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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello from doha and welcome to the news hour on al jazeera, greece's prime minister plans a next move and rejection of the bailouts but the banks are in big trouble and finance ministers resigned saying he may have been getting in the way of a new agreement and dozens killed in bombings in a shopping center and mosque and suspect it's from boko haram. and pope francis beginning a
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week-long tour of latin america and the u.s. is the first to win the woman's world cup for a third time and japan on the receiving end of goals and hat trick from u.s. captain carly lloyd. ♪ so a referendum win for greece's government has done little to ease the sense of crisis over the state of its economy, there is still serious concern about the health of the great banks which were supposed to open on tuesday and has been meeting with political parties on monday as he prepares to return to negotiations with international lenders and wants a credible solution to his country's debt crisis, before that though he has to pick a new finance minister to replace this man who announced his resignation with his presence of the bailout
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talks have not been welcome. that resignation came the morning after millions of greeks say they decided no to the bailout terms proposed by international creditors who want big cuts in return for their latest loan and 61% of greeks supported the government and voted against the deal. all of this leaves some big questions hanging over greece. businesses and people still want to know if the banks are going to reopen on tuesday and have been closed for a week and are still in trouble surviving on emergency lending from european bankers and after they rejected the bait out deal can another one be struck and they have the backing of the people but there needs to be some kind of compromise and if there is not could greece still leave the euro zone and prime minister says he wants to stay in the single currency but return to the drakma is very much a possibility and we have coverage of this and dominick cane in
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frankfurt and athens and first from barnabie phillips getting reaction from voters. >> people are out again hoping to get their 60 euros out of the cash machines but many people i'm hearing in this cue say they are very worried and there are pensioners who do not have cards and do not know how much money they will be allowed to take from the bank today. given this situation, given these cues why did greeks vote as they did and why did they not heed advice of creditors that the country is close to financial collapse and the answer is that attitudes in greece have been created not just by the banking crisis of the past seven days but by a greater economic depression that has lasted five long years. this word here means friends in
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greek and synonymous for the country's collapse and i don't know what the abandon shop was and maybe it sold cloths or shoes and empty apartments here and look another empty shop here, it's typical of what happened in central athens the collapse of small businesses and when you combine that with an unemployment rate which for young people stands at over 50% you begin to understand why so many greeks felt they simply have nothing left to lose and why they voted no. let's start with john who is in athens for us and explain the resignation of the finance minister because his party got what he wanted but he admitted yeah, maybe nobody likes me that much. >> that is right, the resignation is a concession to creditors and he made himself very difficult to talk to. he had created enormous dislike across the table with his
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interlock interlockers and the rest of europe and difficult for him to bring an agreement that the creditors would live with and spent six months suggesting things they have rejected within 24 hours, all of his ideas have been nonstarters. now the greeks the government has to start the business anew of getting down to reaching an agreement along the terms outlined by the creditors in their various reports in the greek economy and laid down in the week before last and the week-long series of euro group meetings and government leader summits so i think the greeks are signalling they are ready to conclude their process. >> john just to return to the big questions we outlined at the start of the hour the banks the banks and what happens with them and they are scheduled to reopen tomorrow on tuesday, this must be the biggest concern for greek people and forget the politicians for the moment and
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just the people. >> absolutely. you are correct and i think the real economy as we say, that is the key issue today because the head of the greek banks here in greece have said that the liquidity will last them until today and as of tomorrow unless there is some sort of extra liquidity that the european central bank is willing to send over just to keep them ticking under under the current capitol regime and not anything more than that and unless there is that we may see a total bank closure as of tomorrow or a drastic reduction of what cash they will give out at atms and they are concerned and rightly pointed out their concern for the longer term growth of the greek economy is overriding and willing to go through the ultimate difficulty even of leaving the euro zone if necessary and of going through weeks or months of hardship in
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order to establish they will have prospects of growth at the end of that. >> is thank you, john and from athens we go to dominick cane in frankfort and what voters said to europe is we don't want what you got so back to your court, are there any noises coming out of european capitols this morning about what could happen next? >> well the ecb, kamal is in a quandary now because there will be e understand some sort of teleconference to take place today between the central bankers of euro zone and could conceivably decide to extend further elas we were hearing about last week and resent weeks and emergency liquidity and the financial lifeline for the bank and greek economy and perhaps 90 billion euros drawn down through this facility but we know that was capped last sunday the sunday of the previous weekend
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the decision was to cap that at a level of the previous friday and no further money was made available so it's conceivable the ecb decides we cannot afford to have a further banking crisis in athens and perhaps another ela but there is one other possibility which is quite the reverse and they could decide that actually the collateral that the greek banks provided to draw down ela is not sufficient any more because assets are not worth what they were worth when the political advanced and if that were to happen it would place four major lenders in a terrible situation and what ecb has in mind and let's remember the grooek government has to repay by the 20th of july and remember they are in arrears to imf of 1 nf billion euros they have to pay so that is effectively what is at stake in the immediate sense here at the ecb. >> reaction in germany from
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people and media and how are they reading this situation? >> well official reaction has been i wouldn't say cautious certainly the vice chancellor from the social democrats here last night was effectively saying this was a tearing down of bridges between greece and the euro zone and negotiations between the two sides were barely mentionable. today the spokesperson for angela merkel the chancellor has said that they don't see the basis for negotiations as things stand but the ball is in the greek court as it were, there is potential room for monday ver and to give you a sense of the media this is the compact edition and the photo of greek voters and the headline 09 0, no and sums up the sense the german media or perhaps the german people have the position
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taken in greece was not what they hoped for. >> i have to leave you there even though we can hear you we cannot see you abthat was dominick cane on reaction to the greek situation. other news, in fact, a bit of breaking news coming m fro syria and i.s.i.l. fightered captured the town from kurdish forces north of raqqu in the north and the stronghold in syria and kurdish forces took control of the town just two weeks ago with the help of air strikes by the u.s. led coalition. two blasts hit the nigerian city in plateau state killing at least 44 people, one bomb exploded at a restaurant and the other at a crowded mosque with a clerk known to be critical of the group boko haram was preaching and at least fever people killed by a suicide bomber who targeted a church the latest violence brings the
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number of people killed in boko haram attacks to more than 200 in the past week and have been a series of attacks with places of worship, villages and markets. on friday a group of suicide bombers blew themselves up in the village which killed many people, thursday two girls detonated suicide bombs in another village in borno and 50 stormed chad killing up to 100 people after people were shot after prays in the town and we will talk you through some of this and talk about the big picture in the moment and bring us up to date with the most resent ones. >> well what we know speaking to emergency services on the ground as you said there in the introduction, the death toll appears to be pretty significant, the national emergency management authority
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are putting it at 44 and say 67 people at least have been seriously injured and are receiving hospital treatment. we know as you said in the intro to the target of the first blast, one of the blasts was a clerk who denounced boko haram and who had preached peaceful cexistance and one was at a restaurant that is targeted by business people and it's not clear if the target that was mentioned was injured or killed and trying to get detail on that and speaking to people on the ground and where the blasts went off are quarantined off as they try to establish exactly what happened. >> as i read off list of attacks that happened in the last week
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extraordinary amount of attacks and number of people who died and you sought to wonder is the government making headway against boko haram when this much can happen in just one week? >> well, that is a question everybody is asking. since the new government came to power at the end of may and barari is sworn in as nigeria president and he came to power on a promise to defeat boko haram, there has been a lot of activity political activity. he moved the military's headquarters, command and control center of fighting boko haram to the northeast and doesn't make sense when 21 million was released an ordered it to be released to fight boko haram and doing the diplomatic rounds and g 7 summit in germany and south africa and been to
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chad and nigere and go to cameroon and at the end of july he will go to the united states to meet with president obama where it's expected that boko haram and the whole insurgency will be top of the agenda. there is a feeling however when we keep reporting these terrible attacks that much of the diplomatic effort is not filtering down to the ground in terms of protecting civilians and protecting property in it and many will say that boko haram is still a force to be reconed with even though authorities say they are defeating the group. >> thank you for that live in abuja for us in nigeria. point to make is nigeria is not the only country to be hit by boko haram violence and then chad and military opposition fores against the group and then at taxattacks as well and we have a
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middle east and africa specialist and senior fellow with the german institute with international and security affairs and we thank you for your time, short story has boko haram simply not been weakened with four countries committing forces against it and still managing a huge number of attacks in one week what is really happening here? >> of course it's learning organization and it's more than a weakening and we see the increasing attacks in the resent days it was also maybe a response to the increase of tact ty -- activities from the new government as we just learned. >> is it because boko haram is a harder enemy to defeat as the countries thought? as you said it's got sort of tentacles everywhere and people working all over the place and trying to defeat something like that is more difficult than these countries first thought.
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>> i think this what we see everywhere and al-shabab and other groups and the military has a strategy by traditional conservative military strategies cannot hold but seen with the attacks in resent days it's increasing boko haram increasing use of suicide attacks and this as we know also from the euro, is it possible to counter with military strategies and what we see is boko haram was there and maybe they don't hold not enough but not as much territory as they did let's say in january of this year but what we have seen and you mentioned it before is they spread in regionally and if you look at the region there is enough ground for them to position themselves and find more people supporting them. >> i don't know if you heard us
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talking before and they keep telling us or people of nigeria they are making ground against boko haram, obviously they want the people to believe that and they need to be on the front foot but the evidence suggests otherwise, doesn't it? >> well i think what we have seen the last couple of years and decades is exactly the problem, that it needs to go much, much deeper, the nigerian government is not really seen by northeast nigerians as the center they can relate to and rely on in terms of security and in terms of economic and political stability and i think this is what is necessary in order to really counter an organization that is not just militarily quite strong in terms of boko haram but also has almost a winning ideology blaming the government for the business and blaming the government for being absent, for
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marginalizing the northeast so to counter boko haram needs to be much bigger. >> joining us from berlin there and talking boko haram and thank you for your time. plenty ahead on the news hour and report from the yemen city where children are the latest casualties in the fighting. find out why china is trying to attract foreign workers and chinese immigrants to work there and in sport why the team is bringing something new to the tour de france. ♪ developing story out of iraq for you where the military says it accidentally dropped a bomb on eastern baghdad and there are reports of casualties. let's go to jane in baghdad for the latest on that jane. >> reporter: kamal we have seen the defense military spokesman and says indeed russian fighter
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jets used by iraqis had what he called mechanical failure dropping a bomb on a residential neighborhood in the neighborhood of new baghdad and according to the interior ministry at least seven were killed and several more were injured and they are investigating exactly how that happened but clearly something winterably wrong with that bombing run but they are as they say investigating how it happened and exactly what number of casualties there were when that bomb fell on those houses kam ashgs lshgsal that is one problem they have and fallujah trying to fight i.s.i.l. there and running into problems there with civilian casualties. >> reporter: well anbar itself is the scene of fighting across the huge province which is closer to the syrian border and seen new attacks by i.s.i.l. including suicide bombers on the town.
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it's one of the few areas that is not held by i.s.i.l. it's really a pocket in eastern, sorry western anbar that is still holding fast but against severe attacks and fallujah and anbar heavy fighting in the last days and consists of i.s.i.l. sending in suicide bombers and gunmen and trying to repel them with air strikes and artillery and the problem is a lot of air strikes and artillery are in residential neighborhoods and they tell us they do make an effort to minimize civilian casualties but says for instance following reports that the iraqi airforce bombed a soccer field with people playing soccer yesterday and said that is an i.s.i.l. controlled area and do not allow the young men to play soccer and the implication being it is actually an i.s.i.l. position and a complicated
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conflict very difficult to get accurate information out of there and clearly the offensive is on that kamal. >> jane thank you for that update. foreign ministers from the united states and five other world powers are in vienna for talks with iran over its nuclear program and say there is still work to do ahead of tuesday's deadline and let's check in with diplomatic editor james base and do we take something from the fact the ministers have arrived and getting serious and all coming to the party? >> absolutely. this is a key phase now. it could be the final key phase. we have to be weary of saying that because these talks have been extended so many times and have gone past the deadline and the deadline was june the 30th. let me tell you what is going on in the hotel behind me it's a luxury hotel where talks are taking place and have all of the ministers of p 5 plus one, five
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permanent members of u.n. security council as well as germany, they are all here and so are the iranians and p 5 plus one and the eu high representative for foreign policy are meeting among themselves and the people negotiating with iran and i think they are trying to get their position absolutely straight and negotiating a tactics straight ahead of forthcoming meetings with iranians and significant progress has been made and progress was made with the interim deal but significant progress since they have been here in sienna and we are to the point where there are a few sticking points and told by a senior iranian official and a few sticking points and iran has some red lines it doesn't want to cross but believes the red lines would be part of any deal so those sticking points are put as we understand it on one sheet of paper because these, some of
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the issues but in the end they are political issues and have to be made by the political masters and they are represented here by these seven minute stes and five from p 5 plus one and prime minister zarif and will work through the issues and try to get a deal remember the deadline set by the u.s. and its partners is tuesday, coming up, in 24 hours time. nor the iranian side that senior official i listened to the briefing a short time ago said they don't believe there is any deadline and have not agrees to a deadline and agreed the previous deadline and the new one is not accepted and will stay here as long as it takes. >> does anyone dare peer further in the crystal ball of how fast or slow things might move vis-a-vis lifting sanctions? >> let me explain how we think that is going to who, several things take place after a deal
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first the u.s. congress gets to review this. if the deal is done before the 9th then 30 day congress review after the 9th then it's 60 day congress review then of course we have a u.n. security council which would have to pass the resolution i can tell you as well as the deal they are working a draft of the resolution here which will then be taken to new york and that resolution would lift those u.n. sanctions, the only way you can lift sanctions put in place by u.n. resolution is with a new u.n. resolution and the problem here is the sequence of all this how is it going to happen what was going to happen when. we understand it will be simultaneous and a date set by which all the sanctions will be lifted and iran will comply and looking for a key date this year or next year and everything what's to be done by both sides on the same day. >> you are not going anywhere in a hurry, james base at talks in vienna. saudi-led air strikes in yemen hit houthi rebel positions across the country.
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also the u.n. special envoy is in the capitol sanaa trying to broker a ceasefire and discuss the worsening humanitarian situation and more from abdul. >> reporter: in the three-month air campaign this is a daily scene here and hit the palace and central security building where houthi fighters and people loyal to saleh are stationed and air strikes were in the capitol sanaa south of yemen within houthi fighters were injured and killed by local resistance forces who are fighting in support of a south yemen president abd rabbuh mansur hadi. they say the launched attacks on several houthi positions in the city and managed to control an air base there, one saudi soldier was killed when the base was attacks with artillery on borders and opposed in fighting until the holy month of ramadan
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and came to ask for a ceasefire and delivery of humanitarian aid. >> translator: i've been pushing hard to find a solution to the crisis and i have come to find a quick solution for the yemen people and looking for a peaceful solution that gets everyone back to dialog to solve all the problems. >> reporter: u.n. labeled the war in yemen a level three humanitarian cry is, the most severe category and means children have been missing out on ordinary activities and out of schools for months now and many have been killed or injured, nonetheless they keep smiling hoping for a future without war, al jazeera. time to talk weather with mr. everton fox. looking here and could will talk about the heat wave in europe and i struggle with the heat wave when it's 45 degrees here but europe is going. >> still going in europe and central and eastern europe and germany was 20.3 celsius and
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hottest day on record and it's a heat wave and not far off values you are talking about there and it will change area of cloud making its way southeast and will introduce more comfortable air across northern parts of europe through the next couple days and certainly over to the northwest and temperatures have fallen away and unsettled weather that will make its way and cooler the next day or so and monday in berlin no high of 25 celsius or 22 degrees there in london but we have heat warnings in force for poland and all the way across to hungry, real heat across central and eastern parts and we are going to see that further south as we go on through tuesday but little air in berlin and temperatures of 31 degrees celsius and around the low 20s in london and where it should be and touching 20 degrees in london on wednesday because we have cloud and rain
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in the forecast and this is right through germany and a fair part of po poland and bucarest is 35 celsius and heavy bursts coming out of scandanavia into baltic and the western side of the uk and through the islands wet weather through monday and keeps it green and pleasant mine you so we need the rain and 26 celsius sunny for london and chances of showers that may interrupt tennis at whim wimbledon on tuesday and we will see wetter weather making its way in central parts here and a change by the day 24 celsius for berlin and hot in the southeast corner and 34 there and we have
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changeable weather in western europe but fine and dry for the finals at wimbledon. >> and 45 here at doha ignoring a meeting and burundi president campaigns for an election that has been condemned world wide. removing the confederate flag and the nascar crash did not result in any injuries. ♪
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you are on the news hour on al jazeera and these are the top stories, vice president of the eu says the greek referendum widened the gap between greece and creditors but willing to work together and has been meeting with other political parties for what he calls a credible solution to the country debt crisis and the prime minister yanis varoufakis resigned saying his presence at the bailout talks was apparently not welcome. dozens wounded in nigeria during two separate attacks and the first blast went off at a restaurant and the other was a crowded mosque and boko haram being blamed for attacks and iraqi military said it accidentally dropped a bomb in a neighborhood in eastern baghdad and reports that seven people have been killed and a fighter jet had a technical problem which caused the bomb to drop. so let's take you back to greeceand we have been hearing from the european commission this
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hour,, in fact that briefing going on in brussels and they are willing to negotiate with greece but first must be consensus. >> with respect to the democratic choice of the greek people. and no result unfortunately widens the gap between greece and other european countries. there is no easy way out of this crisis, too much time and too many opportunities have now been lost. the commission is ready to continue its work with greece but to be clear the commission cannot negotiate a new problem resulting a mandate from the euro group. joining us via skype from athens we have george the inter minister a member of the european parliament and thank you for your time minister and europe says it will work with you, it will work with greece but that the gap has widened. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't think so.
6:33 am
well, we wanted from the beginning a fair and equitable compromise. some of our partners did not do this because they were feeling that we represent a political danger, let's say days of political contagium with europe and the only left government in europe and elections in the spain and portugal for this form and some of them are in eventual danger of political starting from us. now that it's not asked we are speaking to but the whole people. i think that this eventually to allow the government to be over thrown is a political possibility and therefore they come to discuss with us with a viable compromise. >> so we are talking about compromise and you used that word and europe will use that word as well was the
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resignation of the finance minister part of that compromise? >> the resignation was an act of selflessness and offered a lot in the greek case and has done a great job negotiating with brussels and some of our partners did not like him and although this was not a problem he stepped aside who doesn't want a fair agreement with partners. >> you can argue he has not done a great job as finance minister if he wasn't able to be dealt with and he himself says that he was not welcome. >> we are a bad example for europe and i cannot blame him because some of the most reaction people do not like him.
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>> minister, any idea what is going to happen tomorrow tuesday, because this is when the banks were expected to reopen but there must be concern there, referendum and resignation of a minister don't change, or doesn't change any of the liquidity problems. >> now it's up to europeans and banker to fulfill its institutional mandate because you know the greek banks do not have a solvent si problem, they have an liquidity so this may resolve the issue and expecting the europeans to go back and act in a responsible way and without the banking system there is not a possibility for any economy to operate normally. >> there is a chance the banks will not open tomorrow, if you rely on europe in less than 2 hours a lot could happen or a lot couldn't happen. >> well, if we have a decision from the european banker it can
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go back to reality but they have the responsibility, they have a historical responsibility to react fast. >> minister george joining us from athens today via skype and we thank you for your time. now, east african leaders are due to meet in tanzania to talk about burundi but burundi's president is not going and he is staying home to continue campaigning for up coming presidential elections and months of unrest since he announced he would run for a third term which opponents call unconstitutional and people killed and 144,000 have fled to neighboring countries and president has been increasingly isolated nationally and internationally and polls held a week ago have been dismissed and not free and fair by the u.n. african union, european and
6:37 am
pulled some aid to burundi which is bad news at a country estimated to get 42% of the national income from foreign aid and it's already one of the poorest nations in the world and u.n. says more than 80% of the population lives in poverty we are going to talk to daily a professor at oxford and uk author of genocide in burundi b and is there a point to talk about dis discussing burundi if the president is not going to come along? >> yes, i think that is a misstep by the president and he ought to be participating in a discussion which concerns the future of his country. i hope the leaders in tanzania will respect the peace agreement which they have worked really hard to achieve in 2000 and also respect the constitution and the wishes of the burundi people.
6:38 am
>> so do you think his view is basically i have an election to win and nothing will distract me from that not even the fact that everyone wants to talk about my own country? >> i think unfortunately i think the president is being ill advised. his position is not obtainable. obviously it's clear the elections are not free and fair. the opposition have not been able to campaign and people are being intimated and killed by malitias so the conditions are really i mean he is campaigning on his own. the conditions are not what you would expect in a democratic country and where democratic elections are taking place. >> and that election i think the presidential one about nine or ten days away what are your expectations for that, not so much for the vote but with the lead up the tension and
6:39 am
potential for violence again? >> well i would i mean obviously it's possible that violence will escalate. there are reports that the government is really searching out for armed opposition particularly within bojambora and hope the president will listen to the international community and postpone the presidential elections and enter dialog with the opposition parties and really why burundi society, for the good of the society and good of the country and i think the people have suffered for long enough and i think there is still time for more effective democratic solution to the problems in burundi. >> and good to talk to you and hope we will talk to you around
6:40 am
the elections in burundi. columbia government says it's ready to consider a ceasefire with farc rebels but say they want to want peace and the chief negotiator warned the talks which have been held in cuba since 2012 are actually hardly advancing. >> translator: we are open to a serious bilateral and definitive peace fire before peace accords and with peace guarantees the taking of responsibility of traditional masses and international verification matters says. hundreds in the ecuador port city have been walking to a park where the head of the roman catholic church is due to celebrate mass in the coming hours and more than a million people are expected to attend and catholics lined the streets to welcome pope francis and the
6:41 am
pontiff will deliver a message about caring for the poor and the environment and we have more now. >> reporter: people have been lining the streets here for hours hoping to get a glimpse of the pope as we goes by in his pope mobile and the pope is coming to ecuador, bolivia and giving priority for those who are considered on the periphery. >> translator: pope francis reaches out to people. he is with the sick and those who need him and we need him. >> reporter: these countries have something else in common at a time when the catholic church suffered mass defect shuns with sex and corruption scannels they are the nations where cathic wills have remained most faithful and large indigenous populations and the
6:42 am
pop says he wants to acknowledge them. the theme of the trip is reconciliation which is timely in ecuador because there have been mass protests against the government and violence over the last few weeks and, in fact, the churchs intervened calling on both sides and the government calling a truce while the pope is here. 1.4 billion people who live in china, fewer than 1% are foreigners out of 1.4 billion people and the government wants to increase that number to 10% to improve the country's competitive edge and encourages people to come home and this is from beijing. >> reporter: edwin is a recognizable face in china, the first non-asian to deliver the news on the state's english channel and he lived in beijing for 12 years and is one of only 8,000 people who has what is called a green card and gives
6:43 am
permanent residency and access as a chinese national. >> it gives you a feeling of being a part of the community and not having the hassles that i used to have when i came here with show your passport and that sort of thing. >> reporter: getting the green card wasn't easy and the rules put in place in 2004 and only those that the government says exceptional contributions to china were even considered and now it's easing those qualifications. of the 1.4 billion people in china less than 1% are foreigners, without green cards they are issued special visas and only allow them to work at specific jobs at a specific company for a limited time and for competitiveness in the market they want to increase foreigners to at least 10% of the population and the main target is getting chinese immigrants to come home.
6:44 am
>> the government realizes they have not just top skills in their professional but also they have knowledge of chinese language and chinese culture and chinese business practices to make them ideal candidates to attract back to china. >> reporter: marvin came back from new zealand and successfully launched several internet companies. >> i got a global perspective, education and somehow the global behavior and the world is flat and for me start ups in china want to go global so it's even more advantages for people like us to do business here. >> reporter: the government may be succeeding in making the business climate more attack tiff but they say there is so much more it has to do to keep foreigners happy to reside in china, al jazeera, beijing.
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still ahead andy has news and the world cup that could be turning point for international women's futbol.
6:46 am
politicians in the u.s. state of south carolina are expected to debate whether to bring down the confed it flag killing of nine people in a black church in charleston last month revived the 150-year-old controversy of the use of that flag tom
6:47 am
ackerman has more. >> reporter: flying proudly you don't have to leave washington d.c., a few blocks from the u.s. capitol, joining those of 49 spots waves the flag of mississippi, in the upper left corner the bars and stars pattern that arrouzed so much controversy in south carolina there the legislature will decide to remove the battle standard from the capitol grounds. in 20001 mississippi decided by a landslide to leave their flag unchanged. >> that is going to be talked about again and the decision belongs rightly to the people of mississippi. >> reporter: as filmed in the movie birth of a nation it stood for the southern states and some southerners say the fight against the union was for state sovereignty, honor and shilvery and not slavery. hollywood pulled the flag in the
6:48 am
1939 blockbuster gone with the wind and roman sized the lost plantation life it talked about the most lethal war. >> we have cotton and slaves and arrogance. >> reporter: the stars and bars flag was part of the decor in 1948 when democrats opposed to racial integration broke away from party and nominated their own presidential candidate on a white supremacy platform and today south carolina sons of confederate veterans say removing the flag is inappropriate protest against rassism. >> it would dishonor not only white confederate soldiers but it will dishonor black confederate soldiers. >> reporter: most call that a distorted account of a few black soldiers admitted to confederate ranks and given freedom but only when they were close to surrender. and they play act the battles of
6:49 am
a century and a half ago but the rebel flag reimagining the bull run in virginia looks different because it's the original design flown during the first stages of the war, before the confederates went on to defeat. on this battlefield where hundreds died from both sides this statute honors the general who had the confederate troops but as with all the civil war battle grounds only the owner of the ultimate viktor flies, virginia. >> the banner of the women's world cup is the stars and stripes of the united states. >> the united states winning the women's world cup for a record time and beat 5-2 with the final in vancouver with carly lloyd hitting a hat trick and richard reports. >> reporter: finals can often
6:50 am
be tight and tense not at this women's world cup, the united states flew into the lead against reigning japan and vancouver. cap into carly lloyd scored twice in the first five minutes for the state. this was a rematch of 2011 final that japan won on penalties and the holders found themselves three down and lauren holiday scored. and then lloyd completed her hat trick from a strike from the halfway line. team usa after 16 minutes. the u.s. had not conceded a goal in the previous five matches but finally let one in when one was pulled back 4-1 at half time and there were thoughts of a japanese come back with a goal. but the three-goal advantage was
6:51 am
was quickly restored by tob i n 5-2 the final score. >> it's a real moment and it's been amazing and we just wrote history today and brought this world cup trophy home which is unbelievable. >> it's not vindication and am proud of the players and staff and i knew they had it in them and they knew they had it in them. >> presented the trophy and team usa champions for a record third time. richard with al jazeera. in vancouver not surprising a sell out with 53,000 spectators in attendance and seen record numbers by the stadiums and in front of televisions and we were with the fans in vancouver.
6:52 am
♪ the beats of futbol fever, women's futbol fever that is no shortage of goals or red, white and blue and this is essentially a home game for neighboring united states and fans could drive across the border which was not available for the japanese and billed it as organizational success with 1.3 million fans in the stadium watching in the stands during the month-long tournament and was a record and the record t.v. audience and left the host possibly bidding on a future cup. this was expanded to 24 teams and shows the continued growth of the games since the first tournament in 1991. then there is fifa the excitement of this world cup couldn't come at a better time and enbroiled in the biggest investigation of corruption ever in the sporting world and fifa
6:53 am
said blatter was a no show and with the u.s. justice department refusing to rule out charges against him or his deputy both men are keeping a low profile. in vancouver at the fifa van zone there were those two young to follow and the parents knew and asked if this effected the pitch pitch. >> futbol will always be there. >> if the corruption is so much a part of it that it's distant to everyone who watches and plays the game and everyone that is actually part of the game. >> the women's game is a little bit separate and easier to associate the women's game so away from fifa because they don't seem to care as much with
6:54 am
the women's games. >> do not want to spends your money going to corrupt activities especially when they are proven to be corrupt. >> reporter: this is about futbol and showed the success of the women's game no matter what is going on in the organization that leads it vancouver. after a day off week two of wimbledon and yanukovich and sharapov in actions and serena and venus williams who first met back in 2000. >> everyone was a different person and player and i think we are both more mature and tenatious and back then we definitely from the watch and still are. monday stage of tour de
6:55 am
france hitting the mountains for the first time this year and one team in particular will be hoping to make an impact the first ever african seen to take place in the race and paul has been with them in the build up to this historic venture. >> reporter: it has taken 112 years but the tour de france finally has an african team and on the long road to paris by the low countries and southern france and the first two ever to ride on the fortour and presentsed in the race and also the youngest ride ner this year's event. >> it's not easy. >> reporter: multiple african champion daniel is already a
6:56 am
star in aratria where cycling has been big since it was introduced by column colonists and getting people all over africa on to a bike. >> we want more riders in the full riders from africa and so many riders in there, yeah, and the team is working hard and i think we can make it. >> why not if you look at endurance running that the continent had over the last 30 years why not cycling. >> reporter: a long journey to compete in tour de france and the they finish it they will cycle over 33000 from amsterdam to aratria and this is a man who has done it and kept traditions alive after he came to amsterdam 35 years ago.
6:57 am
>> translator: they are the same age as my daughter and the riders feel like sons for me and different from the races i used to watch at home. >> reporter: already made an impact in europe with king of the mountain jersey and get another chance when they reach it amsterdam. >> pretty incredible pictures coming from the final lack of nascar race in daytona and the car taking off belongs to u.s. driver austin dillan and safety fence doing its job and three fans got hit with debris but needed help with minor injuries and walking away from the wreckage and doesn't always happen in nascar but this time no serious injuries in that one. >> astonishing and andy is back with 1300 and it's not another full bulletin of news right here
6:58 am
on al jazeera. ♪
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♪ greece's prime minister plans his next move and regarding the bailout and banks are in big trouble and yanis varoufakis resigned and said he may have been getting in the way of a new agreement. ♪ hello again from doha and this is the world news from al jazeera, dozens of people have been killed in bombings at a shopping center and mosque in nigeria, the latest suspected attacks from boko haram. and back on his home continent pope francis begins a