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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> as the greek leader seeks support for a make or break accident deal, we meet the workers saving their factory from debt ruin. hello there i'm barbara serra you're watching al jazeera from london. hours before yemen's warring sides are due to observe a truce truce, opponents clash. hollywood mourns the death of egyptian born film icon omar
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sharif. hello there, thank you or the joining us. greek prime minister alexis tsipras is putting his political survival on the line, asking for a last minute help to save greece from financial collapse. many demands from its international creditors, higher taxes and a clamp down on tax evasion. athens says it will seek higher health contributions from pensioners. selling off shares in a major telecommunications company and privatize two sea ports cutting money from the military budget for next year. john siropolous, from athens, how different is the deal on the table now to what the greeks rejected not that long ago?
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>> reporter: hello barbara. as we have been saying, this is deal the greeks rejected a week ago but now it's being put to parliament rather than to a popular vote. why is the prime minister able to do this? partly because he feels it's the only way to keep greece in the eurozone, but by a three year commitment he can get more money for greece's public financing needs. the $53 billion euros roughly that the international monetary fund that the european union minister think he will need, and a longer period of time over which greece will repay its customers, they haven't been sustainable because the accident can not be realistically be paid back within the time period foreseen by them. this of course is strongly owned by 800 number any and
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mr. schaeuble is going to have a different view than the greek one. the fact that greece needs a longer repayment period and of course mr. tsipras the prime minister here also wants to bring the $35 billion euro investment package but he does face fierce resistance from parts of parliament, golden dawn and within his own syriza party five or six mps of which strongly oppose doing this about-turn and going back to brussels with a preapproved austerity package the greek people are turned down by 61%. what we want to do is start the process of taking greece out of the eurozone, nationalize the banks and institute our own policy of rescuing the economy and alleviating humanitarian pain which has come about as a result of the recession which again, it believes has come
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about as a result of augmentation tairt. thereof austerity. the river which is sort of a center right party backing the government's proposal to vote yes, they have the majority. >> john siropolous with the latest from athens, john, thank you. one of the major ports facing privatization is thesalloniki. hoda abdel hamid went and met some work cxtbreak have managed to turn things around. >> reporter: it is a model of self organization. a factory that was dooms if it wasn't for the ingenuity of its workers. and so it went from producing building materials like grout and acrylics to making environmentally friendly soaps and cleaning products.
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>> translator: we were working with a lot of chemicals before so we decided to change. we wanted to produce something that is chief and affordable for the people. >> sold in many european companies, with a label proudly stating, made by workers who refuse to fall into unemployment and depression. they had effectively lost their jobs even though not officially fired. what is happening here is very telling what went wrong in greece a fine line between personal business and official business. money from here was injected there and then within weeks from each other they both shut down. it was a shock for dimitri. he came to work one morning only to find the doors locked and management gone. >> translator: of course it was a surprise, we were still working. the boss knew what was lapping and she planned and took all the
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money and left us without paying us. we are learning less but we don't have bosses anymore. >> reporter: decisions are now taken collectively. alexis doesn't want to be asked about management anymore. >> translator: cut this word out of your question. it's a business and we have to learn. but no one takes a decision alone. we don't have bosses. we are all equals. >> reporter: many factories have shut down in greece since the crisis began. biome is the only one still operating, the rest is more or less an industrial waste land. the workers first learned to make soap on the internet. a fresh start that saved their factory from becoming part of the many ruins of modern greece. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera thesalloniki.
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>> police in the somali capital believe that at least seven people are dead after an attack in mogadishu. a suicide car bomb went off in hotels, near the center of city, gunmen then entered a separate entrance. we're joined from doha from hame hamed. >> barbara the situation at these hotels are now under control. moments before somali's interior minister said seven attackers were killed during this incident. this incident happened when citizens were sitting down to break their fast. some lawmakers breaking their
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fast in this hotel. it is a popular place also for local residents. what we know al shabaab promised to up the number of attacks they carry out in the somali capital during the holy month of ramadan. as people were sitting down, it was to loud explosions, soon after there was a heavy against gun fire between the security edwards of these hotels and be al shabaab. this comes at a time whether the somali government has stepped up patrols, arresting anyone they figure is a sympathizer or member of the party. >> increasing attacks during the modify ramadan. what about the rest of somalia? what has al shabaab's position? they have been retaking territory haven't they? >> i was there just before the
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start of ramadan when the group released a statement promising to up the number of attacks not just in this area but accreditation the country. the group retook those stands and now it seems like they are testing the services in the somali capital. we have seen more than 20 assassinations linked to gunmen linked to al shabaab. we don't know if this is just an increase of attacks during the holy month of ramadan which is a pattern we've seen before, in the splali capital and the rest of somali, but if this is increases in the somali capital. only that, time will tell. >> hamed, thank you.
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a humanitarian truce is said to come under way in yemen in just two hours. vital aid supplies need to reach the estimated 21 million people who need help. natasha guinane reports. >> reporter: with the clock ticking for a humanitarian truce to begin smoke filled the skies above many cities in yemen. in ta'izz, pro-government fighters say they pushed back an attack by the bl rebel hieghts. rebels. people certainly have their opinions about the u.n. brokered truce expected to begin at midnight friday and last one week. the end of islam's holy month of ramadan. >> we don't need the truce. it means we are just going to start a new war. but we want to end this war with the two sides.
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>> i don't like this kind of truce because we have been under the congregation of the saudi coalition. >> according to the u.n. 21 million yemsist are yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid. this one week of calm will pave osafer path to those who are in need, just as the past one did. >> transportation will be a little bit better from before, we will be able to deliver the aid to some cities that have be serious conflicts. >> reporter: but one week won't be enough time to begin tackling this humanitarian crisis. that's why many are hoping this truce becomes permanent. natasha guinane, al jazeera. and the saudi air strikes
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have been carried out over the yemeni capital sanaa. saudi coalition has been striking since march. >> first of all, before the coalition agrees to any terms of the hoourmtd truce we ask the u.n. to ensure hooghts agree with the truce and stick to it. without these two terms the truce cannot last and they cannot be won in the first place. >> lots more on the program. people die during a stampede in bangladesh over a charity handout.
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>> a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. greece's prime minister alexis tsipras has appealed to his party's mps to get a bailout deal from the country's creditors. police in the smali somali capital mogadishu, say that suicide bombers have hit hotels in that city. more air strikes just before a u.n. brokered ceasefire went
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into effect in yemen. negotiators give themselves another deadline extension talks are likely to extend into the weekend. as diplomatic editor james bays explains. >> trying to deal with the final last sticking point which are stopping for now a deal taking place. those meetings took place between the iranian foreign minister mohammed javad zarif also john kerry and frederica mogherini. at the end of that meeting we did not get a proper readout of what was discussed or what was achieved but we did see form minister zarif come onto his balcony. reporters shouted questions will we get a deal today? he said that won't be likely.
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will we be here over the weekend, he said yes that was probably likely. this is the day of yet another deadline. the interim deal with iran is supposed to expires so expire. that is likely to be extended again. >> four fighters from the lebanese group hezbollah have been killed, in zebadani near the border of lebanon. syrian government forces and allied rebel forces try ocut off a key supply line. air strikes have also killed more than 10 civilians. the u.s. has asked the u.n. to identify those responsible for chemical weapons attacks in syria. bringing the perpetrators before an international court.
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syria said it would destroy all of its chemical weapons in 2013 and denies using them. mostly women and children have died at a charity gathering, after a stampede. 70 miles north of the exam latest now from daca. da cakdacca. >> this began after a charity event around this individual's factory. when he opened the factory many people rushed around the factory gate resulting in the stampede. tobacco company owners, did not much notify the thortsd heat of
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time. incident of this kind are common. this is not first time in bangladesh where people died during such event. unless the authorities come up with proper regulation and enforce this, we'll continue the see these sort of track disdown is road. atyphoon chenhom hit parts of taiwan on saturday and hundreds were injured as the typhoon traveled over the islands. as sahil raman reports. >> from the air the problem is
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plain to see. hundreds of square kilometers of agricultural land is drying up across thailand. it's bet many less, feetion that should be completeful with rice are twrablght cli dry and nationwide the corroborate is near to being called a failure. people are trying to get it to rain by spraying chemicals sprayed from the sky. >> reporter: >> translator: not only the central region is suffering from a drought. >> so little rain has fallen since last year when be irrigation channels can't help. visitors are worried about
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storehouse he of water. >> government officials in bangkok are explaining about what solutions they have. >> other government bodies couple army and local administration to help people with. this is to make chush everybody has are rain in daily use puss. other countries such as tif juan and if north and south korea have all been experiencing their own differing levels of trout. rains are not be patricked in the the rides of havepicked up. >>
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greetinmates one by one, pope francis clasping their hands and kissing children. announcing corruption in the legal system but as virginia lopez reports the catholic church's influence has been dwindling behind bars. >> prisons in bolivia are notorious four being yore crowded and under the effective control of the in the. utd thil housings 350 people in a size designed for one 50. for many years the catholic clump as well as the state have tried too make life more bearable. but this is no longer the case. >> translator: the church is no longer bringing the activities that it brings to but only coming on a few occasions to giver mass.
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they especially need that spiritual support. >> two years ago that need was underlined at the prison pickup 34 people would.inmates also seem to feel that spiritual guidance is lack, the gap that the evangelicals. >> you can see it filled with people frequently. >> i no longer feel a pris then neerch i the am here. i freed myself of guilt and that's thanks to the him
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scriptures. >> the we treed. retreat traditionally belong to the catholic church, especially jails here in bolivia. their inspirational message but also their constant presence in catholic churs. >> we no longer have that ul imums we could get from or the neighborhood block. >> pope francis's prison visit during his trip to bolivia is being seen by many here as a signal to his fellow jesuit priests like he often says, somewhere it feeds to be a poor service at the service of the poor.
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virginia lopez, al jazeera,. >> white army, largely civilian army that has been, upper nile state and has this exclusive report. >> reporter: in times of trouble it is young men who are called to the front line to help fight rival trieks tribes and the government since conflict happened one and a half years ago. they call thex the he feels once he getz better he will run. imnot afraid. >> he to the his wife he and many others will not be officially join the rinse moneythere.
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>> be we stand in military formations and wait for orders. >> community leaders like this elders in the vij. >> when we are going to war no one helps us. is because we do all we can. when we kill the enemy we take their gun and we go on taking their guns until we defeet that or they edit feet they defetus. >> the dinkaa are they are fighting who they think e-claim are tim about e-the can uj and they won't stop until everyone is safe. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the militia has also been accused of human rights abuses. rebel commanders here say they are trying to integrate the
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sirchtspeople. these men are clear on their mission. they say they're fighting their enemy and won't stop nlg there is a clear winner on the battlefield. catherine soy, al jazeera in upper nile state. let's go to new york now where thousands of people have welcomed the winners of fifa's women's world cup. the u.s. team beat japan 5-2. gc-8 reel ellis was at the parade. >> of tense of thousands of fangs, cheering in new york. trying to get a glimpse. this is the first time ever that the cities has hosed a par
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eighth like this for a spoarntsz teem that is not made up you weapon the yankees the basketballbaseballteam there's certainly huge disparities between men's and women's football and around the world, the men make much more money than the women however this last world cup could have been a real break through here. the final game between the u.s. and japan saw as many viewers as the final of the men's world cup in braise ill last were. so the enthusiasm is huge, country is going crazy. this is a coming-out party for women's football in the u.s. >> well done then. the actor omar sharif has decide at the age of 83. neave barker looks back at sharif's career.
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>> a regular on the red carpet, omar sharif's be career spanned several decades. he was born omar shaloub. his meteoric rise came in 1962 through lawrence of arabia. through which he will would have be won a host of awards including a golden globe. three years later sharif won a further golden globe with the title role of dr. zhivago. continued to work into old age his latest interview was in 2013. >> i was a shy boy i enjoyed being shy because and working in acting
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because i could be someone else. >> his agent says he died of a heart attack in a hospital in cairo.