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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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te at al ♪ breakthrough in vienna world powers reach a deal on iran's nuclear program which will see sanctions lifted. ♪ i'm lauren and this is arj al jazeera live from london and details of the agreement and reaction from u.s. and israel and the wider impact and also coming up, another deadline for greece approaches as the prime minister tries to make the latest bailout deals stick in parliament. a report on the former five-star report that is now a makeshift camp for iraq's refugees.
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and close encounter nasa goes by pluto at the end of a decade-long journey. ♪ hello, taking a decade to reach and finally iran and six major world powers agreed to a historic nuclear deal and limited nuclear activities in return for the lifting of crippling sanctions. under agreement iran will destroy 98% of stockpile of weapons grade uranium and center fuges and allow u.n. nuclear inspectors access to sites where and when necessary and if they breach the agreement a clause is in place to allow sanctions to be reinstated within 60 days of noncompliance and we report from vienna. >> reporter: historic deal, one that the key players here say
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will limit the threat from a nuclear iran. >> today is a historic day. >> but it's an agreement that will further anger op opponents who say it is a dangerous mistake and iran foreign minister and eu policy official that announced the deal that was finally sealed after intense negotiations in the early hours of the morning. >> we are reaching an agreement that is not perfect for anybody but it is what we would accomplish and it's an important achievement for all of us. >> it is a decision that can open the way to a new chapter in international relations and show that diplomacy, coordination cooperation can overcome decades of tensions and confrontations. i think this is a sign of hope for the entire world and we will notice this is very much needed.
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>> president obama was quick to react and making it clear if congress tries to block the deal he will act. >> i am confident this deal will meet the national security interests of the united states and our allies. so i will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal. >> reporter: it's not clear if it was coordinated in advance but immediately after the u.s. president spoke his iranian counterpart followed suit and he hailed the deal as a new chapter between iran and the international community. >> translator: the implementation of this agreement is the beginning of a test. if it is implemented each step can put an end to miss trust. >> reporter: the focus will move across the atlantic and not just the u.s. congress but also to the u.n. security council which is expected to ratify the deal as early as next week. james base al jazeera, vienna.
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james has been following all of the developments from vienna and sent us this update. >> reporter: the foreign ministers who are here, those that are party to the deal the seven foreign ministers of six countries that were negotiating with iran and iran all say they know what others are saying what the critics are saying about this deal but they say just look at the alternative, look at the last ten years of crisis between iran and the international community. it even came close to war remember during the bush administration. remember the persistent threats that have come from the israelis. so on the nuclear file they say this is an important deal that brings a peaceful future. and some say that it goes beyond the nuclear file and just listen to the words of the eu's foreign policy chief. >> i'm convinced the political will of the leadership is there to try to use this window of opportunity we have to build
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trust in a constructive way. iran now has a historic opportunity to show constructive engagement and readiness to play positive role in the region it has been already the case in one important crisis in iraq months ago, almost one year ago and we worked together with iran to encourage the government to become inclusive and take everybody on board and that was an important step. iran has the potential to use its influence in the region in a way that conflicts can be solved and diplomatic and win over confrontation. >> attention now will move across the atlantic to the u.n. security council and we are hearing from new york that it is possible even that the u.n. security council might meet later this week to ratify this deal that is important because the sanctions measures the lifting of those sanctions, the
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whole timeline of this has to be laid out in international law and the way to do that is to pass a u.n. security council measure lugs and many of the sanctions in the past were in u.n. security council resolutions and the only way to change past resolution is to pass a new one that super seeds it. >> let's go to washington d.c. and speak to patty at the white house and what is the next step now for the president? >> the president is going to get to work. white house saying his aids and the president is going to be on the phone and talking to politicians in congress and he started last night calling the leadership of house and senate and giving them a break down of the deal and perhaps more importantly he also called the former secretary of state hillary clinton and running for president and in a very powerful position at the lead democratic candidate and she came out and happened to be on capitol hill and endorsed the deal and could be key because what matters here is not getting republicans on board and many have come out and said they will do everything they can to stop the president
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from lifting u.s. sanctions and what matters is the president's political party and needs enough of them on board he can not over ride a veto and if congress tries to stop this deal he will veto it. >> and i mean realistically what can congress do to try to prevent this going through? >> well, it what's been kind of confused here in washington people and senators saying they are going to kill the agreement and don't actually have the power and cannot stop the president going to the u.n. and lifting u.n. sanctions and cannot stop him from signing an agreement and they can stop him from lifting u.s. sanctions and the white house points out and says iran would walk away from a deal if the u.s. was to back out of it but if you look at sanctions relief from all over the globe that would be a pretty risky calculation on iran's part but says it would be a huge
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embarrassment to the president and weaken the president of the united states and that is an argument resonating with several democratic senators. >> live in washington d.c. thank you. joined now with a lecturer on political economy at regent university and specializes in the middle east and iran and how much push back do you expect from iran on this? >> of course the deal has its supporters and its opponents. one of the most important facts about this deal is that the spureme leaders within the iranian political system has supported this since the beginning, it would have not reached to this stage if he did not give the green light so she
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has expressed this in social media or addressing the nation unlike the president for example or the foreign minister. it would be very important what he would say would indicate how the deal is going to be perceived. we will accept some controversy for example within the parliament and trying to criticize some of the compromises that mohammad javad zarif and his team have made but overall as long as the support and the outcome of the deal i don't see any problems with the implementation going from here forward. >> seen that something could lead to a wider opening to the western world and not just about this particular deal that you could see a change in society any way. >> absolutely. this is the beginning of course this is one of the first assessments and this is a very important step nevertheless. we have an up coming parliamentary election next year
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and with this success of the so called moderate camp within the political system in iran the moderate camp and quote, unquote reformists are going to gain a lot more popular support and they are going to have a much better chance in winning the elections in the parliament and of course the presidential elections from then on. >> there has been a certain amount of skepticism from neighbors and so how is iran going to try and kind of deal with its neighbors and in light of it will it change or stay the same like places like yemen or iraq and what impact do you think it will be regionally? >> the team has intentionally kept all the other issues especially the regional issues separate from the nuclear file. but this step, if it's combined with an ongoing diplomatic initiative which is going to
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bring iran within the security structure of the region and if it is going to go between iran and its regional counterparts, it is going to be the beginning of regional cooperations. but at the moment, the immediate reaction of course from many of the regional powers including saudi arabia is quite a negative one. >> on the economic impact and there is some suggestion it could make a big difference with iran's company with boosting output and will people expect it to happen quickly and if not will they be disappointed or could you see an impact on the economy quickly. >> the most important impact is the psychological impact at this stage. as we have seen the iran stock market for example start to pick up since yesterday even though there was no deal yesterday we could see the psychological impact and the size of the market and is becoming hopeful and the sentiment is going to be
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very strong and immediate and realistically and i'm speaking of sanctions lifting will take some time and in addition to that iran has a number of structural economic challenges that it needs to overcome corruption and miss management of the resources and allocation of the resources is something that needs to be combined with the sanctions lifting in order for people to see the effect. >> thank you very much for coming and talking to us. a deal has been strongly opposed by israel with prime minister benjamin netanyahu expressing dissatisfaction with a phone call to u.s. president barack obama and described it as a historic mistake as we report from west jerusalem. >> reporter: hours before iran's nuclear deal with powers was even formally announced israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a televised statement denouncing the agreement. >> this is a bad mistake of
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historic proportions. >> reporter: he then made a second address later in the day after reviewing the deal and his criticisms were even more pointed. >> the world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday. >> reporter: netanyahu is under increasing pressure by opposition politicians at home who blame him for failing to prevent the deal. they accuse the prime minister of straining ties with u.s. president barack obama which they say harmed israel's ability to influence the outcome. >> after ten years obama will not be the president, nobody know whose is going to be the president, probably two or three presidents will be in place in this period of time to what extent will they be committed with the nuclear and we don't know. >> west jerusalem israelis were nearly universal in their criticism of the nuclear deal. >> now they are going to get all this money and going to fund even more terrorism and it's
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just made everything so bad. >> iran just like north korea cannot be trusted and i hope that the u.s. congress the house of representatives and the senate will go over this agreement very carefully. >> reporter: the united states congress has 60 days to review the agreement. netanyahu will likely use that time to pressure his political allies in the republican and democrat parties to reject it but president obama said he would veto any bill that would block the deal. the agreement between iran and global powers has achieved a rare show of political consensus here in israel and politicians from across the spectrum have criticized the deal saying any kind of iranian nuclear program poses a threat but with the core holding there is very little
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they can do about it al jazeera, west jerusalem. still to come on the program updates on the rest of the world news plus his family believes polygamy should be legalized in the u.s. and celebrations at nasa headquarters as a ten-year mission to pluto comes true. ♪
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights on al jazeera america. top stories on al jazeera iran and six major world powers agreed on a historic deal and limited nuclear activities in
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return for the living of crippling sanctions and president obama says the agreement with iran is based on verification and not trust and warned congress he will veto legislation for imitation of the deal and said a new chapter had begun in national relations and it was not iran's intention to build a nuclear bomb. other news and a new report by the u.n. says nearly 15,000 people have been killed in iraq in the 16 months to the end of april this year and we traveled to the city in anbar province where more than 20,000 people sought refuge in what was a five-star holiday resort. >> reporter: this used to be the nicest holiday resort this was a tourism city after it was built in the 1980s but with
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fighting in anbar province over the past year this has become a refuge of last resort for 24,000 iraqis trapped by the conflict and they are still coming to what aid officials describe as the worst displacement camp in iraq. and hamadi says 200 families have arrived near ramadi and doesn't have much to give them. >> translator: in addition to being displaced there are no resources. this camp is far away from the cities and it flows with organizations and makes it very difficult to reach here. >> reporter: a $50 million project to restore the hotel and chalets started and stopped three years ago leaving roofs and walls and there are people everywhere. this is a disco and nine families live in it and there was an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and restaurant and
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tennis courts and boat launch and one of the nicest hotels in the middle east and a lot of people who have taken refuge used to come on vacations. the former five-star hotel is six stories of misery. most of the residentss are from fallujah and lived here more than a year without electricity or running water and sewage leaks on the roof and this family came 18 months ago after their house and shop were destroyed. when he has money he pays for power from a generator and when the children get sick from the heat and the dirty water he says there is no medical care. >> translator: there was no other place we could go. there are people who have dollars. they go to irbil or outside iraq and don't know what it's like only the poor who cannot find any other place come here. >> reporter: latest arrivals are worse off and he and his family walked seven hours through the desert after martyr
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bombs hit their neighborhood and they have been here for three days, there is only one mattress, everything here is so expensive they rely on charity for food. but it's when she recalls happy memories with his friends he breaks down. all of that is gone he says. he says in other countries people dream of big achievements iraqis just dream of security. but security has been illusive and for many here this is a painful reminder of how quickly things fall apart. jane in the tourist village iraq. >> in yemen houthi fighters from the popular resistance committees recaptured the airport in the city of aiden and defeat for houthis is a combination of a four-month battle in the city and lost control in the city's police headquarters. greek finance ministry says a
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new austerity bill needed for a bailout has been given to parliament and has until wednesday to pass reforms and some mp are going to vote against it and mc-greger wood is in athens. >> reporter: prime minister and hard politics has be -- begun and for the finance minister was to persuade members of the ruling party and elected to reject austerity but on wednesday their mps will be asked to support more of it. and not all of them will. this is the most immediate challenge looks achievement giving the difficult laws through parliament on wednesday night and will manage with the help of opposition party but with his own party he has a bigger problem, leftest factions within it are now in open revolt and the fact he appears to have made a comprehensive u-turn with
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austerity will damage credibility. >> outside parliament they report the line that this is the least bad option. >> translator: i repeat what is important today is that the government gives an answer to the coup and the country saved to bankrupt it economically. >> reporter: economically things have never been worse and businesses close everyday and they are brother and sister running their furniture business are clinging on but customer confidence has disappeared. >> they are afraid to spend money to purchase a new chair or a new desk or even starting a new business to take some furniture like office furniture and everything. >> how much have you sold in the last month? >> nothing.
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>> wednesday's laws will pass and the detailed negotiations for a third bailout will go forward. but the government here is creaking. civil service union plan a 24 hour strike to show their displeasant before long they will have to clear the rubble within his own ranks to keep following orders from his creditors he may eventually need a stronger coalition, simon mc-greger wood al jazeera, athens. supporters of polygamy in the u.s. want it legalized after the legalizing of gay marriage backs the case and we look at why. >> reporter: for 17 years in east central texas andrew has been raising his six youngest children with their three mothers and cheryl and jenny and what they call their plural family. >> we have four parents. it helps share the load.
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>> polygamy is not permitted in the u.s. so andrew is legally married to just one of his three partners but they are hopeful that could change following a resent u.s. supreme court ruling. >> having now redefined what we thought marriage was seems they have opened the door to other people making other choices. >> reporter: in june the highest court in the u.s. legalized same sex marriage expanding the definition just beyond the union of a man and a woman to include other less traditional arrangements. the plural families argue that definition should also include marriage between more than two people. >> if you can allow two men or two women to be quote, married, i think that i should have that same right. >> reporter: that argument is gaining support. >> so you didn't get divorced from her yet? >> no we are a plural family. >> reporter: a man applied for a marriage license and arguing
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if marriage equality is granted to same sex couples it should also apply to polygamy and the view challenged by same sex marriage advocates. >> all the evidence we have concerning plural marriage shows it's inconsistent with gender equality and given what we know of pleural marriage and same sex marriage they should be treated very differently it seems to me by the law. >> reporter: they talk about the suggestion and and living arrangement somehow puts them at risk. >> if anything i would say my husband has given me more respect because of my decision. i was not forced into this. i love this life. i wake up every morning grateful happy, fulfilled and in more ways than i ever thought possible i feel empowered as a woman. ♪ in many father's house ♪
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5% of americans approved of plural marriage compared to 16% today and appears to indicate that although it remains illegal tolerance is rising. al jazeera, east central, texas. now nasa made it close to pluto and celebrations at nasa headquarters over the successful mission which began almost a decade ago and released the image of the dwarf planet at 14 kilometers per second and our science editor has more about the mission. >> reporter: about the size of a grand piano the new horizon probe was launched in 2006 it has taken since then over nine years and a journey of more than 5 billion kilometers to reach the goal the dwarf planet pluto. >> a few years back passed
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jupiter to get gravity pull to increase the speed and that was an opportunity to test the equipment and the cameras and we got nice pictures from jupiter so this camera will resolve details about 50 meters only in size on the surface of pluto and see craters and mountains and we don't know what the images will show will be an amazing discovery. >> reporter: traveling at 1,000 kilometers a minute the craft's cameras and scientific instrument have already sent back surprising images and instead of being gray as previously thought pluto appears to have a red and orange surface. >> we are seeing these crazy black and white patterns. we have no idea what they mean and seen a lot of circular things and think are they craters or are they something else. we saw circular features on
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napoleon tune's moon tridon and should know in a few days but we are having a lot of fun really speculating. >> reporter: after flying past pluto new horizons will continue its journey to a region known as the kiper belt. >> going oton very edges of the proper solar system where the materials of the planets change from rock and gas to ice and this is pluto is the first of the subject and we know very little about it and in this kind of objects, we find and we expect to find a little bit more evidence of the presteen material out of which the solar system and the earth of course was formed 4 1/2 more than 4 1/2 thousand million years ago. >> radio signals already take more than four hours to reach earth making communications slow and difficult. it's an ongoing challenge for
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the scientists as the probe travels deeper into one of the last unexplored paths of our solar system. i'm with al jazeera. and just a quick reminder you can always keep up to date with all the news we are covering and sport by checking out our website, the address again is al ♪ they have a deal after weeks of marathon talks over the nuclear program the united states and five other nations and iran agreed to monitoring and inspections for the exchange of lifting of economic sanctions. in israel america's closest ally is calling the nuclear agreement a stunning historic mistake. a sequel to a classic go set a watchman is on sale and look