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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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germany's parliament approves bailout talks with greece after chancellor merkel warns the alternative is chaos. ♪ hello, i'm marry ann, i'm live from london. also coming up, six people killed in egypt as police open fire on anti-government protesters. remembering the victims of mh17 airliner shot down over ukraine a year ago. and police in the u.s. are trying to find out where a cue weighty-born engineer killed four marines at a recruiting
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center. ♪ it's the engine room of europe's economy so getting its approval was crucial. germany's parliament has agreed to the euro zone negotiating a third bailout for greece. a fifth of mp's from merkel's ruling party voted against the move. germany was a big contributor to the previous two bailouts and was resistant to agreeing for more money. but merkel successfully argued that the alternative would be chaos. al jazeera's dominic kane is in berlin. >> reporter: less than a week after the marathon talks that paved the way for a third greek bailout, and it was asked for its opinion. ordinarily the coalition government's huge majority means legislation is easily passed but not this time. friday was angela merkel's 61st
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birthday, but publicly at least her thoughts were on the present and the potential for rebellion among her own supporters. accordingly she sought to soothe the fears of those who did not want more money to go to greece. >> translator: i know there are many doubts and worries if this path will be successful, and if greece will have the strength to pursue this path. but one thing is by strong conviction, we would be acting with grossing negligence if we don't at least try this. >> reporter: there is a minority that is actively opposed to anymore austerity measures to be imposed on greece. chief among the opponents is this man. he says the effect of the
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proposal would be the end of democracy in greece. >> translator: the greek government needs permission of the european commission imf, and ecb only for the public discussion about a draft. then they need another permission to bring it before parliament for a vote. that is the factual abolition of the parliamentary democracy you have organized. but there is growing unreese about the continued financial commitment to greece. nearly three-quarters of germans do not trust the current government in athens. that is a doubt shared by 69 members of the ruling coalition. they failed to vote for this proposal. but more than two-thirds did support it. now the government will flush out the details of the bailout before bringing the ensuing document back for final
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approval. now in greece two separate wildfires are pouring more misery on top of the country's economic woes. strong winds and high temperatures caused the blaze to spread quickly and smoke has blanketed parts of athens. dozens of firefighters have been sent to the sight. residents from three villages have been told to leave their homes. >> translator: we officially applied for assistance from the european mechanisms and if it's deemed necessary we will ask from other countries. we need to wait and see how it goes. at the moment there is no need for immediate assistance we have to keep watch over the weather conditions over the next 24 hours. meanwhile the government says it will open the banks again on monday. it's the first visible sign of healing for the country's economy. but as hoda abdel hamid reports,
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there is still a long way to go especially when it comes to greece's tourism industry. >> reporter: the waterfront comes to life. foreign tourists are plenty. there is no sign of a crisis here. except for the absence of greeks. >> everyone especially the greek people are still waiting -- >> reporter: with the recently imposed capital controls limits daily spending to 60 euros, it's difficult for many to afford a vacation. >> you had some statistics that were saying that we won't have a very large number of tourists this year. we are going to have a record this year. and then there was a referendum capital controls and then everything went down. we won't have a record for
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sure. >> reporter: this area has an airport that links to several european countries. but less developed islands are feeling the crunch. this man moved back here from canada attracted by the laid back lifestyle. >> i regret it and i told my wife three, four years ago. i said to her, let's go back to canada, to toronto. it will be better for us. >> reporter: and why don't you still go? >> that's the thing, though. we have to save money to go. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's mid-july and this is a time when islanders make their yearly income. this area rose to fame thanks to the movie momma mia. the most important scene of that movie was filmed up there in that church. these people opened a bar a year before the production crew
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arrived here. that was then. >> translator: it's very difficult. we earn less and in the winter there's no work. the cost of everything has increased because of the new taxes. we really had to change our plans. >> reporter: the prospects for the next year are not good either. the latest e.u. bailout plantar gets specifically the greek islands which have been enjoying tax rebates. now hotels and restaurants will be slapped with a substantial tax increase. owners say it will have to come out of their pockets. tourism is the only industry that appears to be functioning in greece. many island ers wonder whether the new taxes will help greece or push the tourists elsewhere. humidity humidity al jazeera, in the greek islands. mohammed jamjoom joins us me
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live from athens. the prime minister a very busy man now. also battling wildfires. how do these fires compare what we have seen in recent years. >> reporter: they are pretty severe. if you look behind me you can still see thick plumes of smoke. that hillside has really gone up in flames today. many of the residents have been urged to evacuate. this has been a pretty bad day. there has been no official confirmation of what started these wildfires. there have been a couple of local officials, mayors of different municipalities that have suggested that they believe arson could be behind the fires. but none of the senior government officials have said what they think started the fires. we know the prime minister asked
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for help from italy and france to try to get planes over here to battle these blazes. we have seen aircraft dousing those flames but because the wind is so heavy, it has made these fires spread quicker than they usually would. in several parts of the country, including south of athens there's huge fires raging there. so really the question at this hour, even though the prime minister has urged calm and asked people not to panic, he was seen earlier today at one of the command centers trying to figure out the best way forward, the prime minister saying please remain calm. please evacuate if your homes are close to the blaze now. and there have been homes elsewhere that have been destroyed at this hour but they are continuing to fight this fire. we don't yet know what the reason for the fires are initially, but there is a lot of worry that these fires could be
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re-kindled even though it looks like the blaze has been distinguished, because the wind is so powerful it could get rekedeled. >> this is something the government and the prime minister specifically is very preonning preoccupied with, but what are we hearing about a cabinet reshuffle? this >> we are expecting it to happen any minute. it is not really a surprise, because so many members, 38 in all, either voted against these measures that were voted on the other night in parliament members of the prime minister's own party, on abstained, because of that we were expecting a reshuffle. one of the problems is if he has members of his own party, ministers who voted against those contentious measures how are they going to be able to
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enact them later on. so we were expecting that this was going to happen as i said the announcement expected at anytime now, but it is widely expected that those members of the prime minister's own governing party that voted against those measures or obtained that they will be replaced, yet we do not yet know who they will be replaced with. it's expected they would come from syriza but there could be some reaching out. >> lots going on there in athens. thank you. ♪ yemen's government in exile says the port city of aden is no longer under the control of houthi fighters. president hadi who fled to saudi arabia said fighters loyal to
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his government are consolidating control of the city. but as natasha ghoneim reports, fighting continues in some areas. >> reporter: there were smiles for the camera and cheers all around as fighters in aden continue to soak in what is hoped to be a game-changing victory. these fighters allied with the go have fought for almost 4 months to drive out houthi rebels from aden. this week they took control of enough of the port city for several government ministers and intelligence officials to return. but fighting with the houthis continues on the outskirts. >> translator: we will definitely clear up this area in the next few hours, and feel victory. >> reporter: the president says aden will be the first in a series of victories that will lead to him regaining control of the country, but the houthis still control the capitol of
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sana'a, they have proven to be a resilient faux. analyst says the tight collaboration between fighters in aden and the saudi coalition lead to the houthi's fall in aden. he adds if this strategy could be duplicated it could have the same effect elsewhere. >> the next step will be to seize a lot of the areas where there is already a resistance on the ground to end the fighting. in sana'a people went to the market to buy goats to celebrate the end of ramadan. and they filled mosques for friday prayers. >> translator: we are so desperate from the conflict on the ground people are struggling to get daily food. >> reporter: the u.n. brokered humanitarian trust was intended
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to give yemenese some relief until the end of ramadan, yemenese must prepare themselves for whatever comes nexts. a triple bomb attack in northeastern nigeria has killed at least 13 people. ivan is in the capitol and sent this update. >> reporter: we know the attack happened near a mosque and apparently two female suicide bombers were behind the explosion, they apparently arrived on a commercial vehicle, and in connection to one of the other blasts apparently it was a male suicide attacker who was carrying the device that went off in a tuk-tuk. now so far there's been no official response to the nature and veracity of these attacks from the military or the police
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and neither have the government spokening about their response to it. the new president did come to power promising to defeat boko haram since being sworn in at the end of may he has done a lot political, analysts say, to try to show the people that he is doing his best to defeat the group. he earmarked over $20 million to support soldiers who were fighting boko haram. there has been a lot of diplomatic effort too. he went to the g-7 summit meeting in germany, the afghan union meeting to talk about boko haram and seek help from other countries. and he has also met with the leaders of chad and niger. he will travel to the united states next week to meet with president barack obama. it is thought he will be seeking help from the united states with
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military equipment and intelligence gathering. but there is a feeling on the ground that even though there seems to be a lot of political effort to sort out the boko haram crisis much of what has been done is not being felt on the ground because it's evident that boko haram is still a force to be reckoned with when there are reports of attacks almost day in and day out. still to come they have endured harsh conditions and are a long way from home. find out what eid means to syrian refugees in jordan. and not quite a dragon but almost. this extraordinary fossil that was dug up in china.
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♪ welcome back. you are with al jazeera. a recap of the top stories now. a german parliament has voted to allow its government to start negotiating the latest bailout for greece. two-thirds of the majority voted for think plan but not all members were in agreement. yemen's government in exile says the southern see part of aden is no longer under the control of houthi rebel fighters. but there are reports of fighting in some areas. and a triple bomb attack in northeastern nigeria has killed at least 13 people. the blast targeted muslim worshippers celebrating the start of eid on friday morning. in other stories, police in
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egypt have shot dead six anti-government protesters. the victims had been taking part in anti-queue protests after eid priors in giza province. nadine barber reports. >> reporter: a violent confrontation in egypt's second city alexandria this foodage shows anti-government protesters squaring off with security forces on friday morning. demonstrations against the rule of president sisi resulted after eid prayers in several locations here. in giza province near the capitol, cairo, at least six people, including one woman was shot dead. they were among hundreds of anti-coup activists who took to the streets. the banned muslim brotherhood has blamed the police for the death. egypt's interior ministry said 15 members of the brotherhood were arrested. >> they knew that after the prayer, which is a time when a
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lot of people can gather and take to the streets, so they were really trying to send a message that we are not generating any kind of protests. >> reporter: president morsi was forced out by the military two years ago. since then his supporters have staged sporadic and small protests. but the country has also been hit by a series of high-profile attacks. on thursday a rocket was fired at a naval ship. a group affiliated with isil says it launched the missile. the violence has spread to egypt's capitol. last month a car bomb killed this man in an attack for which the isil affiliate also claimed responsibility. and another powerful blast hit
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the italian consulate in cairo. thousands of muslim brotherhood sympathizers have been jailed but the instability and violence continue. u.s. usz investigators say there is no evidence that the man who carried out a gun attack in tennessee was working with anyone else. a vigil has been held for the four marines killed in the shooting on thursday nfrm the gunman was shot dead by police shortly afterwards. his motive remains unknown. let's go live to john betz. what is the latest on the investigation? what more do we know? >> reporter: well, right now, authorities are focusing on what could have motivated this attack. authorities are still unclear of what could have sparked this rampage. officers are going through his history, searching his home interviewing all of his associates family friends, to
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get a fuller picture of this young man. he fbi is leading this investigation and had pointed out that they are pursuing this as a possible case of domestic terrorism. but the fbi also points out that there is nothing to indicate that he was motivated by any terror groups the fbi says or any other groups like that such as isil which is certainly a concern for authorities. so the search for answers to what may have sparked this shooting certainly continues at this hour. >> and how are people feeling there at the moment? what is the mood like in chattanooga the morning after this attack took place? >> reporter: yeah, the mayor described it as this town is heart broken.
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many stunned by the shooting. this is a rural part of the united states here in tennessee. there is not a particularly large military presence here in this part of the country, which is why it surprised so many people seeing two sites being attacked by one gunman. and every indication we have heard from people who know this suspect is they describe him as an all-american person. he was born in kuwait but he went to high school here graduated from college, on the wrestling team and many are shocked. there is a lot of tears, prayers, and a lot of patriotism on display here in chattanooga. >> john betz thank you very much. memorial services are being held to mark one year since malaysia airlines flight mh17 was shot out of the sky over eastern ukraine. of the 298 passengers and crew nearly 200 were dutch.
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their families and friends are gathering in the netherlands for a commemoration service. and a service has always been held in the small east ukrainian village where the plane came down. charles stratford was there and sent this report. >> reporter: the day of mourning for a community that will never forget. the service was held in remembrance of the 298, men, women, and children found dead in the surrounding gardens and fields. >> translator: we want peace so badly. we feel such sympathy for the families who lost their loved ones year. we must end this hatred. life is so short, but it can be so beautiful. >> reporter: the priest lead the congregation up the road towards a memorial. people from the surrounding villages gathered some held
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flags of the countries where the victims came from. they thought about the horror they had seen on a similarly sunny day one year ago. >> translator: i could see a seat with a person sitting in it falling from the sky we found out it was a woman passenger her body was discovered on a flag heap. my neighbor found four bodies, including a children in their garden. i cannot control my emotions and tears even now. >> reporter: the leader of the self proclaimed donetsk people's republic said the investigation must continue. he says ukraine forces are to blame. after poems were read the people let go of the symbols of the dead that they had been holding in their hands. the white balloons released
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symbolizing the 298 people that fell to their deaths in surrounding fields and countryside. hundreds of people have come out to pay their respects and mourn the dead. the hills are quiet now. the fighting in this area at least has stopped. flowers lie by a marble stone, it reads in memory of the dead 298 innocent people victims of civil war. saudi foreign minister has arrived at the white house to meet with president barack obama. it's the first meeting between saudi arabia and the u.s. since a deal was reached on iran's nuclear program earlier this week. a white house official said the iran accord is among the things on the agenda. today marks the end of ramadan. syrian refugees at a camp in jordan have been making the most
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of their eid despite harsh living conditions. >> reporter: the children are out at the refugee camp in jordan dressed in their best getting new toys and playing with their friends. they are celebrating eid, the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. syrians living here are determined to make the day special. . >> translator: this is their childhood. do you want us to deprive them of their life? we cannot whatever the child asks for, we should provide it with every means necessary. >> translator: eid here is for children. they are the ones that make eid beautiful. you know the psychological pressures they experience in syria and here. they go out to get entertained, experience the atmosphere, and remember the days of eid in syria. >> reporter: the camp is home to more than 80,000 syrians, to some eid is a bittersweet time.
12:29 pm
mohammed came to jordan two years ago. he is among the 4 million people who have escaped the war in syria and gone to neighboring countries. >> reporter: we feel that during this eid we're very far away from our children. far from our country, far from our siblings. >> reporter: life here at the camp isn't always easy. power cuts are common. social services basic. and petty crime is on the rise. three years since it was opened the camp is looking more like a permanent settlement, and for so many syrians the only place they can call home during this holiday. and the fossilized remains of what has been called a dragon have been dug up in china. at 1.8 meters wrong it is the largest dinosaur with wings.
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despite all of its plumage, scientists think it was incapable of flight. you can go to to find all of the latest comment, analysis, and video on demand. four marines gunned down in chattanooga, now police and the fine -- fbi are trying to figure out why. and a jury convicts james holmes in colorado. plus a traffic stop ending in tragedy. police say a woman committed suicided in her jail cell but