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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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ar negotiators miss a deadline a deal looks imminent on iran's nuclear programme. hello, i'm louis jordon in doha with the -- darren jordon from doha with the world news. iraqi forces fight to take anbar from i.s.i.l. i'm adam raney at a camp in south-eastern haiti, where hundreds of people arrive from the seen republic. they are stepping in to help if
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the dommin cannes won't world leaders meeting in vienna are meeting to finalise a meeting. james bays reports from vienna. >> with the key players, all seven foreign ministers involved in the talks in vienna there were hopes of an historic deal on monday. >> we believe it cannot be and should not be further delays in the negotiations. >> as intense diplomacy continued, it was clear there was a few final sticking points blocking a deal. away from the cameras, u.s. secretary of state john kerry, and the e.u. foreign affairs chief met with iranian foreign minister.
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how did it go. when mrs. mogga reedy game to the balcony i tried to find out. >> is there a chance of a deal. are you making progress? later dr mohammad javad zarif came out on his own balcony on the 5-star hotel, and asked if there could be a deal by tuesday, he said possibly. >> an analyst involved in the talks nose what is at stake if they don't manage to get a deal. if other matter hs mis-cal lates and thinks the other -- mis-cal clits and thinks the other side is more keen to get an agreement, this process can collapse. if the gamble gaves the does note would be lost. an amount of trust will be lost. that's the biggest asset in negotiations. >> reporter: for the diplomats
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inside the hotel and the journalists camping outside these are marathon negotiations. >> james joins us life. what do we expect to happen later this morning? >> what we have had over two weeks in vienna we are getting to the last lap of this process now in the coming hours. there's a little talk going on. i see the deputy foreign minister of russia speaking to close associates. i think everything is agreed for one final meeting that could take place, a meeting between the six kunts ris that are negotiating with iran the p5+1 and iran not taking place in the hotels behind me, this one in the u.n. headquarters in vienna.
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we think it will be an almost formal. they have to agree with the draft of the deal that they come up with in the last few hours after painstaking negotiations. after they have the meeting and if they have agreement they'll walk down the corridor from the u.n. to a conference center and explain it all to the world. >> are there still hurdles to come, do you think? >> not necessarily. i will not say any hurdles in vienna it looks like a done deal. there has to be a final meeting with everyone around the table to agree to everything. then i think, the problems begin. remember, this is a deal that the u.s. congress wants to listen. remember they didn't reach an earlier deadline. the u.s. congress gets 60
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address, and there's the u.n. security council, it has an effect being alongside the deal here. >> what is interesting there, what we are hearing is a suggestion that they want the u.n. security council to come in and ratify a deal. >> i don't think it will please the u.s. congress. >> what i had heard in the past is that congress had time to look at it. if it became international law, that could be a problem down the line. it's not just on capital heel. as soon as we see this deal from parts of the arab world, about iran have nuclear power, which the deal will allow. it will allow a civilian nuclear poim program and expect strong
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voces to come from the government. >> james bays thank you. meanwhile, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu warned about a deal with proin. >> preventing the islamic republic of iran from building nuclear weapons is the paramount challenge of the negotiations. this is not about paramount politics, it's about survival our future. friends, israel and the united states are stronger when we stand toot. our lives are based upon the common valuation our two country share. >> to iraq where the government says they launched a new offensive against i.s.i.l. 80 soldiers have been killed. attacks took place in and around fallujah. four civilians were killed. i.s.i.l. fighters attacked military and residential areas, and stole weapons, forcing troops to retreat. >> shia militia, government
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forces and sunni tribesman are involved to repap tur the government. they have made some gains and are moving towards ramadi. imran khan reports. >> reporter: the announcement came early on monday morning. a military spokesman told iraqis that security forces were beginning a new fight. >> the military operation to retake anbar started at 5rk. shia militia, special forces and tribes are advancing towards the target. the military provisions have been continuing but are predominantly concentrated on ramadi. tens of thousands of troops are used within the new offensive. 500 within anbar. the operation will focus on liberateing fall usualingee.
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ricky fighters hoped to open a corridor. fighters have an advantage, they control border crossings. allowing them to use safe havens to great advantage. iraq has a real challenge to defeat i.s.i.l. but it is notable, because it involves pro-government fighters who said the key to defeating i.s.i.l. >> the prime minister has control over the army units and the interior ministry runs the police units and militia units run the individual militias and there's half-a-dozen big one, and smaller ones. what the federal government is trying to do is capitalize - make the best it can of a disorganized situation. >> the iraqi air forces are involved in the new offensive. >> the iraqi air force has been given a boost, receiving the first four of a consign.
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of 36 f-16 aircraft from the u.s. they arrived at ballard air base. the iraqi air force will hope that they deliver a blow to i.s.i.l. fighters. in anbar i.s.i.l. fighters have sympathy from some of the sunni tribes. because of that they proved to be a tough fighting force. e.u. laiders agreed on a third bailout for greece. it's not a done deal yet. prime minister alexis tsipras faces a tough test to sell the austerity package to his own government and the greek people. hundreds rallied outside parliament in athens on monday might. demonstrators are back on the streets a week after the euphoria referendum. they are angry at what alexis tsipras agreed to and he'll meet with members of his own party and government on tuesday. >> the greek parliament has until wednesday to approve a deal made in brussels.
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if it happens, and athens secures 86 billion in financing. jacky rowland has the details. >> a deal at last after talks that lasted all night, eurozone leaders emerged to announce they avoided a worst scenario a greek exit from the euro. >> we had one objective today, to reach an agreement. after 17 hours of negotiations, we have finally reached it. someone can say that we app an a-greek-ment. it's no laughing matter for the greeks. they need to adopt a large amount of reforms and agree to sell off state assets. an exhausted alexis tsipras tried to put the best gloss on it. >> translation: it is difficult, but we prevent the transfer of
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public property abroad. the plan of financial asphyxiation and the collapse the financial fm. a plan designed. and recently was implemented. we achieved a structure of debt and financing in the medium term. >> chancellor merkel confirmed they'd look at restructuring the debt. but was categorical that none would be rein off. >> the success came in spite of the fact that in the past few weeks and month the most important currency was lost between us much paper is patients. going forward, what will be important is to implement what we have agreed on kilogram the night. >> -- on during the night. >> this process is far from over. the idea is that half the money
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raised would be used to recap ittalise the greek banks. a quarter used to pay off debt. eurozone leaders made it clear that talk cannot begin until the greek parliament passes a package of measures into law. the european leaders drive away into the grey light of morning. most cap catch badly needed sleep. not the greek prime minister. the night was bruising for him, and he can some expect another bruising when he returns to face the parliament and people of greece. time for a short break on al jazeera. when we come back. hopes for democracy after 50 years. myanmar prepares for parliamentary elections. plus the debate over polygamy why some want the practice
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>> al jazeera america, weekday mornings. catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. welcome back a reminder of the top stories, iran and six world powers meeting in the capital finalise a nuclear deal. we are expecting a joint statement from iran's prime minister and his counterpart in a few hours time. >> the iraqi government has launched an offensive to try to retake anbar. 81 soldiers and pro-government fighters have been killed in and around fallujah.
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the greek prime minister back in athens on a third bailout. he faces a tough test to sell the package to his own people. the greek parliament must approve the deal wednesday. a delegation from american states is in haiti trying to determine g the dominican republic is deporting hairps. the dominican government says no one has been deported. residents must leave if they have not registered as sis zens. adam raney reports. >> reporter: they wanted to stay. dozens of people at the example pulled up dominican identification documents, showing they applied to work and live in the dominican republic. some say they were reported. others admitted they crossed on their own, only because they didn't feel safe.
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>> immigration picked me up in the street and sent me to haiti. >> dominicans threaten to kill those that don't want to leave. haiti and the dominican republic trade accusations over who is to blame, and who is responsible. >> finally on monday they received international attention. a delegation from the organization of american states. they were immediately surrounded by people who wanted someone to hear their story, al jazeera met this person a few days ago. he had the chance to tell the oas what he told us then - that he was born in the dominican republic deported and his children are stranded there without parents. a haitian official said there's an effort to force haitian workers to leave. >> there's hands behind the movement to make the people leave, because they didn't come
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here. they would have been last week last month - why now. >> the head of the delegation refused to say whether he believed any in the camps were deported. the people in the camp insist they weren't. >> it will be extremely important to discuss the claims between the two countries. >> the delegation game to figure out how they coot here. they don't want the camps to be permanent. a delegate thought he may be allowed to go to the dominican republic to find his children. we are waiting here for the haitian people to come. they have to see how we are living. >> visitors departed. those left behind wondered whether they'd be given a chance to reclaim their old lives or
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start a new one. the head of the prison in mexico where joaquin guzman escaped has been fired. the government offered a $3.# million law. joaquin guzman broke out through a tunnel on society. the government says prison officials must have been complicit in the state the governor of the u.s. state of wisconsin announced he plans to run for president. >> thank you. >> scott walker joins a crowded field. he is a 15th republican in the white house. he trails jed bush by a few percentage points. >> new york city reaches a 9.9 settlement. eric garner died after a police officer put it in a chokehold. the death sparked days of the
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protest across the united states supporters of polygamy in the u.s. say they want it legalized. if marriage is no longer defined as a marrage between a man and a woman. for 17 years, in central texas, andrew has been raising six youngest children. and cheryl and jenny, and their plural family. >> we have four parents, and it helps share the load. >> polygamy is not permitted in the u.s. andrew is married to one of his league three partners. they are hope this that can change. . >> having redepined what we thought marriage was seems they have opened the door to other people making other choices. >> in june the highest court in
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the u.s. legalized same-sex marriage expanding the definition behind a union of a man and a woman to include less traditional arrangements. >> it's been argued that that should include marriage. >> if you allow two men or women to be married. i think that i should have the same right. >> reporter: the argument is gaining support. >> you are not divorced. >> we are a crucial family. >> this man applied for a marriage licence to legalize two women. arguing if marriage equality is granted to same-sex couples it should apply to polling ammist unions. all the evidence shows that it's inconsistent with gender equality. given what we know about plural marriage, they should be treated
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differently by the law. >> these women bristle at the suggestion a living arrangement puts them at rick. if anything my husband has given me more respect because of my decision. i was not forced into this. i love this life. i - i wake up every morning grateful, happy, fulfilled and in more way than i thought possible i feel empowered as a woman. >> a decade ago, 5% of americans approved of plural marriage. it appears to indicate that it will be legal, tolerance is rising. >> nigerian president muhammadu buhari appointed new defense chiefs and a national security
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advisor. it comes headquarters after sacking the navy and head of defense force. the head of the united nations asked world leaders to be flexible and compromised to end global policy. ban ki-moon was speaking at a summit. >> in a word of global population and resources, things are growing, develop, finals in needs. countries are responsible for their own economic efforts. >> let us put aside what divides us in favour of working together. >> a cypriot merchant ship
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rescues 200 migrants. it's been brought to the island of lampedusa. 15 children were arrested hungary has started to build a fence on the border with serbia. it will be 4 meters high and stretch for 175km. 80,000 migrants and refugees reached hungary most from syria, roque and afghanistan. >> it's four months away. preparations have begone for myanmar's general election the first open vote since military rule ended. we have this report on what is next for the country. >> opposition party members are going from door to door in downtown yangon to verify a voter list. the election is four months away. >> there's little difference between the regime and the government. >> from the national league for
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democracy, which is predicted to win big in the november poll it says an error-free voter lost is one of its major concerns. recently two members were charged while carrying out a verification exercise. it views the charms as a warning not to continue the exercise. >> the last time the nld won on election was in 1990 let by opposition leader, but the military rulers prevented the party taking part. >> the coming election will be the first understand a semi-civilian government that took over in 2011. the president a former army general vowed to try to carry out free and fair elections. but the constitution is heavily in favour of the military. they are quarantined 25% of parliamentary seats. any constitutional amendment
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requires 75% support center mp r. parliament rejected a proposal to remove a veto among reforms for reform. the opposition leader says it's a minor setback. >> people are with us. what happened in the legislator has, in fact, raised the interests of the people. >> others are not so forgiving. students protested the brilliantry's improvement in politics. >> looking through the voter list, a lot of peel are not on it -- lot of people are not on it. >> reporter: shortly after the demonstrations many were in custody, political analysts are pragmatic, expecting the milt why to wield power after the election. >> there'll be military in the
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parliament for a period of time. >> the p of reform will be set by the next party that wins elections. >> after a 9.5 queer void, n.a.s.a.'s new horizon spacecraft is on a trip to pluto. it will pass within 12,500. a megs has proven one thing. the plan planet in the solarcm is bigger than thought it's a squl few believe will see the light of day. 50 jeers after "to kill a mockingbird," harper lee's follow up has gone on sail. it costs the character in a different right. >> since its release harper
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lee's novel "to kill a mockingbird" sold more than 40 million copies. it's a class ebbing. treasured -- classic, treasured by generations of americans a story resonating at the time. of still right movements. the theme was roicial tolerance as taught by her father. >> you never know a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> the 80-year-old said it was the some book that they would ever right. there, across the u.s. book stores are swamps for "go setter watchman." a squel written before. 20 years later, from the view point of the same daughter now a woman. 2 mitt advanced copies have been
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printed. >> this is it brufl writing. this pass lee's first righting attempt, a work making her a legend. a dark they are who defends a black man is an icon of virtue until now. >> reporter: according to reviews, the hero of "to kill a mockingbird" is seen in a different white, as a defendeder of white supremacy, resisting black and white children going to school together. >> that revelation may disappoint many not andrew johnson who took part in a read-a-thon on the eve of a new release. >> i never met anyone that was interested. towards come to see a book remodelled.
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the residents hope the down will hold a similar way. >> keep up to date with all the news on the website. there assist the address >> the us is now the world's largest oil and gas producer in part because of what's happening here in north dakota where advances in fracking have unlocked crude oil in the bakken shale formation in the western part of the state. north dakota is now producing more than a million barrels of oil a day. ten years ago there were fewer than 200 oil-producing wells in the bakken. now there are more than 8,000. >> they call it boomtown usa this is where all the money is. it's crazy the amount of money you can make here. >> this rapid pace of development and the flood of workers comi