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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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ic - we are trying to excavate as fast as possible. >> eurozone finance ministers are due to resume talks for a third bailout for greece.hello, i'm lacressasa burac and this is al jazeera from doha. draft deal the legal tripoli government was absent. after a 55 day hunger strike
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a palestinian is released from an israeli jail. boys are being kidnapped by fake initiation schools. be while it's another crucial day that could decide greece's economic fate the greek government has less than 24 hours now to convince the creditors that it can be trusted to enact promised reforms and secure a promised bailout. economic reforms and further austerity measures in last ditch attempt to stay within the eurozone. athens has asked for $54 billion euros to cover its debt but some analysts believe it needs much more.
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ministers will meet in a few hours. the new loan would be in addition to the 240 billion euros greece has already received from its creditors since 2010. simon mcgregor wood reports now from athens on a difficult day of talks. >> after nine hours the finance ministers decided they had had enough. they would have another go on sunday morning. there was no particular cause for optimism. >> we have had a discussion of the greek proposals. the issue of credibility and trust was discussed and also of course financial issues involved. but we haven't concluded our be discussions. work is still in progress. >> reporter: it was clear the greek proposals had not convinced everyone. some finance ministers want more
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up front controls. engineer plans were even convinced there should be some kind of grexit. nervous expectation. in the once bustling shipyards a few miles away they had been waiting for good news for years. these dry docks and fitting yards lie quiet at the hellenic shipyard. they have everything here but no ships to work on. >> the european union is trying to strangle us. maybe they're right because we owe them money but greece is not a place to conduct experiments on. >> reporter: they're finishing off four subpar eens for is greek navy --submarines but then the work runs out. a damaged cruise ship has presented last minute work for
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100 workers. seven days of frantic work. >> every day is a struggle because you hear a lot of bad things. it is not short not good for my business also for the people who are working here because every people is prayed, whaps next it makes you feel a little bit sad. >> in athens alexis tsipras can only wait and ponder the prospects of even harsher measures proposed by his european creditors. if the european creditors will go along with the deal and that remains a big if, he will have the glin his own party or widen his coalition so he will have to pass some really wider
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legislation and do that in the next couple of days. simon mcgregor wood, athens. >> deal rejected in the national referendum last week, pensions would be hit a fifth of poorer pensioners would lose a topper payment by mid october. tourism is also being targeted, hotels and restaurants would start paying 23% sales tax. now that is a big like for them. and tax breaks for most tourists. hot spots would be scrapped. some of those discounts are worth as much as 30% so businesses could be hit very hard. john siropolous joins us live from athens. so john, a stuff night. war we expecting for today? >> well, we expect that eurogroup meeting to reconvene a year from now and it will be given roughly five hours to come up with some sort of recommendation to the
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european -- the eurozone government leader summit which follows about six hours from now and after that there would be a summit of all the european union government leaders together. right now it's looking as though greece is under pressure to implement more of what it has pledged itself to do. those measures that you talked about that were passed late on saturday still have to be legislated in detail and it may well turn out that the greek government is going to be forced to pledge itself to pass some of that legislation early next week particularly on vat and tensions which are respectably the biggest money makers and money losers in this package. >> john you're saying they are asking for more. can greece really do that? are these eurogroup ministers being realistic? >> i think what we've seen is a shift in the last go weeks. because of the momentous events of the greek walkout to talks
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two weeks ago, to the announcement of the referendum, the closure of banks the capital controls and i think that all of that has softened the greek stance, certainly the greek government stance if not the people's and hardened the stance of creditors and i think the explanation of that is what oliver blanchard said, one of europe's big institutional creditors, what amounted last week was a small set of stress tests for what would happen in a greek exit scenario. he says the sense of the stress tests assure us if things go badly in greece, the rest of the world would survive really well, the expectation now much a more likely possibility greater possibility of greek exit. i think that has been taken to heart. it's been taken under advisement
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by the creditor countries in the eurozone and they've decided they can be a lot tougher on greece without fear of repercussions on them. so it's quite possible that today we will seize another hay eighth us before a final agreement is reached. >> okay john siropolous thank you very much for that. a palestinian prisoner held for a year without charge in an israeli jail has been freed. hada adnan launched a hunger strike which lasted 50 days. he has been under administrative detention ten times starting 1989. charging palestinians without charge or trial. dges hada adnan was among hundreds of prisoners health in
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administrative detention. there were 477 oadministrative detainees last september. in 2004, the total was almost double with 863 palestinians behind bars. now under international law administrative detention should only be used in very exceptional cases. it's effectively detention without trial and is supposed to be used as a last resort to to stop swuns threatening public safety. imtiaz tyab has nor from jerusalem. >> we've known for some sometime that he would be released today sunday. but mr. adnan who you rightly pointed out being in israeli detention being in that detention since july 2014, going to describe what israeli administrative detention is, can hold a prisoner for six months
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and at the end of that six months they can renew that detention, effectively every six months reyou newing renewing it. after months of talks in morocco, as osama ben javid reports one of libya's rival governments has vee just a just a rejected that deal. >> signed a draft agreement sixth agreement over a fourth draft in the plok ann city plok moroccan city of scarescarab.
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>> representatives of municipal councils and the tobruk based government were there but the municipal government were not there. one member calls it a one sided agreement aimed at pressuring them to drop their demands. >> we were a name play in a dialogue. we have tried our best and have agreed to compromise on many issues. the other party decided to stick to certain cns and conditions and decided not to reach us halfway. this is why we have not reached an agreement. the u.n. envoy tried to drag us into an agreement that does not fill the least of our demands. >> there is disagreement on national unity government based in tripoli but also recognizing the house of representatives as the legitimate mat legislative body. it also creates a national army.
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calls for the disarming of militias, implementation of a ceasefire and the drafting of a constitution. there is hope that the gnc would return to tripoli based gnc after years of chaos many libyans want politicians to end both the political tussle and the fighting on the ground. osama ben javid al jazeera. >> in yemen a truce that the u.n. homes would allow the delivery of desperately needed aid has failed to hold. fighting continues on the ground as the saudi led coalition continues to target houthi rebel positions from the air. natasha guinane reports. >> in this suit in sanaa people had conflicting opinions about
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whether a u.n. brokered truce would mean lessening in violence. >> they keep shelling us. >> but no one seemed to disagree in the growing need of a population in what the u.n. secretary-general has called a humanitarian catastrophe. >> we need gas oil and also we need safety and security. that's all what we need from this truce. >> reporter: 80% of yemen's population needs food and mrn. fighting has provided aid groups from reaching the hungry and sick. the humanitarian truce is supposed to last for one week. during the previous truce aid groups were able to make deliveries to yemenis living in areas with even the worst fighting. they hope to do that again. as reports came in of air strikes and fighting on the ground, on the first day of the
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truce, the u.n. asked for restraint. >> translator: there's actually a truce but it's counted by some violations here and there. the blood of yemenis is still shedding in acitizen and dalia and stiez ta'izz. >> one thing should be very clear if they can't deliver supplies to critical cities soon, more than 6 million yemenis could be facing famine. natasha guinane, al jazeera. >> iran's supreme leader has denounced what he calls the arrogance of the united states. talks enter a third week in vienna. negotiators called the u.n. secretary of state john kerry are there for more discussions. both sides say they've made progress but are also blaming each other for stumbling blocks. they are now trying to get a deal done by monday. coming up on the program
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support for donald trump surges among republican voters in the united states. but there are warnings about a backlash later on in the campaign. plus pressure mounts on india's bjp party after dozens of deaths are thrirchgd linked to a cruchtion scandal. corruption scandal.
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>> stop stories on al jazeera. last ditch talks get underway on
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greece's bailout. finance ministers suspect greece of lack of trust. hada aznan launched a.hunger hunger strike 50 days ago. has been released from custody. a recent poll has found that u.s. businessman donald trump is the front runner among republicans vying for the presidency. his comments about mexican immigrants seemed to have struck a chord with many.
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john hendren has the story. >> for americans angry about immigration, one candidate speaks lowrd than louder than the rest. >> mr. donald trump. >> we have to stop illegal immigration. we have to. they're killing us at the border and they're killing us in trade. they're killing us. >> a candidate known for his bluntness, it resonates. donald trump hasn't backed down from these comments. >> they're bringing drugs they're bringing crime thears they're rapists. >> to possibly attract hispanics, some whom could be heard in phoenix. >> i wonder if the mexican government sent them over here.
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i think so. >> i think he is hurting them in the long run because the republican party needs to do the opposite, need to get more hispanic vote. i would not disregard his candidacy as something not serious. >> phoenix convention center holds thousands more. many came to hear his message. >> he employs thousands of people.he can get us out of the hole we're in. >> trump isn't shy of criticizing his rivals. >> hillary clinton was the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. the polls just came out and i'm tied with jeb bush. how can i be tied with this guy? he's terrible. i just got cut from macy's. here is the bottom line of
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macy's. thousands and thousands of people are cutting up their macy's credit card. >> the businessman and reality tv star -- >> you're fired. >> reporter: will have to tone down the rhetoric to be taken seriously in the presidential contendedder. >> these slipups that he had when he first announced they can't happen or he won't win. >> resonates well beyond the packed convention hall in this weary state sneer the border. john hendren, al jazeera phoenix. >> the national association for the advancement of colored people or the naacp announced the day after the flag was removed from the state capital. it follows the killing of nine african american church members last month.
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the suspected gunman was photographed holding the confederate flag. burundi answer presidential election has been postponed by a week to july the 21st. african leaders have been pushing for a delay because of protesters across president pierre nkurunziza and his decision to run for a controversial third term. catherine soy reports from the capital bujumbura. >> burundi answer 53rd independence day he blames troops that raided this town bujumbura. >> we want the government to protect us but we don't trust police or the military. >> protest started in murray, the government has increased surveillance on similar areas. this will be how you will find many townships. many people blaming the
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government for intimidation where the government says its security agents are just looking for weapons. young men such as this say they're being targeted in the government raids. they say they formed groups to protect their neighborhood. they asked us to hide their identities for security reasons. >> translator: they say we have the weapons. but we don't. some sometime they are the ones who plant the weapons. >> reporter: tension in burundi was one of the reasons why there was so much pressure for the government to postpone the presidential election. regional heads of state recommended the election be delayed by two weeks. that would allow talks on security situation media tree dom and the possibility of forge a government of national unity. but government officials say a two week delay will clash with constitution time lines. >> the government has to ensure that this stays within
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constitution limits. because otherwise if we go beyond we stray beyond the day what does the cooks says, in that being into a situation of a political vacuum. >> opposition leaders say a week's delay will not solve the problem but they are still willing to sit and talk. >> i don't know the spirit of the government is to force the way and not to comply with any advice from this, that or the other one. unfortunately it is -- it is harmful for burundi in the coming days. >> and so burundins wait a little longer for a presidential election that has polarized the nation. catherine soy, al jazeera al jazeera in
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burundi. >> awngsaung san suu kyi says the election will be crucial for reforms. the nlb won reforms in 1990 but military leaders at the time ignored the result. the south african government says criminals are hijacking traditional initiation schools to hijack money from parents. traditional rituals including being be circumcised. >> it is from this football pitch in orange farm, that 22 boys were taken by force or lured by the promise of gifts. the mother of one of the boys says days later she received a call from the men who had taken
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him. >> they told me they want money for a ritual they would perform on my child and i didn't even know what that rich ritual was. they also said we have buy groceries so our boys would be protected. >> they were to undergo the cultural initiation and scum scum circumstancecircumcision. >> it looks like a pigsty and you know, not any normal human being can live you know under these k. >> bettyen cold and not having
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eaten for several days, several of the boys would go searching for food in the coming township. >> they said they would be beaten if we helped them so the boys just got some food and left. >> one of the township's residents shows us a weapon he found during the rescue. abductions by illegal initiation schools are increasing at an alarming rate. in the past week alone police have rescued groups of boys from around the province. >> initiation schools should register with government. the deputy minister of affairs said illegal initiation schools could end in a national crisis. >> hijacking noble pride of our nation where people still love this practice, love their
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culture and love their tradition. >> this moct says mother says not enough are speaking out about these traditions. >> scam voferg college entrance exams have died since an investigation began in 2013. activists say their deaths are suspicious. the case has put the spotlight on corruption in the central state of napa parazesh. >> mourning the death of his son more than thousands accused of the so-called vayapam scandal. he and his family. that his child did not die of a
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heart attack. he never had any health issues. that's why we think he was murdered. we're trying to find out how they did it, why they did it. he was in the custody of the authorities pep we're trying to discover why they did. >> alleged involvement in the scam thousands are have been linked to the scandal which involve hiring impersonators to sit for tests. students state officials and politicians have been arrested or accused in the case. some have died in mysterious circumstances with the state investigators blaming natural causes or suicide for their death perpetual corruption is deeply rooted. >> translator: it was a corruption of different
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political parties. the rightful candidate did not get admission. the fraudulent one did. the one who bribed got it. >> reporter: activists working on the case accused the state investigators of bias. they welcomed the recent decision by india's central court to hand the investigation over to the cbi but they are cautious. >> it is not possible to proper investigate. that is only possible when impartial inquiry will be conducted by cba of the initial court. >> meanwhile those like kolash tomer are still waiting. what's fascinating in this case is the number of deaths involved. the alleged scam itself and the
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mysterious deaths. family members and activists hope the truth will be revealed. fez jamil, al jazeera be india. >> as a reminder you can keep up to sedate on the latest news at that's change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight: trash. it's everywhere. >> what's the out put of this facility? >> landfills overflowing. >> it just smells so bad. >> but some of our trash ... ... could be recycled.


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