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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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hormuz. that is our show today. i'm ali velshi. thank you for joining us. >> defending the deal with iran. >> what is your preferred alternative? >> president obama deflects criticism of his historic nuclear agreement as congressional republicans vow to kill it. outrage in athens. molotov cocktails and tear gas in the street as the greek government begrudgingly accepts
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austerity in exchange for a becameout. unsettling. a california judge orders the release of dash cam video showing police shooting an unarmed man. a nuclear fallout 70 years after the first big blast. al jazeera goes inside a rural community when where people say the nuclear history is killing them. former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital tonight. the elder bush fell and broke a vertebra in his neck in kennebunkport maine. a family spokesman says mr. bush is doing good but will have to wear a neck brace. the 94-year-old was hospital
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idessed in houston after suffering shortness of breath. the ink is rather dry and the rhetoric in washington is well under way. president obama urged lawmakers to evaluate the deal based on facts and not on politics and posturing. as jamie mcintire reports the agreement faces strong bipartisan resistance in capitol hill. >> i made notes on the arguments. >> like the law professor president obama used to be, he offered point by point defense of the issues. against members of congress who vow to kill the deal. >> i do expect the debate to be based on facts and not speculation. >> take this criticism. >> the any time anywhere is not any time anywhere. >> the president says declared sites can be inspected 24/7.
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only unknown suspect sites are subject to review there could take up to three weeks. >> the mayor of the nuclear programs and facilities is such this is not something you hide in a closet. this is not something you put on a dolly and kind of wheel off somewhere. >> and then there's concern about what's not in the deal. >> there is no addressing in this agreement that we've seen that addresses iran's role as chief sponsor of terror throughout the region. >> true says baum but the deal is made so that iran doesn't get the bomb. what about the cash? the $150 billion or so that iran gets. >> this is iran's money that we are able to block. >> those funs were not going to keep frozen forever. why not just tighten sanctions to get a better leader, says the
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republican senate leader. >> we spent years ratcheting up the sanctions. >> president obama had an answer to that too but made it clear recalcitrant republicans were not his objective. shoring up any whose support may be wobbly. >> if there's no agreement we can be -- we can count on the fact that the international sanctions regime will unravel. >> among the criticisms the president left unanswered, republican revolutionary guard commander qasemem solelani. >> jamie mcintire, washington.
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>> believes thursday's agreement is a step in the right direction. >> i think it's a very wonderful agreement and i have complete confidence in john kerry to negotiate a binding agreement that if violation would be detected. >> the u.s. and iran have been at odds for more than 35 years. antigovernment protests erupted in greece in the wake of its eurozone bailout. demonstrations turned violence in athens while parliament voted the austerity measures demand he 50 deal. cars were vandalized. patricia sabga reports age are continues to rise in the country. >> molotov cocktails hurled at the greek parliament, as
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protesters demonstrated over the referendum that people voted on just over a week ago european creditors demanded greece adopt pension reforms and other matters. before the vote syriza mp eppy caracosta told al jazeera why she would back austerity proposals she and her people oppose on principle. >> this is what we have to do today to allow greece to remain standing. >> this pensioner is holding up a sign that says "i'm afraid of starvation." it illustrates exactly what the greek lawmakers face. the risk of collapsing the greek
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economy. a lose lose proposition that is generated sympathy for tsipras and loathing for supporters. >> free what he thinks is right he will change the country. >> a chance europe's leaders have so far been unwilling to grant and which the greek people may run out of patience to give. patricia sabga, al jazeera athens. >> the colorado theater shooting case is now in the hands of the jury. james holmes is charged with the shooting that left 12 dead and 70 injured. holmes defense attorney told jurors the gunman suffered from schizophrenia and could not be
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blamed by his actions. the family of an unarmed man fatally shot in 2013 is calling for a further investigation. the judge. >> california ordered police in gardena california to release video. as akiko fujita reports the film reopened wounds of the victim's family. >> reporter: this is video the police didn't want people to see. officers pointing their guns. it all started outside the cvs police said they received a 911 call about a robbery of bikes. they went after suspects, hispanics on bikes. an officer pulls over two men riding bikes. a third person arrives minutes later and the dash cam video
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shows what followed. officers ordered the men to raise their hands two comply but zefarino lowers him. shot the 34-year-old eight times killing him on the scene. sam paz is the family attorney. >> we hope this case will become an example of what not to do, what a police department should not be doing. >> the man's family filed a civil lawsuit two years ago. gardena settled for $4.7 million, as part of an understanding that the footage would not be released publicly. but news media went to lawsuit to get this released. >> where is the police going with release of all this video?
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>> gardena police chief says his department has never released video, he says this case could establish a dangerous precedents. >> i'm concerned that you know people know that we're recording them all the time. they may be less willing to come forward as witnesses. as victims. because they don't want their information out there in the public. >> attorney paz says gardena police never fully investigated the shooting. he's now calling for federal inquiry. akiko fujita, gardena california. >> there is also new video from a fatal shooting in pasco washington. antonio montez.
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the police officers have not been charged with any crime. cyber crime forum known as dark ode. 70 people have been arrested, 12 of them here in the u.s. dark ode is one of the larger internet fowrnlsz for hackers stolen credit card numbers and banking dats. justice served after one of the darkest times in history. >> translator: unfortunately i cannot foarveg him for what forgive him for what he has done. >> why some people will never be able to forgive and forget. >> what the commander in chief said about allegations about a comedian who drugged dozens of women and raped them.
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>> men and women of the montgomery police department have never given up finding these girls.
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>> 40 years after two young girls went missing, a suspect has been charged with their murders. sheila and margaret lyons investigators did thought say if new evidence emerged in the cold case. a nationwide manhunt in mexico has not turned up any sign of the dwrug lord drug lord known as el chapo. they released this video showing his final minutes behind bars on saturday. they released photographs of guzman at toll booths throughout the country. some deployed to the town where el chapo was born. they've set up checkpoints in the area surrounding it. chapo has been most notorious
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drug kingpin and now once again the most wanted man in the country. a german court has convicted a former nazi as accessory to murder of thousands of jews during the holocaust. dominic cain has more. victor gruening. >> this trial has heard evidence of his war time past how as a young man he worked for the ss as a clerk at auschwitz. earlier in the trial he told the court that he did acknowledge moral guilt but that it was for judges to establish legal guilt. now, they have. sentencing him to four years in prison. >> translator: presiding judge explained that the defendant's service in auschwitz should be taken as a whole supporting the main crime murder in 300,000 cases and should be found guilty as such.
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>> reporter: auschwitz was the single most murderous camp the germans ran in the final solution of the jewish question. it was thought that 100,000 were killed at the cax 100,000 soldiers roma, poles and homosexuals were also murdered. oscar grvmentroenig was at the camp between 1942 and 1944. his job was to collect and sort the vabilities of the prisoners. leon survived auschwitz. 30 other members of his family did not. he spoke to reporters after groenig's sentence was pronounced. >> translator: unfortunately i cannot forgive him for what he has done. maybe he took ring off my
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mother's finger when she was forced off the train and my father too. >> in previous interviews ten years ago oscar groenig chose to speak of his time at auschwitz to oppose the exterminations ever happened there. he is likely to be one of the last surviving members of the ss who served in auschwitz to stand trial. although he was given a jail sentence his frailty may mean he does not actually go to prison. dominic cain, al jazeera berlin. iran wasn't the only topic the president addressed during today's press conference. he also weighed in on the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. more than two dozen women have come forward with accusations against comedian. many say he drugged them raped them. the president was asked should his medal of freedom be revoked?
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>> there is no precedence of revoking a medal of freedom. we don't have that mechanism. if you give a woman or a man for that matter without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. >> in 2002, cosby was awarded the medal of freedom by president george w. bush for his work on behalf of education. cosby has denied any wrongdoing. access to the internet, the idea is to bring high speed low cost service to every home. the connect initiative will be rolled out in 27 cities before expanding nationwide. a new warehouse report shows that less than half of low income households are plugged in. in an every to prevent lone wolf terror attacks the white house has where initiated a new
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program. erica pitzi has the story. >> attacks on americans on american soil. >> kate shooter multiple people down. >> in an effort to contain the so-called lone wolf. the white house proposed a program. >> we are here against the scourge of violent terrorism and militantism. >> the idea is to pinpoint people who show early signs of radicalized behavior and redirect them. the critics say this is a gateway to profiling. >> this is a very complex problem, how to identify concerning behaviors, what to do how to respond how to intervene what role government should play and we don't have all the answers. >> reporter: and admission from the u.s. attorney from
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massachusetts,men ortiz who recently prosecuted dzhokhartsarnaev. ortiz is one of the leaders of the boston program. >> it's been four months since the framework of this pilot program here in boston was established. no action plan in place. how come? >> well, we're working on figuring out different action plans and really waiting for different community members community organizations to come up with action plans that they feel will work for them. >> several community organizations are on board. with the focus on getting to young people early. one idea of the pilot program is to set up a hot line, a phone number students can call anonymously to report questionable behavior. joadie elgee heads education for boston public schools.
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>> how can you counter violent extremism which is this program. >> you can't condition you cannot, there are no indicators that are definitive and that's the issue. >> these preemptive tactics worry shannon of the urban league. >> we are concerned that these issues will be used to and probably will be used to profile muslims. >> muslims have to really be honest and look in the mirror and reflect on themselves. there is a minority, but there is some element in our community that doesn't always make the best decisions. we have to own that. >> from religious leaders to law enforcement the u.s. attorney says a single organization or community cannot do this alone. to make this successful it must be a collaborative effort across all fronts. >> we would love for a parent
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who notices a concerning behavior in their child to say i'm concerned and don't know what to do about it. instead of wanting your child you know -- killed you want to deal with it now. >> reporter: dealing with the potential of extreme violence now before more innocent lives are lost later. erica pitzi, al jazeera. taxpayer dollars are not going to to the program until an action plan is in place. it is not fully clear when it will be implemented. >> thursday marks 30 years since 70 years. since the first nuclear test in new mexico.
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fallout now. protesters inside and outside of japan's parliament. why there is a reinterpretation of the japanese constitution.
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>> it took 24 hours but firefighters in southern california managed to contain this wildfire. nearly 200 emergency workers have been beating back flames sparked by a car crash. the fire near the city of score ownevercorona. >> protesters inside the japanese parliament today as the controversial security bill was debated. it reinterprets the country answer constitution which calls for japan to be a pacifist nation. active collective self defense. >> thousands also rallied outside government buildings in protest. they are worried the legislation could draw their country into war.
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japan's lower house is expected to approve the bills later this week. tomorrow marks 70 years since the u.s. military tested its first taming bomb inside new mexico. people living near what's known as the trinity site are suffered from higher levels of cancer. tristan atone has their story. in 1945, many americans knew something had happened outside. where in gallup, an associated press story stated a munitions factory had exploded. never mentioning the testing. lopez wouldn't the 135 acres that has supported his family for almost 50 years may be slowly killing him. >> we raised a lot of vegetables.
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yeah, we do a lot of that. but once i got cancer i quit the vegetable part. >> though he has no medical proof he believes that radiation from the facility contributed directly to his lymphoma. those down wind claim the trinity site robbed them of their health. they want the u.s. government to be held accountable. >> i would out there who is a cancer survivor or battling cancer to stand up if you would. >> on july 1st residents held a meeting radiation compensation act rca for short down winders in 21 counties in
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fleive utah and arizona but the law specifically doesn't cover new mexican down winders. new mexico senator tom udall wants to increase who is eligible for compensation by amended the bill, but congress particularly those from eastern states, are reluctant to expand the law. >> the western legislators know and understand this. we probably have a stronger case to make with toaks in the east. they are not as acquainted with it. >> however residents in the eligible parts of utah arizona and nevada, were automatically covered. down winders in new mexico want the same treatment. >> what would compensation do for you? >> i'm not doing it for
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compensation. i'm not -- if there's compensation fine. but i was doing it just to get people aware that we do have a problem in this area. >> tristan atone al jazeera white sands missile range. >> today we got our first look at new high resolution images of pluto from the new horizons mission. they show 100 times as much resolution as any other means nasa says it will take 16 months to gather all the photos and data that is being sent back. small plane turning a busy new jersey highway into a landing trip. single engine plane was carrying students from a air show. nobody was hurt.
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at one point pilot plowed snow dirt and garbage was more than 75 feet high. i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us. ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night. [ ♪♪ ] looking at the river of money flowing through not for profit schools, for profit businesses wanted in on the action, and they have gotten huge, offering students flexible degree programs and professional training. thousands of students that take government-backed loans end up heavily in debt with no degree and little to show for the experience. with the recent bankruptcy of one of biggest for-profit corporations, we ask if the schools are a good deal for students.