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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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time. i'm ray suarez. >> a car bomb attack kills at least 100 people during eid celebrations in iraq. hello, and welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters from doha. i'm elizabeth puranam. still ahead. u.s. speaks to saudi representative on the iran deal.
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australia's government last been killing wild camels in huge numbers, it's been controversial and i'll be explaining why. >> more than 100 people including children have been killed in a car bomb in iraq. the blast in a busy market about 30 kilometers northeast of baghdad, happened as people celebrated the start of eid. it's the deadliest attack since i.s.i.l. tighters overran large parts of the country. imran khan has the latest from baghdad. >> they had been expecting an attack like this but not as large as this, to put this in some sort of context we have to go back to the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, when iraq was in the
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height of sectarian violence. when i.s.i.l. mounts an attack, whenever i.s.i.l. or al qaeda in iraq came under attack what they would do is mount an attack outside the area that they were under pressure in to say "we can still mount these kind of attacks." the operation against them in anbar province began monday at 5:00 a.m., using coalition air strikes, putting them under a tremendous amount of pressure saying this will be the operation that will be liberate anbar province. under a tremendous amount of pressure in anbar province that we still have the capability of attacking you. like you say iraqis were expecting an attack like this. the size of this attack though will concern many. this was a crowded marketplace it was a place where people would have been out to celebrate the end of ramadan to celebrate
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eid, to go and buy food, to celebrate the time with their families. it was a key time for i.s.i.l. what iraqis have to think of now is how much is the fight worth to keep fighting and putting under pressure in anbar province knowing there is a historic precedent for this, of being able to mount attacks elsewhere. this is a very tough fight for iraqis and they were expecting this but the size of there attack will shock a lot of people. >> syrian kurdish fighters say they were the subject of a gas attack by islamic state of iraq and the levant. the syrian observatory for human rights says a document of the use of gas in the shelling of a village in the province of el hasaka suffocation vomiting and burning of the eyes of 12
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kurdish fighters, it is unclear whether chlorine or some other kind of gas was used. to yemen now where antihouthi fighters have killed a number of fighters in a military camp in southern yemen. a local armed resistance group says dozens of houthis were captured in the base of lahege province. both cities have been flash points in the fighting between rebels and yemeni forces. meanwhile in aden, yemens have killed antihouthi fighters being helped by the saudi led coalition drew rebels out of parts of aden offenses in the past week. the palestinian group hamas says its leadership has held the first high level talks with saudi arabia in years as the latest sign of a softening of relations since king salman took
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office. their relations are soured since a saudi deal with hamas fell apart in 2007. another complication is hamas's chiefhamas'sclose ties with iran. that has been strained over the years with saudi arabia's refusal to support bashar al-assad. view said to be expressed during a meeting between u.s. president barack obama and saudi foreign minister. patty culhane haws this report. >> met for just over an hour, at the end of the hour, the statement was put out both
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sides welcome the iran deal. what we know is the king of saudi arabia asked the president personally to take this meeting. they want to iron out the details because they want more than reassurances billion e but they want military aid special training for their special forces and also helping the gcc as a whole to build some sort of missile defense system. that's what they've been talking about. we don't know what the u.s. has promised to sell the saudi arabia and the other gulf countries. we should get a sense of that when the u.s. secretary of state and secretary of defense visit the region. >> military deals are one assurance the saudis are seeking from the white house according to a be government official. >> the visit of the be minister
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having the meeting with president obama for over an hour sees the saudis wanting to be compensated for what they see as possibly a u.s. shift to at least include iran in a positive way in u.s. strategy towards the region. compensation package i think the saudis look for and i think got from the president was an agreement for more weapons sales, more intelligence cooperation and more of a political understanding amongst -- between the united states and the saudis on syria on yemen and perhaps some other issues. i think it will still stand especially because the iranians have handled this in a very smart way diplomatically, they have dparnded and demanded and received an assurance that the united nations will make legally binding this deal, they are supposed to do so on monday to make this deal binding not just
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on iran and the united states but on the entire world. the deal should last even if the republican president doesn't like it he will have limited options to try to roll it back or repeal it. >> germany's parliament has given go-ahead to back a greek bailout plan. dominic cain has more on the developments from berlin. >> less after the than a week after the marathon talks the bundes tfertionag was asked for its opinion. friday was angela merkel's 61st birthday. accordingly she sought to assad the fears for those who did not
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want more money to go to greece. >> translator: i know there are many doubts and worries that this path will be successful and that greece will have the strength to pursue this path. but one thing is my strong conviction. we would be acting with gross negligence indeed irresponsibly if we don't at least try this. >> there is a voal pliernt in the bundestag. they say this vote represents an affront to public opinion in greece. achieve among the opponents is kregor geze. he says the effect of the proposal will be the end of democracy in greece. >> translator: the greek government needs permission of the european commission they and the ecb only about a discussion about the draft and only after
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that can they discuss it then they need another permission to bring it before parliament for a vote. that is part of the democracy that you have organized. >> reporter: but in wider society there is growing unease about germany's financial commitment to greece. recent opinion polls suggest nearly three quarters of germans do not trust current government in athens. >> i don't trust them much, if you take the last little incident into consideration. i feel sorry for greeks but i think it's hard to sort out. >> i must honestly say that i doubt that what has been agreed on will be honored. >> that is a doubt clearly shares by 69 members of the ruling coalition. they failed to vote for this enable egg proposal. but moreenabling proposal. now the greek government will flesh out the details of the bailout before bringing the
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ensuing document back for approval. dominic cain, al jazeera berlin. economics professor at new york university stern school of business says the eurozone's inherent flaws haven't helped greece's debt problems. >> the euro was set with a set of rules. and so far the biggest country that is willing to stick very hard by the rules is germany. there are install smaller countries, for example, finland and netherlands. if greece gets way far from the rules, then the rules will be completely different. so that's the real problem. the euro was premature. the be -- there is no tax union there is no transfer union in the european -- in the eurozone.
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so because of the euro, and because the countries don't have flexibility to change their exchange rates, more or less they have to grow and the prohibitingivity has to grow at the same pace. and you can have big aberrations like greece where the productivity did not grow. where in holland and germany grew a lot. so these are inherent problems of the euro. doesn't mean the deal is dead, just means it's difficult and need a lot of management. >> eid festivities as they mark the event on saturday. and pressure mounts on brazil's president as another top politician is accused of corruption.
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>> good to have you with us, i'm elizabeth puranam in doha. these are the top stories. more than 100 people have been killed in a suicide car bomb at a busy market in iraq. 35 miles northeast of baghdad. authorities say i.s.i.l. was behind the attack. white house says others welcomed the landmark iran deal. and germany has given the go ahead for the eurozone to back
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the greece bailout. even after strong opposition in the ruling party. marking one year since the malaysia airliner was shot town 298 people on mh 17 were killed. 196 of them were from the netherlands. charles stratford reports. >> reporter: a day of mourning for a community that will never forget. the service was held in remembrance of the 298 men women and children found dead in the surrounding gardens and fields. >> translator: we want peace so badly we feel such sympathy for the families who lost their love onesloved ones here. life is short but it can be so beautiful. >> the priest led the
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segregationcongregation to up the hill. they tried to forget the horror they had seen similarly on a sunny day one year ago. >> i could see the seat falling from the sky we found out it was a woman. my neighbor found four bodies including a child in her garden. i cannot control my emotion and tears even now. >> reporter: the leader of the self proclaimed donetsk people's republic say the investigations must continue. evidence so far suggest his fighters shot down the passenger airliner mh 17. he says ukraine forces are to blame. after poems are read, the people let go of the symbols they had
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been holding in their hands. the white balloons symbolizing the 298 people that fell to their deaths in the surrounding fields and country sides. hundreds of people have come out today to pay their respects and mourn the dead. the hills are quiet now. the fighting in this area at least has stopped. flowers lie by a marble stone. it reads in memory of the dead. 298 innocent people, victims of civil war. charles stratford. al jazeera eastern ukraine. more than 1.6 billion muslims around the world are celebrating the eid holiday. india bangladesh celebrating the 10th month of the islamic calendar. muslims on other parts of the world observed eid on friday.
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the new moon appears in different days in different regions. people have been squeezing on buzzes and ferries to head home for celebrations. eid festivities coincide with a historic nuclear deal. are iranians are reminded to pray for peace. eid celebrations have taken a more somber tone at one camp in jordan. parents have tried their best to make the holiday enjoyable for their children. >> dressed in their best getting influence toys and playing with their friends. -- new toys and playing with their friends. celebrating, the be muslim holy modify ramadan. >> this is their childhood. do you want them us to deprive them
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of their life? we cannot. whatever we can we should supply them with whatever is necessary. >> they are the ones that make eid beautiful the psychological experience in syria the pressure here heat and lack of water. they get out to be entertained and experience the atmospheres and remember the day of eid in syria. >> the camp is home to 80,000 80,000 yrnz. mohammed came to the camp four years ago. >> we feel that during this eid we are very far away from our children. far from our country far from our siblings. >> reporter: life here at the camp isn't always even. power cuts are common, social services basic and petty crime
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on the rise. three years after it was opened the camp is looking like a permanent settlement and for many syrians the only place they can call home. kaitlin mcgee, al jazeera. >> a major fire has shut down a highway and burned many cars in california. at least 20 cars and five homes have been destroyed. the fire has already burned through 20 hectares of bush. failed drug test while he worked at a nuclear plant investigators still don't know wh why 24-year-old mohammed yousef abdulazeez opened fire on a military base. charles stratford haspaul hendren
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has reports. >> at the site of the first shooting a military recruiting center a witness recalls a calm killer who stopped to reload. >> he reached down into the passenger seat, and started pulling out the rifle and i saw the black handle come out and then he picked it up like this, and he just went back and forth like this. unloaded the cartridge put another one in and went back and forth again. >> mohammed yousef abdulazeez was an immigrant born in kuwait. neighbors remembered him as a smiling good natured boy. a mixed martial arts fighter and a devout muslim. then in april he was arrested for drunk driving. authorities are looking for clues into what turned a reportedly mild mannered neighbor into a terrorist.
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no link to any organized group. >> because the investigation is still in its early stages it would be premature to speculate on exactly why the shooter did what he did. however we are conducting a thorough investigation to determine whether this person acted alone. >> the shootings began here at this military recruitment center and ended here at this military complex. police say abdulazeez, loaded with ammunition and carrying two rifles and handgun was shot dead by a police officer but only after killing four marines and wounded three other people. >> if you face somebody who had homocidal intent and was attack people in the armed services because they were in armed service, and chattanooga officers confronted this threat and made sure that residents of the city did not have threats. >> the motivate was a mystery evening to him.
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>> he is as shocked as we are. he was in the dark on what his son had done and he is very devastated. and he actually followingsed apologized for what his son did to the community in large and to the muslim community. >> reporter: those communities in this southern state have both been left wondering why a plan who grew up with them could have turned to violence with such devastating consequences. john hendren, al jazeera chattanooga, tens. the government is facing a deepening scandal. the lower house of congress has been accused of accepting bribes while granting increaseing credits. president dilma rousseff.
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>> another day and another accusation of ties to president dilma rousseff. edwardo cuna dissents allegation and is withdrawing his support for rousseff's coalition government. >> i'm not going to be drawn into these dirty politics in order to pressure me to change my stance. this is the reason why starting from today i'm breaking with the government. >> reporter: the allegation against cuna come after investigators announce they have opened an investigation into luis de silva. the allegations have stunned voters, because lula left the government with 80% approval
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rate the protege and successor the current president of brazil, dilma rousseff. allegation launched against the company petrobras rousseff says she won't step down, a growing number of brazilian voters are stage protests, calling for rousseff's impeachment. the scandal comes at a poor time for rousseff who is in the capital, brasilia. rousseff said little about the scandal, instead abatement emotional, saying good-bye to
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argentinian president kirchner. the summit could also be rousseff's last. kimberly halkett, al jazeera brasilia. >> australia is the home to approximately 300,000 wild scam elses. a cull is needed to keep their numbers under control. andrew thomas reports. >> the camel cup is a highlight of australia's camel calendar. atmosphere is festive and the racing on trained camels is competitive. >> he absolutely loves to run. he stretches his head out and just goes. >> most riders are experienced but a few first timeers compete as well. >> unusual things in this job
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but riding a camel in this race is pretty special. >> camel racing in australia though isn't much of a business and though celebrated here the camel is far from universally loved. >> this is a unique and special event. but away from the race track camels in australia are controversial subjects. camels were first brought to australia in the 1800s to carry equipment across the desert. but when motorized vehicles replaced them many camels were freed and they thrived np 2009 one estimate suggested a million were roaming the outback. the farmers wild camels have become a pest. >> we had really big problems with the camels. a lot of naj to infrastructure. which meant that wedamage toinfrastructure, which means we couldn't run our normal beef
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programs. >> almost 200,000 wild camels were shot and their carcasses left to rot. only did the original number get culled down. perhaps a million with maybe 300,000 left today. many think the original number was inflated and leaving the camels to rot was wasteful. >> whether it's in tourism racing or meat animals. put camels in yards and get a truck in there and trucked them out. they don't have to fly on an helicopter and shoot. >> gary buches cows but catches a handful of camels. >> camel meat is low cholesterol. it is a good meat. >> he thinks the government should subsidize the growing of
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camels for meet. there is little support for a new cull simply to reduce numbers. many think the first one was a huge waste of money as well as camels. >> a reminder you can always keep up to date on our website at >> on "america tonight": a year of remembering. the crash of malaysia air flight 17 and the questions that remain. also, ahead three strikes, she's out. the rules that put domestic voyages victims at risk of losing their homes. >> like please don't call the cops. i'll go to the hospital myself. do not call the cops. they going to put me outside of my house. >> "america tonight" averages


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