jazeera. more than a million people are expected to attend a pope's mass on tuesday. after ecuador the pope will travel to bolivia and par para paraguay. >> inside this church in santiago, perverse things happened. and they are told this detail in the forest of caradema. a film based on a chileian pedophile priest.
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top box office hit in chile. a once staunchly catholic country where these days the pews are more empty than full at friday noon mass. >> translator: the church needs to recover its credibility. people have been left with an image of what has happened inside the church. we can't deny it. that >> reporter: that is something pope francis is trying to rectify by declaring a zero tolerance policy of sexual abuse. the church's punishment of pedophiles is an insult. >> there are no places, like for them they have the nuns that serve them you know. >> but pope francis has also been widely praised especially for his social agenda. his attempts to end corruption
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in the vatican. and his more open-minded attitude towards homosexuality though not same sex marriage. many want him to go further. but others within the church hierarchy believe he is going too far. judge. >> remember that the vatican is an organization that continues to be medieval dating back three or four centuries. opposition will diminish but obviously he has opposition. >> it's a tug of war modern times, quito's testament to cliquism to conquer souls in the new world. pope francis is coming to his home continent to try to win them back with his reformist
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vision. lucia newman, al jazeera quito ecuador. copa america champions for the first time ever. the match went to penalties. a spot-kick by argentina's steva benaga was saved by the keeper. net winning penalty 4-1 to the hosts in a shootout. daniel schwindler is there. >> 99 years this conversation has been going. they finally won it against possibly the toughest opposition they could have faced. chile played a great team performance. lots of fighting spirits it
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came to tension no goamtion in 90goals in 90minutes, no goals in extra time. but they were good enough, fantastic victory for chilians. we've had fireworks, we've had the cop presented. clail living through a very difficult several months. they've been able to put those aside and concentrate on the football. it's been a very successful copa america tournament. chilians feel the right results. >> for those in the u.s., for others it's a symbol of slavery calls for americans to ditch confederate flag. after nine black americans died in a shootout in church last
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month. andy gallagher reports. >> .daytona international speedway, fans have flocked here for years to watch their favorite drivers take to the track. but this year the sport overwhelmingly followed by white fans has an image crisis on its hands. officials asked people like long time nascar fan richard thompson to leave his flag at home. >> i'm southern, i'm family, being in the u.s. having the freedom to display whatever flag i want to display. >> a flag increasingly seen as a flag of oppression and slavery. they can't stop fans from displaying it. that may seem something the badly needs he won't be watching
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the race. >> where i live i deal with it all the time. so i mean it's just something that you adapted too and keep on moving. if you be ignorant like them you have a bunch of ignorant people. >> the decision not to fly confederate flag they started an exchange program offering people free american flags but soflags butso far only ahandful have taken them up. they will continue to work with fans in the years ahead. any business any company wants to look to the future, whether it's a voluntary program or policy changes we have to look at the future. at the end of the day we want the people to attend nascar events and have a good time doing it. >> the confederate flag was in the past ubiquitous.
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but it won't have a place in the future. andy gallagher, al jazeera florida. the u.s. defense department has been urged to identify the remains of those who died in unmarked graves. to help families find closure. >> on a sunday morning december 7th, 1941, japanese planes appeared without warning over pearl harbor. lowell valley, a sailor aboard the u.s.s. oklahoma, died. news of his brother's death was the worst pain of his life but trying to bring the remains home prolonged that torture. >> the biggest frustration acknowledge is the navy who fought us all the way and color like it is. >> to understand how sailors on
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the oklahoma died on december 7th. >> the oklahoma sustained 9 to 11 torpedo hits. she has had her guts torn out of her. >> the bodies of the crew remained underwater for years. mixed graves of the national cemetery of the pacific known as punch bowl. ray graves, when he discovered the navy could not tell him who was bruried where he began to catalog the lost bodies himself. >> i walked anything close to december the 7th i spent many moons up there. i went after all navy everything in world war ii that was buried in that cemetery. >> after nearly 40 years of work emery answer work with
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helped convince the department of defense to abandon and create a new lab for identifying remains through dna. still the crew of the oklahoma will be an enormous challenge. >> we exhumed one skull we know that there's over 100 individuals represented in that one casket. we know these remains are highly commingled. >> researchers believe they will be able to identify 80% of the remains over the next five years. perhaps lowell valley will be one of them. >> i want to bring him home. i don't want any thank you i just want the story out the true story. i don't care who in the heck don't like it or who gets stepped on. >> be jacobjacob ward, al jazeera
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honolulu. >> the u.s. is celebrating independence day. in washington, d.c fireworks lit up the sky to mark the country's 239th birthday. quick reminder you can keep up on all the news on our website there's the address pass on "america tonight"... >> i wanted to be seen and have people hear me, it was not easy, it motivated me to push the philadelphia freeway and his rush to move forward. sara hoy with a voice committed to dropping the truth. also - quick draw. >> it's a fast meeting. if you slow it, it will be caught. a new orleans's artist, and how it earnt him an audience he


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