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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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iran and six world powers announce an agreement on limiting iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. ♪ hello, i'm richelle carey in doha with continuing coverage of the iran nuclear deal. >> i will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal. >> president obama warns the u.s. congress it would be irresponsible to walk away from the deal. while israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu warns iran will continue what he calls its
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murderous aggression. also ahead, troops loyal to president hadi recapture the airport. ♪ it has been described as historic. a landmark deal the beginning of a new era, finally after years of negotiations world powers have reached an agreement with iran on limiting its nuclear activity in return crippling international sanctions will be lifted. it is being described as a snap-back clause. that means u.n. sanctions will be restored within 60 days if iran does not comply with its terms.
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missile sanctions will stay in place for eight more years, and bans on economic cooperation with iran will be lifted in all fields including oil, gas, and aviation, and iran will also have the right to enrich some uranium, but not enough to make a nuclear weapon. james bayes has more now from vienna. >> reporter: an historic deal one that the key players here say will limit the threat from a nuclear iran. >> today in an historic day. >> but it is an agreement that will further anger opponents who say it's a dangerous and historic mistake. >> iran will get a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars which will enable it to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and the world. this is a bad mistake.
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>> reporter: it's iran's foreign minister and the most senior e.u. foreign official who announced the deal. >> we are reaching an agreement that is not perfect for anybody, but it is what we could accomplish, and it is an important achievement for all of us. >> it is a decision that can open the way to a new chapter in international relations, and show that diplomacy, coordination cooperation, can overcome decades of tensions and confrontations. i think this is a sign of hope for the entire world and we all know this is very much needed in these times. >> reporter: president obama was quick to react, making it clear that if congress tries to block the deal he will react. >> this will meet the national security interests of the united states and our allies. so i will veto any legislation
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that prevents the successful implementation of this deal. >> reporter: it's not clear if it was coordinated in advance, but immediately after the u.s. president spoke his iranian counterpart spoke. the focus will now move across the atlantic, not just to the u.s. congress but also to the u.n. security council, which is expected to ratify the deal as early as next week. >> let's go to james bayes now. so james it will really take years to know the true implications and effects of this deal as it plays out. but in the immediate term right now, what does it seem like this means for the region? >> reporter: well, it's very important on the one file the nuclear file because that has been a cause of tension almost war during the time of the bush administration for about ten
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years, so on that narrow but very important issue, deeply important, is other wider implications. clearly there are, because iran is a very very important player in the middle east it's an important player where it supports the houthis in the yemen conflict at the moment an important player in lebanon, and most importantly it is an important player in that fight against isil where interestingly on the iraqi side of the border it is basically on the same side as the united states, where on the other side the u.s. is very much against the syrian government of bashar al-assad and iran its closest allies. so it could have really important implications as was explained a short time ago by the european union's high
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venntive for foreign policy. >> i am convinced the political will of the iranian leadership is there to use this opportunity we have to build trust in a constructive way. iran now has an historic opportunity to show constructive engagement and readiness to play positive role in the region. it has been already the case in one important crisis in iraq a month ago, almost one year ago. we worked together with iran to encourage the government to become inclusive and take everybody on board, and that was an important step. iran has the potential to use its influence in the region in a way that conflicts can be solved, and diplomatic can win over confrontation. >> all right. james so what is next on this path? >> reporter: the very next step is in new york at the united nations at the u.n. security
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council. in order to endorse and ratify and make this deal legal, it will go to the u.n. security council. because remember many of the sanctions against iran were in u.n. security council resolutions. the only way to lift those is a new u.n. security council resolution, which we're told will happen this month, some are saying possibly in a week or ten day's time. the actual deal says it has to happen promptly so that will take place, and then the clock starts for the next phase which is implementing the deal. iran then limiting its nuclear program, taking some centrifuges and putting them under lock and key. and the other side lifting those sanctions as they promised to do. . but there is another important thing that happens as well which is separate and that is the u.s. congress starting its review, and i'm sure there will
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be a lot of attention on that because i'm sure there will be a lot of voices there, very very critical of what has been agreed to here today in vienna. >> james thank you. here is more of what u.s. president, barack obama had to say about this agreement. >> because of this deal we will for the first time be in a position to a verify all of these commitments. that means this deal is not built on trust. it is built on verification. inspectors will have 24/7 access to iran's key nuclear facilities. iran will have access to iran's entire nuclear supply chain, its uranium mines and, fills, and conversion facility. this ensures that iran will not be able to divert materials from known facilities to covert ones. some of these transparency measures will be in place for 25
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years. because of this deal inspectors will also be able to access any suspicious location. put simply the organization responsible for the inspections will have access where necessary when necessary. that arrangement is permanent. >> let's get more on the american reaction from our white house correspondent, patty culhane. patty, president obama has made it clear to congress this is going to go forward with or without you. having said that obviously that's not stifling the criticism and feedback from many politicians in the united states. what are they saying? >> reporter: we pretty much expected what we are hearing from republicans. they are complaining that this is not a good deal. they say it will allow iran to keep some of its enrichment, and use this money to support groups that the united states consider to be terrorist organizations.
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but the american people woke up to the president going into great detail. now he has to also convince members of his own party. and the democrats say they are going to give at it chance they are going to read the deal. we know that the president is going to be lobbying congress. he spoke on the phone this the leadership of both the house and the senate briefed them on the deal. they are going to have 60 days to review it and i think it's important to point out what the u.s. congress can and cannot deal -- do. the only thing they can stop are the lifting of u.s. sanctions. there are some here at the white house who are pushing the idea that if the sanctions are not lifted iran could walk away from the deal. others say if iran can do business with the rest of the world why would they go back to the previous regime just because the u.s. congress said so.
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but it will be interesting in the next few days. >> my understanding is it's about a hundred pages long so it might take a while to go through. iran's president says the lifting of sanctions would have a huge impact on ordinary iranians. >> translator: this issue became one of iranian phobia. there were claims that iran was at the stage of developing mass destruction weapons, but from our perspective, we were focused on research and development, and this issue was considered important for our nation. from the economy point of view those who sanction our country, created a critical and difficult situation. sanctions are never successful however, they had implications on the lives of ordinary people. >> let's listen now to what some of those ordinary iranians have been saying.
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>> translator: every iranian will be happy. they went through a lot over the years. well i'm happy anyway. >> translator: my personal opinion is i wish they would have done this sooner. >> a lot of people will be happy. you will have a lot of -- you know let's say parties in the street between the young people but in about four days you will see nothing has changed. >> and right now, israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu is speaking about this deal. let's listen. >> -- a deal with a formal sponsor of international terrorism. they have gambled that in ten year's time iran's terrorist regime will change while removing any incentive for it to do so. in fact the deal gives iran
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every incentive not to change. the deal will reward iran the terrorist regime in tehran with hundreds of billions of dollars. this cash bonanza will fuel iran easterism worldwide, its aggression in the region and its efforts to destroy israel which are on going. amazingly this does not require iran to cease its aggressive behavior in anyway. just last friday that aggression was on display for all to see. while the negotiators were closing the deal in vienna iran supposedly moderate president chose to go to a rally in tehran, and at this rally, a frenzied mob burned israeli and american flags and chanted death
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to america, death to israel. this didn't happen four years ago. it happened four days ago. iran's supreme leader the ayatollah, said on march 21st that the deal was not limit iran's aggression in any way. he said negotiations with the united states on the nuclear issue and on nothing else. and three days ago he made that clear again. the united states he said embodied global arrogance and the battle against it will continue unabated even after the nuclear agreement is concluded. here is what the head of iran's terrorist proxy hezbollah said. he said a rich and strong iran will be able to standing by its allies and friends in the region
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more than at anytime in the past. translation, iran's support for terrorism and subversion will actually increase after the deal. in addition to filling iran's terror war chest, this deal repeats the mistakes with north korea. there too we were sure that inspections would prevent a rogue regime from developing nuclear weapons. and we all know how that ended. the bottom line of this very bad deal is exactly what iran's president said today. the international community is removing the sanctions, and iran is keeping its nuclear program. by not dismantling iran's nuclear program, in a decade this deal will give a far richer
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terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs. what a stunning, historic mistake. israel is not done -- is not bound by this deal with iran and israel is not bound by this deal with iran because iron continues to seek our destruction. we will always defend ourselves. thank you. >> and there you have it. that is the israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu who has spoken out forcefully against the potential for this deal for quite sometime and now that the deal has happened he says it is a stunninger to -- stunning historic mistake. and there's no incentive in this deal for them to change and when they get more financial
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incentive that will continue to fuel their aggression. and he says iran is not a friend to israel or the united states. our senior political analyst joins us live now from london. and are you there? >> yes. >> all right. so were you listening in to what the prime minister had to say? >> every word. >> and what is your reaction? >> well look, certainly, i can understand how israelis would be worried today watching from the sidelines, as the country they long considered to be an existent enemy, iran, and the united states signing an agreement over nuclear issues. so israelis that have been bombarded for a long time with a kind of political propaganda of
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course are quite worried today. on the other hand the prime minister speaks of iranian declarations that are hostile to israel and the united states but president obama, of course has a different interpretation. he reckons that some iranians after decades of hostility are going to continue to say certain things but what is important for washington is not what the iranians are saying but rather what they are doing and what they are implementing. >> but what of that though what prime minister netenyahu is saying about those hostilities that he says are present now. >> i'm sorry. >> but what of those hostilities that benjamin netenyahu says are present right now? >> that's the thing. as far as the obama administration is concerning this is rhetoric and you will see and witness in the future more of the same rhetoric that
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seeks of a nuclear deal and not a friendship or alliance between the united states and iran. iran will still need the same tension with the united states because it helps the regime internally. but what is important is what the israeli regime is willing to do, which is sign on a a verifiable agreement. on the other hand much of what we heard from the israeli prime minister and something that is being ignored in so many ways by the western media, is the fact that israel possesses reportedly some 100 to 200 nuclear war heads. israel is the soul nuclear power in the middle east so for the israeli prime minister to complain at the fact that the united states has arrived at a deal limiting the nuclear program, while israel continues to develop nuclear weapons of course is the ultimate chutzpah
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as the israelis would say. >> all right. live from london and let's go now to [ inaudible ] who is going to be joining us very shortly in west jerusalem. and just a moment ago you were listening to the israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu continue to forcefully speak out against this iran nuclear agreement. let's bring in our correspondent joining us from west jerusalem. so who is he audience? >> it's very interesting that you asked that question. it's very interesting that benjamin netenyahu made this brief statement in english. his audience is a global audience. the way he characterized iran describing it as a country where people hold rallies, they shout
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death to america, and death to iran is meant to play to what he thinks people should be wary of which is iran is in his view bent on destroying israel and bent on destroying the united states. but what is interesting about all of that and what is interesting about his statement in which we didn't hear anything knew. he certainly hasn't said anything about this iran deal leading up to it and since then that we haven't heard him say before but what is interesting is just the pressure that mr. netenyahu is facing at home. he is being harshly criticized by opposition politicians here in israel who are accusing mr. netenyahu of handling this badly. he is saying the track he took with the u.s. has effectively worked against israel. straining ties with the u.s. president barack obama meant that mr. obama didn't listen to israeli's what they see as legitimate concerns and instead
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agreed to more concessions with iran, which had lead to the deal that we now see. >> all right. thank you. and we will continue to follow the story on the nuclear deal with iran. let's move on to the rest of the day's news. iraqi forces have suffered heavy losses after launching its new offensive against al jazeera america. at least 80 soldiers have been killed. four civilians were also killed. isil fighters targeted military positions and residential areas. [ explosion ] >> reporter: shia fighters government forces and sunni tribesmen are involved. the army says it has made some gains and is moving towards ramadi which fell to isil two months ago. a new report by though u.n. says nearly 15,000 people have been killed in iraq during the 16-month period to the end of
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april of this year. our correspondent reports from a makeshift camp. >> reporter: this used to be iraq's nicest holiday resort. a generation of iraqis holidays here, after it was built in the 1980s. but with fighting in anbar province over the past year it has become a refuge of last resort for 24,000 iraqis trapped by the conflict. and they are still coming to what aid officials describe as the worse displacement camp in iraq. this man says almost 200 families have arrived over the past two days. he doesn't have much to give them. >> translator: in addition to being displaced there are no resources. this camp is far away from the cities. it slows the efforts of organizations and makes it
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difficult to reach here. >> reporter: a $50 million project to restore the hotel started and stopped three years ago, leaving only the roofs and walls. there are people living everywhere. this is actually a disco, nine familiesly it in now. the hotel had an indoor and outdoor swimming pool a cinema restaurants, tennis courts a boat launch it was considered one of the nicest hotels in the middle east, in fact a lot of people who are here now used to come on vacation. the former five-star hotel is now six stories of misery. most residents are from fallujah. they have lived here for more than a year without electricity or running water. sewage leaks on to the roof. this man's family came 18 months ago. when he has money he pays for power from a generator. when the children get sick from the heat and dirty water, he say
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there is no medical care. >> translator: there was no other place we could go. there are people who have dollars they go to erbil or outside of iraq. they don't know what it is like. only the poor come here. >> reporter: but the latest rivals are an even worse off. this man and his family walked seven hours through the desert after mortar bombs hit their neighborhood. they have been here for three days. there's only one mattress. everything here is so expensive they rely on charity for food. but it's when ali recalled happy memories with his friends that he breaks down. all of that is gone, he says. he says in other countries people dream of big achievements. iraqis just dream of security. but security has been elusive. for many year this is a painful
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reminder of how quickly things fall apart. jane arraf, iraq. the u.n. says the civilian death toll during three months of war now in yemen is now more than 1600. on the ground forces loyal to exiled president hadi have captured an international airport and taken over the city's police headquarters. [ inaudible ] have passed a motion allowing [ inaudible ] to run for a third term. they backed the petition after nearly 4 million people signed a petition asking him to stay on as president. they can now ask the people for a referendum to abolish the two-term limit. the number of new hiv cases has been halted and reversed in 83 countries. the goal of giving 50 million
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people life-saving hiv treatment by 2015 has been met nine months ahead of schedule. erika wood has more. >> reporter: in the year 2000, fewer than three quarters of a million hiv aids sufferers were on antiretroviral drugs. back then the epidemic was spreading fast. some governments refused to acknowledge hiv aids was a problem. since then attitudes have changed, and 15 million people are now receiving arv's and an estimated 7.8 million people's lives have been saved. >> [ inaudible ] is also prevention. [ inaudible ] when it is followed properly and started early can reduce by more than 96% new infection. so it's a key. this achievement, we have been able to share with the world, is one of the best achievements the
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global solidarity has been able to demonstrate. >> reporter: receiving antiretroviral medication means getting an hiv diagnosis is no longer a death sentence and the drugs also stop transmission of the virus from mother to baby. this eat epian mom is one of those success stories. >> translator: i went to the hospital because i wanted to have children free from hiv. i followed up my treatment to assure myself and to be a role model for others. i'm very happy that my children are free from the virus. >> reporter: the u.n. says educating women is an important step to ending hiv aids. giving a girl a basic education means she is three times less likely to contract the virus. one of 35% decline in new hiv diagnosis worldwide is something to celebrate. the u.n.'s report indicates
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there is still some way to go because there are still 19 million people who don't have access to hiv drugs. the u.n. says it needs more funding to step up its fight against the virus. >> if rebecome come playant we will see a rebound. >> reporter: the drugs are a fraction of the cost that they were at the turn of the century, but making it cheaper still will improve patient's lives. but the u.n. goals for hiv met is now a new aim to end the aid's epidemic by 2030. two teams have been suspended from the world's most lucrative cricket league following a corruption investigation. a panel has recommended that the super kings, and royals be banned from the indian premier for two years. officials from both teams have been found guilty of illegally
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betting on matching during the 2013 season. three players are already facing charges for their alleged involvement in manipulating results. reminder you can keep up to date with all of the news of the day on our website. that is, ♪ a nuclear deal with iran after years of talks, the u.s. and five other nations reach an historic agreement. >> because of this deal the international community will be able to verify that the islamic republican of iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. >> but opponents are already threatening to quash the deal