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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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this is world news from al jazeera. coming up in the next half hour. the humanitarian truce in yemen. the saudi coalition said that it did not get an official request to start the campaign.
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and suffering on the streets of somalia we meet the children who have nowhere to call home. >> thousands have gathered in bosnia to honor the victims of the srebrenica. it was in 1959 when bosnian forces killed more than 8,000 men and boys in the enclave of srebrenica. two courts have called the act as genocide but decades later there is still debate over that description. >> the commemoration of the srebrenica massacre happen every
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year. there has been a reopening of the question of how to talk about what happened there has been a resolution at the table of the united nations security council that was vetoed by russia saying that a reconciliation. and for people here it's something that they want to see happen very quickly. the people invited to give a speech here was head of the war crimes tribunal in the hague and he made it clear where he stands on the issue. >> the genocide of srebrenica was a plan designed at the highest leadership levels. we have repeatedly proved beyond
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a reasonable doubt. denying that srebrenica was a genocide denies the decision of two high courts. >> well, srebrenica now lies in the serb entity the prime minister of serbia did come. one local woman who lost many male members of her family, and there were kind words exchanged between them, but at some point there was a small section of the crowd which did turn against him, and he was chased away. it just gives you some idea of how angry people are that people continue to lobby against international recognition of srebrenica and what happened
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here as a genocide. there are many families still searching for their loved one's remains. there are mass graves still being found. there are remains still in many places and it may be years before everyone has a chance to bury their loved ones. >> the saudi government said that it was not officially told the supposed week-long truce was to begin. there has also been fighting on the ground. >> medicines are fighting out. and areas have been cut off for weeks. aid agencies warn that the humanitarian aid doesn't go through over 6 million people could face famine.
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>> they are not able to get food assistance. many do not know where their next meal will come from. the situation could move into a much more difficult scenario. >> this is the city of taiz. they have been battling houthi fighters. they need >> we don't have much hope for the truce to succeed. it's based on experience with the previous troops. that's why we don't think it will hold this time. because it's success is conditional on this regime and their mercenaries. >> and the saudi-led coalition said that they have little reason to hold fire. >> first of all before the coalition agrees to any terms of the humanitarian truce we ask the u.n. to be sure that houthis verbally agree to the truce and
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stick to it. secondly, we need to know what mechanisms will be in place to insure that the truce will not be broken. without these two terms there cannot be one in the first place. >> in the hours leading up to the truce, both sides express an equal lack of trust. but it has happened before, and many expect the cease-fire to take place with some violations. >> on the streets of yemen some people showed cautious optimism and a strong desire for peace. >> we ask the international community for this truce to last longer. all yemenis are afraid that the truce will not be respected by people on either side. >> a desperate 21 yemenis hope of getting some help. a hope that hinges on the possibility of a fragile truce.
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al jazeera. >> at least 17 people, including two policemen have been killed in an explosion in the capital. chad. the blast went off in one of city's markets. last week there were two blasts. linked to boko haram. an israeli drone has crashed in lebanon for the second time in three weeks. fishermen are reporting that they have seen the aircraft plunge into the sea. israel however are refuseing to comment. the burundi presidential election has been moved to july 21st. the controversial poll was meant to take place next wednesday. african leaders are pushing for a delay after the president's bid for a third term triggered violent protests. the typhoon has made landfall in china. the national weather bureau said it may be the most powerful
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typhoon to hit the area in more than 60 years. the storm is bringing winds up to 173 kilometers an hour. a memorial service has been held for the passengers and crews of the malaysian aircraft shot down over ukraine 12 months ago. the grieving demand to know who shot down the airliner. >> the emotions emotions are still raw. the plane went down in eastern ecrane last year. in kuala lumpur the prime minister tried to bring comfort to the families of victims. >> closure is absolutely vital so all the next of kin can continue with their lives. therefore, the ultimate action of finding who were responsible and bringing them to justice
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must be carried out. >> the plane was flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it went down killing all passengers and crew. many accuse the russian-backed fighters firing at the aircraft, a claim rejected by moscow. even now friends and families of victims are looking for answers. roger lost a close friend who worked as head steward. he said that he was like an older brother and he still can't accept his death. >> there is no justice. what we want to know whose fault is it? we want this--for him to have peace. >> the results of a dutch-led investigation are due to be
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released in october but many countries are already calling for an u.n. tribunal to prosecute those responsible. russia has dismissed the proposal. >> justice in terms of people going to jail for this or facing some kind of a legal sentence, i i don't think so. i don't think so. there is so much really fraught politics involved in this. >> in malaysia, as families try to come to terms with their loss there is little to console them. despite a year-long investigation the families of victims still don't know how or why their relatives died. all they can do is wait and hope for justice. karishma yas. al jazeera kuala lumpur poor.
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>> greece and e.u. are there to make more progress. but some are concerned about the pension reform and tax rises. economic problems in greece has led to many young population to leave and look for employment elsewhere. >> the greek language newspaper in melbourne. until a year ago she liveed in greece editing online magazines but her life there was not good. when advertisers stopped paying their bills she knew they had to leave. >> i miss greece, but i had to survive. i'm one of the lucky once because i'm an australian citizen. my mom is australian, so i could come here and get a job. >> the greek exodus down under
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has a precedence. after the second world war nearly 200,000 greek migrants bought a ticket for a ship to australia. melbourne was soon home to more greeks than all but two cities in greece. in the 1970s the trend reversed. tens of thousands who were by then dual citizens returned home often with children. the collapse of the greek economy has led a change in the direction of migration again. more than 10,000 thought to have left greece for australia in the past five years. >> the biggest problem for greece in my opinion the people who are productive, young educated, and in the right age to create the conditions for the country to go forward are not there to help that system. >> it's not just young people. two years ago this man left not only thinks job but wife and
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three children to come to australia. >> it's very hard. it's very hard. but for me, and i hope for my family as well, but this is what had to be, and this is what we are doing at the moment. >> like our recent migrants, he was sending money home, but the freeze on cash withdraws in greece and uncertainty over deposits held by greek banks means even that is on hold. instead, he's thinking of bringing his whole family to australia where international airports are already seeing a lot more greeks coming than going. there are no direct flights between greece and australia but by connections greeks are arriving here every day. it seems a growing number of them have no plans to go home. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> still to come on al jazeera, we speak to the landless and dispossessed in paraguay, forced to live in rubbish dumps. i'm adam raney in haiti the
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dominican border. the dominican government insists it has not begun to deport people, but many in this camp say they were forced to come here.
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♪ >> these are the top stories here on al jazeera. 136 newly identified victims of the srebrenica massacre. in 1995 more than 8,000 men and
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boys were killed in the u.n. pro protected enclave. the saudi government said that it wasn't officially told the truce was to begin. thein malaysia the bereaved continue to demand who was responsible for the shooting down of the mh 17 malaysian airliner. in srebrenica in total 68,000 were killed. 23,000 serbs mainly orthodox
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were killed in the nearly four-year-long war. and nearly 5,000 others were killed. almost all were either muslim serb or croats. but they have not been identified so far. well, the first person at the u.n. to warn of the impending humanitarian catastrophe in srebrenica. >> they call it genocide and it was taking place before the eyes of the world. we produced the report. and ironically one of the ambassadors with me was an russian ambassador, and i included srebrenica, and the russians signed the report. today they said that is not the case. the japanese member of the united nations in charge of
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humanitarian refugees sent a letter an urgent letter saying a major catastrophe is about to take place here in this part of the world i saw this document 11 years after leaving the united nations security double. >> practically if the united nations security council, for example, were to recognize it as a genocide, what implications are there? >> you know, i think it would have promote reconciliation. russia and the serbs negate such a narrative fact that the general assembly agree and international tribunals that they would promote this unity. the purpose of the event was not any more would really be the case and using srebrenica as the parting point. >> al jazeera has launched an
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interactive website that includes drone footage of the srebrenica memorial. there are pictures, galleries maps and short stories all on one intertive platform. the address is right there on your screen. pope francis will hold mass for thousand was catholics in paraguay. there he is as he arrives. now this is the final stop of his tour in south america. he has already been to bolivia and ecuador. he visited a periodic hospital. paraguay has a long history of unequal land description land decemberdistribution.
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>> the mother of eight had no choice but to migrate to this inner city slum. >> we had no work. we made almost no money. only $4 a day. >> now her husband picks through rubbish in this ever-expanding neighborhood, where one man's waste is another man's meal ticket. in paraguay two percent of the people own 80% of the land. in recent years land owners have turned to highly mechanickized export crops that have put farm workers out of a job. 20% of the people of paraguay's capital in the slum live here. children parents and even grandparents live in the rubbish and from the rubbish the type of poverty that pope francis calls unacceptable. that's why the pope is coming
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here to show his support for the landless and dispossessed. in a country where the liberal and conservative wings of the catholic church are at odds. the father, a fellow jesuit is one of many catholic priests who work with the poor and fight for fair land distribution. >> as i said many times i hope pope francis criticizes our government because poverty is expanding by the day as the accumulation of wealth in few hands grows. >> in 2012 president fernando lubal, a former catholic bishop, was impeached. paraguay has a long history of attempts of better land distribution. that's why here people say that for the pope's visit to make a
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difference would truly take a miracle. lucia knew newman. >> we've had another meeting between the irans the iranian foreign minister on one side of the table and u.s. secretary of state john kerry on the other along with the e.u.'s high representative frederica morgarini. the meeting lasted about 90 minutes, we understand. at the end of it john kerry went on twitter saying there was still some difficult issues remaining. frederica did not go on twitter. she went on the balcony behind us. in a pantomime way we asked questions to her at some quite
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distance. we asked if she was confident with the situation and she said always. and we asked if they were making progress she replied simply we are working. another bit of positive news is that we hear some of the other foreign ministers who left vienna are on their way back to the talks and what has been clear all along when there is finally a deal, if there is a deal, most of the foreign ministers f not all of them, will have to be in place in this city. >> haiti's foreign minister is accusing the dominican republic of dumping people like dogs. the caribbean island neighbors are in a bitter dispute after dominican republic stripped citizenship of hundreds of haiti descent. >> most people here were living
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on the other side until recently working, raising families. many now feel they're in a foreign land. one they know little about where life is hard. for two months this has been home for juan and his wife. the dominican government said it is not deporting people. juan said that is not true. >> i was born in the dominican republic. i was coming home from work and immigration authorities grabbed me and deported me to haiti. my children are still on the other side. it's been two months since i last saw them. >> the couple lived in barona, a three-hour drive from here. >> every day in barona they're deporting a lot of people. every day they send them to the border. >> there are signs of expansion everywhere. people are staking out whatever land they can. a pastor who has lived in this area for years showed me around the camp pointing out all the new arrives.
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>> in the first few days i made a list of 160 deportees who have arrived. every day the number has grown and finally i stopped counting. >> a human contradiction to the dominican republic stance. when told what we found, a dominican republic official insisted not a single person has been deported. this man said he live ford 15 years in the dominican republic working on farms. one of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers whose labor helped power an economic boom. >> this is an injust from the dominican. for years we've been working to grow the economy and suddenly they want all of us to leave. >> many feel abandoned by haiti's government. the people who have come hearsay that it's a struggle just to make their basic needs. there is no food or water here and the closest river is a half hour walk away. the haitian government has only been here once to deliver food.
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we lent joanis our phone to try to call his kids. he said a friend is caring for his children. i'm alive. i'm alive. the signal dropped. a connection lost. who knows when he'll get a chance to speak to them again. adam raney al jazeera, haiti. >> in the southern philippines more than a dozen school children have been taken to hospital. five people are being questioned by police, and it's thought treats were contaminated with a fungus. decades of war and famine have led to many people living on the streets in mogadishu. thoughts of them are children and they say they cannot afford to shelter them. >> these boys are all under the age of 13. and there is no one looking after them. the streets in one of the world's most dangerous cities are their home.
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>> at night it is cold. there are explosions. you can hear gunshots. we have nowhere to hide. we will like somewhere to hide from the cold, we would like to go to school in the morning. >> no one knows if we're dead or alive. every day and night we spend our time thinking how we can better our lives. only god knows if we'll make it through tomorrow. anything could happen to us. >> the years of conflict in somalia have orphaned thousands of children. many parents who are still alive are not able to support their families because they have lost everything. an entire generation of young somali boys are growing up neglected. some are looked after by extended families. >> in almost every dark street corner on this road there are groups of young boys. most of them are under the age of 10. they haven't been able to stay warm and keep safe. they're desperately trying to find shelter and safety in a
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city that has neither. >> morning brings more hardship. none of them ate dinner so finding breakfast is a top priority. to do that they must find work. that means wandering the streets of mogadishu. if there is no work, there is begging, and beggars are not welcomed in this city. >> we beg. we go to the houses and ask if there is anything left over from the night before. if we are lucky we find cars to clean and a little bit to buy food with the money. we're happy to buy one meal a day. >> about 5,000 young boys live on the the streets of mogadishu and they can't afford to care for them. >> we have no funds. we've been promised funds but we have not yet seen any. >> the boys haven't had much food this day. as the city falls asleep the only guarantee is that the next
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day won't be much different. al jazeera. mogadishu, somalia. >> now, one of our top stories of course, the srebrenica mass massacre. al jazeera has launched an interactive website. it's at the ivory trail they've tried to seize it, burn it, but nothing has stopped the terrible trade in illegal ivory. now new tools...


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