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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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cheers in aiden as exiled leaders loyal to abd-rabbu mansour hadi return to the recaptured yemeni city hello, welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. i'm elizabeth puranam. also ahead - four u.s. marines are shot dead in the state of ten. tennessee. >> pressure from inside iran
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following the if nuclear powers. we begin with the conflict in yemen, and anti-houthi forces vowing to push rebels out of a strong hold in aden the southern city has been a flashpoint since the houthis laid siege. there are fears the victory may be short lived. the houthis have loft much of the southern city of aden. the government wants to claim control. aden will be the key to a victory and cause. from aiden we'll reclaim all of yemen. this is the first of many victoria lis. >> abd-rabbu mansour hadi congradulated the resistance fighters credited with pushing the houthis out of most of the aden, as they fight the rebels in some areas of the city. >> translation: the maintaining focus on the militia in the
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coming hours. khader adnan will be the happiest. >> the fighters are against the houthis. many are secessionists supporting the government in the past. aden was the refuge of the government. after it was driven from the capital by rebels last september pt the grape slipped -- grip slipped, houthis closed in. the government is returning. >> translation: what remain of the houthi fighters have to surrender themselves to the closest point, and they'll be safe. >> the houthis, ch and a large area in the south, is contested. much of the of the rest of the country is a battle ground all sights fighting for control.
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>> aind houthi forces -- anti-houthi forces are claiming victory. forces say it may be short lived. >> we have 2-3 areas under control, and they came under control as a result of heavy bombardment. usually unsurge sis don't stand and fight. when they come under a surprise attack, they withdraw and come back. aiden is home to 800,000, and one. yemen's most important ports. it's a vital life line that could bring humanitarian aid to the millions in need. if the fight for the city has come to an end to other new, and two police officers have been injured in a suicide car bombing at a checkpoint in the saudi capital. the ministry said the attack detton aid explosives as they ended a last farce.
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the explosion happened on a road leading to the prison. a high security system. state television is reporting that the bomber was a teenager on the run after allegedly killing his uncle four marine have been killed at a shooting in the u.s. state of tennessee. the gunman died, and a police officer who chased him has been shot. we have this report. >> reporter: the gunman targeted two locations over the course of half an hour. first he sprayed bullets at a military recruitment center, located at a shopping center. one marine was injured here. then he drove to a marine facilities here four marine were killed. he was described as having numerous weapons. >> reporter:. >> what we know is someone brutally attacked our forces.
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>> reporter: we know that he was 24 mohammod youssuf abdulazeez. original by from kuwait. he had been arrested by police for driving while intoxicated. officials are looking into whether he was inspired by i.s.i.l. and other groups. from the president downwards, they surprised investigations are at a preliminary statement. i ask all americans to pray for the families who are grief-stricken at this point. and i want everyone to understand that we will be thorough and prompt in figuring out what happened. >> the secretary of homeland security added that some federal securities were increasing their security out of an abundance of caution, and warned against unconfirmed and falls reports circulating about the incident the u.s. jury convicted a
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man accused of killing 12 in a colorado cinema in 2012. 27-year-old james homes has been found guilty of multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. he opened fire inside a packed cinema in denver during a midnight preview of a batman movie angela merkel and her finance minister are urging politicians to back a third debt deal for greece. they'll vote on friday on the 86 billion bail out package, greece has an additional agreement. some states need to give the green light. greece banks are set to reopen on monday after the european central bank bequeathed credit. the eurozone ministers also agreed to give greece a short-term loan so it can pay its bills. simon mcgregor-wood has more from athens. the greek people will accept the
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good news. comments will indicate that the european central bank will be considered to be a small piece of good news. and the finance minister suggests although it's not finally confirmed, that the bank may open. capital control, the money people can take out about will be here but given how unpopular were the laws that mr alexis tsipras was forced to push through parliament they could take solace in the news. his political outlook is complicated. 40 syriza m.p.s refusing to support the measures. he has app rebellion on his hand. we expected on thursday there would be a reshuffle to
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strengthen his government. that has not happened. it will happen in the next few days for sure. in the medium to longer term the political instability is a market. he's an interior minister saying that he's sure there'd need to be new elections, and needs to refresh his mandate for the unpopular laws, and one last note and that things voted through the parliament they'll start to take effect iraq's army closed a crossing between jordan and iraq. a spokesman for iraq's joint operation says the fighting has been used to check cargo trucks. i.s.i.l. controls large areas in the capital anbar 2,000 jord join yn fighters joined armed groups in syria,
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the lives of those behind could be challenging, especially widows who say bake civil rights are bean taken away from authorities. >> this woman never thought life would be this difficult and uncertainty for her and her children because of a piece of paper. jordanian authorities refused to issue a death certificate for her husband. she can't get social welfare, because she's not recognised as a whiched doe, no enterings documents for her children she can neither remarry. >> translation: my husband went. fine, why should we be punished. i have no one to support me financially. without their father's death certificate my children are without documents or a future.
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>> many face specific struggles. this woman's husband died. they can't sell his car. they can't get a death certificate. >> we can't move on our hands are tie the. when i went to social welfare they can't give me assistance because without a death certificate. the husband is alive. >> many have joined armed groups in syria. the government requires a death certificate from a recognised hospital in syria in order to issue a jordanian one. if that's impossible. a testimony for someone that witnessed the deaths is needed. >> more than 300 fighters have been killed in syria, they left behind families, who are sliding deeper into poverty and struggling with the civil rights law. because fighters crossed into
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syria illegally and without documents, they are still alive as far as jordanian government records are concerned. >> some believe the government is doing the right thing at a time of regional turmoil. >> the state has valid concerns and cannot issue a death certificate. if the news is false, he may return and carry out illegal act, he could infiltrate and be difficult to track down. activists say jordanian fighters in syria are scared to return knowing if they do they can face terrorism charges and prison sentences now, more than a billion muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate eid on friday. 2 million gathered at mecca, the center of islam to take part. these are live pictures from mecca. the 3-day festival marks the end
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of the holy month of ramadan. it commemorates the month during which muslims believe the koran was revealed to the profit mohammed. giving is a part of the -- prophet muhammad. giving is part of the tradition. tas when they shop for new clothes and food. shoppers crammed into markets. the tradition of wearing knew clothes is something shared by muslims around the world, and a local charity handed out garments for those in need. >> coming up in the bulletin. german chancellor angela merkel tried to explain immigration to a girl whose family is facing deportation. counting the cost of climate change. senegal's farmers could get a financial helping hand.
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good to have you with us. i'm prorn in doha. these are the top stories. anti-houthi forces in yemen vowed to push the rebels. the southern city is a flashpoint in the city. four marines have been killed in a shooting in the state of tennessee. the government has died and the police officers who chased them has been shat. angela merkel and her finance minister urge politicians to
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back a third debt deal for greece. they vote on friday on the 86 billion euro package for athens. >> the chief negotiators at the iran nuclear talks told iranian journalists that israel influenced parts of the deal. they are reporting the under secretary said this was a dialogue between israeli and american experts. they reportedly spoke to binyamin netanyahu's national security visor to discuss the deal. >> now that a deal has been struck, more cash is expected to flow into tehran. sanctions are lifted iranians hope the deal will boost the economy. >> we need to have relations with the world, we need to export what we make and import things not worth creating. >> this is an executive at a car parts factory, he's like many
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iranians we met, hesitant to talk pal ticks, but eager to -- pol tick but eager to tell us given a choice between nuclear ambitions and prosperity he'd choose integrating iran. >> at this moment in time iran needs to move away from oil export dependency and move to a production based economy. the oil company is part of the industry, one of the largest in asia in terms of production output it's second to iran's oil and gas industry. actions forced him to make parts, instead of importing him. he thinks iran is ready to export cars to the world. in addition to oil and cars sanctions took a bite out of the persian carr upset industry. this is a trader working from a shot. business was so good he was
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sending a shipping container full of carpets to the united states. sanctions stopped that. >> 20% of our population is involved in the industry. we have colouring workshops sellers, dealers. when we can't export our product. we have to depend on local demand. if sanctions are lifted. we'll see a boom in the industry. >> the sanctions imposed on iran are among the toughest imposed on a country, and the effect has been rampant inflation. in my hands i have 3 million ri article. three million divided into 5,000 notes. it's worth 100. three years ago this was worth 250. one way iranians try to hedge against inflation is to buy gold. this man says his jewellery business does well in good and bad times. iran's plummeting currency poses
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changes. >> 18 carat gold, there's differences for one day. sometimes in one hour we have so many different prices it causes us many problems. >> despite the hardships, local high tech entrepreneurs offered opportunities that wouldn't have been there for them. this man is founder of a technology firm that has taken off with a youtube product, a hit with iranians online. >> sanctions increased a cost of research and development, because we were not allowed to collaborate. we benefitted because they forced us to develop products and services targetting a captive market. once sanctions are lifted we'll be able to deliver product with more efficiency. >> now that a deal is in place,
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many in iran are hopeful chances of economic prosperity will grow samsung shareholders voted in favor of a controversial merger of two of its subsidiaries. it sees samsung's company take over another subsidiary in an $8 billion deal one contested the move. it was crucial the german chancellor has been criticized for telling a palestinian girl that the family might be deported. she says you can't all come. comment were made during the discussion with school students at an event in germany. she revealed her family had been
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waiting for four years. they conceded the asylum system needed to change. we are talking about what has to change so someone like you does not have to spend four years here until a decision is reached. >> the president of migration policy says the chancellor was only speaking the truth and migration was too high. >> it's are a little bit of both. clearly the rate at which refugees would be refugees have been entering germany in particular is too high for a country to handle. in other words, it can prepare a system to accept a certaincm of applications. when you have 230 applications already this year. a quarter of a million, there's
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almost no way that the infrastructure can adjudicate this claim. she was saying that we cannot take everybody who finds their way to make it to europe. that is a true statement political leaders are responsible for their leader, and germans feel that this number is simply too large for them to integrate. >> claims parliament approved a draft law to give autonomy to two regions, it's the first step of meeting demands. five months after the agreement. people in the east face hardship. sharls stratford reports from donetsk. >> the line of cars stretches for kilometres down the road. they have tightened a blockade
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crossing into ukranian controlled territory. it can take hours. >> every time they make a new law. they feel humiliated. >> all ukranian banks closed around a year ago. none of the atms worked. authorities opened their own bank where people cap pay bills and tax. they receive the equivalent of $50. >> of course it's a small amount. that is nothing. our state is young. they cannot give to us. moving to a better future. >> we want peace she says before she walks away. >> the little money goes less far than it used to. the blockade doubled the prices
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of foods. many rely on goods smuggled from russia many supplying the convoys. people queue outside distribution centers like this one. >> the aid is everything. i live alone and couldn't survive without it. >> bazs have to close down. it was forced to stop production, because it kapt get the raw materials it needs. both sides blame each other for the daily violations of a ceasefire agreement signed in february. this neighbourhood suffered some of the worst damage since the fighting started. ukraine's blockade is blamed for the hardship. the struggle to find a lasting solution goes on a conflict that claims 6,500 lives.
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>> developing nations dropped demand for a global tax authority after pressure from the united states and britain. plans were discussed at a summit. they estimate poorer countries lose around a million. the offenders include companies like google and apple. the director of oxfam international says rich countries affect more mouths needed to fight poverty. they estimated that through one. many legal tricks that can be used to avoid paying taxes, companies cheat developing countries. that is through one of the ships. an additional 138 billion lost
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the developing countries through the complication. to give holidays. to get away with their fair share. it was so important for developing countries. the loopholes for tax avoidance were closed. they can only be close where the government sits together. this is what the rich countries denied them. developing countries are strong in uting up the fight. they'll take a long. they'll sit together and shape the system. i have no doubt. another issue is climate change.
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senn zal is vulnerable. a new scheme could see people access money from a climate change insurance fund. >> it's a bad omen a nine that the worst is yet to come. this animal died starving collapsing in the heat before it could reach the shade. almost a year without a drop of rain. young has not experienced a drought like this in his lifetime. there's not enough food or water. >> dying of starvation is a violence death. no one should experience this. not even animals. >> the united nations believes 20 million people, mostly children don't have enough to eat. with temperatures as high as 47,
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past years turned to desert. it's getting hotter two degrees higher. so a sense of a looming catastrophe ends. villages and animals on the move. >> the drought with a rise in temperatures causes the desert to expand. this is not just a natural phenomena, but one triggered by mankind. caused by polluting into the atmosphere. >> in 2014 humans released 32 gig tonnes of carbon dioxide. this relentless pollution is causing the drought. so they pick up climate change insurance. after the african union created
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ark. a fund protection against climate change national disasters. for this drought, it dispersed 16 million. it is distributing it to the most vulnerable. >> aid agencies are too slow to help. they are used to distribute cash for food. the milk produced provide basic revenue, it's the only asset. with the help there's not enough to feed all of young's animals. toon once more the only meal is potatos, tea and bread. the day end as it started. hungry, certain, and wondering which animal will survive tomorrow. >> you can find more of the
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content of the environment on the website. it has all of day's news and many award winning programs that they will see on the screens. locations people who proudly served our country. >> the the deaths of four marines and fears where the investigation may lead. >> we are conduct having as an act of domestic terrorism and the question - how to protect the when and women of our armed forces on home soil. >> we have been in contact with the department of defense, to