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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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target" team, i'm david schuster, thanks for watching. is. >> forced to flee their homes. the number of syrian refugees passes 4 million. i'm fauziah ibrahim in doha. coming up in the next half hour. a deal is being made in vienna. and china tries to avoid a slump in the stock market.
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and pope francis moves his visit to bolivia. breaking news first. the israeli government says two of its citizens are being held in the gaza strip at least one of them is being held by hamas as we understand it. his name is abraham mamgist open isto. second man is believed to be an israeli palestinian. imtiaz he tyab tyab is in gaza, what has been the response to these allegations? >> we reached out to the spokesman that an israeli has been held in their custody and
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has been for ten months now. he said that he had no comments and refused to elaborate on that news that is coming out of israel. whatever the case, what's interesting is the timing of all this just yesterday when of course we were marking the start of the israel's 50 day bombardment of the gaza strip. coded statement from senior fighters with hamas and be other various factions here that they said that they would not engage in any negotiations with israel, when it came to what they described as missing soldiers, unless soldiers that israel has arrested in part of the deal with the last israeli soldier who was held here were released. at the time we were assuming that what they meant by that the
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remains of the soldiers that were killed during that 50 day conflict in gaza that israel is believed to be holding. now we're hearing that an israeli citizen may also be held that changes things significantly. >> imtiaz tyab from gaza city. we also have the other view online with paul brennan who is in west jerusalem. paul, how did both men go missing? >> reporter: well, there is some mystery about the exact circumstance of this not only because of the official gagging order lifted on thursday by jerusalem. according to early reports it appears that the ethiopiaian that the ethiopian israeli arrived on a beach left
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behind his bag and then crossed into gaza through a hole in the border fence which appears to be left by the aftermath of the israeli tanks that went in during the war but just finished two weeks earlier. it's an israeli town down there very close to gaza not far away at all. but his motivation for apparently doing that is very unclear. it is important though to draw the distinction between what appears to have happened with mangisto and the case from 2006 where he was abducted and taken into gaza and head prisoner. this appears to be a very different sort of circumstance. the second person that the israelis believe to be in the hands of hamas is a bedoin and the exact circumstances of that are very unclear indeed.
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we are waiting for further details before we can say anything with any clarity. >> paul we know that the israelis have lifted the gag order, as you were mentioning, the gag order on reporting on manguisto's disappearance. what are they likely to do now with both men missing? >> clearly there's going to have to be questions answered. the fact that manguisto is an israeli is a particular consequence. i am in the car heading to the area right now. israelisisraelis palestinians are claiming they are treated as second class citizens here in israel because of his ethiopian
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heritage, so there is going to have to be i think a real exercise going on with the israeli government to try counter that kind of accusation and then of course there is the question marks as to exactly why he went, where he is now and when the exact circumstance of his disappearance to attempt to have him return to israel will be. >> paul, thank you for that update. paul brennan speaking to us from west jerusalem. we will be all over this story and we will bring you more details on the disappearance of these two israeli men. one of them being held by hamas. we will bring you the details of the story as we get it. meanwhile let's move to other stories. the number of syrian refugees has exceeded 4 million making it the largest humanitarian crisis in 25 years. most have fled to neighboring
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countries. turkey hosting 1.8 million lebanon 1.2 million 250,000 find themselves in iraq while egypt has 175,000 jordan 600,000 syrians. nizreen al shaya has the story. >> force this many people out of their country. one of the camps oldest residents, he says two and a half years later he has finally adjusted to life as a refugee but had this reaction when we told him the number of refugees in the region had reached 4 million. >> this is a disaster. this means the entire population will eventually be displaced. it makes me think that the conflict will run on for years and moving back is not possible.
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>> before deciding to survive on his home he returned to the camp two months ago. >> i left the camp because my children couldn't survive the scorching heat of the summer in a tent. refugees have to pay for a lot of services outside the camp so i was forced to return here. >> when asked what they want from the international community many of the refugees say they want an end to the carnage in syria. the worst recent disaster in history. 4 million forced to leave for neighboring countries like jordan and according to aid agencies there is no time known when they can return home.
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the crisis is so big that donors are thinking of how funding can be sustained as the conflict continues. >> already this year people have less access to services. there are already organization he that have to pull back from the situation. pushing them to return to syria and when you have families telling you i'm going back because i can't earn a living here and that they would prefer to live in a war zone you know just how desperate they are. >> the u.n. refugee agency says, they are engaging in degrading or illegal work. many say this is a sign of how desperate people have begun. nuclear program is within reach, sergey lavrov is on his
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way to vienna. they are trying to finalize a deal by friday morning so that it's ready to be presented to the u.s. congress. let's get more on this with our diplomatic editor in vienna. james what are you hearing as the deadline looms? >> well, you remember on tuesday when foreign ministers were last here, they couldn't get a deal and they left their experts and negotiators to do more drafting. now i think we have a little bit more of an optimistic moot in the last couple of hours. let me tell you why. that's because many of the foreign ministers are back here and things only edge forward when the foreign ministers are here. the p-5 plus one only internal meeting started a short time
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ago. but there are other signs that i think are potentially encouraging signs that a deal may be close. one of those is that the u.s. negotiating team had a video conference call with president obama to outline where they were this deal. now can you draw what you want from that but i think it's worth me telling you that when they had the interim deal in lausanne one of the things that happened before the interim deal was a conference call from president obama. that's interesting to note. and some of the side conversations, president rouhani, set he was optimistic there would be an end to sanctions soon. and technical negotiators they have been meeting ali akbar
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salehi, he said maybe today was the last day. and the comments of the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov he says he can see a deal within reach. and the next thing to watch would be sergey lavrov's movement. he said, when he thought they were close to a deal, he would come back to vienna. and when the other russian counterpart leaves from russia that's whether you may feel there will be a deal. >> james bays, in vienna. on a dairy industry break through, nigerians who wish to get the most out of their cows.
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the top stories on al jazeera. the israeli government says two of its citizens are being held in the gaza strip at least one of them is being eld by held by hamas. missing since last year, the second span believed to be an israeli palestinian. the number of syrian refugees exceeds 4 million making it the single most
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difficult crisis in the past 25 years. a deal in time to present to u.s. lawmakers on friday, of the iranian nuclear talks. stop a selloff that has wiped trillions of dollars off the market value in china. since june choins shares have been in free fall. correspond scott heidler who joins us from beijing pfn all right scott 85% 85% of these investors are small retailers these are ordinary chinese citizens who have seen their savings being wieptd out. sowiped out. so why did so many get into
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buying stocks. >> there are a couple of arenas fauziah. there are not that many places, mechanisms for growing middle class to invest their money. i actually spoke to one of them, who said what am i to do put it into banks where the interest rates are low or put it into a booming stock market, we saw a 150% increase from year to year and then it slid. those who trade stocks are not professionals, they're individual investors. that's unlike any other market in the world. in the united states, individual investors are less than half. here it's 85%. it's 90 million people out there investing and that's because i think this gentleman i soak with is a very good example. there is no other way. if you want to invest your money and make it grow the stock market until a couple of weeks
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ago was the best place to put it fauziah. >> scott is there much anger towards government? since the government had encouraged the citizens to buy the stocks to boost the national economy in the first place. >> reporter: absolutely. i spoke to the economist about it he characterized it as propaganda to encourage eem to invest in the market. some people i've spoken to there's not a lot of anger at the government right now because this hasn't ended yet. we don't know how it's ended. how this is going to end this volatility we've soon over the last three plus weeks they're not sure exactly how angry they need to be with the government. one that came out on thursday is they're easing, they've asked the insurance companies to ease the paying back to buy stocks.
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the government is easing the debt of those investing in the market. the government should take a step back, and those who have invested they're asking the government to be more involved, the government in general we'll have to wait and see how this happens and if it does end any time soon. >> thank you, scott heidler on the inside chinese stock drop. a null bailout deal, prime minister alexis tsipras says he plans to submit credible budget reform planned later on thursday thursday. the continuing turmoil in the greek economy is being felt by businesses across the country. hnldhoda abdel hamid on one
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community that's starting to suffer. >> reporter: it's a post card image of grease, but there's no question about the amount of trouble it's facing. >> now i don't know if i can continue starting a fishing business is madness but i natured it andnaturethey're in they're ininheritit for my family. >> the most important fishing force in the country a recognition difficult to understand these days. normally this market would be being buzzing with greek people coming here to get fresh produce. half of the shops have closed down and the fish mongers say they have sold about 60% less
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than they did before. and since the banks closed, there is nearly no one here. >> the last three four days, that's when nearly no one came and i'm very sad. >> it has become a you luxury, he lostluxury.he lost his work three weeks ago and at 60 wonders if he will ever be hired again. >> i used to fish several days, and now it's all changed. >> her reputation went beyond the village. empty tables are the new normal these days. >> i wake up in the morning wondering how many people will
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come. sometimes it's so difficult i now take antidepressants and the eu won't take our dignity away. >> the final word for greece is sunday. they say the country will come out of the slump but when, they don't know. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera greece. foouters have to prove that they genuinely want lasting peace, the two sides have been holding talks in havana since 12. baltimore anticipates police commissioner has been fired. freddy gray died in april
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suffered by injuries gotten in police custody. investigations says there was lack of riot gear and appropriate training. the legislators of south carolina have decided to remove the confederate flag from the capital after a shooting in charleston in june. pope francis was met by president ivo morales. virginia lopez has more. >> pope francis was greeted by a
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flurry. 30 be languages are spoken but despite this it's primary catholic. he is going to be visiting and people are going to be camping out for two or three days to hear hi message. he is giving a mass tomorrow and more than 2 million are expected to attend. blifians feel his visit will help renew the country's faith and also a return to more simple and basic values that have been lost with a wave of consumerism. >> thailand has introduced new fishing laws to make it illegal for unregistered trawlers to fish in international waters. forced the thai government to act. on the gulf of thailand. >> reporter: they're lined up and there's no sign they will be
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moving. unregistered fish boats and those who own them are shore bound. all these fishermen can do for the moment is man their nets. docks here in central thiestled that would have received tons of fish stocks are now abandoned. fishermen have not worked for weeks. authorities are cracking down after pressure from european union for illegal and unregistered fishing. could cost the thai industry up to $8 billion. the name police is in charge of making sure the rules are followed. here they register fishing trawlers, their owners have to seek clearance before going out to sea. >> translator: most are abiding by the new registration. we're proalg and at patrolling. when we catch them we'll arrest
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them. >> fishermen are bringing back small err hauls which means less fish for the consumer. rise in fist prices in the domestic market. for businesses like this one the price increase is inevitable. but its effect on the public will be graduate. one be has been a manager at this restaurant for over a year. she's noticed the increase in prices but has been reluctant to pass it on to her customers. >> it depends on the situation if it gets higher we eventually have to increase price about. >> customers are aware that the prices will change. >> i've already seen the increase in spending within my own family. we might have to find other options such as produce or chicken. >> there has been a steady but
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slow increase in prices. some varieties of fish like mackerel are barrel making it to shore. 4,000 boats are affected. many here say for industry to survive these measures have to be in place or scenes like this may soon become this. and thailand's staple food may not be around for too much longer. sahil raman, al jazeera thailand. major source of jobs and revenue, dairy farmers say the government is not helping to develop the industry. yvonne ndege looks at the problems farmers are facing in getting their products onto shelves. >> cows are a major source of meat in nigeria but their milk
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is not making it to the store shelves. yakuba produce he rudimentary methods to produce yogurt. the farm only produces 1,000 small containers of yogurt a day. and there are other problems as well. >> translator: we face the problem of having very bad roads and vaccines for the cattle we really need but they are expensive and animal needs we need that too. >> reporter: the yogurt is packaged at a facility two hours away workers use hand held methods because of a lack of machinery. if they were given the right support from the government they could overcome these problems. >> the government acknowledge it's the government focused the
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attention solely on the petroleum. >> nigerians spend millions of dollars a year buying imported products. the problems affecting the dairy industry in kaduna state are similar to cotton and ginger produced here too. lack of constant 11 and storage fasts which maicts it incredibly be owners -- makes it incredibly difficult to bring products to market. >> establishment of going forward, by time we establish the ranches milk production will become integrated, at the time become scientific. as we ramp up our production.
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>> dairy workers at jamil say government must help workers to create the right investment. yvonne ndege be al jazeera nigeria. >> you can all get the latest on our website. >> every year, the u.s. imports more and more produce - fresh fruits and vegetables - from mexico. and every year, wages have stayed the same for the people that harvest that produce - sometimes the last people to touch the fruit bought by u.s. consumers. but after years of long, hot days and stagnant pay, workers left the fields and took to the streets to demand better working conditions - and a living wage. the response from the government was swift - and