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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

1:00 pm ♪ ♪. >> a reprieve the u.n. confirms the humanitarian troops will begin in yemen on friday. >> . >> good to have you along. you watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, the final push for the final deal on iran's nuclear program. negotiators continue their discussions in vienna, but the clock is ticking we are expecting john kerry to talk very soon. to syria, a milestone in the conflict there and an
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estimated 4 million people have now crossed the border to three the war. and the victory for civil rights groups the confederate flag is to be lowered for good on south carolina's capitol building. starting with developing news a humanitarian truce will go to truce on friday, there according to the united nations, this is meant to allow for urgently needed aid to reach civilians. the u.n. says more than 80% of the 25 million people are in need of some form of emergency aid. the truce goes into effect 2359 local time on friday. and will last until the end of ramadan on july the 17th. entered the possible truce while preparing to leave the capitol, he has been holding
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talks with officials from yemen's government in exile and houthis rebels talks trying to end more than three months of fighting which have left more than 3,000 people dead. the announcement from the united nations envoy let's go to new york and the u.n. building waiting what more details can you give us? have you been told apply to this cease fire. >> welt, they are describing this as an unconditional cease fire and that terminology is significant because we know just yesterday, the president of yemen sent a letter the secretary general, asking for a cease fire that was based on nine terms or condition which is included the withdrawal of forces from adan and some other locations, and the return of some political prisoners and other items as well. be uh the u.n. is very specific, in saying that this is an unconditional cease fire when i asked the spokesperson for the secretary general about these other terms he said that there are still
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confidence building measures that need to take place moving forward, confidence building measures sump as a prisoner exchange, that have yet to be detailed, but clearly the u.n. thought the situation was so dire and so urgent, they are leaning heavily on all sides in this conflict and they were able to get an agreement to at least stop fighting as of friday just one minute before midnight, local time until the end of ramadan, and other than the timeframe there appears to be no specific conditions attached to the cease fire. >> thank you very much, i think we have reaction from somebody about what is happening in yemen, back to you in just a moment, after we hear this. >> the secretary general has received assurance from the houthis, the general people's congress, and other parties that the pause will be fully respected and that they there will be no violations from any comment combatants.
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the secretary general looks forward to the commitments of all parties to the conflict, to an unconditional humanitarian pause, to start on friday, 10th of july, and 2359 g.m.t. plus 3. until the end of ramadan. >> kristen as we understand it, that is the spokesman for the secretary general of the united nations confirming that this will or rather should start at midnight on friday. it is obviously going to mean there's less danger on the ground, but the most important fight is to get help to those people who have suffered through three months of terrible fighting and bombings as well, how will that happen. >> well before the three months of conflict, there is also shortage of food, a great deal of poverty and many people reliant on international aid, that
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situation has only gotten worse, the spokesperson has said that aid agencies are poised to move in, they are planning to stock pile enough people to feet 2.1 million people for a month, so we are talking about a major operation that is getting ready to launch here. 21 million people in need of aid. 21% of the population is on the brink of famine. clearly behind the scenes they have been preparing the ever this moment, and they are ready to go on, not only is the cease fire important for the civilians but also for the humanitarian worker thats will be entering a very tense situation to go in and try to deliver some much needed relief, not only food but medical supplies as well. the healthcare is shot, and there's a concern about resurgence of diseases and so forth, a lot of work ahead
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under very precarious situation. >> kristen we thank you. >> foreign ministers still having talks to try to finalize a deal about iran as nuclear program, they are attempting to iron out remaining issues and security agreement by friday, so that the document can be presented to the u.s. congress, let's take a look at and scene in vienna. outside the building where those talks are taking place. we are didn'ting u.s. secretary of state to come to that microphone to make a few comments. the crowd gathering on the right hand side, and among them my colleague who has been following these talks and now we are expecting anything concrete, because time is ticking and what are we talking about friday was
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set to be the deadline, will it be extended. >> no, i don't think they will make that deadline. if it goes beyond midnight at washington, d.c. time, and that is looking very likely. the secretary of state john kerry, we can listen to though in the next few minutes but we have already heard from the french foreign minister who has been speaking to reporters just a couple of moments ago and he said we are staying to work tonight and tomorrow. and he described these as marathon negotiations. now we also had a comment from the iranian side as well. has put out his side of things using twitter as he often does, and this is the tweet, we are working hard but not rushed to get the job done mark my words you can't
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change horsing in the middle of a stream. so a rather unusual proverb to decode there. as we wait for john kerry to come out here, but as i say they will keep working and talking later on tonight but i think most of the expectation that they can get a deal before that midnight congressional deadline i think it is probably unlikely now, and i think the talking will continue, another indication to much more on this is other foreign ministers arriving because they are not all here, and certainly we know that the russian foreign minister who has a report earlier on, is pretty optimistic about the situation, he made it clear he wanted to come back for the end game, he is currently at a summit in russia. so it would take him a little bit of time, that is the key thing to watch when you hear that mr. lavrov is on the plane on his way to vienna, that means with reclose, be
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uh so far, there are still problems remaining, there are still hurdles and some issues that they have to resolve we have not been given any details on the substance and exactly what the problems are, and i suspect as throughout this process we won't get any details when we hear from the u.s. secretary of state. >> we will be back with you and with john kerry james for now, thank you very much. that's the picture of out of vienna now to israel, it says two of it's people are being held in the gaza strip at least one of them by hamas. he is believed to have crossed the border fence into the gaza strip last year, israeli sources he is being held against his willie hamas, hamas says it knows nothing about this. paul brennen reports in israel. >> there were chaotic scene as as the media arrived on
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mas. the parents and brother appeared shocked by the jostling and shouting the missing man's mother was visibly upset. when a degree of calm was restored it fell to the brothers to read from a prepares statement. >> we are talking about a humanitarian case, pause my brother is not well, i ask the government of israel to do it's upmost to bring back my brother safe, i also ask the international community to intervene, and put pressures to release my brother, i also call on hamas to consider my brother's condition and to release him. >> he was seen at the border fence alone, and disappearing into the territory. why he did it, no one knows. but he was apparently acting of his own free will. ten months later it is not clear whether he is still there. israel accuse has mas. of holding him captive, hamas denies that.
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>> we are here to support the family there's no reason people can't show up for their support. the israeli government should answer questions and to the citizens of israel, we hope to get more information and details. >> and it's been revealed that a second israeli arab is missing in gaza. >> the circumstances of the disappearance are very different indeed, from that of the abduction back in 2006, but nonetheless, i think it present as real headache for the israeli government and indeed for hamas too. coming as it does on the first anniversary of the start of the gaza war and indeed at a time when hamas and israel appears to be entering a period of genuine calm. >> who had been filmed
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beating a your formed israeli soldier. some question whether the disappearance would have been treated differently if he had been a white israeli but for the moment the mood is calm. al jazeera reached out to senior hamas spokesman and asked him whether hamas is holding either one or both of these israeli citizens. the answer to that was and i quote, no comment. still, in the background of that, of course, is one year, since israel began it's 50 day bombardment of the gaza strip, that of course has been marked here in gaza by a ceremony including the unveiling of a monument, in this center of gaza city.
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now this monument is of a fairly large replica of a tank with a clenched fist rising out of it. now in the hands of that fist, are hanging three dog tags or military i.d. tags. one of them bears the name of an israeli soldier believed to have been killed during that conflict, but whose remains are believed to be still here in gaza. but the other two dog tags their own question marks leaving many here to speculate that they represent those two missing israeli citizens. we are live in vienna once again, at the beginning of this program that the talks with the world powers the p five plus 1 pep innocent members of the council plus germany, about what is happened with iran's nuclear
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program, will be lifts of sanctions possibly in return for assurances from iran, checkable assurances that it has scaled back any idea it has of advancing it's nuclear program could be about to be announced but unlikely at the moment although both sides say they are close, it is understood that there is still major differences we are looking at picture -- now we are expecting john kerry to come out of those doors presumably still on his crutches after hurting his leg not so very long ago we will fill the time by bringing in our diplomatic editor, you will know when it is time to stop talking because it is close to where you are standing at the moment, so tell us what the stumbling blocks appear to be. >> we will hear all the
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camera flashes. yeah, there are the same stumbling blocks that have been around for some days now, as they try to get a deal. at 1 point recently, the russian foreign minister said he saw there were eight summabling blocks what we are hearing a short time ago from the fink foreign minister is further progress has been made, in the talks in the last few hours where they are right now who is making his way to the podium. a deadline which we understand may well have to be extended in the life of continuing difficulties i
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know and in fact all of us involved in this know that this has been a very difficult couple of weeks for the many journalists who are here in vienna with us. but let me assure you we would not be here continuing to negotiate just for the sake of negotiating. we are here, because we believe we are making real progress toward a comprehensive deal. but as i have said many times, and as i discussed with president obama last night, we are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever. we also recognize that we shouldn't get up and leave simply because of the clock strikes midnight.
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we will not rush, and we will not be rushed. and we won't let ourselves with rushed through any aspect of this. all that we are focused on is the quality of the agreement. and that is what will continue to define our work. we are able to reach a deal, it has to be one that can with stand the test of time. does not a test of the matter of days or weeks of months it is a test for decades. despite all of the progress that we have made, and it is real. some of the issues remain unresolved. we know that difficult decisions don't become easier over time.
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one way orb the other those must be taken very soon, that is why all of our delegations remain hard at work, and it is why a number of my counter parts returned last night and are here right now so we can continue to push through on the tough issues and see whether or not the good deal that we have been working the ever so hard is possible to achieve. that's what we are working on, and that's what we will continue to work on. thank you all very much. i just said this is not open ended, president obama made it very clear to me last night, you can't wait forever for the decision to be made, we know that, if the tough decisions don't get made, we are prepared to call an end to this process. thank you all very very much. thank you. well, thank you all very much, appreciate it.
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thanks. well, that's it there the u.s. secretary of state taking a few questions as he goes. thankingthanking the correspondence there, for wishing him well. after damaging his leg thanking for his endurance. james bays he didn't say anything we didn't know, other than the fact that he had a chat with the president, and said we can't wait forever but we will for the time being. >> absolutely. john kerry answering a few questions but not really giving a lot away. he has to answer questions at the moment, he can't walk away from the press because he is on those crushes worth noting that was a bicycle
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injury while he was one stage of these talks it was an injury sustained while doing these long negotiations and taking a break they can't wait forever, but they are waiting for now was the message. and other foreign ministers will be staying. we also heard from the french foreign minister, he described it as marathon negotiations and also tell you what the iranians have to say but the foreign minister who has been here with john kerry, neither man and there's so much going on in the world. neither has left the city except for one very brief visit. he said we are working hard, but not rushed to get the job done. mark myrd whos you can't
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change forces in the middle of a stream. it is worth reare minding you, that they didn't think today's deadline was important, they thought it was more important to get a good deal, it wasn't a deadline that had been agreed with the iranian delegation. a quick reminder that was today. the end of the day congressional leng sleighs because after you get a deal here, it has go to the u.s. congress, by today the 9th if they have a deal, they have 30 days congress would scrutinize all of this, beyond the night and we are definitely going beyond the 9th now, 60 days so congress gets two months rather than one to look into all of this it has tock a deal to last for decades said john kerry thank you very much reporting from those talks. returning to another story that we are developing we are monitoring a developing story, u.n. announcing an unconditional cease fire in
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yemen, which should go into force on friday, and last until the end of ramadan which is thought to be july the 17th, this is the cease fire to allow for the delivery of urgent aid for those civilian whose are very much indeed. adam with me visiting fellow european council focusing on yemen's affairs this has been some days in the making. they have been talking does this lead us to some kind of general end of hostilities or is this only temporary? >> i think it is too soon to say at this point. it is important to remember, i don't know if you remember the geneva talk as few weeks ago, one of the main goals of these talks was supposed to be to broker a cease fire. at this point, 1 week is left in ramadan. so obviously, it is taken longer than people thought to reach this point, that being said, i think you have had talks going on from a number of key factions and people are talking to each other at this point.
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the u.n. envoy has been taking a leading role, in sort of bringing at least relaying messages so there is decent hope this will be the foundation for a new how important is it for this cease fire to come into effect? that the houthis what the other side is say is a condition for this. >> it does not apply to this. >> we are told that this is an unconditional cease fire. that being said, there's a possible that this is going to be a first step in a series of steps that will lead to some sort of end of hostilities. it remain tuesday soon to say, a lot owith will depend on how this goes whether both sides honor the temples. >> i think the difference is
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the previous fire was unilateral, this one has followed a lot of negotiations on different sides and when i have spoken to diplomates there's been a lot of concerns about repeating the concerns. so i think what people are hoping for now is this cease fire will be different and will lead the way to some sort of deal. >> we are told this is not just so there will be some end to the fighting or temporarily, but to allow humanitarian aid which is very much needed we will be talking about just medicine, but also food, and water, in fact, everything that is needed to sustain normal human life. >> yes then is a country that imports 90%. a key to returning yemen to normalcy, to ending this on going crisis. is for normal trade to
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resume. forble commercial trade, so i don't think it isn't just about aid, getting aid into the country, and especially in conflicted areas is key. when you are talking about returning even assemblance of normal life, commercial trade has to return at least to some semblance of normal, or else you will continue to be seeing this. >> adam, thank you very much indeed. exactly who will be there on the ground to monitor this, we don't know, but we are looking at a cease fire, a temporary one from the fighting, thank you. >> greek ministers have been putting in the extra hours as the government there races to try and sort out a tough package of tax rises with pension reforms. they arrived for the cabinet meeting in athens deadline looming for a detailed reform proposal, in other words proposals in terms for a third bail out this every to pull it all together by friday morning. taliban says it has not been
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enganged in talks with the afghan government. the meeting was portrayed by local media in the foreign ministry as the first official discussions between the taliban and afghan officials. but the political office says those at the meeting were relatives of taliban members and not official representatives. united nations now says the number of people who have had to leave syria is now over 4 million. the biggest population turkey, more than 1.8 million there, accounting for 45% of the refugees. lebanon much smaller country taking a vast number there 1.2 million. and to jordan 600,000 there many of them living below the poverty line and nearly a quarter of a million in iraq, add to all of that more than 156,000 syrians in north africa, most of them having there ed to egypt, and on top of the 4 million in that region, there are also
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270,000 syrian asylum seekers across europe. our correspondent, who went to the refugee camp in jordan. 4 million and counting. refugees in jordan didn't think the conflict in syria would last this long or force this many people out of their country. one and of the camps oldest residents, he says 2.5 years later he is finally add justing to life as a refugee. but had this reaction when we told him the number of refugees in the region, had reached 4 million. >> this is a disaster, it means the entire population will eventually be displaced. this makes me feel our conflict will drag on for years and then a return are to syria is impossible. >> from the camps oldest residents to it's newest arrivals they have lived in the camp before deciding to survive on his own. in the jordanian border town.
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but he returned to the camp two months ago. >> i left the camp because my children can survive the scorching heat of the summer. it was so expense i refugees have to pay for a lot of services outside the camp, so i was forced to return. >> when asked what they want from the international community, many of the refugees want an end to the carnage in syria. the united nations has called the syrian refugee. >> who have been forced to leave for neighboring countries like jordan. and according to aid agencies there is no sign of when these refugees will be able to return home. the u.n. says the international community has been generous, but the syrian crisis is so big that donors are thinking about how funding can be sustained as the conflict continues.
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already, this year, people have less access to services there already agencies cuttings back on the systems it is push everring them back to the camp which is are funded entirely by the international community, question are pushing them even to return to syria. and when you have families telling you i am going back, because i can't earn a living here, and that they would prefer to live in a war zone, you know just how desperate they are. the u.n. refugee agency says around 80% of syrian refugees are living below the poverty line. another 70% are sending their children out to beg and are own ganging in illegal work, many say this is a sign of how desperate people have become. al jazeera camp. >> now to bosnia, a mark of respect for nearly identified victims of the genocide these trucks carrying the coffins of 136 people, 18 of them under the age of 16.
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whose remains were identified by d.n.a. a short while ago. on the 20th anniversary this week which left 8,000 muslim men and boys dead. more on this ♪ we are here because we believe we are making real progress toward a comprehensive deal. >> getting closer to the deadline secretary of state john kerry gives an update on negotiations to make a deal on iran's nuclear program. the flag is coming down after 50 years and is google sexist and men shown better paying jobs