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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> fury in athens as greece's parliament prepares to vote on the tough austerity plan to save it from bankruptcy. also on the program i'm lauren taylor in london. also coming up. >> this deal is our best means of assuring that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. >> president obama's warning to congress to back him on the iran nuclear deal.
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to start a new fly by of new horizon's pluto probe. greece's parliament will vote on an austerity bail out that could save the country from bankruptcy. prime minister alexis tsapras has been trying to get backing for the deal. whatever happens greece needs to keep paying its bills and the
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e.u. has proposed a bridging deal that will pay greece's bills for thest of the month. these are the people who voted no to the policies of austerity. also here the hard left anarchists. as darkness fell violence broke out in the square. people with a throw molotov cocktails at the police. >> the anger has boiled over.
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>> tension was rising inside parliament as well as the deadline for the crucial vote approached. the member of the right wing golden dawn party lashed out for new taxes higher retirement ages and members of prime minister's syriza party shows how divided they are. >> greece has many alternative solutions. there must be political will to implement the solutions. >> the government is bringing unbelievable pressure under blackmail. it had no choice to avoid an onset of a new humanitarian crisis. >> rebels will vote against the new laws, but the numbers are still in the prime minister's favor. outside the almost daily ritual protest di protests by greeks
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who thought their government was guess austerity. >> it has done nothing from the previous one. they're still bearing the burden of austerity. >> the greeks have been told that they have no choice but to succumb to the conditions imposed upon them by their creditors. the majority appears to reluctantly accept this. the government will desperately hope that by doing brussels bidding the financial relief of more bail out funds will follow, and the sooner the better. >> well, this is the scene in athens as the parliament debates the bail out funds prime minister just finished speaking. do we think that the vote will finally go ahead. it was supposed to be about an hour ago wasn't it?
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>> we're 06 minutes over due for that vote to happen. it's expected that the voting will commence, but not everything has gone according to schedule today. we'll be watching that and reporting exactly what is going on inside parliament at this hour. earlier there was tension in parliament. there were protesters hurling molotov cocktails as you heard in the report, now there is the debate. it is the only way forward. that it is for the best for greece right now. it's the only way to get the economy back on track. it's a complicated issue that really goes to show how hard of a job prime minister tsipras has
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right now. it certainly will be humiliating for him politically if as expected as many as 30 members of his own party vote against these measures. not tonally clear if they will or not but it is expected. widely expected in greece that these measures will pass because of support from the opposition. but this has been a turbulent time. it has been a difficult few days. there is a headline in a newspaper in greece that said that for tsipras it was a marathon in brussels and it will be a sprint here in athens. the deadline to finish that sprint was an hour ago. it seems that discussions are still going on inside parliament we'll see what the vote brings. within the next few minutes we'll let you know. >> thank you very much, indeed.
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>> the historic chance to pursue a safer world and once in live time opportunity. that's how president obama described the nuclear deal in iran. the deal. >> a confident u.s. president. >> i think there is a helicopter coming, but i'm really enjoying this iran debate. >> he kept talking long after his news conference was supposed to end. the focus selling the iran nuclear deal, arguing if the u.s. congress prevented him from lifting sanctions iran still won't be isolated. >> they saw the u.s. congress
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99% of the community that this is going to resome of the iran nuclear program in an equitable way. >> i would like to-- >> he's not the only one making the case. as prime minister benjamin netanyahu could be found all over u.s. tv warning what it could mean. apac, the powerful lobby said it will do all it can to kill the deal in congress. the president said he would take them on directly. >> none of them have presented to me or the american people a better alternative.
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if the alternative is that we should bring around the wheel through military force then those critics should say so. >> s now clear that it won't be enough to stop israel from battles battling the president in congress. we may not know for another two months which side will win. >> in the battle to take back aden from the houthi, al jazeera has obtained footage of the battles in the city. >> with no movement in yemen it's on the battlefield that developments are happening.
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fighters loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi have taken control of the national airport or what is left of it. they've been making significant advances to recapture the city which would tip the balance in this war. they call it oh opposite operation arrow. it's the first time that they have engaged in a joint operation with the saudi-led cooperation's airstrikes. >> home to security for the state. >> by the bravery of these young fighters we'll recapture all of aden. >> yemen's second city taking
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control of would allow for president hadi and his government to return to the country and recapture the city. pro hadi fighters managed to repel an attack by houthis and their allies who attempted a raid on the main prison compound. most of those fighting for president hadi had never fought a war before, but they have the advantage of air cover almost three months of airstrikes have failed to change the situation on the ground. but now these fighters appear to be coordinating their efforts with the airstrikes, and in the absence of any real peace talks this could be decisive battle for yemen.
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al jazeera. >> still to come on al jazeera, a former nazi known as the bookkeeper of auschwitz is convicted 70 years after world war ii. one moment he's there and the next he's gone. a video shows how a notorious mexican drug lord escaped from prison.
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights on al jazeera america. >> top stories here in al jazeera. protests outside of the greek parliament in athens has turned violent. it's debating a new bail out
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deal ahead of a vote later. energy yemen government forces backed by saudi arabia say that they're close to taking full control of the port there. president obama said that the nuclear agreement with iran is the best way to avoid an arms race and more war in the middle east. in iraq three members of government forces and one isil fighter has been killed in an attack north of baghdad. elsewhere iraqi forces say they're moving close for ramadi. >> the operations to take anbar province continues. they'll move troops and heavy equipment into the area and they're taking towns and villages in the outskirts. now this is a tactic that we've seen before. they take these villages, these
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towns from isil, and they use them in staging points to mount an attack in these two big cities. it will give them control of the whole province, and that's the point of this operation. but also we've seen an increased number of u.s. coalition-led airstrikes in the area. some 27 airstrikes targeting nearly 67 positions around the city of fallujah and have taken place. this is the largest u.s.-led coalition airstrikes campaign we've seen in anbar province. it does suggest a stepping up of the u.s.-led coalition airstrikes. however, experts say that maybe nothing will move in the next 10 days or so as they mount the final offenses on those two major cities. >> hundreds ever stolen iraqi
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art facts have been recovered and returned by u.s. certainly forces. it contained items and royal seals that were used. the u.s. said that it's special forces recovered 700 artifacts after killing a senior isil leader in syria in may. they say along with intelligence documents and data they seized antiquityies including gold counties morecoins more than 1,000 years old. the isil destruction of ancient sites iraq has steadily been losing parts ever its heritage. >> today we got back some of our
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artifacts. >> the u.s. said it could not have done anything to protect the sites from the armed groups that some call daesh. >> the coalition does not have boots on the ground. certainly using airstrikes could be more damaging to iraq than whatever the daesh members were doing. i think we can agree that the best way to ensure that daesh can no longer destroy is to expel them from the region. >> these items were believed to be looted in 2003. but as for the rest it will take a lot of research to determine where they came from. these were some hundreds of
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cylinder seals looted in 2003. they were used as official seals on cuneiform tablets. senior archaeologists say that there is no indication that any of these objects are from the mosul museum, damaged by isil after it took over parts of the city. others might have been looted after excavations. this book on parchment in air makearamaic and arabic is believed to be taken from a church in syria. these items would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for isil but one that is hard to proof. al jazeera baghdad. >> the egyptian government has given it to pressure from journalists and will jail anyone who speaks against the state
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narrative. but they will be fined rather than imprisoned. the court of germany has convicted a 94-year-old man to being an accessory to the death of 300,000 people in auschwitz during world war ii. oscar groening worked at auschwitz. >> he entered the court a frail elderly man. for three months this man heard of from a the prosecutors. he has been sentenced to four years in prison. >> the defendant's service in
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auschwitz should be taken as a whole, supporting the main crime, murder in 300,000 cases and shall be found guilty of such. >> auschwitz was the single most murderous camp that the nazi's ran in final solution of the jewish question. it's thought that 1 million jews were called at the camp. 100,000 soldiers, roma, homosexuals, poles, and political prisoners. oscar g roening had the responsibility for foreign currency, jewels and gold found among possessions. this man survived auschwitz. 30 members of his family did not. he spoke to reporters after
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groening sentence was announced. >> unfortunately i cannot figure him for what has done. maybe he took the ring off my foreheirs finger when she was forced off the train--my father, too. >> oscar grening chose to speak about his time at auschwitz to oppose those who deny the exterminations ever happened there. he's likely to be the one february of ash bids to standtried. >> the exact moment a mexican drug lord was seen in prison was caught on cctv.
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>> this is the last moment that he is seen, going into his bathroom and then disappearing. the tunnel went right up to his cell. the powerful sinaloa gang that he leads thought of everything. >> he had to have help from the staff. if that's confirmed it will be an act of corruption and betrayal of the mexican people. >> the prison director has already been fired. behind me is the guilty in
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which el chapo emerged walking through the tunnel that began just under his chris cell. he escaped in some style. the tunnel was equipped with ventilation and tall enough for him to walk standing up in, and even had electric traditional lighting. it was a meticulous planned operation. >> they had a generator that you hear from the road. you could see the lights from the window. >> it's the second time that guzman has escaped prison. legend has it the first time, 14 years ago, was in a laundry basket. this time around the u.s. were desperate to extradite him. the mexican government refused but now their biggest prize has become their biggest
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embarrassment. >> the government has none seen as a strong force which can make demands. that could have serious implementation on the ground. >> they have a launched a man hunt across the country, but there is no way to know where el chapo is spending his new found freedom. >> nasa has released pictures of pluto from its new horizon spacecraft. it is already allowing researchers to learn more about the dwarf planet. the new horizons was able to photographs pluto's moons. and they're confirming that the
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pluto apply- fly by was a success. back in athens the greek prime minister has been appealing for support for the tough bail out package. let's listen to what he's saying. >> yes, that's the . >> people would express solidarity with people, and now experience it it's very exciting
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development which should honor us. and finally there is much agony and much passion for what a group' involve for you. if you are concerned why don't you make it non-trust. we got that. we got five years under this new agreement arms coming in and out of iran are prohibited, and >> final note from the greek prime minister for support of the bail out measures do we know
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when they're going to vote? >> well, it doesn't seem now that this is the final push by prime minister tsipras his last speech before parliament. earlier prime minister tsiprs spoke. right after the opposition leader spoke. he pledged support for these measures and support for prime minister tsipras and now tispr as with one last push. this has been a bruising process for tsipras. it has cost him a lot of capital here in greece. yet, in the past few days we've encountered ordinary greek citizens a lot of anger directed towards the government, towards the fiscal policies of greece.
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there seems to still be wide-spread support for stipras. a lot of people i've spoken with believe that he's a patriotic man. he is a good greek leader. they believe he's trying to clean up corruption here in greece. he said he's going after the corruption that is rampant in greece. this is something that the prime minister has pledged to do before. it's something that we subject he'll do more in the months to come. he's not sure he would be able to rule if a majority of his party doesn't vote for him. it's unclear right now where the votes will be. it's expected that this will pass because of the support from the opposition. >> okay, reporting live from
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athens. thank you very much. we'll continue to monitor events in parliament for you throughout the night. we'll have more for you on the website at any time. the address for that is at you can watch us live on the "watch live" icon. al jazeera. >> it's friday afternoon in the rio grande valley in texas. >> abortion is one of the most common medical procedures for women around the world. >> two friends are reading a manual on how to give yourself an abortion. >> and then i asked you for sure like how pregnant you are. >> for sure right now, i'm seven weeks. >> that's good because once you get to 12 weeks, it's like riskier. >> they wouldn't let us film their faces because here, like in most states, what they are about to do could be considered illegal.